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Their Little Secret

Their Little Secret


A city away from human kind, the life of a supernatural being is far different in the town of Maylen.

737 readers have visited Their Little Secret since The Toxic Cereus created it.


Image Marilyn Manson || Running to the Edge of the World Image Cage the Elephant || Cigarette DaydreamsImage Hozier || Arsonist's LullabyImage


β€œI believe in everything until it's disproved.

So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons.

It all exists, even if it's in your mind.

Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”

- John Lennon


Like all cities, there is the hustle and bustle of the cars on a busy road. Rush hour traffic. Shoving on the sidewalk when impatient people have somewhere to be. The aroma of fresh coffee in the early hours when all the local cafe's are opening. What makes Maylen unique however, are the people. To some, they wouldn't even be considered people. See, Maylen is the city of the supernatural.
Instead of just flashy clothes, those with wings, horns, strange markings, and abilities are an everyday occurrence. The guest in your restaurant could be a demon and no one thinks twice.
Maylen is hidden from mortals, and was put onto an unknown location. When the humans learned of the supernatural beings in their world, they could only think of one "humane" solution. To isolate them from the "normal" population. A mass migration began to a newly created city. The supernatural that didn't comply to moving were killed in the streets.
It's been years since that event, in what many refer to as the "purge". Children have been born in the city of Maylen, and people have died. The youth of the city are ready to carve their way in the world. The elders ready to direct the new energy.
The city is completely run by the supernatural beings. The only contact with the outside being the monthly check in the so called "president" of Maylen writes. Maylen is large, and self sufficient.
Jobs within the city are everywhere. From farmers to hair stylist, everything is needed, and everyone is required to work in order to make the city run properly. Those who don't work are considered a burden to society.
Within the city, some disagree to the treatment of isolation from the rest of the world. Riots can occur, and some try to escape - only to be killed.
Maylen has become the world's little secret afterall.


To reserve please give me the FC, gender, species, and age of your character (along with the password) :
I encourage characters of all ethnicity's, sexuality's, and ages. That being said, I would like an even male - female ratio. If characters are filling at an overwhelming rate on one spectrum, I may decline. If you are to take more than one character, please have it be of the opposite sex.
Name//Age//Creature//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Angel//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Banshee//Female//Librarian//Lily Collins//Reserved

Name//25//Demon//Male//Police//Joe Anoa'i//Taken

Name//Age//Djin//Female//Job//Anna Kendrick//Reserved

Name//23//Dryad//Female//Florist //FC//Taken

Name//22//Elf//Male//Job//Cha Hakyeon//Reserved

Name//Age//Fae//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Harpy//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Incubus//Male//Bookshop Owner//Adam Gallagher//Reserved

Name//23//Magician//Male//Job//Oscar Spendrup//Reserved

Name//Age//Mermaid//Female//Fashion Designer//Holland Roden//Reseved

Name//Age//Nephilim//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Skinwalker//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Slyph//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Vampire//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN

Name//Age//Witch//Female//Job//Im Yoona//Reserved

Name//Age//Werewolf//Gender//Job//FC//OPEN, RESERVED, TAKEN


Some of the species need things to survive, like vampires. Their needs are met within the town of Maylen. Since there are no humans, those like vampires must rely on blood packs brought into the city.

Banshee: Contrary to popular belief, the Banshee is not a spirit, but an actual human with a death sense. The Banshee prefers to warn people about their coming death, but is too filled with sorrow to do anything but cry.

Demon: Demons suffer a terrible fate. Born of Nephilim and humans, a Demon is doomed to possess power that exceeds a human body. Most demons only live until their thirtieth birthday. They can sign contracts with humans to release this power and are gifted with amazing physical abilities.

Djinn: Djinn are destined to grant the wishes of those that find their bottle. However, Djinn are able to hide their bottle from prying eyes and live as ordinary people otherwise. They are unable to use any of their magic for themselves.

Dryad: When a tree is cut down, the spirit manifests itself into a human form. This is how Dryads are created. The only ability they possess is plant manipulation.

Elf: Elves blend in the best with human with the exception of their pointed ears.The only kind of magic an Elf can perform is elemental magic, which gives them control of water, earth, fire, and air. However, an Elf usually has to choose from birth which element they will use the most.

Fae:: Fae are not the tiny little creatures they appear to be. They are human sized with the magic of a single element. Fae do have wings that can be difficult to hide.

