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Seryn Lane

CANCER "A well-planned, rational approach is preferable. Barring that, calculated use of justified force is an acceptable proxy."

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a character in “The Zodi Academy Relaunch”, as played by Progenitus



Name: Seryn Lane
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Date of Birth: 7/15/1994
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Appearance Description:
-6' 1"- Unusually tall for an Asian
-Black hair, Brown eyes
-Tan skin
-Slender, but toned

Power Description:
Seryn is aware of his abilities, and he knows they are not normal. He has tried, to no success, find the origin of these abilities and their limits. As a result, he has tested and analyzed his powers thoroughly, giving him some competence in using them. Seryn has not determined whether this occurrence is scientific, divine, or both.

Main Power: Lunar Magic
-He has successfully fired five blue-white energy-based projectiles in quick succession. Caused extreme exhaustion. (Approx. 12 hours of deep sleep was needed to fully recover, excessive grogginess after waking) Each bolt contained about 250-300 Joules of force, with total energy release from anywhere from 5 milliseconds to 15 milliseconds, according to his calculations.
-He noticed a slight increase in ease of firing during nighttime. Percentage uncertain.
-No other relevant data was found.

"Log #37: Efficiency improving. It seems that the effectiveness of my abilties link to physical toughness and mental stability. I lost conciousness after conducting the test in; Notes, Page 13, Section B. I'm not sure if my body can improve any more past this point, barring dropping all studies and focusing solely on training, which is unacheivable without suspicion. Speaking of which, my actions frightened some hikers 500 feet away from my site. Have to stop testing for a few weeks after authorities end their investigation. My site is well-hidden, but if found, there's no hiding it." *pause*

"I'm not sure what to do. Making my hands emit light was harmless, but now I have to ability to direct energy at my will? There has to be a purpose for this. Am I a military experiment? Genetic Mutation? Simpy insane? So many questions, and hopefully I can get answers. End log."

Secondary Power: Forcefields and/or Energy Barriers
-Successfully created a 2 x 2 x 2 ft visible energy barrier and maintained it for 4 seconds. Created 3 feet away.
-Has successfully stopped a basketball with said barrier moving 5 feet per second during the peak of its trajectory. The basketball rebounded as if hitting a wall.
-Unsuccessfully attempted to catch/stop a small RC plane nosediving at 20 feet per second with barrier. Lost consciousness at impact to barrier. (Approx. 4 hours)

"Log #40: I have yet to determine whether or not the barriers I create can stop energy. It was visible when maintained, which means some light reflected off the surface. Have to bring a flashlight next time. I can't the keep barriers in form for more than a few seconds without losing conciousness, so directing energy at them is out of the question. My mother is wondering why I talk to myself during the nighttime, and where I disappear off to for hours on end. Seth is getting worried about me. If we were blood brothers, I would attempt to find out if he had similar abilities. Even so, mayb-"*Abruptly Ends*

Secondary Power: Clairvoyance
-How abilities were discovered
-”Visions” occur during dreams (beta wave activity increase) or periods of similar states
-Only a few details can be gleaned or remembered when regaining awakeness
-Predicted scores on test exactly 3 months prior when 14
-Preliminary test show vision pattern is random, and nearly indistinguishable from normal dreams

"Final log: I had another vision. Cities burning. People screaming. A planet, dead. Is this what I become? An inevitable fate? A warning? I have exhausted myself, trying to piece the dream bit by bit back together.

I only clearly recall one thing; I have to stop the use of my abilties. It seems that it only hastens an end, I-or anyone-is not prepared for. End log."

Personality Description:
Myers-Briggs Personality Test: INTJ
Seryn is reserved, polite, and thoughtful. While he treats everyone he meets with respect, he isn’t afraid to voice an opinion, tell what he thinks of you, or stand up for something he believes in. He does so rather coldly, and while he doesn't mean offense, some people take it the wrong way.

Despite his avoidance to group socialization and other related practices, he does get along quite well with people, especially in one-on-one environments. He expects the best of himself at all times, never stopping until he sees the task done the best way possible. This expectation also applies to others, and he tries to push others to their best in his own, unique, way.

He had some problems with temper in his early teens, but they seemed to have disappeared entirely.

-Certain forms of music
-Is this really necessary?
-Large groups of people, specifically being in them
-Being late
-Various Video Games
-(Basic) Martial Arts
-Studying Physics, especially Theoretical

Seryn was born in Taiwan, near the coast. His birth mother was single and died giving birth. An American couple living in the Philippines adopted him when he was a few months old, raising him as their own. They lived there for eight years, before the couple decided to move back to the States.

Seryn then lived a relatively normal life in Arizona, five years of school and other activities without anything remarkable happening. When he reached the age of 14, he started having dreams. They were garbled, and strange, filled with things he never really remembered, or even wanted to. He disregarded the dreams as simple nightmares.

That is, until he had a particularly vivid dream of him taking a test, and promptly failing it. It stood out among the others because he could recall nearly every detail and action that transpired. True enough, three months later, his dream was right in every aspect, right down to his pencil lead breaking.

It was from there his dreams showed him achieving things that were, simply put, impossible. Slowly, but surely, his powers began to reveal themselves. He was awestruck, as any teen would be. But Seryn was not one for attention. He hid his abilities from everyone he knew, but practiced them often. He would go into the woods outside his home, sometimes hours at a time, watching his hands as they glowed when he concentrated. It enthralled him for much of his teenage years.

Then life happened. People were getting supicious, and he needed to keep his head down. He pushed his abilities to the back of his mind, letting other life priorities take over. He's never used his powers since then, but he still remembers what he can do, and th potential he has. He graduated high school a year early, and shortly after, moving out and going to college alongside his brother. His powers, although not left to the wayside, were second to his studies. He was on his way to living a normal life, despite his talents.

Funny how little red notes can change your life.

-Has an Associates in Programming and Bachelor’s in Biochemistry
-1/16 Spaniard
-Ambidextrous, favors his right

So begins...

Seryn Lane's Story


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Seryn leaned back from his laptop. He rubbed his forehead, blinking, exhaustion from his eyes. He glanced at the clock in the corner of the screen. 7 hours. A new record. He stood up from the desk and worked the kinks from his shoulders. He glared at the final page of the report he finished. Why does the professor announce projects a month early? He knows I'm going to do them first thing. He pushed in his chair and shut off his laptop, ignoring all the pings he was getting to play DotA and and other such things. He had enough for today. Having a brother as a roomate was probably not the wisest decision he has made. Seth, when he got back from his date, was already bound to taunt him for his "Asian-ness".

He assumed it was a good thing.

Walking to his door and opening it, he left his bedroom and stepped out into the hall. The dorm room kitchen light was on. He didn't hear Seth come in. Seryn checked his watch while as closed the short distance that was the hall. He's back an hour early. He could only guess that what happened during the date. As he walked into the kitchen area, he was greeted by Seth stuffing his face with Ramen. Noticing Seryn, he swallowed the mouthful in one go. He grinned.

"Ah, the prodigal son returns. Or, brother. Whatever. Can you use that for siblings?" He said, licking his lips.

Seryn stared at him for a heartbeat, face impassive.

"Do you actually know the correct usage for that term?"

Seth laughed, nearly choking on another mouthful of noodles.

"No," he replied, "Just sounded cool." He put down his bowl, scraped clean, and sighed contentedly.

"Anyway, what were you doin in your room for so long? I got here thirty minutes ago." Seth stood up and grabbed the bowl, bringing it to the sink. He motioned for Seryn to sit down at the table.

Still standing, he replied; "Finishing Professor Goodman's report."

"... The one he talked about today."


"That's due in a month."


Rinsing off the dish, and tossing it into the second sink. Seth let out another sigh.

"Still, playing the stereotype? C'mon dude, you have to become American sometime." He popped his neck. "Or just not do reports on the first day."

"And receive a GPA like yours?"

"I have a 3.75, Seryn. That's above average here. Not like over there in Asian-land."

"If I were anyone else, I'd be extremely offended."

"Well, anyone else wouldn't know if I was joking or not. Anyway, mail's in m'backpack. Got my paychecks, letter from Mom-and your boyfriend-besides the usual." Seryn frowned slightly. Seth, grinning again, slapped him on the shoulder as he sat down on the couch.

