Xandra LaVay

We can't let them break us. It's exactly what they want.

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a character in “The Year of the Battle for Hogwarts”, as played by Riverlord


Name: Xandra LaVay
Year/age: 5th/ 15
House: Slytherin
Blood: Pure
Personality: Xandra is friendly and optimistic and does not discriminate between houses. She is considered a "defected" Slytherin for being so nice. She too chose her house since it was her mother's and it has driven her more than being in a more 'appropriate' house would have.

Background: Xandra has had a normal childhood. Her mother worked for the ministry and her father stayed at home caring for her. It wasn't until recently that she learned her mother's job was as an Auror and her father had been on the wrong side of the Dark Lord on more than one occasion. Her parents have gone underground leaving her and her cousin at Hogwarts hoping that by distancing themselves they can better protect them.

Wand/partronus/bogart: 13" Ebony dragon heartstring/Raven/Dead family members, especially Dedric
Interests and skills: Xandra loves alternative fashion and is very creative. She is good at coming up with something out of nothing including necessary items and cover stories.
Anything else: Was quiditch beater.

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