Dedric LaVay

We're survivors. It's what we do.

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a character in “The Year of the Battle for Hogwarts”, as played by Riverlord


Name: Dedric LaVay
Year/age: 7th/17
House: Hufflepuff
Blood: Pure

Personality: Cold and difficult. Dedric is highly intelligent and most people argue he should be in Ravenclaw (or Slytherin since he 'acts like one'). He actually chose his house and prefers Hufflepuffs to any other house. It was his mother's house. He is intensely loyal but only to the few people he likes. Xandra is the most important person in his life.

Background: When Dedric was little his father was killed by Death Eaters leaving his mother to raise him herself. He was very proud of his mother for her strength and still loves her very much. Right before he started his fourth year his mother came down with a rare and incurable disease. Afterwards he began getting into trouble, sneaking off, breaking into places ect. His teachers passed it off as him acting out in frustration but in actuality he was trying to help her. He frequently visited his mother, especially when she became worse, and broke into the restricted section of the library over a dozen times looking for a cure. He never found one and at the end of his fifth year she died. (He did discover during his research two treatments for diseases with cures; easier treatments that worked better, along with a cure for another disease that previously had none. He has not been able to publish his finding yet.)

After his mother's death his custody went to his aunt who has a daughter of her own. Xandra is slowly becoming her cousin's best (and only) friend.
Wand/partronus/bogart: 16 1/4" Hawthorn griffin feather/wolf, cannot currently preform/doesn't believe he has one anymore

Interests and skills: Medicine both muggle type and magical.
Anything else: Can see threstrals.
His wand is his father's. Headcannon: Griffin feather wands are said to be fickle and not care about their owner since they can be given to a new one after the previous one dies with no difficulty of use on the new owner's part. This mainly only works if the owners are blood related. It works especially well if they are a parent and child or similarly connected. On occasion owners with parent-child like relationships that are not blood may still work.

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