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Izayoi Akatsuya

"The name's Izayoi Akatsuya. Is there anything I can help you with?"

0 · 512 views · located in Yokai Academy

a character in “The Yokai Academy”, as played by Feyblue


"Oi. Don't make eye contact. It's for your own sake."
Beauty as the Beast - Kaori Sadohara
(Lyrics here.)

"Tall? Very. Dark? Not so much. Handsome? I'll let you decide. Knight in Shining Armor here to save the day? You bet. How can I help, princess?"

| Name | Izayoi Akatsuya. As he'll proudly inform anyone - or at least, anyone female - his surname, Izayoi, refers to the 19th day of a month, right after the full moon, where the night is the most beautiful. Meanwhile, his given name means "Red Glow." Overall, his name indicates a scarlet full moon - a beautiful and welcome sight for a monster, and one he thinks fits himself quite well.

| Nickname(s) | Katsu, a nickname of his own making. Considering it means "Victory," it's no surprise why he encourages people to use it. Otherwise, he mostly goes by Izayoi.

| Age | 17

| Grade | Junior.

| Gender | Male.

| Role | Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

| Romantic Interest | He doesn't really have anybody special in mind aside from every member of the female sex close enough to his age to appeal to him, although this is largely just sport and self-sustenance rather than any sort of genuine infatuation. He might find the Human who has recently entered the academy quite appealing, though, as one of his deepest, most secret desires is a longing for the normality his nature has taken away from him. See Personality and History.

| Sexuality | As an Incubus, he derives the most of the energy he needs to survive from the love and adoration of females. Even without this rather limiting fact, he'd still probably gun exclusively for pretty girls, anyway. He's just that type of guy.

"Look, let's get one thing straight. Me? I'm a nice guy. I'd be more than happy to help you work out whatever issues you might have. But if you lay a hand on a girl, then all that changes. Maybe you don't understand my point, dumbass, so here, I'll make this so clear even an intellectually deficient rat like you can catch my drift. You do not hurt girls, especially not those I care about, or else I kill you. Got it?


| Appearance | Akatsuya's appearance and attitude are two vastly different things. Were it not for his somewhat flirtatious manner around members of the opposite sex, he'd probably seem completely nondescript save for a few basic aspects, like his height and less human features.

Standing at the rather impressive height of 6'3", he generally finds himself looking down on most of the girls he flirts with. He's certainly not bad on the eyes, with a lean, albeit somewhat muscled physique, soft, unusually clear skin, and a somewhat boyish complexion with little facial hair to speak up, bright emerald eyes, and mid-length, soft blonde hair. If he paid more attention to his appearance, he'd probably make quite the dandy. However, as things stand, he seems more like a delinquent, with his admittedly quite fetching golden locks going largely unkempt, and his usual clothing consisting of a sleeveless white shirt, tight fitting blue slacks, and a two-tailed, hooded black and green duster, the accompanying cloth belt of which he prefers to leave undone, serving as a sort of scarf that flaps about wildly in the wind around him, something which he generally finds quite cool.

What is odd is that despite his usual confident attitude, he's almost never seen without his hood raised and his hair partially down over his eyes, concealing the green gaze that is without a doubt his most catching feature from view. This is for personal reasons, explained in the Personality section. Another item he's never seen without is a small pair of wired earbuds, always fastened to the phone in his pocket and generally blaring music to help him shut out the world when he's not actively participating in it.

Naturally, though, his most notable feature is his ears, which are very obviously pointed in shape, and quite easy to spot. However, these are actually the only monstrous features he usually displays, save under special circumstances. If especially incensed, and with the feelings of someone close to him to strengthen him, one can occasionally see his unfastened, oftentimes gravity-defying cloth belt begin to behave like a pair of batlike wings, a tail emerge from his back, and his fingers sharpen into claws. During these usually unintentional transformations, his entire appearance changes, as his casual manner disappears entirely, replaced by a confident, sarcastic, and more charismatic self who has a much more adult look about him - not to mention a more inhuman one. His eyes darken several shades, and a smirk appears upon his lips, much more threatening than his usual cheerful half-smile. In any case, however, these transformations are generally few and far between.

On a final note, he's actually gotten permission from staff to allow him to wear his usual hooded coat instead of the uniform's blazer, since it helps him avoid eye contact, and, by extension, avoid accidentally charming people with the powers he can't fully control. Granted, most people don't pay much attention to this story, so consequently, he's gotten something of a reputation as a rebel amongst the student body, a fact which, as one might have guessed of an Incubus, makes him quite interesting to the female student body.

| Hair Color/Length | Bright golden-blonde, medium length.

| Eye Color | Bright emerald green.

| Height | 6'3"

| Weight | 174 pounds. He's kind of slim for his height.

| Nationality | Japanese, although not entirely of Japanese descent, as evidenced by his unusual blonde hair.

| Ethnicity | Half-American, half-Japanese.

| Scars | No major defining scars.

| Tattoos | No tattoos.

| Birthmarks | No birthmarks to speak of.

| Piercings | N/A.

| Oddities | Even when not tapping into his powers much, his ears usually still retain their pointed shape.

| Likes/Dislikes | As for his likes: long walks on the beach, rare steak, poetry, and the company of a beautiful lady - is what he'd say if he wanted to seduce someone. While technically true, however, he's actually something of a closet otaku. Given his difficulties interacting with people following the awakening of his powers, he's turned into something of a hikkikomori over the past few years, passing whatever time he doesn't absolutely have to be out doing something holed up in his room browsing the internet, playing video games, or watching anime. Not that he lets anyone know that. Most of his fangirls just assume that he spends all his time doing something manly like collecting rare motorcycles, or something similarly strange, testosterone-associated, and high-class.

