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The Writer's Story

The Writer's Story


Suffering a terrible case of writer's block, a young writer goes on a walk through the quiet town of Hillsdale for inspiration. What will he encounter? You decide.

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The Writer's Story

Tom Raleigh, the young author of the popular new book, Young at Dusk, has come upon a writer's worst nightmare, writer's block. To make matters worse, his overly eccentric editor, fans, and friends are all pressuring him to write a sequel. After a month of stressful, fruitless all-nighters, Tom decides to try for a change of scenery. Armed with two pens, a pencil, and a notepad, our Hero sets out into the quiet town of Hillsdale to find his inspiration. And YOU (yes you) get to decide what he finds.

I will be playing Tom, our poor little writer, while you get to play the people he meets on his journey. Will you be the chance encounter with an ex-girlfriend that springs forth the new romance novel of the century? Or will you be a pickpocket whose clever tricks and techniques give him the perfect setting for a brilliant mystery?

Now, let's give little Tommy something good to write about ey?

Character Sheet
Image: (optional, although I would like an icon image)
Theme Song: (optional)
Physical Description: (include things like clothes, height, body build, accessories, hair color, etc)
Personality: (include things like likes, dislikes, fears, hobbies, temperament, personality, etc)
History: (Can be short)
Other: (I never know what to put here. Uh, optional I guess)
Favorite Book/Genre: (If you don't read, then shame on you)


1. No Godmoding. No conjuring lightning bolts to insta-kill anyone, or making another person's character jump off a cliff. But feel free to drag Tom around, it'll probably be a good experience for him.
2. Mary Sues, eh, I don't particularly care. You can go ahead, but remember, Tom is a writer. He knows how ridiculous Mary Sues are, and will probably viciously mock you (in his mind).
3. Please display some etiquette. You know, don't leave on caps lock or butt into other people's roleplaying.
4. Try to keep it real. As in, no "Nekos" (normal people wearing cat ears and tails is fine) or imps or magic etc. If you really want to do something of the like, then please PM me first.
5. Try to post once a week or so, this is really casual so don't worry too much about it. If something comes up, PM me.
5. Have fun. Any not having fun, taking away other's fun, or not being fun, may result in scolding.

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Tom Raleigh
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Tom dug through the mess that was his room, looking for the coat that he never wears, and the notepad that he never used. "Aha, there you are..." He picked up the cellophane wrapped booklet and hastily ripped off the plastic cover. He had gotten it from his editor as a congratulations present for his first book, Young at Dusk. The problem was that he wrote almost entirely on his computer, so he never had the chance to use it until now. "Now all I need is my coat..." He rubbed his rough chin and thought of the places it could be. Then it hit him, and hard. He slowly lifted the torn shades that covered the lone window of his room. At first the sudden light blinded him, but when his eyes adjusted, he finally found his coat, messily stuffed in a hole in the window. "Well, I can't use that..." He let out a sigh and begrudgingly slid on his old college sweatshirt that had a big 'Go bears!' on both sides. "It's just a shirt, nobody will care..."

He slowly pushed open the metal door to his apartment and shielded his eyes from the evening sun that blared against the side of the building. It's only going to be a short walk, then I can sit back at my desk and drink a nice cup of tea... He thought to himself as he sluggishly walked down the spiraling steps to the street. Tom Raleigh, young and relatively famous writer, was going on this walk to get the creative juices flowing because of his sever case of writer's block. What was the last time I went out anyways... He decided he would be better off not knowing, and crossed the icy street over to the small park, still covered with pristine, white snow. Wisps of white smoke puffed out his mouth as he trudged through the snow. "I-I r-r-really hope th-this is w-w-worth it..."