"C'mon man, you don't hang out with any girls. Who else is that fancy red letter from? One of your gamer friends?" Seth teased as he watched Seryn sift carefully through the wasteland on folders, papers, and other things that was his backpack. Seryn took the red letter, and handed the rest of the mail to Seth and sat down on the adjacent couch. Using is index finger he opened the seal on the letter, unfolded it and began to read. Seth pretended to read through a magazine, watching his brother. The masterful ruse didn't succeed. A couple minutes passed. Seth spoke up again.

"So..." He said, teasing further, "first base? Second base?"

"It's an invitation to an academy. Scholarship, I suppose."

"Ooh. Where's it at?"

Leaving out a few rather interesting, if not concerning details from the letter, Seryn responded; "Japan."

Seth visibly stifled another joke. "You suppose it's a scholarship? What's that supposed to mean?"

"They are offering to pay for expenses, the flight, living quarters, everything."

"Ha ha! So what's the academy called?"

"Certainly none I've ever heard of."

"Oh. An all-expenses paid academy that no one knows about. Seems legit." Seth flipped on the TV. "And I can tell from that face you're planning on going. Don't worry, I'll only write about mom about it when you go missing and your spleens are on the black market." He glanced up at Seryn when he stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"The first flight available is arriving at 6:30 AM tomorrow."

"Seriously man? Right now?"

"I have to speak with the front office and my professors to get all my papers transferred."

"Whatever man. Stay safe." Seth muttered as he switched to TNT.

Seryn left without another word.


"Have even you slept at all, man?"

Seryn weaved in and out of the early morning buzz of the airport, Bluetooth in his ear. "Is that all you called me for, Seth?" He dodged a family hurrying past with a stroller.

"No, I was just wondering what your bank account number was. Oh, and I need an inscription to put on the headstone of your grave."

"The background checks out." Seryn lied. He had run some checks, but he came up empty-handed. But there were some things in the letter that caught his attention. He had at least had to give it a chance. "I'll be fine."

"C'mon dude, I need at least a few last words to put include in the inscription."

Seryn, despite himself, smiled. "See you soon, Seth."

"Now THAT is cryptic..." Seyrn heard just before he hung up. He deposited his Bluetooth in his backpack and stood in one of the lines. The flight was arriving 30 minutes early. Surprising He thought as he boarded. There isn't even that many people on this plane.

And just like that, he was off to Japan.


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Seryn Lane

Walking out of the baggage terminal, and once again dodging the American family with the stroller, he was presented with the sight of the main lobby. He had to sidestep a few more people in order to get out to the transportation wing. He had his suitcase at his side as he hailed a taxi. Apparently the taxi system is similar everywhere. Good for me. The driver greeted him in Japanese, presumably asking where he was going. He was at a loss for words for a second.

"Ni hao ma. Ni shuo zhong wen? Ing wen?" Seryn asked in Mandarin.

"Wo hen hao. Xie xie." The driver responded in kind. Switching to English the driver continued, "And I do also speak English. This is an airport taxi, after all." I expected as much. Seryn thought.

"You wouldn't believe the things I hear from American tourists, thinking I cannot understand them." He turned back, fully facing Seryn. he looked about to be the same age. "You are Chinese? Where did you learn English?"

"Taiwan." Seryn responded. "English is the world trade language, is it not? Yours is near perfect." The driver nodded.

"Fair point." He smiled, pleased that he knew that type of slang. "My name is Akira. Yours?"

"Su Leng."

"Very unique. So, Mr. Leng, where do you need to go?" Seryn pointed out on a map where he needed to go. Akira nodded.

"Ah yes, I grew up near there. I will have you there in a flash."

"Take the shortest route, if you will."

"Ah, you're wiser than you look, are you not?" Seryn merely inclined his head.

"Geronimo!" Akira shouted lightly as he dived into traffic.


"... and that's why my mother never let me have a cat." Akira finished as they pulled up near Seryn's-hopefully not final-destination. The taxi driver's eyes widened as he saw the helicopter. "Big helicopter."

Seryn was similarly surprised, but didn't let it show. "I doubt the safeness of such a vehicle." Handing Akira the appropriate amount of Yen, he stepped out of the taxi.

"Nice conversing with you, Akira."

"My pleasure, Mr. Leng."

Akira waved as he drove away. Seryn returned the gesture. Turning from the driveway, he walked about 50 feet to the landing pad. Stepping up to the landing pad, the older man piloting the helicopter motioned for him to get in. No identification needed? Does he recognize us on sight? Cautiously, he slung his backpack in front of him, making easier to sit down. There were five people already here, two females, and two males, one of them unreasonably fit. Not wanting to bump everyone on the way to the back, he sat next to a gray-haired girl with... purple eyes? Contacts? Whatever it was, Seryn made no attempt at conversation. He only really talked to people when he had to.

And maybe not even then.

He rotated his shoulders, and leaned back slightly in his chair, preparing himself for the flight.


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#, as written by chrian.

Krys just sat there and waiting *impatiently* until everyone has arrived so that they could take off to their final destination. He just looking out of the window and watching the beautiful sunset on the ocean while humming a melody quietly. Well, maybe everyone is still a little shy to speak to each other. So he decided to light up the atmosphere a bit. But just as he opened his mouth to talk, a dark-brown hair with athletic build girl came into the copter and said "Hi" to them. He realized her because he has seen her on the plane earlier. "It looks like almost everyone on that plane was summoned by the Academy. Well, not very surprised though", he thought and smiled with her, "Hi. I saw you earlier on that plane but I didn't have a chance to talk with you. I'm Krys. Nice to meet ya."

As the girl sat on a seat nearby, another gray-hair with stunning purple-eyes girl came into the copter and sat near the window. She looked kinda shy though. As she noticed the others, she said "Hello" to them shyly. "That accent...", Krys said, "are you a Canadian too? Whoa, nice to meet you. The name's Krystian, but Krys for short. Hope that we can get along", Krys smiled his gummy-style smile brightly.

Then finally, an Asian guy came into the copter with a backpack flung in front of him as he sat down on a seat next to the gray-hair girl quietly. He was really tall, but shorter than Krys a bit. "I wonder if I'm the second tallest of the 12? Well, one thing for sure that I'm surrounded with hot guys, and it seemed that they're so damn straight as a ruler. Hope that I will be able to control myself", he thought. The guy looks really handsome with a pure Asian look. Maybe he's a Taiwanese. It seems that he wasn't a very talkative guy though. But hey, since they'll be study together for a long time, at least they should know each other a bit. Perhaps that guy knows how to speak English, but Krys wanted to impress him a little. So Krys smiled friendly towards that guy, "Ni hao, wo di ming zi shi Yang Yue Fan, ni hao ma?", Krys asked politely in Mandarin, "but my English name is Krystian. Nice to see you."

(Translation: Hello, my name is Yang Yue Fan, how are you?)


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Adriana Maud

"Adriana? So you were also summoned by them too? Wow, such a coincidence", Krys smiled and then sat on a seat next to Adriana.

“Yeah, something like that….” She said with a smile. She nodded to each newcomer as she pondered their fate. What would happen when they arrived? What if it was just a trick to get them there and exploit their abilities? She did not need anyone knowing what she could do. She felt panic rise in her throat at the thought.

‘No if you panic you might lose control.’ She thought to herself as she pushed the terror back. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"It looks like almost everyone on that plane was summoned by the Academy. Well, not very surprised though" Krys said. Adriana shrugged. She didn’t like to talk about herself.

"Ni hao, wo di ming zi shi Yang Yue Fan, ni hao ma?" Krys said to the very attractive newcomer. Her mandarin was a little rusty, so she didn’t try to contribute to the conversation.

She took a moment to analyze each individual thoroughly, hoping to find some allies. She started with Felicia.
She stood about 5’6 or 5’7 and probably only weighed 115Ib wet. In other words the girl was tiny to the point it was almost ridiculous…honestly Adriana was a tab bit jealous of the girl’s size. Her hair was dark brown and it was just down past her shoulders. She had Hazel eyes that kind of made her look sad…and she had scars, nothing too noticeable though. Adriana wondered where they had come from…The girl seemed very straight forward and if Adriana had to guess she would assume she was also pretty hard working. Two traits she thought she might be able to work with.