As for what he dislikes, he utterly hates two things. The first is falsehood. Be it people lying to better themselves, or pretending to be something they're not, it utterly disgusts him. As such, he always tries to do everything through his own strength, talents, and virtues alone. Naturally, this leads him to abhor using his power to charm the hearts of others and control them, as it's a mere mockery of true affection, and nothing more - hence why he always tries to hide his eyes from view and avoid direct eye contact, so as never to accidentally use his powers instead of his own personal charms to win over the hearts of any of his admirers.

The second thing he despises is violence towards or degradation of women. Chivalrous by nature, he's always willing to stand up for a damsel in distress - and not just because he needs their love and devotion to survive. It's probably because of a certain event in his past, but nevertheless, if someone tries to hurt a girl in his presence, he's bound to step in and do his damnedest to kick the offender's ass. Naturally, this personal trait also contributes strongly to his dislike of his powers, as by charming women with them, and removing their free will, he's becoming one of the things he hates the most.

| Fears | His greatest fear is without a doubt that his powers will lead him to manipulate an innocent girl into becoming his own personal slave, and that his nature as an Incubus will make him unable to resist the temptations that such a situation would create. Considering how close this fear came to becoming a reality, it's definitely not unjustified. However, this isn't the only major worry on his mind. Quite simply, he's paranoid, always afraid that any praise, love, or achievement he earns was only given him because of his powers. This inferiority complex drives him to constantly test himself, always trying to prove that he's not just skimming through life by virtue of forcing those around him to love him. Ironically, this also means that the emotion that he can easily induce just by batting his eyes is the one thing he most fears he'll never truly have.

| Powers | At present, he has very little control over his abilities. Precise manipulations such as illusions are completely out of the question, and although he's certainly stronger and faster than an ordinary Human, and several orders of magnitude more durable, he's still only very average in power for a monster. This is partially because of his fear of his abilities, partially because of his voluntary choice to withdraw from social interaction, thus limiting the amount of love and affection he can absorb, and partially just because he has no bloody clue what he's doing. In any case, he's still very weak at the moment, although that may change the more he comes to accept himself, and especially if he finds someone he's willing to risk loving again.

| Skills/Talents | He's surprisingly agile and strong, making him a natural when it comes to combat. On a less violent note, however, he's also pretty good at most jobs, having a good mind for details and the skill needed to deal with problems, and can play the guitar very well. He's also pretty good at creative writing, although he'd never admit it to anyone but his most trusted confidantes. Also, his enhanced reflexes and lack of better things to do have made him a very skilled gamer.

| Hobbies | Baseball, swimming and cycling, but mostly video games and anime.

| Weaknesses | In addition to his lack of control over his abilities, he has several other issues. Firstly, he can't transform at will, making his claws and wings pretty much useless save in lucky circumstances when he can use them. Secondly, even when he does transform, his personality completely changes, meaning he can't always act to complete the goals he wants to. Finally, currently, due to how little love he's receiving, he's actually fairly close to death, oftentimes becoming sick or exhausted for seemingly no reason at all. He doesn't fully realize this fact, but even if he did, he would never tell a soul. After all, should he disappear, it's just one less monster to twist the hearts of those innocents who deserve real love rather than his own unspeakable imitation...

| Strengths | Since his power level is almost solely determined by the amount of love he receives from those he cares about, he theoretically has no upper limit on the growth of his abilities, given time and practice. It's quite possible he could achieve S-Rank levels of power simply by forming a stable, mutually loving relationship and learning to control himself better. However, for the time being, he's still one of the weakest students at the school when it comes to combat.

| Flaws | Although kind by nature, he oftentimes finds it impossible to resist his urges as an Incubus, leading him to retreat from social interaction to avoid the temptations that come with literally being sustained by love and pleasure.

"Never underestimate the power that lies within the heart of a raving fangirl. Trust me, my brother. You will not live to regret it."

| Race | Incubus

| Ranking | Although most Incubi count as A-Ranked Monsters, Akatsuya, due to his lack of experience and energy, is only a B-Rank at present.

| Personality | Friendly, yet paradoxically aloof. Akatsuya is the sort of person who will greet anyone who talks to him with an enthusiastic hello, joke with them, and send them off with a smile, but never actually reach out to others. He's charismatic, polite, and gentlemanly, but never actually extends himself out from within his shell. Not wanting to draw anyone into the snare his powers present, he avoids social interaction when possible, just gathering the bare minimum of respect and adoration he needs to assuage his wounded pride and to keep himself from dying. He's seen what happens when his powers get too great of a hold on people, and doesn't ever want to see it again. If he's ever to truly love anyone, above all else he wants it to be someone who loves him for himself, rather than a mere puppet trapped within his eyes.

