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Jake Williams

"The question isn't will I die, we both know I will, the question is how many of you will I take with me." WIP

0 · 377 views · located in Arill

a character in “The World's Cursed Saviors 2.0”, as played by WolfSpirit



"They took everything I was, all that is left is a thirst for blood, their blood."


Appearance and Personal Info

None Jack, it's just Jack
Human 2 Thats me

120lbs It probably helps that we are getting over taken by demons and you can hardly find food

5'7 Add four centermeters for my hair

Heterosexual Girls, defenityly girls

Eye Color:
Puppy dog brown The best thing about my face

Hair Color:
Midnight black Tousled, black hair, lucky me

Skin Tone:
Dark porcelain The best color

17 Eighteen in... 20 days!




  • Staring when he is bored Oh sorry,
  • Daydreaming Hah, what?
  • Shaking his head slightly when he doesn’t know what to say I'm working on it
  • Listening to music too loudly Love this song!
  • Asking too many questions Thats the only way you will get the answer

  • Fighting It's not like I learn how to do math's any more...
  • Keeping his feelings to himself Whats the point of opening yourself up when reality is they will be dead in two weeks?
  • Using a gun or sword Right in the eye
  • Stealth You will never know I'm there
  • Problem solving The only thing I learnt at school

  • Chocolate One word, yum
  • Talking Being silent never helped anyone
  • Animals They have as much right as we do
  • Girls What?
  • Music LOVE TODAY!! LOVE TODAY! Sorry, what?

  • Being alone Anyone there?
  • Demons Was this oblivious?
  • Hypocrites They don't know me at all and yet they judge
  • Sitting still I need to be doing something
  • Being sick Any more buckets?

  • Mentions of his past ......
  • Mentions of his sister Drop it
  • Jealousy Only if I care about you
  • Hiding his emotions I think I love you
  • Talking about his emotions Um... yeah

Curse: This is my own burden
Jake is a shapeshifter, a shapeshifter can copy another animal's body and morph into an exact copy of that animal. The animal does not have to be a similar size to the shifter. However, a basic shifter can not shift into another human as they are too complex to copy. Shapeshifters also have a "go to" shift, which is a shift they find easy to copy, and the animal that they usually shift into.


History:Just drop it... Please
Jake was brought up in a cottage with two older siblings and a younger sister and of course his two parents. Jake and his siblings used to go into the woods looking for demons claiming they would slay one, Jake and his younger sister at the time didn't understand what a demons was and only tagged alone to spend time with their brother and sister. It was a hour till dawn and Jake will alone with his older sister, Winter, when they went hunting for their Mother. "Go hide behind the bushes! Don't come out, Jake, Go!" was all Jake could hear his older sister yelling at him, "why?" He pleaded "Jake, I love you" was all she said before shoving him into the bushes. Watching from his hiding spot Jake saw a human walk towards his sister, she raised her bow but in a swift motion the human had snapped her neck. Jake ran out to hep his dead sister and ended up face to face with not a human, but a demon.
The demon walked up to Jake than disappeared, have you even seen a beast look at you than walk away as if you were nothing? Jake ran home and told his parents what had happened, of course no one would believe a six year old, it wasn't until they found her dead corpse that they realized a demon had killed their oldest daughter. Jakes mother killed herself driven by grief and his father got shot down by a crazed human, only leaving Jake, his older brother and his little sister. Than the sacrificing came, "Tristan Williams" name was called, Jakes older brother slowly walked up, Jake forced himself to look away, all he heard was screaming than nothing....
Jake what the age of eleven was forced to take care of his five year old sister, skip a few years and Jake has learnt how to survive while you were still learning your ABCs, after three years of living the same day over and over again he forgot the day he had been dreading. This was when Jake realized he had to escape, not for him, but for his sister, Jake knew it was going to be his named that was going to be called, by nothing prepared him for what was waiting around the corner, "Ruby Williams" was called. Grabbing his sisters hand Jake threw his sister on his back and ran as fast as his legs pushing for the hills, this was when everything Jake had encounter through his life was a test, this was the real thing. Jake hid for a year than he woke up one morning feeling different, he felt something within him stirring, Jake took his sister and headed out to a little town, a teenager around Jakes age grabbed his sister threatening if her didn't hand over all his money he would kill her, outraged by this offer Jake lost control is his curse and turned into a wolf killing the man and injuring his sister.
When Jake turned back into a human he watched his own sister quiver in fear as she head her bloody arm, Jake wanted to hurt himself as he did his sister, when Jake passed the next closest town he gave his sister to an old couple who fled as he had down, "Jake! Please! You won't hurt me again!" Ruby pleaded but Jake keep walking knowing his he trusted himself again he might be the corse of his sisters own death.
For two days Jake cried, refused to eat, suffered from depression and started to hurt himself, than Jake had a taste for blood, for all the demons, they had forced him to become this creature, they had forced him to leave his now only sister in the hands of stranges... They were going to pay.

Personality: I just don't want to go through this alone..


So begins...

Jake Williams's Story