Next she moved to Krystain. He was tall…like SUPER tall. He was a little on the slender side though he was still muscular. He had blonde hair which covered his forehead and brown eyes that almost matched her own. From her observations Adriana noted that Krystian swung for the other team, which was slightly disappointing because he is supper cute…then again she could use a male friend on her side. He seemed very kind, passionate and open. She liked that about him.
She then moved onto the other girl. She didn’t know her name, but she was beautiful. She had a head full of shocking silvery white hair that reached her mid back. Her eyes where an almost scary violet…very uncommon…actually unheard of in the human race as far as she knew…then again her being able poison people by touch was unheard of as well. Adriana estimated she stood about 5’8 or 6’0 and she could only weigh around 110lbs. The only thing she could gleen from the girl was that she was kind of shy.

Last but not least where the two men whose names she did not know. First was the extremely buff, extremely attractive man with short brown hair that had been the first on the Helicopter. He was obviously the quiet type since he hadn’t said a word since everyone had gotten on. You could see the Hispanic ethnicity in his face and build…very attractive indeed…though she was looking for allies not playmates. She turned her attention to the other man whose name she didn’t know. He was definitely of the Asian persuasion. He stood around 6' 1, with black hair the fell on his forehead and brown eyes that, in her opinion, had a kindness in them. He was slender but toned…a nice mix. Definitely attractive as all get up….

‘Down girl, allies not playmates’ she thought to herself as she grinned devilishly to herself.

“Merde est tous les gars sur ce vol juste super fine?” She asked under her breath in French.
“Poi di nuovo una ragazza potrebbe abituarsi a tutto questo l'uomo caramelle in giro.” She said changing from French to Italian. She had a habit of randomly switching languages mid-sentence because she spent so much time in so many different places she really didn’t have one native tongue.

So far for allies, if shit hit the fan, she thought she might just have some luck with a few of the new class mates.

(Translations: Shit are all the guys on this flight just super fine?....Then again a girl could get used to all this man candy hanging around)


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Seryn Lane

A few words were exchanged behind him. He picked up a few names, Adrianna, among others. He checked his watch, now newly adjusted to the time zone. 2:17 PM. Focusing his attention on the man piloting the helicopter, Seryn observed the fine clothing the man was wearing. Whether he was trained or not to fly the helicopter, he certainly didn't look the part. He pulled out his smartphone as he got a text from Seth.

U still alive?

What do you think?

IDK, you could proly be the person that stole his kidneys.

Seth, what do you want?

Can I use your DotA account? Mine got hacked.



Seryn put away the phone, ignoring further texts. He sat there, joining the silence as a couple of the conversations died down. He almost did a double take when he heard someone speak Mandarin behind him. Turning slightly to face the source, he saw a someone, about an inch taller than he was. He introduced himself as Yang Yue, or Krystian. Or Christian. Probably the former. Krystian was definitely Asian, like Seryn. The hairstyle was somewhat similar to Seryn's althought blonde, more extreme, and less unkempt. Frowning slightly, but quickly correcting the expression, Seryn greeted him and responded in kind. There was something about how he looked at him a moment ago.

"Krystian hao. Wo hen hao. Wǒ de míngzì shì Su Leng. My English name is Seryn. Pleasure to meet you also, Krystian."

He, not having anything else to say, turned back to his original position to face forward. Seryn hoped he didn't come off as rude, as his mind turned to other topics.I haven't seen everyone, but it seems the people that here so far are around the same age, and relatively fit. Coincidence? He furrowed his brow slightly, deep in thought. If there are other people like me, with abilities similar or even superior to mine, the implications... His train of thought was broken when saw the red-haired girl looking at him, Adriana, supposedly sizing him up or something of that nature.

He disregarded any other possible reasons.

"Can I help you?" Seryn questioned politely as she started muttering to herself in a language unfamiliar to him.


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"Nice to meet you too Krys the name is Lucas but most just call me Luke" Luke said grinning widely. As more people joined them Luke took notice of everyone. A pretty dark haired girl came in and following shortly after to a girl with silver hair and violet was all Luke could think. Who on the world had violet eyes? and why are they strangely so alluring? Jeez do magically powers give everyone to ability to be gorgeous? While Luke listened in on the conversation, forcing himself to stay quiet cause knowing him the moment he opened his mouth they wouldn't be able to shut him up. When he heard Krys's comment of being surrounded by hot straight as ruler guys Luke couldn't help the deep chuckle that slipped past him, the sound bouncing off the metal walls of the copter. Having traveled alot in his life Luke picked up on alot of languages so when he heard the pretty red heads, Adrianna, comment he chuckled again.

"Stai cercando abbastanza bene da soli" Luke replied to Adrianna in Italian. Then he just couldn't resisit anymore, the tempation was to strong and before he knew it the question fell from his mouth.

"So what's all of yours power's, like come on I'm pretty sure we all know we are here for the same reason" that's Luke alright, always the direct approach.

"You are looking quite fine yourself".


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Adriana Maud


"Can I help you?" The man, who she now knew was Seryn asked her as he spotted her basically picking him apart in her mind.

"Also straight forward, yet polite. I like that. My apologies...Just makings some observations." Adriana said with a smile. Strange, she couldn’t remember a time, apart from this moment, where she had been caught making opinions of someone. She was usually very discrete...maybe he was just as observant as her… She smiled politely at him.

“I meant no offence, and did not mean to interrupt your solitude.” She said noting he didn’t seem to like to talk much.

"Stai cercando abbastanza bene da soli" The one she identified as Luke said to her in Italian. Adriana grinned.

“Bello e ben imparato ... questo sta migliorando di minuto in minuto.” Adriana replied back, still speaking Italian.

"So what's all of yours power's, like come on I'm pretty sure we all know we are here for the same reason" Luke said suddenly. Adriana became quiet. That was the last thing she wanted to talk about….though she did appreciate his straight forward attitude.

“Can we get the show on the road....?” She muttered hoping they would get going so she wouldn't be dragged into the power conversation.

(Translation: Italian: “Handsome and well learned...this is getting better by the minute.”)


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#, as written by chrian.

"Yeah, something like that...", Adriana smiled and responsed to Krys.

"I know, right? This trip is getting more and more interesting every minutes", Krys chuckled. Come to think of it, up til now everyone who was sitting right there with Krys was so awesome, if wasn't perfect. Everyone has their own traits and they were so perfect that Krys was slightly surprised. But they all have a same thing is that they were easy-going and easy to get along. Well, most of them. But if he is going to work with all these people, he wouldn't have to be worry about getting bored.

"Krystian hao. Wo hen hao. Wǒ de míngzì shì Su Leng. My English name is Seryn. Pleasure to meet you also, Krystian.", Seryn responsed.

"Yeah yoo too. Well, I hope we could get along soon", Krys smiled then turned to another person. He doesn't want to bother Seryn if he don't want anyone to do so.

"Nice to meet you too Krys the name is Lucas but most just call me Luke", Luke answered with a wide grin. Krys blushed a little when he saw Luke grinned. "Oh my God, give my heart a break...", Krys thought. Then Krys smiled his gummy-style smile, "Nice to meet you, Luke. Hope that we can get acquaintance."

After that, Adriana and Luke started to converse in weird languages, which made Krys felt like he was from another planet. He cleared his throat, "Now everyone, I think we shouldn't turn our conversation into a language class. Let's just speak English from now on, okay?"

"So what's all of yours power's, like come on I'm pretty sure we all know we are here for the same reason", Luke asked straightforward. Krys frowned a bit, "Interesting...", he thought. Then he turned to Luke and said, "Well, I'd gladly to show you my power, but I think it'd be safer to practice them when we get to the Academy. So wait til then, okay? And I'd glad to see all of you guys' powers too", Krys chuckled happily, it easy to understand since he has always wanted to meet people like him for so long. He can't wait to learn more. "But besides from supernatural powers, I also have some hidden talents, just wait and see", Krys winked.