Chivalrous by nature, he'll never hesitate to stop and help someone who needs it. Be it a cute girl who's run out of money on her train pass and needs a loan to get home from school, or a tired elderly gentleman who needs help carrying his groceries home, Akatsuya is more than willing to help. Nice almost to a fault, he feels that it's his solemn duty to make others as happy as possible, to make up for the threat his powers present him. At least then, at the very least, if they like him or reward him, it'll be because he's earned it.

However, Akatsuya is also somewhat unstable. Unused to drawing in particularly powerful emotions from those around him, or forming strong bonds with pretty much anybody, he finds himself heavily influenced by what those important to him feel. For example, supposing he were to develop a genuine crush on someone. Were that person afraid of something, he would become violently, almost psychotically devoted to ridding her of her fears, tapping into the full extent of his powers to protect her, no matter the cost to himself. Although this is just because he wants those he cares about to be happy, it nevertheless can serve as a trigger into a full transformation into an Incubus, at which point his personality changes completely.

When in his fully transformed state, he becomes arrogant, toying with the feelings of women and getting off on the feeling of power it gives him. A megalomaniac and a manipulative Casanova, he loses all of the restraints and kindnesses that otherwise define his character, becoming exactly what you'd expect a demon who feeds on love and pleasure to be like. Until he learns to master his powers, the threat of this transformation, and his Dark Half's existence, hang continuously over his head.

| Dominant Emotion | Love, both platonic and romantic, and self-loathing.

| Danger Level | 2/10 in normal form, just because looking in his eyes can temporarily result in a charming effect among females. Should he ever transform into a full-fledged Incubus, his ranking would rise to A, and his danger level would accordingly reach somewhere close to 6 or 7 due to his manipulative, sadistic nature in that state, and his level of physical abilities.

| Opinions | Having been raised amongst them, Akatsuya envies Humans greatly, and does not fault them for shunning his kind. If anything, he wishes he could just be like them, instead of being caught in the society of monsters.

| Average Grade | B, but that's partly because he never really tries if he doesn't have to. He's smarter than he lets on - just lazy. Besides, it helps him avoid being noticed save as a rebel, and the mere existence of fangirls is enough to sustain his vitality.


"I'm sort of like Son Goku, only instead of being an airheaded monkey-man from outer space, I'm a monster who feeds on your love and adoration to sustain my own twisted existence. Don't worry, though. You can trust me. After all, 'Ongaeshi' is my motto! I always repay my debts!"

| Keepsakes | His phone was a gift from his adoptive family for his last "birthday." He cherishes it even after he's parted from them.

| History | Akatsuya never knew who his real parents were. Left by the side of the road in a small town in northern Hokkaido, he was taken in by a family who lived there. Given his name due to the scarlet full moon that shone brightly on the night he was found, he thus became an ordinary member of the household. Raised as a Human, he never realized the true extent of his nature, even into his teenaged years. Throughout his early life, he was doted on by everyone around him. Far from giving him an overinflated image of himself, however, the strict but loving care of his foster parents instead shaped him into a person who felt a passionate desire to repay every one of the favors that were given him. Taking on "Ongaeshi," or "showing kindness to those who are kind to you," as his personal motto, he strove to pay back each and every debt he owed to those around him. This, in turn, prompted them to continue giving him favors, resulting in an endless cycle of payment and repayment that reinforced his need to keep on showing kindness to others, no matter what.

However, things changed for the sinister in his adolescent years. A favorite of his female classmates, he found himself asked on dates by several. He was a kind boy at heart, but his very nature was one that desperately sought love and companionship in as great a quantity as possible. Consequently, he found himself surrendering to his monstrous desires, and began dating several individual girls in secret, cheating at least half a dozen times over before he was inevitably caught. His parents were deeply disappointed in him, and he vowed he'd never do it again... but strangely enough, many of the girls he'd dated came back the next week and offered him second chances, as though they hadn't even been hurt by his betrayal. This was the first tip off he received to his true nature. The second was the strange growth of his ears whenever he had a particularly passionate moment with one of his many one-time girlfriends or admirers. Although it horrified him to admit it, he began to realize that he was something other than human, and was manipulating those around him to his will, a suspicion that was only confirmed when a young woman ten years his senior arrived in town, a flurry of controversy and rejected suitors following in her wake, and approached him, revealing to him the truth. She was a Succubus, and he, an Incubus, her male counterpart. Explaining to him how his powers worked, she demonstrated her own, giving him a few tips on how to control those he desired for himself, encouraging him to give in to all his darkest desires, use those who he could so easily break into his disposable pleasure slaves, and then throw them away like discarded dolls.