Angel: These are not the beautiful biblical angels people imagine them to be. They are ordinary humans gifted with glorious white wings. However, if an ordinary human is to see these wings they would go blind. The only magic Angels have is healing abilities.

Harpy: Unlike Angels, a Harpy has monstrous wings made of leather. Harpies possess a beautiful voice that can hypnotise ordinary humans and make them obey the Harpies commands. This is the only ability they possess.

Incubus: Incubuses are males that live off adoration from women. They are doomed to never experience true love though. The only ability they truly possess is being able to make any human woman fall instantly in love with them.

Magician: Unlike Witches, Magicians are the typical "sell your soul" magic users. However, they can only sign contracts with demons. Once the contract is fulfilled, they die instantly.

Mermaid: Fully human above land, mermaids have the easiest time blending in. One dash of liquid and they become the wonderful half-fish women we all know of. The only magic a mermaid has is water manipulation.

Nephilim: In other words, Fallen Angels. These being possess no wings, but have powerful and destructive magic. However, they are fated to only bring destruction and death to the people they love.

Skinwalker: Shapeshifters. Similar to Werewolves, Skinwalkers have the ability to change into animals. Unlike Werewolves, they are not limited to one animal. However, a Skinwalker does not possess animal-like senses or traits when in human form.

Sylph: Sylphs are very humanlike except for their bright hair and pale skin as well as the almost weightless bodies. They must wear weights to keep them close to the ground and can control air.

Werewolf: Werewolves are almost exactly as folklore describes them. Only, they can only shift completely into wolves. They have heightened senses, reflexes, and strength, but unfortunately change under the full moon, no matter what.

Witch: Witches are also known as Borne Witches because they are born with innate magic. They can control the elements as well as use spells and potions. There is only two lines of Borne Witches and each Witch born is more powerful than the last. Witches find it difficult to hide because of the large natural markings on their backs, shoulders, and legs.

Vampire: Vampires are not repelled by garlic. They have super strength and speed as well as good reflexes and heightened senses. However, Vampires are repelled by crosses and holy water. They can only be killed by burning or a wooden stake to the heart and they do need blood to survive.

{ Reservations }
Please reserve characters in the OOC. I won't accept a random submission, no matter how awesome they are. Also, this is not a first come, first serve role-play and you might have to compete for your spot should another person show interest. Face claims are negotiable, but please - no anime faces.
{ Literacy }
Not only will I be looking for details in your character sheet, but proper grammar and spelling as well. This role-play is to be literate, meaning posts are to be kept at a minimum of 400+ words.. Now, I know we are not perfect and we all make mistakes but if you cannot use a proper spell check, it will reflect within your character sheet! So please, be at least semi-literate with the capability to post at minimum one hundred words.
{ Commitment }
I am aware that we all have lives outside of role-playing and our computer screens. Some of us either attend school or have a full-time job, sometimes both. All I ask is that you post at least twice a week. If, for any reason, you find yourself unable to post for x-amount of time, please notify me. I do not bite, I do not get angry, however; should you fail to notify me of your departure, I will boot you out of the role-play. I am also aware that some of us may be in other role-plays, and I understand those come first. Notification of departure and how much time you'll be gone is all I ask for. Reservation password is : What's your favorite mythological creature, and why?
{ God-modding, Bunnying, Meta-gaming }
God-modding, bunnying, and meta-gaming are strictly prohibited. God-modding is defined as cheating the system so your character is virtually invincible. This is similar to the term "mary-sue" or "gary-sue" in a way. God-modding usually involves a character leaving a battle unscathed. This also includes unapproved hits and/or kills. Bunnying is the use of another character, who is neither your own nor an NPC, without the permission of the character's owner. When your character is attacking, assume each hit misses. When your character is defending, make sure to allow a believable amount of punches/kicks/etc. to hit your character. The term meta-gaming refers to accidentally or purposely using outside knowledge that affects the role-play. For example, if your character knows of a sneak-attack, yet wasn't present at the discussion of it, then it is improbable and considered meta-gaming
Code: Select all
[left][color=HEX CODE COLOUR HERE][font=Vijaya][size=200]NAME [/size]           [size=135] Β°[url=URL HERE]SONG NAME HERE[/url]Β°[/font][/color][/size][/left]