Krys then turned and take a quick glance at the gray-hair girl quietly. She has a very rare beauty, which is what makes her special. Especially her purple eyes. Krys then frowned when he remembered a sentence in the ancient book stated out that "The watcher whose eyes carried the hollow shade of purple shall bring forth the demise of a cycle..." and Krys has been wondering how was that even meant since then. But after Krys has took a glimpse at her shyness, he just shrugged, "Hope that she won't carried out the apocalypse", he secretly thought.

“Can we get the show on the road....?”, Adriana muttered softly, but somehow Krys heard what she said. So he whispered to her quietly with a soft smile, "I don't think he will take us there before all 12 people has arrived. I'm tired of waiting too. But let's just wait, okay?"

"Oh, and everyone", Krys clapped his hands to gain everyone's attention, "if some of you think this is some kinds of scam or joke just to bother us, please don't worry. One of my ability allowed me to test if one's words are true or not, I've tested what has been written inside that red letter and it seemed that the person who called himself "The Elder" said the truth. Hope that help."


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#, as written by zen_ink

Having Felicia around to talk to on and off throughout the course of the flight made the 18 hours just fly by(pun intended). For that reason, Xander was grateful for the girl's company, but he was also grateful for getting to spend such an arduous journey with someone so 'aesthetically pleasing'. That girl had a mischievous (read: flirtatious) charm about her that Xander meshed with perfectly. "What a woman." he thought.

Xander nodded awake as one of the flight attendants, a beautiful young blonde girl, Xander guessed probably in her early-mid twenties, nudged him gently.

"Sir? Sir...?" she repeatedly as she gently rocked his shoulder.

"Oh, jeeze." he exclaimed as he groggily realized they had landed. "I'm so sorry, miss." he said apologetically as he sprung to his feet, retrieving his bag from the overhead compartment and swinging his backpack around his shoulder. "How long since we arrived..?"

"It's no problem at all! It happens more than you think." she giggled and smiled. Her smile was bright and warm; it made Xander unconsciously smile in return. "We arrived in Kyoto approximately 20 minutes ago. Myself and Brenda, the other flight attendant, took turns trying to wake you every couple minutes. I do apologize!"

"No no no, I'm the one who should be apologizing. I don't know what came over me, I was just exhausted. I'm incredibly sorry for keeping you folks. Have a good one!" he exclaimed as he darted off the plane.

As he maneuvered his way through the airport and searched for his luggage at the bag-check, Felicia's words from one of their conversations on the flight earlier rang through his head. "How many 'island schools' does Japan have, exactly..? Is it like a thing over here?" he wondered to himself. "Do you think she's going to the same place as us..? But wait, that would mean..."

"That would mean she's a superhero, too!"

"Would you hush up? We're not superheroes."

"Says you."

"Says US. That's a stupid way to think about it. Our powers don't mean anything like that. They're not even that great. Superheroes can like fly, and shoot bolts of lightning from their eyes... or something. What am I going to do? Persuade my enemies to sleep with me to death?"

"Hahaha... 'sleep with me to death'. I crack myself up..."

He moved himself out of the musings of his own internal dialogue, realizing his suitcase must have gone around the conveyer about 3 times in the time it took him to zone out, and zone back in. He lifted it off the belt and pulled it behind him as he was greeted by the balmy Kyoto air. "Whoa.... this is awesome." he thought to himself as he looked around, taking in the exotic surroundings. "What a cool place. I might have to do some exploring around here before I head back to L.A."

He hailed a cab and followed the instructions in the letter. "Gyojo coast, please." he called to the driver, not even mindful of the fact that the guy might not speak English. "Right away, sir!" the man called back in an eagerly polite tone. "Damn," Xander thought. "a cab driver addressing his passenger as 'sir'? I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore."

The cab ride only took about 15 or 20 minutes. The sun was sitting just over the horizon, sending vibrant swathes of orange and pink across the evening sky, teasing at any moment to plunge below the earth. He marveled at the sight, admiring the way the sun lingered just over the ocean, its blinding reflection off the dancing waves tickling his eyes as the strong sea-breeze blew back his hair. If there was one thing Xander could appreciate from living the past 2 years on the coast in L.A., it was a sunset over the waves. He gave his hair a quick brush-through with the hand that was free, attempting to push it back towards his forehead as he approached an idle helicopter in the distance. As he got closer, he immediately observed two very unusual things:

The first was that this was no ordinary helicopter. It was massive. It looked like it could fit an entire theater of people.

The second was that there was a very curious (and particularly creepy) old man standing rigidly just outside the helicopter's door.

Xander apprehensively approached the man. "Hi...." he started awkwardly, not really sure what to think. He didn't really know what to make of the current situation...
Despite the fact that the place he was in was no doubt beautiful, he couldn't help but realize in the back of his mind just how ridiculously farfetched the entire scene looked. He attempted to keep those thoughts in the back as he once again tried to address the unresponsive man. "Is uh... is this where I'm supposed to go? You're the flight to the Zodi Academy?"

Again, the man ceased to respond. He merely pointed at the door without saying a word. "Ok then.. *cough* rude *cough*" Xander said deliberately incoherent as he fake-coughed. He hopped into the helicopter. It was a lot roomier than he expected, and actually really nice inside. An impressed "Whoa.." unintentionally escaped his lips. He looked around and saw a group of really interesting looking people before realizing the awkward impression he must have just made of himself.

"Uhhh... hi." he stated, again somewhat awkwardly. He looked around, quickly scanning their faces while also looking for an advantageous seat, AKA one where he wouldn't have to be super close to anybody. Sadly, despite the size of this helicopter, it was relatively compact and there was almost no place to sit that wouldn't put him right next to someone else. "Bleh." he wretched internally at the fact. "Waaaait a minute...." his eye caught a familiar face; it was Felicia.

"Felicia..?" he asked, thanking the heavens for the relief of being given one person on this flight that he was at least somewhat acquainted with, immediately popping a squat right next to her as a result. "What the heck are the odds?" he grinned devilishly at her. It then occurred to him that the others must have been waiting here for quite some time, as everybody looked fairly settled in, and there was some amount of conversation carrying on between them.

Xander didn't want to pull any unwanted attention, but he knew it was inevitable. He knew that he had one of those faces that just stood out, the kind that people wanted to address and talk to. It had been happening to him his whole life. "Curse my good looks.." he thought mockingly to himself. He suppressed a self-inflicted smile that was attempting to fight its way to his face. He looked around and observed each of the passengers. "These are some really interesting folks" he thought to himself, noting in particular one girl with long grey hair and curiously purple eyes. "Nice contacts." he commented on her internally.

There were also two notably tall Asian boys, one with light hair and one with dark. They seemed like opposites; the one with the darker hair looking out the window, seemingly trying to avoid any interaction, and the lighter haired one striking up conversation with just about everybody.

Then he noted another girl, this one also familiar. It was the girl with the fiery-red hair from the airplane, the one who stumbled nearly into Xander's lap. "I'll bet she's probably tanked right now. I'm jealous.." he thought.

Next to her was a tall and super fit guy who Xander immediately noticed was just blindingly attractive. "Holy..." he thought to himself in amazement, trying to keep his jaw from dropping. "That. I'll have that. Wrap it up to go, please." he mused internally. He didn't attempt to hide the fact that he was eying the guy up and down, observing every inch of his body, pausing for several seconds on his biceps in particular. "Unf.." he had to restrain from biting his lip. The guy appeared to be of some kind of Hispanic or Latin descent; he just had that look.

Xander sat patiently waiting for takeoff, attempting to keep his mind occupied away from staring down Mr. Eyecandy. He also tried desperately to avoid making eye contact with the light-haired Asian boy... He didn't know why, but for some reason Xander got a really strange energy off him, the nature of which he couldn't even comprehend at this moment in time.


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As the sun rose on a new day Ryan found himself a bit sluggish out of bed. He peered at the mysterious folded letter and ticket that lay on his desk. "I wonder who's messing with me. No one knows about my powers and I've made a point to keep it that way." At that moment there was a knock on Ryan's door. "Letter for Ryan Joseph King"

Opening the door hesitantly as he was shirtless and still in his pajamas the 20 year old Australian male answered the women by simply saying "Yes?". The the Mail-women didn't seemed fazed by his nudity and acted as if nothing was wrong with it, "Sign here please" She held out a small touchscreen device and with a quick swipe of the stylus Ryan signed for the letter. "You have a good day sir." and without further adieu the women left only peering back ever so slightly at Ryan's pajamas, but more accurately his morning-wood. Looking down and noticing for himself Ryan stepped back inside and closed to door swiftly from embarrassment. He had nothing to be ashamed off but still he felt inappropriate. "Who's this from?" he asked himself as he opened the the packaging only to find a picture of a temple with writing on the back which read...