For all his kindness, he nearly gave in, pushing his powers to their limits to draw in one of his classmates, to make her submit and offer herself to him. But in the end, he just couldn't do it. Pushing back his Incubus self, he looked with horror on what he'd done, turning a girl he'd once genuinely loved into nothing but thoughtless toy for his own amusement. It hit him in that moment that all the love and affection he'd ever received in his life had probably been just as fake as the adoration he was being shown unquestioningly at that very instant. Even his adoption had probably been caused by his powers, as the adults who found him had been infatuated by his eyes, and desired him as their own child. In short, he'd never earned any of the favors he had tried so desperately to repay, nor could he ever hope to match the kindnesses shown him when he was the one forcing those around him to bend over backwards to accommodate him in the first place. He was an abomination, a being who couldn't even control his own selfish lust for satisfaction, a monster who did not, and could never hope to belong in Human society.

So, he ran, fleeing his hometown, his would-be slaves, and the misleading advice of his mentor. All he wanted was a place for people like him. A place where even he could belong. A place, where maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't have to be afraid of what he was, or what he could do.

And so he came to a school for monsters like him.

| Other | His Face Claim is Dark Mage Badhabh Caar from Cardfight!! Vanguard.

So begins...

Izayoi Akatsuya's Story


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At times like these, you're supposed to begin with some sort of boring monologue about who you are, what your past is, and how you ended up where you are at. But I'm not one of the cliched, idiotic people who decide to narrate their own life, nor am I the weak little girl who feels the need to gossip about everything that happens to me.

Ahem ... I suppose that maybe just this once I will, because you're probably wondering who I am and how I got here ... But I'm not elaborating on my life. It isn't that I'm embarrassed about it - it merely isn't any of your business.

I suppose I'll be as positively cliche as possible.

Hello! My name is Tresora Knighsing! My grades are phenomenal and I'm probably the best technical engineer you'll ever meet - and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm also a pretty good artist. For some reason - I doubt I'll ever understand why - my social worker decided to send me to this school, where I'll be staying both day and night for the next school year, and the only chances I'll have to get away are on holidays and breaks. Not that I really have anywhere to go. And God knows what kind of people attend school at an Academy so far out in no-where's-ville, so I'm pretty much screwed.

I'm currently on some slightly-battered-down old bus with a creepy old driver, and something really stinks. I think it's the guy in front of me.

Alright, that's enough of that. I'm done with this cheesiness ... So I bid you adieu!

Her hand wrung together in her lap. What exactly was she supposed to be doing right now? Her cell phone had lost service when they entered a long, dark tunnel that sent an eerie feeling through her body, and she had therefore lost her ability to access most of the games on it. Sora glared out the smudgy window of the transport bus, her teeth grinding together with annoyance. Every two seconds they would hit a bump, which would send her nearly a foot above her seat each time. When she'd land, it would jar her entire body and bruise her bottom.

When the clunker of a bus finally came to a stop outside of the surprisingly long tunnel, directly beside a cliff that met a red sea, her eyes fell on a scarecrow that was undeniably one of the creepiest things that she had ever seen in her entire life.

"Eh, you sure this is where you were headed, girly?"

Sora paused halfway down the steps and tossed a look back at the bus driver, who was seeming less of a creep every few minutes.

She turned her eyes to the sign beside the scarecrow, which clearly read 'Yokai Academy' on it, and was shaped into an arrow. It was pointing in the direction they had been driving in, and suggested that her route would take her through a dense forest and quite some time to reach the school. After a moment, she turned her gaze back to the driver.

"Yokai Academy?" she asked, slipping her hand into her duffle bag and removing a pamphlet that her worker had given her. In large letters across the top, it spelled 'YOKAI ACADEMY; SCHOOL FOR THE ESTRANGED'.

She glanced back up at him. "Well, it appears that that's where I'm headed. Why do you ask?"

He chuckled a bit, a slight glint in his eye, and the darkness of the laugh caused goosebumps to rise on her flesh. "Ah, no reason, girly. Hope you have fun. I'll be back next month ... In case you change your mind." With a slight shove, she went stumbling out of the bus, and rounded back to face it and give him the ass-chewing of his life - but the bus was already gone. Her hand lowered and her brows drew together, before she scowled and turned in the direction of the school.

"Strange driver ..." she mumbled, her brown shoes squishing slightly with each step. Her bag bounced against her thigh as she walked, and the path between the sign and the Academy was nearly as off as the bus driver.

Jeez, if this is what the path to the school is like, I can only imagine what the Academy itself is like ...

As she walked, her hand slipped into her bag. Her suitcases with her belongings, clothes, and necessities had already been delivered to the school and taken to her room ahead of time, due to her transfer being a month after school had begun. It would have been a waste of time for her to bring her suitcases with her. At least since they were delivered ahead of time, she only had to worry about putting away her clothes and other belongings. Her decorations had already been organized - her bed had been made with her blankets and pillows, her computers and technical equipment had been set up in a corner of her room (apparently the staff had been too afraid to fiddle with it, for fear of breaking something - at least, according to the secretary of the Headmaster, they were). Other random things had already been put up, also - such as her hanging beads that she had made for her closet to replace the door there, or her lamps that she had decorated.

