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Gil "TumbleWeed" Morrison

No Ground To Give

0 · 178 views · located in Planet Avarice

a character in “The Zombie War”, as played by SubjectThirteen


Age : 27

Physical Description : Gil is around Five Feet Eleven Inches Tall his hair is short, dark brown and slightly curly, almost forming to where the curls would form to his head. His muscular build is Sleek, Slender and Athletic he is mostly muscle to the point of nearly being unhealthy. Gil's eyes are a dark brown that matches his hair. His face is thoroughly aged by his years of combat.

Clothing Description :

Gil where's an all black jumpsuit, similar to that which a black cat would wear. The pants fitting slightly lose to aid in flexibility, while the undershirt is skin tight to aid breathability. Not often will he wear the coat with the shirt, but it is a short coat, only reaching just bellow his belt line with long sleeves, also pure black. Black Steel-Toe'd Jump Boots are usually his choice of footwear. His headgear is a dessert variant to a normal headwrap. A pure, black and white almost scarf-like wrap is usually twirled and tucked tightly around his head to where only his eyes themselves are showing.


Weaponry and Skills :

A classical warrior Gil believes very firmly in direct conflict. Though well versed with many makes and models of weapons, he tends to use mainly a pair of Pure black, Dual action Berettas as his main firearms. His persona based on his fighting prowess, is more based on Melee weapons.

2. Black Skull Tactical Tamahawks A tamahawk is both a useful tool and a deadly weapon. In the hands of a skilled fighter it can be used in a number of ways to both kill the enemy and traverse dangerous terrain. This pair of tamahawks are usually carried crossing each other on Gil's back in a flat, black pair of blade guards for both easy access and the comfort of knowing they won't fall out unless taken out.

3. Black Combat Knives In the world of the Mossad, where nearly everyone has some kind of weapon, a knife is always very handy when the enemy could have a gun stowed away, as in skilled hands, a knife can give the enemy a false sense of security. Gil keeps four of these on his person most of the time, two in a holster on the side of each of his thighs. ... EJnu8B.jpg <- Combat Knife ... wk_540.jpg <- Tamahawk

4. Krav Maga One of the deadliest martial arts on the planet, Krav Maga users specialize in Disarm And Neutralize able to take away the enemy's weapon, or render the enemy unable to use the weapon. In some cases, both are done at the same time. This is Gil's grappling style for C.Q.C

5. Muay Thai Another highly destructive martial art that uses all eight of the body's striking points, and is mainly used as a powerhouse style, this is Gil's heavy duty style for when the enemy is in close, but not so close that Krav Maga is at it's best, or when grappling is not the best option.

6. Lance (British) Boxing A boxing style developed by the british, this style revolves mainly around not so much power but sheer speed in medium strength blows. Hitting the enemy multiple times sometimes within the same second. This is Gil's style of choice against lightning fast opponents.


Origin : Gil Morison spent years as he was a child drifting through Isreal, wherever someone would take him in, he would gladly stay for short spells, but never sticking around too long. This earned him the nickname "TumbleWeed" as it seemed the little dead shrubs stayed near longer than the child did. At the age of seven, Tumbleweed met his parents, only to watch them killed by a group of religious radicals known as Sala'Hadin. Outraged, Gil pursued a life in the military, enlisting in the counter-terrorism forces of Isreal. Before long, the name of Mossad was laid across the teen's shoulders.

His first mission as an official Mossad virtually sculpted his entire personality. A typical raid on a building believed to be being used as a weapons cache. Gil cocked back his foot, holding his weapon at the low ready, but as he opened the door, what he saw disgusted him to his core. Bodies lay strewn across the ground, some headless, some stabbed and others with their throats slit. His eyes went wide at the site of a single Hadin, holding a gun on a small group of people with one hand, and the heat bond to his suicide vest to another.

"You'll not come closer! I kill you all!" yelled the terrorist... the Mossad's heart sinking into his stomach. It was at that moment, Gil's compassion for reforming those who were thought of as evil faded into nothing but memory. His heart had frozen over toward the unjust, and he found himself able to do what needed to be done. In one swift motion, his lifted his weapon, fired a burst of three rounds into the Hadin's leg, dropped the weapon and dashed over to him, gripping the wrist of the terrorist's left hand with his own. He twisted back and around the Hadin, cranking his wrist in a small circle as he heard a short series of cracks. Broken wristed, arm bent with an angered Mossad to his rear, holding his hand, which held his own gun pointed to the back of his head, the Hadin begged forgiveness, pleading that he'd seen the light. He tossed his heat bond to the ground as a sign of good faith, but it was all too late to Gil. "You were willing to end your own life when you were taking others with you, even if they didn't deserve to die.... So why change your mind now?" asked Gil, pulling back on the Hadin's trigger finger"The only difference now is...." he used the enemy's own hand to fire off a round into the back of his head. "..You're going to hell alone!"

From that day on, Gil believed in zero tolerance. Those who were evil were given no second chances, death was the only true answer to him.

After the Great Reminder Struck, Gil had no choice but to flea his beloved homeland, and wandered the earth for an answer.

So begins...

Gil "TumbleWeed" Morrison's Story