"Dear Pisces, the last of the 12 and most skeptical it seems. You have missed your flight to japan with the other 11 students but all is not lost, you have a gift that eliminates the need for such means of transportation. Focus on this picture and search your mind for this place. Do not consult maps or people for this place because they will not aid you, only with your mind can you arrive now.
Good Luck- The Elder"

"What is this bullshit? who's fucking with me?" after studying the picture for a minute Ryan threw the picture in the garbage in a fury and went into his bathroom for a relaxing morning shower. While in the shower Ryan thought about the words written on the back of the picture and focused his thoughts on where the temple in the picture could be. "Well obviously the temples of asian influence... and the tickets were for Japan..." Just like that Ryan's mind developed a clear birds eye image of the island of Japan although physically he was still showering in his dorm room. Suddenly the water around Ryan began to glow and swirl around him with Astral energy. Now focusing harder he began to pinpoint his search for the temple in his mind scanning over the main land finding places such as Kyoto and Tokyo, but as he began his search through the smaller islands the main water line in his bathroom burst and ruined his concentration. "Shit shit shit shit!" Ryan exclaimed as he tried his hardest turn the water supply off and prevent even more flooding.

Once the bathroom crises had been taken care of the now clean and slightly stressed out Ryan searched through his closet to find a pair of clean dark jeans and a clean v neck t-shirt to get him through the day. After exiting the room in hurry Ryan quickly remembered he'd left his keys and jacket so he turned back around grabbed the two items and locked up.


It was about quarter till noon when Ryan realized he was late for swimming practice which started promptly at 12:00PM sharp all the way across campus. "Crap coach is gonna kill me!" Ryan screamed as he began weaving through the sea of people that stood in his way. "Watch it jackass!" yelled one of the students Ryan accidentally bumped into. "Do that again and ill kick you're ass!" Screamed another angry victim of Ryan's rush. No matter how well of a swimmer he was, on land he could be quite the klutz when in a hurry. With only seconds to spare Ryan burst through the door yelling. "Im here!....Im here coach." Klaus, Ryan's coached yelled back in reply "Your not here until you're in the water swimming laps, you hear me!... and you got about 20 seconds."
"Yes sir" replied Ryan as he ran for the locker room removing what articles of clothing he could. swiftly spinning the dial on his combination locker, he opened the door and removed his swimming speedo before quickly putting it on and running out to the pool area. "You're late Ryan. "But I was just...." "I don't wanna hear your excuses, get in secondary pool and give me 10 laps." "Oh come on, if it were anyone else you'd let them slide or at least only give them 5 laps at most!" "Oh boo whoo, now hop to it! "This is bullshit." Muttered Ryan under his breath as he slowly made his way to the secondary pool, which was famously known for being a good 3 degrees colder.

As Ryan backstroked his way down the lanes he couldn't help but think about his experience earlier in the shower, he still had a clear mental image of the temple and even though he'd never been to japan he was still able to get a clear image of the island as if he were hovering thousands of miles in the air looking down upon it. "I still never found that temple" he thought to him self as he completed a flip turn and started his second lap. "I wonder..." and before Ryan could finish his thought he stopped stroking and closed his eyes allowing himself to float in the water and concentrate back on the temple. Ryan's mind began to search throughout the islands off the main land of Japan when almost like a train coming to sudden halt the image of a particular island filled his minds eye. "Is this the place?" he thought to himself as his body floated motionless in the pool of now glowing water. Ryan continued to search the island with his mind when finally he caught sight of the Temple and its adjacent landing pad. Also with his minds eye it appeared as if 11 young adults were entering a helicopter and preparing for take off with their belongings off the closest coast of Japan, 6 girls and 5 boys. It was like watching through a window for Ryan, he could see the Island clear as day, but he knew he was still in a pool in Australia. "I guess I'd be the sixth guy if I was there... it sure looks nice...the water looks clear and warm... better than this freezing pool..... I wish I was there...."

Suddenly the glowing water around Ryan's body began to swirl into a whirlpool and began dragging him down to the depths of the pool. He opened his eyes and reached for the surface but it was too late the water had taken him and he just seemed to go deeper and deeper "Whats happening to me." he thought to himself as he continued to sink way past what should've been the bottom of the pool. Then almost like a beacon of hope Ryan could see a light opening up underneath him, it was warm and felt almost like sunlight as the current around him continued to push him toward it. "Am I dying? is this it for me?" Unable to tell what was up, down, left, or right any mores Ryan contemplated his death, when all of a sudden a column of water clearly visible from the take off pad pushed him up 10 feet into the air and out of the ocean an a few miles off the coast of the island. "OHHHH SHIIIIIIT" Screamed Ryan as he plummeted back toward the water, his voice caring over onto the main land. With a loud splash Ryan's body made contact with the water and after overcoming the pain of his 10 foot back flop he made his way toward the beach and more precisely the Temple.


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Felicia Miller

As Felicia sat there feeling a little awkward after walking up to the group. She didn’t know what to make of everyone none of them seemed like bad people. While she was trying to look everyone over a tall slender Asian boy with blonde hair managed to grab her attention.

"Hi. I saw you earlier on that plane but I didn't have a chance to talk with you. I'm Krys. Nice to meet ya."

Felicia gave him a smile and shook his hand “I remember seeing you on the plane with that small group of people. I’m Felicia; it’s a pleasure to meet you Krys.” She continued to scan over the group and her eyes fell upon the fiery red head. She had seen the girl during the flight her fall in the middle of the aisle was not something Felicia would easily forget. Her focus then shifted over to another talk slender Asian but this boy had black hair. She only looked at him for a moment just enough time to realize that he didn’t seem like he wanted to talk. Next was a silver haired girl with purple eyes, Felicia gave her a friendly smile and then moved her attention to the final person who was tall handsome guy. Felicia had to stop herself from staring to long, she turned her gaze away trying to find something else to distract her.

There were conversations going on around her, but nothing that drew Felicia’s attention until she heard a male voice say

"So what's all of yours power's, like come on I'm pretty sure we all know we are here for the same reason"

Felicia simply smiled and faced the direction the question came from once again finding her eyes on the handsome tall guy. “You seem like a nice person so I guess I can tell you, I am super strong.” She was wondering what everyone was going to say about her strength. She felt like no one would believe her and she would have to prove that she possessed this unnatural amount of strength. Her train of thought was broken when she heard a familiar voice call out to her


“What are the odds”

She was taken shocked for a moment when she saw Xander sitting next to her. After her initial shock Felicia smiled wide and leaned into Xander and gave him a hug “I’m so happy that you are here.” She then noticed him ogling mister tall, dark, and handsome. She simply chuckled and said under her breath “Good luck with that.” She then saw as Krys introduced himself to Xander, she saw Krys blush and couldn’t help but smile.


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Vanessa decided to emerse herself in the book she had been trying to read for the rest of the flight, and decided to just simply ignore what other distractions may take haste during the flight. Now three chapters in from where she had started, Vanessa flickered her eyes along the words of each page until her silent thoughts were interupted by the inter-com message, which told Vanessa and the rest of the passengers the plane was landing. Relieved that the red-headed girl had made such a quick exit to allow Vanessa to pass by her seat without any awkward shuffling, Vanessa reached to the over-head compartment and grabbed for her bag, then making for her own exit off of the plane.

Once in the airport, Vanessa looked around and decided her first course of action would be to make sure her currency is in check. Glancing up occasionally from her book until she reached the counter for converting money, Vanessa gave her usual smile and asked for however much money she had on her to be converted into yen. Admittedly she had rushed her way out of her home, but thankfully she still had some money left in her purse from previous affairs. Luckily, she seemed to be carrying enough for a taxi fare, and so headed outside the airport to find one.

