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The Zombie Invasion

World of the Living Dead


a part of The Zombie Invasion, by Aplexnar.


Aplexnar holds sovereignty over World of the Living Dead, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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World of the Living Dead is a part of The Zombie Invasion.

6 Characters Here

Rikki Rider [1] A young surviver
Paige Banks [0] Ruthless
Kara Anderson [0] A world champion archer just trying to survive.
Tabitha Sylph [0] Gone is the humanity, and gone are the humans.
Charles Lamoe [0] Power and survival go to those who shoot best.
AP [0] 17 year old Ap is a girl. Really pissed. All the time.

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Character Portrait: Rikki Rider
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Rikki was in a small clearing trying to use her flint and steal to light the fire. She was chewing an a bit of gum, to try and stop her from being hungry. She stopped for a second looking at her bandaged arm, she smiled at her work, it was secure, the bleeding had stopped and there was no sign of infection, the large gash was caused by a knife as she was escaping from a group with food.

Being so small has its benefits. She went back to trying to light the wood, listening for anything strange. As soon as she lit the fire she laughed, putting the flint and steal in her backpack, she opened a can of food using the small swiss army knife she had with her in her pocket, discarding the top layer she heated up the food.

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Kira walked through the deserted streets covered in zombie guts from top to bottom. The zombies paid no attention to her and moved on. As she walked through the horde she thought about food and supplies. She managed to raid the chemist without setting off the alarm and managed to cover herself in zombie guts to get out of the horde but what now? just aimlessly walk around. Thats how the bandits kill you she thought.

She looked over the zombies heads to see smoke further on. She smirked and stalked through the horde. If that place is good enough for that person its good enough for me to share