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Astrid Dagmar

Rouge maiden

0 · 262 views · located in Dragon age

a character in “The world of Thedas”, as played by Mischief Managed


Astrid was born the year before the serious fighting began so all that she has ever known was that of war and pain, fire and flames. She's the purest of the pure, like those beautiful roses that she loves more than she does her own freedom.

Her father raised her in a small town on the edge of Thedas after her mother died in childbirth, he was a simple man who ran his saloon and didn't have much to do with the major rebellions with the exception of his being the informant. Since his death in a raid almost a year ago, Astrid has assumed his place as the informant to the rebellion at the ripe age of sixteen.

Though Astrid has no magic, she has always marveled at it. Her mother had dabbled in the art of blood magic but Astrid never had the chance to learn since her father strictly forbade it upon her finding her mother's grimore. Other than the ability to ward off the drunks that have become a common factor in her childhood, Astrid really has avoided conflict best she could all her life and can't fight.


Nicknames and titles: She has the title of Town Scandal from being so odd in comparison to the other maidens in the village.

Weapon: Her father's short sword and an athame that she found in her mother's chest

Special Powers: Her only ability that could be seen as "special" is her unnatural ability to always be calm and pleasant

Relationship Status: Single (though she was once engaged)

So begins...

Astrid Dagmar's Story


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The world around me is dark and cold. So cold. I reach out for the candle next to me but found nothing. No candle. No table. No bed. No anything. I was floating. No. No, I was falling. Falling down, into an abyss. I screamed for help but none came. Where am I? Where is this? Where? Why?

I shot up in my bed and looked around my room frantically. Same, dull room. Same light streaming through the window to hit my mother's chest perfectly. Same musty air from the thousands of raids that the village has suffered. And, unfortunately, same prissy girls who were just waiting for me to leave my bed and go into town for them to poke their fun at me and my "odd ways". Great.

I shook off the self doubt and started to get up and prepare for the day to come. Corsets, gowns, shoes and all. And hair. Oh, how I hate to pull my blond locks up into the tight embrace of a bun.

Going out into the street, I noticed that it was smoggier than usual. The air was denser and the people fewer. There must have been another raid, I thought.