After what seemed an eternity of trying to pick the attention of a taxi cab driver, Vanessa noticed Stephen in a cab nearby screeching to a halt and beckoning her in. Elegently sliding herself into the seat beside Stephen, then closing the door beside her, she smiled to him as thanks then lifted her brow at the fimiliar red of the envelope, taking it in her hand to read the adress outloud to the driver. " 米国は、ヘリパッドにgyojo海岸には、してください." she say fluently, her years of studying various books, including those on languages, enabling her to speak practically any language she wishes with such grace. The taxi driver nodded, then sped off toward the destination.

Upon arriving at the helli-pad, Vanessa thanked the driver, paid what was due in her yen, leaving a small tip, then stepped out of the cab, leaving the door open for Stephen to climb out. With a smile and a nod, Vanessa entered the hellicopter, again leaving the door open for Stephen, then began to read her book quietly as the helicopter began to lift off, and procceed to take herself and the others in the hellicopter to their destination. By now, having seen the red enveloped Stephen passed her, and recognizing some others from the plane journey here, Vanessa had assumed the rest of them had 'powers' too, and where all invited to the mysterious island to help master them. Vanessa sighed and sat back, trying to concentrate on the book as the helicopter gently drifted closer and closer to Gyojo Island.

(OCC = apologies if my translation is off, I used Bing translator >.>)


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Adriana Maud

Adriana sighed; this was going to be a long flight. She suddenly wished she hadn’t taken the invitation to come. Yes, it was an intriguing idea but…it’s was still kinda iffy. All these people here for the same reason. Suddenly she felt her face get tingly and her stomach started to tighten up….and she recognized it for what it was, a panic attack. She hadn’t had a panic attack since she was a kid….so she didn’t carry her anti-anxiety medicine any more. That thought made her panic even more…

‘Calm. Keep calm….fear makes things worse…If you panic you might start to malfunction…so to speak…’ she thought to herself trying to force down the fear. She felt the blood drain from her face as she pulled out her tarot cards and started flipping through them, shuffling them, getting ready for a reading.

She sat herself on the floor and used her own seat as her table as she set up the ellipse.

She went through each cards meaning and place mentally as she set them up.

‘Card one, past influences now having bearing on the situation. Card two, now - the influences surrounding you at the moment. Card three, future influence that has bearing.
Card four, what to do. Card fie, external influences that have bearing. Card six, hopes and fears…. and finally Card seven, the final outcome of the situation.'

“Anyone feel like knowing their future?” She asked with a forced whimsical smile as she eyed each and every one of them looking for a victim. Her eyes landed on Seryn as if they were drawn to him.

“How about you?” She said with an alluring smile. She dropped the rest of the deck in his lap and the one that slipped loose of the pile she picked up and used as her divination card...or in lay-mans terms the card she drew the vision from. She felt it tugging at the edge of her vision as she flipped each card and saved the one she had picked off him for last.

As she flipped the last one over she was sucked into a future scene. In her vision she was an outsider watching. Future her stood behind a tree watching Seryn practice his power....she watched him get weak and tired after the third or fourth. She watched her future self go to him as he fell to one knee. She all but carried/dragged him to his room, despite his avid protest...she watched herself get him water and put a cool rag on his forehead and then tuck him in.

"You should take better care of yourself have a bright future ahead of yourself..." She said in her vision and out loud. When she came out of it she blushed and picked up her cards.

"Be-careful...don't over exert yourself with your abilities" she whispered to him before returning to her seat.


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Shiloh Marshall

Shiloh sighed in relief as she heard the rotor blades of the helicopter start up. She strapped into her seat and grabbed one of the many pairs of headphone’s used to block out the loud sound of the copter and to communicate with the driver, the old man whose name still is unknown to her. Once Shiloh double checked she was strapped in properly she relaxed into the seat. Following rules always seemed to calm her down, that and the thought of going deaf completely left her mind once she found out the headphones did a good job at blocking out noise. Before the helicopter started she had a few short sentences spun her way but the person always changed their focus somewhere else almost immediately so Shiloh saw no harm in not answering. She also saw the other’s taking in each other’s appearance and almost everyone’s eyes had stayed on her a moment to long for her liking but then a lot of their gazes would shift to the young tall man, Luke if she had heard him correctly, and they would eye him up like their favorite sweet tempting them closer. There was one man, whose name she picked up as Xander, gave her a look she was all too familiar with the one that clearing thought they show through what charade you are trying to put on, like dying your hair and wearing contact’s. Sadly Shiloh did neither of those things, her features were as true and pure as the day she was born.

A suddenly wave of unnatural warmth spread over Shiloh, the air around her feeling thick, but the moment is disappear Shiloh gave out a frightened squeak as a girl with golden brown hair popped into existence in the seat just across from hers.
‘That…that girl ju..just teleported! Wow’ Shiloh thought to herself as the sudden flash of fright started to disappear. She had to remember these people had powers. Like her. The thought of her own person always left a bitter taste in her mouth. Seeing and raising the dead! Why couldn't she have a power like the brown haired girl that said she was super strong. Shiloh huffed quietly but was interrupted when a loud thunk hit her window and another squeak left her. Looking out her window Shiloh shivered when she saw a large raven flying alongside the helicopter, hitting its head on the window. With a closer look at the vermin you could clearly see the tire marks over its flattened stomach and that half of its face looked as though it had been chewed off by a rat. The creature was dead yet here it was flying and from the looks of it trying to get through the window.

‘No! GO AWAY!’ Shiloh yelled at it with her thoughts but the bird just kept trying. Even when Shiloh could clearly see the island now it was still with them, still trying to get at her. She hoped no one else noticed. Sighing she decided to try and distract herself by watching Adriana get out of her seat and pull out some tarot cards. But it seemed the more she ignored the beast the more noise it made. Out of the corner of her eye Shiloh thought she saw someone move their head to look her way and she acted fast picking up a random tarot card from Adriana’s stack and placing it on the window. Now Shiloh didn’t believe in tarot cards being accurate but when she saw she had picked up the Devil card a shiver ran up her spine. When she left the jerking motion of the helicopter landing Shiloh moved quickly, unbuckling herself and grabbing her luggage.

“Sorry” Shiloh mumbled to Adriana as she quickly gave her back the card and rushed off the helicopter, her feet landing harshly on the tarmac. Shiloh glanced around. The island was beautiful but once she spotted it her eyes never left it. Cause there it was that damned dead vermin that just won’t die and leave her alone, perking innocently on a small rock its clouded dark gaze never leaving her for a second.

Just die already!


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#, as written by chrian.


Didn't receive any answer from the guy, Krys sighed and then leaned his back on the seat and tried to relax, he put on his sunglasses again and looked out the window as the cloud now has turned brown red. "Must be about half-past six now", Krys thought, "hope that they'll turned up soon. It was pretty late now." A few minutes later, the black-hair boy and hazel-eyes girl which he sat next to on the plane rushed on the copter. "I wonder what kept them so long", Krys shrugged and then continue to looked out of the window and admired the beautiful scenery on the Kyoto's coast. Then he overheard a conversation from the old, strange guy. It seemed that someone has got on the Gyojo Island before them. Krys then frowned, "Huh? I thought the letter said that we can only get to the island through a helicopter, so how did he, or she, get there before us?", he thought, "oh well, we'll find out when we get there."

Then after that, Krys shivered when a breeze suddenly blew past him and the golden-brown hair girl he saw on the plane appeared from nowhere and now sitting near him. Feeling surprised, Krys let out a small "woah". "Wow, she can teleport?", he thought. Well yeah, he isn't the only one who has power around here. Maybe everyone's powers might be cooler, or even much more powerful than his own. But that is why Krys is here - to work with people who are special like him. Krys closed his eyes to calm down a bit , then yawned and stretched his arms. "Alright, everyone's here, finally it's time to take off", Krys said. As the door of the copter closed and the old guy has gotten on, Krys could heard the sound of the wings turning around slowly and then faster and then they were taken off the coast and flying to the sunset, towards the Gyojo Island. It only the matters of time before he could finally find answers for his questions. Since they were flying to a pretty out-from-the-world island, this flight might be pretty long, so Krys and everyone could take their time. The conversations on the copter had quiet down. Krys just silently looked out the window to watched the ocean. The water down there was pretty fresh, so he could saw some fishes swimming, he even saw some dolphins jumping out of water, Krys then smiled softly as he enjoyed the peacefulness that he has always yearning for.