        [img]IMAGE%20GIF%20HERE[/img][/left][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Name❂[/b][/size]   ||   [size=115][color=HEX CODE COLOUR HERE]CHARACTER QUOTE[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]NAME HERE[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Nicknames❂[/b][/size]  ||    [size=115][color=HEX CODE COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]NICKNAMES HERE[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Role❂[/b][/size]  ||    [size=115][color=HEX CODE COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]ROLE HERE[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Age❂[/b][/size]   ||   [size=115][color= HEX CODE COLOR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]AGE HERE[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Gender❂[/b][/size]    ||  [size=115][color=HEX CODE COLOUR HERE]”CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]GENDER HERE[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Sexuality & Marital Status❂[/b][/size]   ||   [size=115][color=HEX CODE COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE "[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]SEXUALITY AND MARITAL STATUS HERE.[/font][/size]

        [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][left][color=HEXCODE COLOUR HERE][font=Vijaya][size=200]General Appearance [/size]           [size=135] Β°[url=SONG URL HERE]SONG NAME HERE[/url]Β°[/font][/color][/size][/left]

        [center][font=Vijaya][size=100]Face Claim: ????[/size][/font][/center]

        [center][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Hair Color❂[/b][/size]  ||    [size=115][color=COLOUR HERE]CCHARACTER QUOTE HERE[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]HAIR HERE[/font][/size][/center]
        [center][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Eye Color❂[/b][/size]  ||    [size=115][color=COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]EYE COLOUR HERE[/font][/size][/center]
        [center][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Height & Weight❂[/b][/size]  ||    [size=115][color=COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]HEIGHT AND WEIGHTH HERE/font][/size][/center]
        [center][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Distinct Marking or Scars❂[/b][/size]  ||    [size=115][color=COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127] DISTINCT MARKINGS OR SCARS HERE[/font][/size][/center]
        [center][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Species❂[/b][/size]  ||    [size=115][color=COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127]SPECIES HERE[/font][/size][/center]

        [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][left][color=COLOUR HERE][font=Vijaya][size=200]General Information [/size]           [size=135] Β°[url=SONG URL HERE]SONG NAME HERE[/url]Β°[/font][/color][/size][/left]

        [img]IMAGE%20GIF%20HERE[/img][/left][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Personality❂[/b][/size]   ||   [size=115][color=COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        PERSONALITY HERE[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Power❂[/b][/size]   ||   [size=115][color=COLOUR HERE]"CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"[/color][/font][/size]
        [font=vijaya][size=127][b]POWER HERE[/b][/font][/size]

        [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][left][color=COLOUR HERE][font=Vijaya][size=200]Useful Facts [/size][/font][/color][color=COLOUR HERE][font=vijaya][size=135] Β°[url=SONG URL HERE]SONG NAME HERE[/url]Β°[/font][/color][/size][/left]

        [img]IMAGE%20HERE[/img][/right][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Likes❂[/b][/size]  ||[/font]

        [font=vijaya][size=127]β–²[u]LIKE HERE[/u] EXPLANATION
        β–²[u]LIKE HERE[/u] EXPLANATION
        β–²[u]LIKE HERE[/u] EXPLANATION
        β–²[u]LIKE HERE[/u] EXPLANATION
        β–²[u]LIKE HERE[/u] EXPLANATION[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Dislikes❂[/b][/size]  ||[/font]

        [font=vijaya][size=127]β–Ό[u]DISLIKE HERE[/u] EXPLANATION
        β–Ό[u]DISLIKE HERE[/u] EXPLANATION[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Flaws❂[/b][/size]  ||[/font]

        [font=vijaya][size=127][b]✧[/b][u]FLAW HERE[/u]: EXPLANATION
        [b]✧[/b][u]FLAW HERE[/u] EXPLANATION
        [b]✧[/b][u]FLAW HERE[/u]: EXPLANATION[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Strengths❂[/b][/size]  ||[/font]

        [font=vijaya][size=127][b]✦[/b][u]STRENGTH HERE[/u]: EXPLANATION
        [b]✦[/b][u]STRENGTH HERE[/u]: EXPLANATION
        [b]✦[/b][u]STRENGTH HERE[/u]: EXPLANATION[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Quirks❂[/b][/size]  ||[/font]

        [font=vijaya][size=127][b]ΓΈ[/b][u]QUIRK HERE[/u]: EXPLANATION
        [b]ΓΈ[/b][u]QUIRK HERE[/u]: EXPLANATION[/font][/size]

        [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][left][color=COLOUR HERE][font=Vijaya][size=200]Useful Facts[/size]           [size=135] Β°[url=SONG URL HERE]SONG NAME HERE[/url]Β°[/font][/color][/size][/left]

