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Dantavion Alleluya

"In order for the world to see heaven, it must be sent to hell."

0 · 222 views · located in New York City, 2019

a character in “The Zeals”, as played by Vizcious


Dantavius Phoenix

Name:Dantavius Phoenix(Born Dontavion Mandella)

Nickname: Dante

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Nationality: African

Occupation: Agent of Creed

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 171

Blood Type: AB+

Personality: Currently Updating

Zeal: Zeal of Teleportation
Able to instantly teleport to any location within his line of sight.
Able to teleport to locations that he is familiar with and knows the terrain or layout to memory.
His ability to teleport is similar to jumping where it requires him to maintain his equilibrium in order to land.

Equipment: Two hunting knives, a sniper rifle, and a personal computer handheld he uses for hacking, gathering, and transmitting informaiton.

When teleporting to places outside of his line of sight it can cause extreme dizziness and uncontrollable vomiting.
When teleporting to an unknown location or place he cannot see he runs the risk of teleporting his body into a wall or object.

History: Dante was a child prodigy born to two ambitious politicians in Rwanda, Africa. His parents had great ideals to unify their country through peace. Dante was an exceptionally gifted student was accepted to attend studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the age of 7. His global fame and his parent’s virtuousness made his family a beacon of hope for the entire continent. On the morning Dante was preparing to depart to the United States of America to further his studies at MIT, his taxi was attacked by a band of unknown rebels. Dante’s drivers were mercilessly slaughtered and he was taken to a compound deep within the Somalian border. A group calling themselves the Liberators claimed responsibility for the act and demanded a ransom for Dante’s safe return. While being imprisoned his body was beaten, broken, desecrated, and tortured in the most horrific ways imaginable. The Liberator's leader was a warlord named General Abassi. Abassi believed that the foreign powers were gaining too much authority throughout their country and blamed the politicians for allowing it to occur.

News media, interest groups, and people from around the globe flocked to the country of Rwanda to see the events unfold. Dante’s parents pleaded to the cameras asking General Abassi to return their son. They asked many foreign diplomats for assistance. Diplomats from America, the United Kingdom, and other prominent countries stood behind the family and gave their support. The United Forces planned an attack on the General’s compound to rescue Dante. The General still had sources within the government and learned of the pending attack. Dante was secretly transported to a secondary location. The United Forces attacked the compound as planned and defeated all of the General’s soldiers stationed at the compound and captured General Abassi. Later that night the news reports held a vigil for the death of Dantavius Mandella. The report stated that after the United Forces seized the compound, in a last effort to escape General Abassi strapped Dante to a suicide vest of explosives and detonated it as he attempted to flee the scene. General Abassi was executed by the newly organized Government of Rwanda. Dante's apparent death was used as a platform for his parents to gain greater political power and authority within their country.

Dante was turned into a martyr and caused many of the local leaders and massive public to follow his parent's ideologies. At the Liberators secondary hideout, upon hearing the news of their leaders execution, fear began to spread among the ranks. Much of the general's former troops fled. This period of disorganization allowed a beaten, and nearly crippled, Dante to escape and find his way to a nearby village. The village had many Red Cross doctors that were able to nurse him back to health over a period of 6 months to a years. Dante manage to make his way back home expecting his parents to welcome him with open arms. As soon as he arrived at his home he was blindfolded and dragged to an underground facility. There he was restrained and greeted with hugs and kisses from his parents. Dazed and confused he struggle to break free of his bonds. His struggling suddenly stopped when he heard his mother's crying voice, "my beloved child, we have gained so much because of you. If someone were to discover you were still alive it may destroy all that we have done to unify our country. For the sake of our nation you must stay a martyr." As soon as she finished speaking Dante's father grabbed him and placed a cloth dipped in chloroform over his face. After a few moments of struggling Dante suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke. Dante awoke in an unfamiliar place laying in a large bed surrounded by luxurious items crafted with intricate detail. He slowly sat up to see a dark skinned woman with white hair speaking with someone over a computer and manage to overhear "Don't worry as long as he is in our possession they have no choice but to comply with all of our demands. I will be returning to headquarters shortly and he will be accompanying me. Please make the necessary preparations."

Almost finished I promise. (School keeps getting in the way)

Theme Song: DZK Bow Down

Other Information: (Anything else about your character? Optional.)

So begins...

Dantavion Alleluya's Story