Krys was surrounded by so many people, he still felt a bit lonely and it seemed that no one will be willing to talk with him all of a sudden. Krys sighed and wondered how was his mother, and his friends at the university. Even though Krys has just left for a day, but he still kinda missed his friends, and his family. He thought that he has left everything behind of him the moment he decided to take part in studying at the Academy, but it seems that it was harder to throw it all away than he thought. Krys then looked around, "Maybe they won't mind...", he thought. Then Krys held his right hand out while chanting softly, "Accerso Lillium flamma faery." A small fire then appeared and swirling on his hand and a small-sized fairy with a firey-wings, red head and red robes walked out from the fire. "You summoned me, Master?", the fairy giggled and said. "Yeah, Lilly", Krys smiled. Well, anytime Krys felt lonely or needed some advices, he summoned Lillium - The Fairy of Fire. She was very wise, and even though she was just a spirit summoned by Krys, she always listened to Krys and talk with him. They actually don't have to verbally converse, they can just converse through their minds.

"It looks like you're on your way to your destiny", Lilly said while sitting on Krys' hand after looking around. "Those people sitting around you here are your soon-to-be collegues, right?"

"Yeah", Krys said, "and I had a feeling I will be just fine."

"So why did you summon me? What may I advise you?"

"It was nothing, it just I needed someone to talked, that's all", Krys smiled softly, "I've left everything behind. My family, my friends, my study,... everything. But it seemed hard to just let them all go. So do you think that I have the strenght to face whatever I will have to face in the future?"

"I know you can do it, Master", Lilly giggled, "you were just a small boy, a person who can't control his power by the time you first summoned me. But now, you've became much stronger than you used to be. So I believe that whatever is in front of you, you can easily washes them away by your fire, a fire that will never die even in the hardest time. And I will always besides you to help you."

"Thanks", Krys smiled, feeling better, "you may leave now. After that, can you go and see how was my mother doing?"

"I will, Master. See you again", Lilly smile and then bowed before Krys then disappeared. "When I got there, I just wanna immerse myself in a hot tub and then going to sleep a long sleep", Krys yawned then continued looking out the window. Looks like they will be there soon.

“Anyone feel like knowing their future?”, said Adriana as she sat on the floor and put a set of Tarot cards on her seat. "No way", Krys surprised, "you can tell someone's future? That's awesome."

Krys than motions for Adriana to pick him, but she picked Seryn instead. "Aw, I want to know my future too", Krys whinned. Yeah, he is kinda childish sometimes.

After a few hours of flying, finally they arrived at the island. The island was very beautiful even in the night. When the copter flew on the island, Krys could felt that they've just penetrated through an invisible barrier. The copter slowly landed on the landing site as the door opened. Krys then took his luggage and jumped out. He then took a deep breath and feeling refreshed than ever. As he noticed, a curly-brown hair guy was wandering around the coast from afar, must be the guy who got here first. Krys then waved towards him, motions him to join their group. A while later, an old, bald guy with a long, white beard and a blonde-hair middle-aged lady came forth and greeted them.


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Stephen watched as Adriana read someone's fortune, wondering curiously how that even worked. 'Do these people really think they have powers? How strange... Though that one did change her face... But that had to be an illusion.' He furrowed his brow as he mused throughout the ride, wondering what kind of crazy people he'd surrounded himself with, but blinked and shook his head to clear his thoughts when he thought he heard something. He looked up and saw a very much dead, but very much flying bird bouncing against the window, and his eyes narrowed again. 'Pretty convincing illusions... What is this, magician's school? Ah hell, can't hurt to learn a few tricks. Might help with the ladies.' He smirked as he thought of that and spent the rest of the flight thinking of different flashy tricks he might learn to meet women.

When they touched down he grabbed his luggage and stepped off, standing to the side of where he assumed a large group of them would form, not wanting to be as surrounded and cramped as he'd been on the helicopter, and started looking around. "Damn... Wonder how much they pay their landscaper..." he mused aloud.


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To entertain herself whilst the helicopter took the group to their destination, Vanessa closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, focusing as she started her adventure into the mind of those around her. No-one really seemed to be thinking of anything all that interesting, they all seemed indulged in their own activities, so she settle on the mind of her cab and plane buddy Stephen. Luckily enough for her, his thoughts proved amusing, and to confuse him she spoke outloud, "Illusions of a sort.." she smiled and spoke quietly amongst the occasional chatter and whirring of the helicopter blades.

It wasn't a habit of Vanessa to resist, and almost force something to happen for her own amusement, but in a helicopter where nobody was talking and those who were had their voices drowned amongst the noise that the helicopter itself made, Vanessa felt her only was of speaking or even entertaining herself would be to tap into their minds, and so Vanessa struck into Stephen's senses, and hightened his hearing, allowing him to take notice of the bird that had then slammed itself into the window. Vanessa opened her eyes and looked over to the bird, and gave a small smirk when she realised that it was the silver-haired girl it was after. "It seems you have a friend" Vanessa spoke into the girls mind, allowing her words to echo amongst the girl's thoughts while she turned her attention back to Stephen.

"The ladies?" Vanessa chuckled not-so-purposely into Stephen's head, "And who is it you are attempting to woo?" she grinned, looking over to Stephen as she felt the helicopter then make a smooth landing. Still watching and grinning to Stephen for a moment while she awaited the others to leave so she would have space to navigate her way out of her seat. Though Stephen only seemed to be able to reply with the same confused look she had seen earlier.

Vanessa laughed to herself and stepped off of the helicopter, slinging her bag onto her shoulder as she looked around and took in a deep breath of the island's air. Standing amongst the group as she took in the surroundings, Vanessa now took her time to eye them up one by one and try to figure out what sort of power they possesed.

{OCC Notes:
Bold + Italics = "Speaking to someone in their head"
Just Bold = "Speaking normally"}


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Seryn Lane

Seryn was leaning back slightly in his seat, deep in thought once more. Why are we being called here? It is obvious that we aren't just coming here to improve are skills, there is something the Academy needs us to do... He furrowed his brow. But what is so important, such a difficult objective, that requires so many of us to accomplish? Seryn raised an eyebrow as Krystian materialized what looked like an fire construct, or something of that nature, in his lap. How has he been hiding this long if he's this public with his abilities? Or is he just eager to show us his power now that he's among similar people? He was broken once again out of his thoughts by Adriana.

“Anyone feel like knowing their future?” She asked, forcing a smile. He nearly flinched when her eyes stopped on him. I've have plenty of knowledge of the future to last a lifetime. But he didn't stop her when she flashed another smile at him.

“How about you?” Adriana asked, dumping the remainder of the deck in his lap. Even though it was a question, Seryn was probably right in thinking he didn't have a choice.

"Aw, I want to know my future too." Krystian complained as she scooted over.

He watched her curiously as she flipped over cards. Her vision clouded as she flipped over the last one. If she really can read the future, and I was asleep, could we share a vision? Could we recreate this under lab condtions? His analytical mind churned as he frowned at the way the red-haired girl in front of him was staring straight throught him. ... Although it may not be socially acceptable to test that... Seryn digressed, thinking of some of the implications. He raised an eyebrow when suddenly she said;

"You should take better care of yourself have a bright future ahead of yourself..." A few moments later she seemed to exit the premonition.

"Be careful...don't overexert yourself with your abilities." Whispering this she stood up, and went back to her seat.

Truly shocked at the sequence of events, he turned to face forward once more, now deliberately avoiding eye contact with everyone of the rest of the trip, especially Adriana. How does she know what I can do, let alone my limits? I barely met her. His faced turned dark, but almost unnoticeably so. Does she mean I fail if I try to push myself? The helicopter hit the tarmac with a slight thud. Seryn grabbed his backpack, securing it once again on his shoulders. He stepped out onto the tarmac, making room for the others to get off.

We'll just have to see about that.


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Adriana Maud


The helicopter came to a smooth landing. Adriana exhaled with relief as she realized they were finally here…

“I’d be happy to read your future--” Adriana started though she was suddenly interrupted by the other girl Shiloh taking a card out of her deck. It didn’t bother her, the girl needed to know her future… She looked over at Seryn and noted his need to avoid her eyes so she gave him the space he needed. She knew how jarring someone reading your future could be. She then spotted the little fire creature that Krys had created and stared in awe. She listened in on the conversation for a moment just wondering how intelligent the creature was.