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Character Portrait: Phil Poots
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Standing behind a tree he was waiting, waiting until his prey had passed the very tree he was hiding behind. He looked cold, poor, and a bit lost. It was a long shot, and it probably won't work at all but Phil had no other choice; it came down to this. Sneaking up to his apartment neighbor Tom, whom Phil hardly ever sees, infact Phil couldn't think of the last time he saw him, stepped lightly, in his prey's footsteps and at the same time he stepped as well until he was just behind him. Phil was starting to sweat from the nervousness, or was it the lack of a smoke? He quickly reached out a hand and grabbed Tom by the shoulder.

"Hey buddy. Hey friend, pal, buck-a-roo, dude, BUDDY! Got some cash?"

He rubbed his hands together, breathing in them to keep them warm as Tom stared at him with an expression of fright and confusion.

"Whaa? You remember me right? I'm your buddy from across the hall! Phil! 309? Come on I know you know me bro!"


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Character Portrait: Tom Raleigh Character Portrait: Phil Poots
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At this point, Tom was glad he went on this walk. Ideas slowly, but surely, started to arise in his head. The cool air was refreshing, just the thing he needed. At one point, he thought he was on to something, and slowly reached for his notepad when a shaky hand suddenly came out and grabbed his shoulder. He jumped in surprise at the sudden gesture, and a million thoughts of getting mugged or murdered ran through his head. But then he heard the man talk, and was pretty sure that he wasn't a killer, although mugging was starting to become more likely... Then the jittery, nervous man claimed to be his acquaintance. Do I know this guy? Moreover, do I want to know this guy?

He quickly searched his memory of this shady character, and finally remembered him. It was Phil, his neighbor. He had seen him once laughing hysterically with some drinking friends, and another time when an angry girl stormed out of his apartment, Phil begging her to "come back to bed". Tom hadn't expected to come into contact with anyone, let alone someone he knew. Oh boy, my lack of social contact is finally starting to bite me in the butt... But then Tom thought that this could potentially be good material. Bumping into an old friend, striking up casual conversation which could lead to betrayal, or a secret, or... The ideas kept coming, and Tom could not let this opportunity get away. Ok, now... What do friend do together again? After some deep thinking, Tom casually cleared his dry throat, and said, "Hey, uh, Phil. Cash? I, don't really have much on me right now, but we could go get some coffee if you want..." He was proud of himself, being able to make such a normal and social suggestion. This surely is going to be worth it, right?


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Character Portrait: Phil Poots
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I can't believe this guy COFFEE!?!

In his slight confusion Phil rocked back on his heels. The last time he got asked to coffee he spent the night messing around with a girl, well not so much, it turns out she wasn't up for much more than the movie he promised her at his place. Meh i guess hes attractive enough... but I don't really want to date this dude. Phil becoming more and more jittery shoved his hands in his pockets and fumbled around with the holes which allowed 2 or 3 fingers through to the inside of his worn out jeans.

"Sure why the hell not?"

Hell its free shit as far as I'm concerned.


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Character Portrait: Libby Lee Character Portrait: Tom Raleigh Character Portrait: Phil Poots
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#, as written by wieu
Libby just got out from the mini mart when she saw Phil, the man who always comes to the bar where she works at night, walking with a random guy. Someone who Libby thought will never be Phil's friend. She frowned. Well, maybe just say hello to him won't hurt.

"Phil," Libby waves her hand, greet him. "Yo!"

Maybe Phil looks like a bad guy, but he's not bad at all. At least he pays his bills when he went to the bar. It's more than enough for her to see him as a... good guy. even she doesn't know where he got the money. She doesn't care about it. She walks toward them, curves a big smile on her face. "We will have a beer feast tonight. You come, buddy?"


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Character Portrait: Tabby Gold
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Tabby Gold

The window besides Tabby's bed was covered in snow. Maybe there had been a huge blizzard while she slept, but being the heavy sleeper that she is she would have never noticed. Her small body trembled underneath the covers, trying to create heat and go back to sleep. But Tabby knew that it was already time to wake up, and if she wasn't ready to work at noon, her father would certainly take her books away for a week; if not a month. The thought of living without her precious collection of old paperbacks caused her to stretch in her bed and kick her duvet to the floor.