        [img]IMAGE%20GIF%20HERE[/img][/left][font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂History❂[/b][/size]   ||

        [size=127]HISTORY HERE[/font][/size]

        [font=Vijaya][b][size=140]❂Notes❂[/b][/size] ||[/font]
        NOTES HERE[/font][/size]

        [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][left][color=COLOUR HERE][font=Vijaya][size=200]CHARACTER NAME[/size]           [size=135] Β°[url=THEME SONG URL HERE]THEME SONG NAME AND ARTIST HERE[/url]Β°[/font][/color][/size][/left]

        [font=Vijaya][size=120][color=COLOUR HERE]THEME SONG LYRICS HERE[/font][/size][/color]

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Character Portrait: Cassius Priest
Character Portrait: Gwen O'conner


Character Portrait: Gwen O'conner
Gwen O'conner

"A free soul is rare but you know it when you see it."

Character Portrait: Cassius Priest
Cassius Priest

Somebody needs to watch over this town


Character Portrait: Gwen O'conner
Gwen O'conner

"A free soul is rare but you know it when you see it."

Character Portrait: Cassius Priest
Cassius Priest

Somebody needs to watch over this town

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Cassius Priest
Cassius Priest

Somebody needs to watch over this town

Character Portrait: Gwen O'conner
Gwen O'conner

"A free soul is rare but you know it when you see it."

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Re: Their Little Secret

Me too I'll try to finish my Character tonight or tomorrow!

Re: Their Little Secret

I hope this still has some momentum! I see potential in this RP!

Re: Their Little Secret


'Ey, very sorry to let you down but I'm going to have to pull out of this one.

I wish you the best with your roleplay.

Re: Their Little Secret

Sorry but I must take my reservation down. I do apologize again.

Re: Their Little Secret

How about this for her.
FC = Rose Leslie
Name: Gwen O'Conner
Age: 24

Re: Their Little Secret

Ah, ok, well then may I reserve the place of the Skinwalker, then? ;3

Re: Their Little Secret

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is well. I am hoping to finish Liliya today but it really depends - I should be doing physics revision for my exam tomorrow. After that it's prom, and I'm super excited! Eep!

Anyway, how are you all? Have you got any exciting stuff happening?

EDIT: Liliya is finished! She can be found here, if you want to check her out.


Re: Their Little Secret

well you need to make a CS, and the person you chose isn't a FC. Only a stock photo

Re: Their Little Secret

I'm going to Change my character's name to Gwen as long as your okay with that. Hope she is still reserved. I'm going to have her be a researcher and professor for History and Anthropology.

Re: Their Little Secret

Already taken (by me) sorry!

Re: Their Little Secret

May I reserve the female Dryad, please? ;3

Re: Their Little Secret

@Dumisa, howdy! You'll be reserved in a bit when I get my lazy ass to edit the page :)
@Greeneyedsue, sure thing! :)

Re: Their Little Secret

Oh I forgot to mention that Val will be a journalist / photographer for the paper, blog, whatever they have lol.

Re: Their Little Secret

@The Toxic Ceresus:
Hey there!

I am on my phone so sadly I will not be able to post a gif but her face claim will be Lily Collins and I'd like to reserve the Banshee role, if possible. I think I'd like to make her job as a librarian, as well.

As soon as I get to my laptop, I'll post a gif. Also, I love them Siren creatures! Singing to distract or put in a trance like state is awesome to me! Plus then, they kill the person. Haha.

I think I included everything. If I missed something, please let me know.

Re: Their Little Secret

Just finished my CS!

Re: Their Little Secret

Ok! one of my RP died out so I will join this RP as the Djinn, and also you right, not lots of Gifs.
So I will change her FC to Anna Kendrick, please.


Re: Their Little Secret

Sure thing, I'll put that reservation up for you! :)

Re: Their Little Secret

This roleplay looks awesome! I'm interested in the angel/nephilim but looking at the other roles that have been reserved, I think I'll go for the nephilim role please?

The face claim is Frieda Rose, age 24, and she works as in A&E as a trauma doctor.


My favourite mythical creature would prooooobably be dragons. My mum has a huge collection of statues of them and I've always just loved them, and their majestic nature.

Re: Their Little Secret


I would love to play a Harpy. Aisling O'Conner, age 24.


I'd have to say I love most creatures from Celtic Lore, like the Sidhe.