Or so she had been told. With the way that things were looking, who was to say that she even had a decent room?

Sora huffed a sigh as she removed a small, portable computer from her bag. It was the size of an iPhone in the human world, but obviously was not of the same design. Flipping a button on the side, a hologram screen shot up above it, while a keypad glowed brightly on the actual screen of the computer. Despite her advanced technology, her computer refused to connect to any type of internet out at this 'school'.

It was like she had entered another universe.

Sighing, she moved her fingers quickly above the keypad, not actually coming into contact with it, but the letters entering despite so. The hologram suddenly snapped to six screens, and using her free hand, she began to quickly move the screens around, sliding her finger across each one and sending it flying to a new spot before her.

The next thing she knew she was hurling towards the ground.

Landing hard, Sora grimaced. Her new school uniform didn't really allow for her to attempt to catch herself - the skirt was far too short for her to do much else other than worry about her underwear flashing - and her one free hand clutched at it. She landed hard on the dirt, jarring her entire body and undoubtedly bruising her tailbone, and she hissed in pain. Her eyes immediately caught the culprit of her falling - an over-grown tree root that jutted up from the ground, directly in the middle of the path.

"Stupid tree," she muttered, flipping the small computer's switch and tucking it into her bag once more. Turning onto her side, she began to push herself up, before she collapsed gain, pain shooting through her ankle. Glancing down at it, she could see through the sock that it was already swelling, and she scowled once more.

"Just what I needed to top everything else off - a twisted ankle," she muttered dryly. She once again pushed herself to her feet - more slowly this time - and gingerly tested her weight on it. Pain immediately shot through her leg, and with a grimace, she began at a slow limp towards the school - which she had tripped directly in front of. The large gates were open and welcoming - which was odd. In fact, the entire school was odd. Several things contrasted with each other - the beautiful foliage inside of the gates battled with the Gothic design of the school's outside, while the bright sunlight warred against the darkness it emanated.

An overly-perky girl was the first person that she found herself across.

"Hi! Welcome to Yokai! My name is Oslin, and I'm a part of the Welcoming Committee!" she squealed, her hands grabbing Sora's and shaking them quickly up and down. Her entire arms were moving and her head nearly bobbed from the movement.

"I have to say, when I found out that we were getting a new student at this time of the year I was more than just surprised. But I was also excited!" she exclaimed.

Sora tore her hands back, taking a couple of steps away from the girl, grinding her teeth together due to the pain of her ankle.

"Two words: Don't. Touch." Her eyes were hard, her hand up in order to separate them. "I'll be perfectly fine on my own, thank you. I don't need an overly-perky, annoying little girl bothering me on my first day," she snapped. Adjusting her bag, she pushed around the girl, stalking - or as well as she could with her ankle - around a corner.

And directly into another body.

The force of the impact sent her stumbling backwards, and before she could catch herself on anything, she had landed on her bottom - again.

"Dammit ... Now the bruise is going to be even worse," she grimaced, rubbing at her bottom. She turned a glare up to the person who she had bumped into. "Hey! Watch where you're going, bub!" she seethed.


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#, as written by Feyblue

The boy sighed, raising a hand to adjust his hood as the sun shone down harshly from above, searing his face with its unwelcome light. Granted, he wasn't the type of monster who was actually weak against sunlight - unless you could call a partial hikkikomori a type of monster - but at the same time, he just didn't like it. Fortunately, the hood of his trademark duster served its secondary purpose admirably, which at least meant he could see fine, his enchanting emerald eyes tracing and retracing the path before him as, with a whirr, the motor of his beaten up vespa started again, carrying him down the dusty, unused road towards Yokai Academy. He smirked, glancing down at the small shopping bag hanging from his wrist. The nearest convenience store was miles away, but seriously, did they expect him to live without a least a little good, old-fashioned human junk food? Nonsense.

"With these rations, I can fight for another ten years," The Incubus murmured to himself with a smirk, his voice drowned out by the breeze kicked up by his own passage. Pulling up in the side-yard of the school, he parked his motorscooter - a slightly used birthday present from his adoptive family which he'd taken with him on his little exodus - around the back corner of the main building, locking it to a rather large pipe coming out of an air conditioning unit before strolling back around the other side. Nobody but the groundskeeper ever really came back there, and as it turned out, that old ghoul was actually a major otaku, which meant that the insomniac Incubus and he had hit it off fairly quickly. He never minded Akatsuya's little parking spot.

Slinging his snack bag over his shoulder, he was just coming around the corner of the main building when he thought he heard something. Was that... a girl crying? He stopped in his tracks, and listened more closely. It certainly sounded like it. Granted, it was none of his business, and if he stayed out in the sun much longer, the chocolate bar in his snack bag would probably melt down to a gooey, unappetizing paste, but... oh, damnit. He just had to see what was the matter, didn't he? So, taking an unanticipated turn to his right, he strolled through the partially open door, glancing around to see what the trouble was. Oslin, the rather upbeat member of the welcoming committee, was looking on with a sort of detached resignation at a most unusual scenario. One girl was sitting rather awkwardly on the floor, glaring up at another, who was bawling her eyes out and apologizing profusely. Judging by the dropped baggage and the general situation, Akatsuya supposed that this was one of those scenarios that you saw all the time in fiction, but very rarely in real life. A new student, out of place, hadn't been looking where she was going and had crashed right into somebody.

