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Niyase Alucard

"Can't leave this in the hands of the men know can I?"

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a character in “The Zombie Games”, as played by Setsugie


Full Name: Niyase Alucard
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5 Feet
Weight: 105 Pounds
Blood Type: AB-
Skin Color: Light White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blue
Hair Style: Shoulder Length
Build: Athletic
Physical Self-Assessment: Ectocombatant, Mesocombatant, or Endocombatant. PM me for info.
Clothes: She wear a tight dark blue T-shirt under the top part of a reddish pink martial arts uniform(Untied), dark colored jeans that are torn up at the knee's and sneakers. Also wear the pendant of a small katana it is the inheritance of the Kamae Dojo Successor.
Role: Competitor
Team: Team Three.
Extras: Anything else I'm forgetting or that you want to add.


Likes: Reading, Relaxing and slacking off, Training, Peace and quiet, eating
Dislikes: Unnecessary noise, Cockroaches, people knowing her thing for small animals, Being told she is a weak and fragile girl
Personality: Beneath her tough exterior as a young woman who has lived her entire life attempting to live up to expectations as the successor to a martial arts dojo that then became a rebel lies a teenage girl who is actually attracted to and enjoys cute and feminine things. But she doesn't like anyone to know this because it means she is showing weakness something she has refused to show for the longer part of her life. She can be rude, and act superior in some cases, but her feminine part show from time to time when she is face with cockroaches, small animals and cute stuffed animals. Also Niyase hates being seen as a frail and weak girl hates and detests it being the tomboy she is, its one of the reasons she hates showing her feminine side.


Defensive Clothing: Wears Elbow and Shin Guards, and Goggles dangling on her neck.
^Gun: P99 handgun with armor piercing bullets, Her late brother was gun fanatic so she "borrowed" it from his stash along with ammunition.
Melee: Katana
Weapons: Crowbar
Weaknesses: She has a thing for small animals and cute stuffed animals, Cockroaches she hates them to death...and hates being in places that are disgusting, like sewers she will want to get out of there as soon as possible and will get in a jumpy and pissy mood.
Endurance: 6
Strength: 9
Agility: 6
Speed: 7
Accuracy: 2


~~~Before The Infection~~~
Being born in a family of 5, one older brother and a younger brother, Niyase had a happy life until her father fell ill this lead to her father needing a successor for the family Dojo, the obvious choice was the eldest brother; But he refused because of his love for fire arms he said that martial arts is dying out and no one uses it anymore. That lead for the eldest daughter to inherit the Name of the head of he Kamae Dojo, which studied unarmed combat and armed combat from bare fist to swords and tonfa so; for as long as she could remember Niyase has always been training on orders of his father, since she was the successor of the Kamae Dojo. She was the strongest in the dojo from an early age and adults of high rank could not defeat her. At the same time, she loved cute things. However, being the dojo's successor, she could not bring herself to accept cute things. As she saw cute things as being weak, and martial arts as being strong. Since she believed that she can only follow one road and sacrifice the other, she grew up believing she had to reject cute things. Though this did not stop her affection for cute things.

Then at the age of only 14, when her father passed away and she was forced to claim the Dojo name, but he death of her father was to much for her, she gave the Dojo to the youngest brother and she became a rebel. She disobeyed orders and did what she wanted most of the time, Niyase dyed her hair blue and cut it to shoulder length, she never had nothing to do with the dojo again, though occasionally she helps her little brother when he's in a pinch.
Niyase attended her school passing everything off as if nothing had happened, though everyone new something was up, She dyed and cut her hair and quit the martial artist club who she was the captain of, and joined a reading club. Most of her friend didn't talk to her that much anymore but she made new friends with the nerd or geeks of the school, she learned about many things like games, manga, anime and many other things. Soon she caught word that her brother had died in a firing accident, a gun went off in his workshop and ricocheted of a wall and hit him, he died in the hospital bed two days after... Though Niyase wasn't to affected with his death of course she was heartbroken but she quickly shrugged it off in a day. But rumors where created in the school, that Niyase's brother was supplying weapons to gangs and the mafia.

She disregarded the rules and name calling from the upperclassmen until one day she snapped at a jock who insulted her brother and family name, a fight broke out and obviously Niyase having been training to inherit the Dojo for as long as she could remember beat he upperclassmen to a pulp hospitalizing him for a month. She was then labeled and the sapphire punk of the Reading club, no one in the right mind messed with her unless they had some sort of backup..........

Days Became Months, Months Became Years, And As The Years Passed Niyase Still Retained Herself The Her From Many Years Ago Before Her Brother And Father Died.

-~Post Infection~-
The infection hit and slowly spread to her area wiping it out, Niyase survived she had seen this type of scenario in Manga and anime she had seen and more or less knew what to do. Then she entered the Zombie Games in hopes to wipe out Zombie Zero and rid the word of the Zombie plague.

So begins...

Niyase Alucard's Story

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Character Portrait: Zeke Hemming Character Portrait: Niyase Alucard
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Name: Niyase Alucard

Location:Athas Radiology Rooftop, southeast of the Empire State Building


Niyase stood up seeing her teammate jump down ignoring the repel, "Cocky..." she mumbled grabbing her katana and placing it horizontally on her back then she walked to the door frame looking down she grabbed the repel line with one hand and gracefully slides down onto the roof top. Then looked at his teammate "I hope you didn't strain yourself." she said and looked around as the helicopter headed out. Niyase had never been at New York in her life so this was a new scenery for her but she had looked at the maps so she more or less knew the area. Her teammate Zeke Hemming, seemed nice enough though getting though this infested city help was going to be needed.

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Character Portrait: Zeke Hemming Character Portrait: Niyase Alucard
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Name:Niyase Alucard

Location:Athas Radiology rooftop




"Strong and smart. Its a good plan I'm up to it." Niyase said getting geared up is a good plan but getting there wont be easy in this zombie infested city. Niyase cracked her knuckles and threw a few punches in the air and a kick slight warming up in her case "Let's head out," Niyase said with a smile and looked around then found a door to head down "This way or do you prefer to jump down?" Niyase said and giggled.
'Heck maybe if we are lucky we might find zombie Zero at the store.' Niyase thought, it would be good but it wasn't going to be easy finding it the thing is cunning. Beginners luck might help, though the other teams are already searching they might find it first.

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Character Portrait: Zeke Hemming Character Portrait: Niyase Alucard
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Name:Niyase Alucard

Location:Athas Radiology

Condition: Peak


Mood: Confident

Niyase gave a slight smile as she knows she has the worst aim, she can't shoot and hit something that isn't 5 feet in front of her and she still might miss, knowing that she only uses the P99 as a sure kill using it as a point blank shot, "Actually I'm a pretty bad shot ehehe." She said scratching her head. Then walked top the door opening it and walking down the stairs finding herself in corridor followed by a large office room, she walked in and quickly spotted another sign to head to the exit; Niyase also saw a zombie by the exit, but a stepping noise made her look to the side seeing another zombie.

Niyase leaned slightly to the side placing her forearm to its neck to prevent biting quickly smelling its horrid stench she took a step to the side to have better balance and grabbed the zombie by its belt and pulled it upwards and flung it over her head and to the ground, compared to what she used to lift the zombie was very light. The she quickly took out her Katana and stabbed it through its head, then sheathed it quickly and placed her hand over her nose the stench was too much then she looked at the other zombie who was already limping it way to her, Niyase took out her P99 and aimed it at his head and waited until it was very close a few feet away to be exact and shot it through the head.
Niyase then moved away from the dead body because of the stench and placed her P99 away, "2 points...." she mumbled.