There was a knock on her bedroom's door, and a muffled voice came from the other side, "Tabbitha! Get your butt out of bed and come downstairs to work! We have a busy day ahead of us!" her mother said. A busy day always meant that instead of the usual old couple that visited their shop daily, other clients had decided that it was a good day to drink coffee. The idea of socializing with more people made her smile slightly, in hopes of meeting a new friend. Maybe today was going to be the lucky day that changed her too ordinary life.

"I'm coming Mama!" she replied enthusiastically. She quickly stood up from her bed, immediately missing the warmth of it, and shuffled around her drawers looking for something to wear. Finally she settled in wearing her favorite worn out jeans, a stripped pink and blue shirt, a white knitted sweater and her usual pair of black Converse shoes.

Tabby quickly ran through the hallway outside her bedroom, and down the long staircase. Finally she opened the door that connected the coffee shop and her house, entering the busy atmosphere of what grown-ups call work. "Tabby! There you are! C'mon young lady, put on your apron, grab the notepad and take Table 3's order," her mother ushered. "Yes ma'am!" Tabby replied, making her way to said table to take their order.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Lewis Likblek Character Portrait: Tabby Gold
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#, as written by Lerke
On table three sat no other than Mr. Lewis Likblek. Uh yeah. Goodbye, lucky day, she thought. He was reading a huge newspaper that made most of his body disappear, and just like in the old movies he was hiding watching everybody else. He liked that old fashioned cafe with its dark wooden furniture, very english. Underneath the ceiling a immense collection of tea and coffee made him sink shortly into his dreamland of perfume and indian belly dancers until a squeaky voice pushed him right back into reality.

‘Mr. Likblek, what can I get for you?’

‘Oh hello, dear, what was your name again, Tibby right, no, wait!’ his voice was playful, singing and almost provocative, his face showed a variety of expressions supported by a multitude of very well-chosen gestures: ‘...Tabbitha, Tabby sounds really foolish...well it’s been a while, I just wondered...why are you still in this sleepy town? Shouldn’t you be on college or something? Out in the wild?’

‘I think everyone has their reasons, Sir...’

‘No, go and think about it, tell me when you get back with my Masala Chai and', he leaned forward almost whispering, 'don’t forget: it needs to be brewed with water of a temperature of exactly 180 degrees fahrenheit!’

Only her good nature kept her polite, she couldn’t really stand this conceited man that always wanted to interfere with people’s life decisions. She stepped back and went off, slightly disturbed.
Lewis smirked. There she goes, he thought, she doesn’t know a thing about the big plans I have for her. His huge black dog seemed to disagree on those ‘plans’. He gave him a depreciative look and snorted. What do you know about life, old friend, Lewis answered him in his thoughts, I promise you, I have nothing but good intentions. The dog rose his eyebrows and laid his head back on his front paws.
Back he went into his newspaper that had sunk to his knees. Something caught his attention: ‘Cheetah offered as pet’. Now that’s something, he looked at the dog out of the corner of his eye. You wouldn’t mind, would you? ...Oh...hello application process. We’ll see about that later.

‘Your tea, Sir.’

Lewis testing the temperature with his little finger: ‘Perfect. Now...’ He sat back, smiled disarmingly and crossed his arms. ’Now...have you organized your mind to give me a glimpse into your future? Or would this question be too personal to ask?’

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Character Portrait: Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose

'Aren't we all just players in life's little game?'

Character Portrait: Lewis Likblek
Lewis Likblek

'Games are for bored people. I am boredom personified. Let's play.'

Character Portrait: Libby Lee
Libby Lee

"Well, hello there,"

Character Portrait: Phil Poots
Phil Poots

"Hey buddy. Hey friend, pal, buck-a-roo, dude, BUDDY! Got some cash?"

Character Portrait: Tom Raleigh
Tom Raleigh

"I really hope this will work..."


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