Normally, he'd probably try to help the girl on the floor up, considering that if she was still sitting there, she was probably hurt somehow. He had a really good line for it, too. Something like, "You know, the whole crashing into someone on your first day thing only really works if you do it to a guy. You could try again on me, if you'd like." Her reaction would probably be priceless. But, sadly, the girl on the floor was probably ashamed enough already by her accident. Rubbing salt in that wound just wasn't really his style, least of all when somebody was crying right next to him.

Turning to the pink haired girl, he strolled up as casually as he could. It would probably be easy enough to calm her down just by making eye contact. A slight charm and she'd become temporarily caught up in impressing him, making her want to relax. But that, too, just wasn't his style. No, he'd do this himself, or he wouldn't do it at all. Still, that was going to be a little difficult...

"Oi, oi," He said somewhat uneasily, scratching his cheek slightly underneath his hood. Crying women always made him nervous. "I'm sure this isn't that big a deal. Everybody has accidents sometimes." Giving his best smile, he turned to the girl on the floor. "Isn't that right?" He asked, grinning as he extended a hand in turn to help her up. Turning back the crying girl, he glanced around uneasily, fishing around in one of his coat's many pockets before withdrawing a featureless white handkerchief. "Here." He grinned sheepishly, offering it to her. "Use this." It was a good thing he carried around so many seemingly useless objects on the off chance that he might encounter a scenario where he'd need them to win over the heart of a girl, or he'd have been woefully unprepared for this situation. A gentleman always had to be ready to be suave, no matter what the time, place, or occasion!

...Granted, that still probably didn't justify the package of dango he always bought at the convenience store every time he went there just so he'd have the chance to make a "Hana yori dango*" quip if the opportunity ever presented itself - it hadn't - despite the fact that he rather disliked the sweet in question, but hey, at least he was prepared.

(*Hana yori dango is an expression meaning "Dango over flowers," equating roughly the English expression "The belly is not filled with fair words.")


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Mei-Lien looked up from the book she read and smiled slightly as she saw her school before her. Yokai Academy. What a wonderful place to be. It was her second year here and the two months seemed to have been going well for her. She had made herself a bit of a trouble reputation among some, but to others, she was royalty. She couldn't ask for more really.

She recalled when she had left to come to the school not too long ago. Her father had wished her luck and nothing more. As expected. Who cared about him anyway? A little 'I love you Mei-Lien' or 'Do well in your studies Mei-Lien' couldn't have hurt him, could it? He never was the type of guy to show emotions anyway. Neither was Mei-Lien. So it was understandable that she and him clashed slightly with no conflict. They were almost too identical.

Mei-Lien recalled the many suitcases she had brought when school stared. Why did she bring it, who knew. It seems that everywhere she went, she needed a whole closet with her. After all, half the bags was clothes, another two bags was hair products. And the others? Well her sword collection of course. However, she had taken the swords for a bit to get cleaned. Thankfully she had brought the bag with her today.


She turned to see a group of four boys coming to greet her. It seems like everyday she was remembered and treated as she wanted. How beautiful!

"Well, good day to all of you. Hm. Would you all be a dear and help me with my collection? I just had them cleaned and it's a bit heavy. Not a problem for you strong boys hm?"

She could tell that the males were quite flattered by her words, which they should be. She had a way of words, appearance and even touch. She was sly but in a good way of course. She watched as the boys began to struggle to pick up the bag.

"Ahh! This things like a hundred pounds! Whats in this?"

She gasped as he dropped it making it up up. Inside, instead of clothes or shoes, was a small bundle of swords. Mei-Lien quickly went to the bag and placed them back inside.

"What are you doing!? Be careful with those! Their very important to me."

The boy pouted slightly while hearing her.

"I-Im so sorry princess. Ill do my best to be careful."

She sighed slightly. She was happy that none of them were injured. She was even more glad that they weren't dirty. She stood and dusted her uniform off before flipping her hair slightly.

"Lets just get these to my room, shall we?"

After using the males for labor of her benefit, she paused slightly while seeing a face she hadn't seen before. She had heard that a new face would be around school. Of course, Mei-Lien didn't worry about her steal any sort of spotlight. She couldn't help but giggle a bit while seeing her bump into someone. She was indeed a newbie. Mei-Lien could help but get a bit curious about her but she wasn't one to act on curiosity. She was more collected then that.

She found a nice bench to sit on and happily hummed while people watching. She would giggle hearing the usual greetings of the usual people and happy 'you look beautiful' phases. It was a normal for her and she loved it more then anything. There hadn't been a day in her life that she wasn't admired by someone. Even as a child, her mother felt special.

