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Tom Raleigh

"I really hope this will work..."

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a character in “The Writer's Story”, as played by rockPolotics


Name: Tom Raleigh "My last name is pronounced Ra-Lee"

Theme Song: Viva la Vida by Coldplay "I used to rule the world, but then I took a writer's block to the, ah, whatever..."

Age: 27 "Or 28, I lost count after 16."

Physical Description: Tom is a tall, lanky fellow. He has an unsightly stubble, and black, disheveled hair, since he never has time to go to a barber. He always wears a simply white over shirt, sometimes the same white over shirt for multiple days, and dark blue jeans. He has 3 piercings on his right ear, but none on his left. This is because, thanks to his wonderful luck, an earthquake hit when he was getting them pierced. His weary, brown eyes show that he probably hasn't slept more than three hours in the past week, and his slouch tells you he;s spent that time sitting t his computer.

Personality: Tom is a very calm guy. He never really pushes anything, and just goes with the flow. As a result, some call him lazy, but anyone who really knows him would say otherwise. This is because beneath that happy-go-lucky exterior, Tom is a very hard worker. He also gets immersed in things easily, and once hearing about something that piques his interest, will spend days learning about it. As you can guess, he very much likes writing, so much that it's the only thing he will openly argue about. Surprisingly though, he is not very creative, and relies on his fluid writing style and wordplay to get along. Tom is also a bit of an introvert, holing up in his apartment for weeks until venturing out for food and water (or to meet his editor).

History: Tom lived a fairly uneventful life. Growing up he always liked reading, listening to shocking stories, happy stories, even horror stories, and dreamed of being able to write his own. As he grew up he started to read more, and also started to write, although he never showed anyone any of his works until college. After graduating from college, he got a part-time job and bean to work on his first book, Young at Dusk, which would become a huge hit. Now, with a dire case of writers block and the pressure of a sequel, he decides to go out for a walk to find his inspiration.

Other: He had two girlfriends, but they were both fleeting, high school loves that burned out before the candle even started to melt. "I don't even remember their names, to be honest."

Favorite Book/Genre: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card "Sometimes I wish I was as smart as Ender..."

So begins...

Tom Raleigh's Story


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Tom dug through the mess that was his room, looking for the coat that he never wears, and the notepad that he never used. "Aha, there you are..." He picked up the cellophane wrapped booklet and hastily ripped off the plastic cover. He had gotten it from his editor as a congratulations present for his first book, Young at Dusk. The problem was that he wrote almost entirely on his computer, so he never had the chance to use it until now. "Now all I need is my coat..." He rubbed his rough chin and thought of the places it could be. Then it hit him, and hard. He slowly lifted the torn shades that covered the lone window of his room. At first the sudden light blinded him, but when his eyes adjusted, he finally found his coat, messily stuffed in a hole in the window. "Well, I can't use that..." He let out a sigh and begrudgingly slid on his old college sweatshirt that had a big 'Go bears!' on both sides. "It's just a shirt, nobody will care..."

He slowly pushed open the metal door to his apartment and shielded his eyes from the evening sun that blared against the side of the building. It's only going to be a short walk, then I can sit back at my desk and drink a nice cup of tea... He thought to himself as he sluggishly walked down the spiraling steps to the street. Tom Raleigh, young and relatively famous writer, was going on this walk to get the creative juices flowing because of his sever case of writer's block. What was the last time I went out anyways... He decided he would be better off not knowing, and crossed the icy street over to the small park, still covered with pristine, white snow. Wisps of white smoke puffed out his mouth as he trudged through the snow. "I-I r-r-really hope th-this is w-w-worth it..."


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At this point, Tom was glad he went on this walk. Ideas slowly, but surely, started to arise in his head. The cool air was refreshing, just the thing he needed. At one point, he thought he was on to something, and slowly reached for his notepad when a shaky hand suddenly came out and grabbed his shoulder. He jumped in surprise at the sudden gesture, and a million thoughts of getting mugged or murdered ran through his head. But then he heard the man talk, and was pretty sure that he wasn't a killer, although mugging was starting to become more likely... Then the jittery, nervous man claimed to be his acquaintance. Do I know this guy? Moreover, do I want to know this guy?

He quickly searched his memory of this shady character, and finally remembered him. It was Phil, his neighbor. He had seen him once laughing hysterically with some drinking friends, and another time when an angry girl stormed out of his apartment, Phil begging her to "come back to bed". Tom hadn't expected to come into contact with anyone, let alone someone he knew. Oh boy, my lack of social contact is finally starting to bite me in the butt... But then Tom thought that this could potentially be good material. Bumping into an old friend, striking up casual conversation which could lead to betrayal, or a secret, or... The ideas kept coming, and Tom could not let this opportunity get away. Ok, now... What do friend do together again? After some deep thinking, Tom casually cleared his dry throat, and said, "Hey, uh, Phil. Cash? I, don't really have much on me right now, but we could go get some coffee if you want..." He was proud of himself, being able to make such a normal and social suggestion. This surely is going to be worth it, right?


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#, as written by wieu
Libby just got out from the mini mart when she saw Phil, the man who always comes to the bar where she works at night, walking with a random guy. Someone who Libby thought will never be Phil's friend. She frowned. Well, maybe just say hello to him won't hurt.

"Phil," Libby waves her hand, greet him. "Yo!"

Maybe Phil looks like a bad guy, but he's not bad at all. At least he pays his bills when he went to the bar. It's more than enough for her to see him as a... good guy. even she doesn't know where he got the money. She doesn't care about it. She walks toward them, curves a big smile on her face. "We will have a beer feast tonight. You come, buddy?"