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Seth Astiago

"I'm not a monster, if that's what you think. You'd do the same thing if you were me."

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a character in “The World's Cursed Saviors 2.0”, originally authored by ISpeakTheTruth, as played by RolePlayGateway



"Why do you make me out to be some sort of villain? You would do the same thing if put in my situation, don't pretend you're the better being by saying you wouldn't. We all behave the same way when the time calls for it. Lable me what you want, but with a few simple nudges, you and I could be on the same side."

Two Steps from Hell, Heart of Courage
"Are you kidding me? I'd say the theme song is more like this," Cage the Elephant, Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
"I like the first one."


Appearance and Personal Info:

Nickname: "My name is Seth." He doesn't have any nicknames.

Role: Demon #2

Weight: 159lbs

Height: 6'1"

Sexuality: "What kind of question is this? I don't have any interests in a relationship... but if it's required to say, I find the females quite lovely." Heterosexual

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Skin Tone: Seth has a darker skin tone, although near the middle of the scale, it's definietly on the dark side.

Age: 17



-Watching people "What's wrong with being observant?"
-Smoking "It's a horrible thing to do to this body, I know. But it's become addictive."
-Fake-listening "You can babble all you want but I won't hear you. Don't get mad if I ask you to repeat, you're just painfully boring."
-Talking to himself "You could say that there's a second voice in my head, or you could just ignore it."

-Organized "Not in the sense of colour coded or alphabetical, but mentally."
-Quick learner "I can keep up with whatever game you're playing."

-Smoking "It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I should probably stop."
-People who play by his rules "Roll the dice and make your move. But please make sure you don't cheat, that spoils the fun unless you do it correctly. Which many people don't."
-Icecream "Created with the help of a filthy cow. Being here has turned me absolutely despicable."
-Adventures "I admit, chasing these hooligans around is quite fun."

-Cheaters "The rules were you would be a sacrifice. This isn't how you play. And besides, if you're going to bypass the rules, the least you could do is make it fun."
-Birthdays "Celebrating another year closer to your death, I didn't think humans liked such things. Also, no one bothers to throw me a party."
-People who don't put a fight "Are you really that pathetic? It's your life, i'd expect that you would fight for it."

-Egoistic "Others will only slow you down. I don't see how this can possibly count as a weakness...It's worked for me so far." (conflicts with sympathy)
-Impatient "Stop taking your own sweet time!"
-Sympathy "Let's just say I don't like to get too attached to the people I bring misfortune to."(conflicts with egoistic) He tends to feel somewhat sorry for the people with fear in their eyes. Seeing the lives he's troubled bothers him and, if anything, is his greatest weakness.
Seth hates being able to sympathize with the suffering.

-Manipulation/Charm Speak: Seth hasn't, and isn't even close, to mastering this ability. Much to his frustration, he has a hard time convincing people to do what he wants them to and when he does finally manage to get through, it's only for a short period of time. The max is about two or four minutes, no more. Not that much can be done when the person is able to fight their way out of the spell, either.

-Shapeshifting/Impersonation: Also not fully mastered, Seth isn't very skilled at this ability, either. He can only take the form of those he's seen before, but for some reason can't take the form of strangers even if he's seen their face. Appearance can also be a problem, since no matter who Seth changes to, his eyes are always the same colour they naturally are. If the person has any eye colour other than brown, it's a dead giveaway.
Voice has also been a problem, since sometimes the pitch is off and Seth ends up sounding like someone other than the person he wants to. Much like his charm speak, the effect only lasts a short amount of time.
He uses it very rarely, only when he feels the need to.


Seth was never a human. He wasn't some unfortunate boy who somehow got sucked in to being a demon, no sad story to share. His origins are far away from the place he now calls his temporary home. For the majority of his existence, he wasn't even allowed to visit Earth. Though a little demon could still dream.
He was created by the evil man living downstairs.
And heck, his given name isn't even Seth. He was a mere minion made to serve a greater purpose that he'd never get the chance to see. A part of something bigger.
And then things changed.
What had happened to the original plans? He had no idea. But he liked the new ones. Travelling up to Earth had been exactly what he had wanted but hadn't dared to ask for. Why would he?

Obviously he had to have a body before he could visit Earth. Living amongst the humans looking how he did, it'd be obvious he was a demon. So he picked up poor Seth Astiago and claimed the boys' body and identity as his own. One thing he forgot, the real Seth was still living and the body still contained his soul.
This is probably the reason behind the second voice that nags at him all the time, but it's a very small price to pay if you don't mind the headaches that come and go.

And then, the story gets even better. After a few years of getting used to his new part-time life, he found out that he would be one of three demons to be receiving sacrifices from the humans. It was fantastic! He had a body and was being given gifts! Everything was perfect.

And then the three new sacrifices managed to escape.

Seth is arrogant, egoistic, and doesn't like to forced into difficult situations. Though he does like adventure, Seth likes to be the one with all the answers, knowing how things are going to play out. A regular player in the game? Definitely a no.
The demon may say that he likes chances and risks, but that is only part of the truth.
Never will he willingly participate in anything if he can't predict the outcome, he'll get others to do it instead. He watches them do the risk taking and enjoys every failure they make.
When he speaks, he's brutally honest and usually has a comment for everything. If he doesn't like you, you'll know it. If he doesn't like your shoes, you'll know it. If he see's something in someone else that he's lacking, that person is now his enemy.
Overall, Seth isn't very friendly. He likes to be the puppet-master, watching people dance as he pulls the strings and grin as he puts on a show.

And then there's the dim voice of the boy whose body he possessed and stole. The original Seth, you could say. He doesn't have much of an impact on the demon's personality, but every now and then he'll spit out a word or two, often nagging at the demon or switching decisions.
He also, somehow, has made the demon feel sympathy, regret, have feelings that he wants nothing to do with but is now stuck with. The demon, thanks to his annoying counterpart, is affected by the fear and pain of those he hurts. He can push them away easily, but a few seconds of such emotions are still a few seconds that chide at him.

Because he took a human's body, there's still a small bit of his soul leftover that can break through every now and then. Rarely does it happen, but it's a bit like a split personality and affects his thinking and emotions.


So begins...

Seth Astiago's Story