She slowly gripped at the watch around her neck. She had always wore her mother keepsake no matter where she went. It was something very important to her. Yet, she couldn't talk about her mother. Talking about how she existed not too long ago and soon died made her feel... well, feelings. She can't explain it but she hates having feelings. Feelings only get you hurt in the future. She sighed as she read her book quietly on the bench.


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Oh for Christ's sake - the girl was balling her eyes out! Was she seriously reacting so intensely to only a couple of words? The girl definitely didn't have very thick skin. At all.

Rolling her eyes, she shoved her pride down and swallowed her anger. Why waste it on a baby like this girl?

"Shut the Hell up, Oslin," she drawled out rudely. "You need to mind your own damn business and stay out of other's. You never know what you might find - and what you might find may scar you for life," she snapped. "So scram, Barbie," she added.

Oslin paled, tears appearing in her own eyes, before she turned and fled from the scene. Tresora bothered not to follow her with her eyes - she knew she wouldn't return.

Turning her eyes back to the balling, pink-haired girl before her, she let out a slightly-irritated breath. "Calm down. I'm really not that scary," she muttered with an eye roll. She adjusted her weight a bit, reaching forward to rub at her injured ankle. "You don't need to cry over it. I'm not going to yell, so stop being a baby. Besides, you don't even know me, so it really shouldn't matter so much to you. You need to grow thicker skin, caro," she nodded, pointing a finger in the girl's direction.

Her eyes fell on the boy who was approaching, and her reaction to his voice and his hand nearing her was immediate and intense - and completely uncontrollable.

Her muscles tensed and burned. A sheer sheen of sweat appeared on her skin, a nervous tingling began in her stomach, and her heart hammered in her chest. Her fingers clenched and curled inwards, her lips pressing together tightly in the same moment. Before she could stop herself, her hand had snapped out and slapped the boy's away, and she had scuttled backwards. For anyone who didn't realize that she did this in fear, they would undoubtedly laugh and find the movement to be hilarious and a joke.

Turning her face away as quickly as possible, she stumbled up to a standing position, most of her weight on the one side of her body so as to avoid collapsing to her knees.

"Thanks for the offer of help, but I'll pass. You can go ahead and comfort cotton-candy-rainstorm here," she waved her hand at the pink fluffball of a girl before her, "And I'm going to finish looking for my dorm and the head office so I can get my paperwork." With that, she hurried away, flipping out her holocomputer in an attempt to look busy and not nearly as frazzled as she felt.

She wasn't really paying attention to the computer, at least not as much so as she looked to be, and her fingers flew across the hologram screen as she limped.

It wasn't until she smelled food that she realized how hungry she was. After spending the past two and a half days hopping from plane to plane, bus to bus, and car to car, she hadn't eaten well nor much at all. Her stomach growled as the delicious smell of cinnamon rolls reach her nostrils, and she paused in her step, her head tilting back a bit to get better access at the yummy smell of cinnamon.

"I might as well grab some food before I finish looking for the office," she muttered, tucking the tiny computer into a small pocket on her bag.

Sora pushed through the doors to the cafeteria and strode inside. It didn't take long for several of the conversations to lull at the sight of a new student at this time of the year - especially one who held herself with the confidence of someone who cared naught for any type of judgement from her peers.

Acting as though she didn't notice the change of atmosphere at her entrance, she strode to the food area of the cafeteria, plucking up a small plate with a cinnamon roll, an apple, a bagel, and a bottle of orange juice, she quickly paid for the food. Immediately she made her way over to the nearest window and, tossing her bag onto the sill, she easily joined it, leaning back against the wall and removing a similar device to her holocomputer, but instead it projected from a far smaller electronic - it was her Black Hole Computer, and the projection above it was only one, yet far more visible and clear than the other projections. Taking a bite out of her cinnamon roll, she lounged backwards, slipping into a slightly relaxed mood, her free hand absently rubbing at her scarred neck, the frequent ache and burn that appeared in it slowly beginning to arise.


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#, as written by Felilla

Kimiko was still sobbing. She really hadn't meant to walk into the girl. Now, she was probably going to get yelled at and the boy was going to wonder what happened. How did this become such a mess so quickly? She should have just waited for the girl to leave in the first place. Then, she wouldn't be in this mess...

"Shut the Hell up, Oslin. You need to mind your own damn business and stay out of other's. You never know what you might find -and what you might find may scar you for life," the scary girl snapped at Oslin, making Kimiko flinch a little. "So scram, Barbie."

Kimiko heard Oslin's footsteps moving away and barely dared to peek up over her small hands. ""Calm down. I'm really not that scary," the girl was adjusting her weight. She seemed to have hurt her ankle when she fell. That only made Kimiko feel worse. "You don't need to cry over it," she continued. "I'm not going to yell, so stop being a baby. Besides, you don't even know me, so it really shouldn't matter so much to you. You need to grow thicker skin, caro."

Now that Kimiko got a better look at her, she could see that this girl was really pretty with long black hair and eyes that seemed to see everything. It interested the pink-haired girl.

"Oi, oi," a new voice said, only slightly drawing Kimiko's attention away from the girl. "I'm sure this isn't that big a deal. Everybody has accidents sometimes. Isn't that right?"

