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The Zombie War

The Zombie War


Brought to you by Bringing you a better undead tomorrow... today!

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Planet : Avarice : ( In 2019 "Earth" was renamed "Avarice" during the third world war, which the surviving inhabitants of earth call "The great reminder". During this war, America and Soviet Russia were seeking to take over one another's territory. Russia threatened a nuclear strike against America, and America promised retaliation.

Russia was not to be taken as a bluff however, as they dropped two H-Bombs in the heart of Texas, the resulting fallout wiping out a large amount of America's populous.... America's counter-strike was unheard of.. unprecedented and in a word, overkill.

They struck the heart of mother Russia with a D.U.N.E Warhead.

To better understand what this means.... Direct Underground Nuclear Explosive Warhead... A warhead within a large, armored machine which dug it's way beneath Russia before detonation... however, something went wrong in the machine's course, and it ended up digging through a deep fault line, a series of tectonic plates and exploding close to the center of the earth... the result? A planet turned into nothing more but multiple floating villages, not even so much cities anymore, as areas with large buildings found their damage to be greater, only housing districts, mini malls, churches... really, any building that was both close enough to the ground not to be rattled and toppled by the massive shake of the weapon ripping earth apart and lucky enough not to be on one of the faults it tore through still stands... )

A few of these cities are, or should we say, were, filled with corpses of those who died of the fallout... scientists took on of the dead to examine as they died... they found the activity within the brain was normal, electrostatic X-rays showing the brain to be filled with surging, blue light.... shortly after the patient passed away, the brain went dark... shortly after that, only the very stem of the brain seemed at all active, motor skills, enough speech capability to moan at best... and the most basic of instincts... the need to feed.

The Zombies in this Roleplay are FAST

Fast Zombies provides more fun for both the readers and players, as faster Zombies would be able to jump from one floating city to the next, as their gravity holds them only around five feet apart, they could climb along the bottoms of said floating islands and give players that "I could die at any moment" feeling. On the other hand, you can get mobbed by fast Zombies pretty quickly. This would lead the players to both teamwork, and suspicion.

As for the layout of the islands themselves, being that they are all part of the planet still :

Island one : New York City - Toppled sky scrapers lay across the ground, some propped up against others and lay as but shadows of what they were. Subways are a gamble for survivors, as they have collapsed in some areas.

Island Two : Honolulu Hawaii - As strange as it may sound, the area around this island still has water.. one can actually swim through the bottom of the ocean around the island and fall to the next. The gravity of Hawaii itself hangs onto a large amount of the ocean that surrounded it.

Island Three : Antarctica - Now, mainly populated by warring survivors, the infection cannot survive the cold of the Antarctic. However, on occasion large groups of infected jump from their own islands and survive the fall.

And Island Four : Borneo Brazil - Just think about it this way.. this is the home of the green anaconda. Largest snake on the planet, the only snake on record to have swallowed human beings already... Now, imagine what happens, seeing as these Zombies will eat anything... Picture a zombie snake that swallows you whole, and you reanimate within it's gut... wiggling around with like three or four other Zombies until it finally eats too much and rips open, unleashing a small horde unto whichever area the snake has entered... Zombie monkeys... Zombie spiders... Zombie tigers... Zombie Bears... I'm talking if you were a predator... where would you go?

[ Spoiler alert, Avarice means Greed... and the day the earth blew up was called "The great reminder"... Get it? The great reminder of man's avarice. ]

Character Creation Skeleton

Name :
Alias : ( If Any )
Age : ( If Known )
Species : ( In this Roleplay there are three things you can play as. HUMAN, WARLORD, or FERAL "Animal" )

Human : Just a normal human being, that's about all. Strapped with equipment and all that good stuff.

Warlord : The stronger, more intellectual zombies, which can command other Zombies to attack. Simply put, you're a zombie with major backup.

Animal : Well, in this Zombie Rp, animals are able to be infected as well, because of that, if you were to be say... an infected dog... then you would be a combination between a warlord and an animal. Your howling and barking would attract the infected if that makes any sense.

Alliance : ( If Any )
Physical Description : ( Picture, Written, Both... Whatever you're feeling. )
Weapons : ( What is your character carrying currently )


Weapons :
You are allowed One major weapon. ( Shotgun, Machine Gun, Rifle, Etc )
Up to, but not to exceed two side arms. ( Handgun, Pistol, Slingshot, Etc ) ( If you want more side arms, you will have to give up your Major weapon in exchange for two extra side arms. )
One Special weapon with a full set of Ammo. ( That is, A high power rifle, or a specialized weapon. All custom weapons will be reviewed. ) ( Please note, a full set of ammo ranges depending on the weapon. If you have a rocket launcher, that's only one round per ammo set. If you have something more along the line of grenades, three would be applicable. This is a Zombie apocalypse people, you'll find plenty of ammo laying around anyway. Truuuust me. )

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Okay, here's the deal. I created this roleplay with the idea of a new style of Zombie apocalypse, a style that includes a reason for their existence for one. ... An original idea. But, I've always wanted to see if this Zombie rp would go over well because I am writing a book upon the subject at the moment. So hop in, have fun, whatever you wanna do, where ever you wanna be. The places are in the intro for where you can start out. As for the idea of travel, well, you'll have to find a way to get from one floating island to another on your own.