Rue Devyat

I don't do happiness or love. But she comes pretty damn close.

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a character in “The Year of the Battle for Hogwarts”, as played by Riverlord


Name: Rue Devyat
Year/age: 7th/17
House: Ravenclaw originally, resorted into Hufflepuff middle of sixth year.
Blood: Half-blood
Personality: Rue is loyal and loving with a penchant for being the 'mom' of the group. While she takes a casual approach to her schooling she has a thirst for knowledge, mostly random information with no relevance to anything important.

Background: Most of Rue's life has been normal, happy some would say. Raised by her single mother and grandparents while being introduced to the muggle world should her muggle father ever want to be involved in her life. Everything was good until the summer between fifth and sixth year when her grandfather died. She went along and seemed to be going healthily through the stages of grief for a bit. No one knows what triggered it but early her sixth year she developed severe depression. Unable to cope with her mind being 'broken' she made her way to astronomy tower ready to walk off but was stopped by a professor. She spent a few weeks in the infirmary (it was debated whether she should go to St. Mungo's but ultimately she and her family decided to stay at Hogwarts). During her stay naturally everyone found out about what happened and tried to help, (Gryffendors suggested she not be sad, Ravenclaws tried to help with homework, most Slytherins just called her weak willed) but the Hufflepuffs were welcoming and supportive and she became closer the them. When she went back to class she stayed in the Hufflepuff dorm where the teachers knew she would be cared for and protected.

During this time she began sneaking off to the magical creatures kept for class. Once it was discovered this became the first class she was allowed to attend and began helping care for the animals. It was then that she spotted a strange looking lone unicorn. Unlike the thin, elegant white unicorns they learned about this one was stocky and spotted. A rare and ostracized half unicorn half horse dubbed Rose. Rue began following the mare and badgering her until the equid relented and became a sort of friend. Rose has kept Rue buoyant during the Death Eater's occupation and given her reason to fight for her school and her new house.

Wand/partronus/bogart: 11" Apple with unicorn hair/cannot preform at present, was originally a cat (looked like grumpy cat)/unknown as of right now
Interests and skills: Magical beasts (especially unicorns) and wandlore.
Anything else: Has a strong bond with a half breed unicorn living alone in the Dark Forest. Can see threstrals.
Headcannon: Unicorns have strong positive light based magic. They are sentient and can read a person's soul to an extent. They are the only things that can kill a dementor but this knowledge is kept to themselves.

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