The girl had a rather strange reaction to the boy's offer, which only made Kimiko all the more intrigued as she watched the girl march away. That's when the boy turned to her. She stared up at him. He towered over her, which made her a bit angry. She was a senior and still the size of a junior high-schooler. He held out a handkerchief and she took, dabbing her eyes daintily. She knew she had to say something. "T-thank you..." she managed to stutter out, directing her gaze to the ground, where she saw her bag. "Not again..." she whispered softly, crouching down to pick it up.

It was her senior year, so she had mastered the art of squatting without flashing. It had taken a few tries though. She didn't like to think about that. She picked up her now broken bag and sighed. She'd have to ask her father for a new one... Again... The first day of school and she had already broken a bag. Kimiko hung her head in defeat; this was not a good way to start a school year.


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#, as written by Feyblue

Akatsuya extended his hand, waiting to see how the girl would react. Maybe she'd be mad, or embarrassed, or flustered, or perhaps even grateful. The young incubus had experienced all these emotions before. But never in his life had such a simple gesture prompted the feeling that abruptly flooded his mind through the momentary contact he made with the fallen girl's hand.

Hate. Overwhelming, instinctual fear and loathing that struck his psyche like a thunderclap as his hand was batted aside. Muttering something under her breath, the girl quickly limped away, taking one last shot at both him and the crying girl as she did so. Izayoi took a moment, staring after her in confusion as he tried to calm the echoes of the feeling that had so suddenly assaulted him. What exactly had prompted that?

"T-thank you..." Murmured a quiet voice from behind him. The girl's cadence matched her appearance and attitude, her words gentle, soft, and shrill. Although her voice cracked slightly from the lingering tears she'd shed, Akatsuya could tell that she was mostly over her earlier breakdown. He smiled slightly under his hood, and turned to face her once again, donning his best smile and trying his best to forget the rather strange response of the last girl he'd reached out to help. Fortunately, given the calming feelings of relaxation she was experiencing, this was a bit easier than it otherwise might have been. Her presence seemed fragile to him, as though perpetually teetering on the brink of tears, yet at the same time, it was earnest and gentle. That explained her earlier overreaction to what had been a rather simple mistake. In any case, he was just glad she'd stopped crying.

"'No problem,'" Akatsuya said with a slight, reassuring smile, his bright green eyes peeking around the edge of his hood, just out of direct view. "-Is what I'd say if I'd actually done something worth mentioning." He added cheerily, trying to put the pink-haired girl at ease and drive away the lingering guilt she seemed to feel in regards to her earlier awkward encounter.

As she glanced down, he followed her gaze, his eyes at last falling upon the source of her regrets. It seemed that in her panic, she'd snapped the strap on her bag. It wasn't unheard of for monsters in distress to unintentionally use much more of their strength than intended, which explained why one of the metal fastenings she'd been holding onto had bent and snapped open, rather than the cloth strap itself simply tearing off like one might expect.

Cute as a button and strong enough to break metal between her thumb and forefinger, huh? Well, now I've seen everything, He thought, chuckling slightly to himself as he reached out a hand, smiling gently as he took a closer look to see what damage had been done.

"You know, the strap itself isn't damaged - just one of the clasps that holds the two parts together. I'm pretty sure you can take those off," He observed, looking at it. "Plus, these school bags are all pretty much the same, so a part from mine should work fine on yours, right?" Reaching down, he carefully removed the undamaged fastening from his own bag, then took hold of the strap of hers and casually popped out the broken piece, weaving the cloth through the appropriate slots in the part from his own bag. "See? Good as new," He said with a grin.

It was at that moment that he realized that he was currently crouching just a few inches from her, and his face was actually remarkably close to hers. If he had leaned in any further, she might have caught a glimpse of his eyes. Whew, close one, He thought, adjusting his hood slightly as he drew back, standing up and extending a hand to help her back to her feet. Let's try this again, He joked to himself as he waited to see her reaction. Surely she won't slap me too. Well, I hope she doesn't, anyway. With strength like hers, she'd probably break my wrist.


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Hai Nyce

As Hai carefully took the jacket from his classmate, Mei-Lien, with a giant smile Hai says "Is it even possible to take attention away from you for more then a few seconds? I mean they look over here to see the half naked guy, then get enraptured by your beauty after noticing, o it's just Hai." With a small laugh Hai puts on the jacket, making sure not to let go of his towel as he slides one arm at a time through the sleeves. Finally Hai grabbed the top corners two corners of the towel, and tied them together in a small knot.

"Well to thank you how about a poem?."
Hai asks rhetorically.

A Orchid bright as no other
A light shining forever
A song of beauty and life
Without a thought of any strife.

"That's only the start I'm still working on the rest" Hai says with a happy and excited gleam in his eyes.

"Now where do you think the best place to get me some clothes would be?." Hai ask's never once letting his smile slip off his face. As he looked around Hai spotted Izayoi with Kimiko. Nodding his head in there direction Hai says "Maybe Izayoi has an extra uniform I can borrow." With his smile wide across his face Hai thinks to himself, "so far this day has been awsome."