"…..So do you think that I have the strength to face whatever I will have to face in the future?" He said.

Once the creature disappeared she beamed at him.

“That is some talent you’ve got there…but…just a tidbit of advice….the future is ever changing….nothing is certain…and there is no guarantees…so you minds well just enjoy the time you have. Worrying is like a rocking chair…it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere…” Adriana commented with a soft smile. She started to step off the plane and remembered the card the girl had taken from her. She had left it on the window seal of the plane. Adriana doubled back and grabbed the card. Instantly she was dragged into a vision.

Chaos. Death. Panic. She saw the girl, Shiloh, she was standing in a field of wheat. Her eyes where blank….like her own went when she saw visions. She was counting…she felt terror rise in her throat yet she also knew for some reason that it was for the best.

Suddenly she was thrown out of the vision and into reality. ‘What was for the best?’ She questioned herself as she stumbled off the helicopter in a panic her breath coming quickly. She tried to calm down as she fell to her knees and covered her face. She felt tears spring to her eyes and her heart pound in her chest.

“Respiro ... non riesco a respirare” She gasped with as she tried to calm herself down. God this was embarrassing but she couldn’t seem to get ahold of herself. The vision had had such a tight grip on her physical reaction she feared she would never be able to breathe again. Her eyes landed on Shiloh and her panic heightened. What was this girl’s power that made Adriana fear her so? Something powerful…

She clenched her fists and tried to focus on the pain instead of the panic.

(Translation: Breath….I can’t breath….)


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#, as written by zen_ink


“I’m so happy that you are here.” Felicia exclaimed before giving Xander a tight hug. Xander attempted to giggle playfully through his gasps for air.. "Whoa, you are really strong" he laughed as she released.

“Good luck with that.” she then whispered with a sly grin on her face as she leaned in slightly toward Xander, clearly referring to his not-so-subtle admiration of Luke's physique. "Heh!" he turned his glance toward one of the windows to pretend like he was embarrassed, even though he wasn't.

"H..Hi, my name is Krystian, but you can call me Krys. I saw you on the plane earlier but I didn't have a chance to speak with you. Nice to meet you"

Xander had to fight the urge to roll his eyes. "Of course..." he thought. "How did I know this guy was going to talk to me?" Although he didn't particularly want to address the boy or respond to his introduction, his desire to appear polite outweighed his desire to avoid the interaction.

"Nice to meet you, Krys. I'm Xa - -" he went silent as soon as his eyes met Krystian's. He was instantly thrown from his train of thought as he suddenly felt himself pulled into Krys' mind where he saw an ethereal form of the blonde-haired Asian, who was sitting in a darkened realm just as he was sitting in his seat of the helicopter in reality. In this vision, Krys just sat, his eyes sparkling, his smirk trembling, his cheeks blushing. Darkness surrounded him, and then Xander realized he was there as well. It was just the two of them; the others in the helicopter seemed absent. Just the two of them floating in a void space. A bright red glow was emanating from Krystian; he was surrounded in flames. The flames danced upwards off of his body, the intense heat of them beating against Xander's skin. Just as his skin tingled from the warmth of these imaginary flames, so did his stomach for some unknown reason.

Xander was then pulled back into reality after what felt like an eternity to him in the vision.

"I.... I....." Xander looked spaced-out and confused. He readjusted his gaze back to the actual Krystian that sat before him. "....Uh.... what was I saying....?"

He didn't know why, but after that he began to feel a bit dizzy, and extremely tired. He had never experienced anything quite like that before...

"That was intense... whatever the hell it was." he thought to himself, deciding at this point to just mostly keep to himself for the remainder of the flight. He rubbed his temples. "Man, I just want to get to this damned place already and nap." He realized it was getting more dark out with each passing minute. "Or maybe at this hour I should just call it 'sleep'.


The remainder of the helicopter ride proved to be a bit... strange. At least that was the only word Xander could really conjure to describe it as he observed the interactions between the other passengers.

Two more students had boarded just before they took off, who Xander recognized as the other two kids from the group of friends that Adriana had been with on the plane to Kyoto. It was only in that moment that he realized they must not have been friends after all, as none of them at this point seemed to be any more acquainted with one another than he was. "Whoa, so I guess these guys AREN'T all friends... well that just makes it even worse. What kind of random strangers decide to sit together on a plane and talk as if they've known each other for years..?" he wondered to himself, again questioning if it was just he who would never think of being so friendly with a perfect stranger.

The one girl - the bookish one, as he had labelled her in his mind - was extremely pretty, and he could not help but feel rather drawn to her. Everything about her appearance was intriguing: she was petite, had beautiful pixie-like hair that she was currently wearing up, a delicate face with sharp features, a mischievous smile, and strikingly intelligent eyes. Her eyes in particular he found alluring... they were so piercing. They made Xander feel as though not a single secret of his was safe from this girl, like she was peering right past any mask he might try to put up, straight into his innermost thoughts. While the notion made him a little uncomfortable, he was more overtaken by the magnetic - dare he say hypnotic - quality that the girl possessed.

And then there was the one boy, the one who earlier he had assumed to be the ''token gay' of their group, as he was sitting with a bunch of females on the plane but seemingly not getting very much attention. After concluding that they were in fact all strangers, he resigned his judgment of him and at this point assumed the guy to just be 'normal', if that was even the proper term. "Probably not the politically correct term." he thought.

A flurry of odd occurrences ensued as they awaited their arrival at Gyojo Island, the first and probably most interesting of which being the sudden appearance of a random girl. "No wait," Xander thought. "She's familiar, too. ...I think she's the other girl that was sitting with them on the plane. Yea, the one who was harassing bookworm over there. he glanced at Vanessa. This girl, who shared the same sharp features, intelligent eyes, and mischievous smile as the bookish one had appeared in the helicopter, as if out of thin air, arriving in a strong gust of wind. "Ummm.. holy crap?" he thought to himself. Well, he didn't know WHAT to think of that, really. That was the first time anyone had ever done something like that, at least in Xander's own experiences. The shock of that event would be quickly washed away by some of the crazier things to proceed.

Next came Adriana's tarot reading. Xander kept quiet when she offered up a reading to the general public of the helicopter, although he commentated internally on how "Cool" it was that she could read tarot cards. He thought about saying something, commenting on how neat of a talent it was, but preferred to just observe. Things got a little weird as she decided to read the cards of Seryn, the quiet Asian boy. Xander watched as she kind of went into a 'trance' like state, and then gave Seryn a kind of warning, to which the dark-haired boy did not respond, but you could tell from his face that he no doubt believed the girl's words. Xander made a mental note at that moment of how he had never met a group of people so invested in occult practices in his life. He also noted that it could very well be one of the key reasons as to why they were all united in this way; the common element amongst them, perhaps?

Things quieted down for a while, minus a rather persistent black bird that seemed to be trying to get the purple-eyed girl's attention through the window - something she seemed oddly anxious about; she even attempted to block out her view of him by sticking one of Adriana's tarot cards to the window. "Weird. Xander remarked internally.

There was also the few times when Vanessa just started randomly talking to herself (or other people?), commenting on topics that Xander never recalled actually hearing... He thought that was pretty strange until eventually he began piecing two and two together, and upon realizing that he was in fact amongst others like him, as in, other people with 'paranormal abilities', had come to the conclusion that the girl must be a Telepath or something. That was the only illogical conclusion he could come to, although his conclusions were basically confirmed the moment he watched as Krys (who at this point he was just full-on avoiding any and all contact with) conjured a small flame-imp type creature-thing in the palm of his hand. That was the icing on the supernatural cake, really. "Well I'll be damned. This actually is a school for the gifted... he accidentally laughed aloud as he realized how ridiculous he sounded to himself, calling he and his new acquaintances 'the gifted', as if they were X-Men or something.

On a more serious note, this realization actually drastically altered his perceptions on the entire situation, although he was far too tired at the moment to actually process exactly how it changed things. He guessed it meant that he wouldn't be running back home to L.A. anytime soon, after all.