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Cassius Priest

Somebody needs to watch over this town

0 · 399 views · located in Maylen

a character in “Their Little Secret”, as played by jericho193



°Have Faith In Me°

❂Name❂ || "I should probably introduce myself..."
Cassius Priest

❂Nicknames❂ || "People call me a lot things... But those names shouldn't need to be repeated"

❂Role❂ || "Just trying to keep the peace"
Police Officer

❂Age❂ || "The older I get, the worse it gets"

❂Gender❂ || ”If I were a girl, I'd stare too"

❂Sexuality & Marital Status❂ || "But, luckily, I like girls too much "
Heterosexual & Single

General Appearance °Right Back At It Again°

Face Claim: Joe Anoa'i

❂Hair Color❂ || "I probably should get a haircut sometime"

❂Eye Color❂ || "They say the eyes are a window into a person's soul. That might be true"
Hazel but when he taps into his demonic strength the outer edges glow a deep crimson red

❂Height & Weight❂ || "I'm kind of a big boy"
6'3 & 220 lbs

❂Distinct Marking or Scars❂ || "This is the symbol of strength"
Warrior Tribal Tattoo that covers his right arm and right pec. That tattoos faintly glow red when using his demon abilities.

❂Species❂ || "If I tell you, you're gonna hate me"

General Information °All I Want°

❂Personality❂ || "There's a little bit more to it but we will get into that later"

Cassius can seem to be a very intimidating individual with rough looks and a hardened exterior. But despite what you may see on the outside Cassius is actually a nice guy. He is passionate about the things he cares about and he does care about other people. He will also go out of his way to help a fellow creature in need. He just may not show it and act tough but with enough digging a person can see that Cassius is just trying to do right in the world and to be good to everyone he comes across. Cassius is respectful and has a sense of honor, due to this he will not lie and always try to be truthful. He may tease or make comments that may not be true in a joking manner but he will always come clean after the joke has been said.

Cassius likes to joke and tease, this may be the demon part of him but he loves to see people smile through his humor. He will never go too far with his teasing, he can tell the difference when people are taking it playfully or if it is actually hurting their feelings. Cassius is playful and likes to do things spontaneously just cause it might be fun or it would fuel his adrenaline. Deep down Cassius knows what he is and what he is meant for. Everyday he fights his internal demons to prove that there can even be good, even in a being like himself. But Cassius can only control so much, he does have a temper and when he reaches the blowing point the demon side comes out. Cassius can be very dangerous and destructive in this state, he does things without thought. Leading him to potentially regret things he has done later. These things are what claw at him and he will fight to keep it down.

❂Power❂ || "With great power comes great... um... stuff"
Cassius has the powers of a Demon. Immensely powerful but indefinitely dangerous, both to himself and those around him. His strength allows him to be able to lift Semi-Trucks. His endurance is also very heightened, bullets seem to not phase Cassius. But using these powers has a price, he cannot continuously tap into his demon powers for it will eat away at his health. One power that doesn't seem to sap him of his energy is his supernatural senses, Cassius can see and hear things normal beings cannot without assistance.

Useful Facts °Requiem for a Tower°

❂Likes❂ ||

Food Cassius eats a ton of food, loves to experience new things
Sugar Candy, ice cream, desserts, he will constantly have sugar throughout the day
Fast Cars He loves to drive fast and look good
Reading It takes him away to new worlds and keeps his mind off of things

❂Dislikes❂ ||

Heights He just isn't a fan of heights
Deep Sea Maybe the disconnection of not having the earth under his feet bugs him
Smoking It smells bad
MiniCoopers How can a man like those cars?

❂Flaws❂ ||

Anger When he finally loses it, things get broken
Demon Powers/u]: It kills him and he doesn't like using them

❂Strengths❂ ||

Honor: Honor is apparently hard to come by these days, Cassius just feels like he needs to be good to everyone
Passion: Cassius is very passionate and will always hold on to his passions and help them grow

❂Quirks❂ ||

øChewing: He is always chewing on something

øTapping: Cassius taps his foot while sitting[/font][/size]

Useful Facts °Downfall of Us All°

❂History❂ ||

Cassius's Mother,Kasia, was a Fallen Angel and his father,Brock, was a human. His father knew the risks but still loved Kasia, they eventually had Cassius together. They lived happily for almost a decade then disaster hit. Brock was traveling on a business trip when his plane had a malfunction and it crashed. There were no survivors. Kasia racked with guilt knew that this was her fault, she sent Cassius away to live with Brocks brother. She would send Cassius letters weekly and packages for his birthday and the holidays.

Cassius grew and discovered his powers, his mother helped him master these skills so that he wouldn't be a malevolent being. Over time humans started to discover the supernatural creatures. Because of the lack of understand of these creatures many were killed on the streets. Unfortunately, Kasia was caught in the cross fire as she tried to flee. Cassius had already reached the city of Maylen when he received word of this. Unable to control his powers he actually took out an entire building as he was filled with anger. When he awoke from this frenzy he saw his mother's face and he knew that he had to do good in this world, because if he wouldnt do it then who would?

❂Notes❂ ||

  • He likes country
  • The Camaro is his favorite car
  • Cassius is part of the USPSA
  • He has a Husky named "Courage"

Cassius Priest °I'm Already Gone by A Day To Remember°

As I look round this make shift moving house
I'm searching for whatever's left of me
It's on the ground in a box that reads lost and found.
It's lost and found.

She said, just let it go.
She said, it's all you've ever known.

And I'm, I'm already gone
I'm already something to someone that I don't know.
When will I know?
And I'm, I'm out making rounds
On every side of town
That I've been through, that I know.
To find my reason to come back home.

I've worked it out you'll always bring me down.
From here on out I'm doing things for me.
I'm impatient now. I'm not the type for life alone,
I need someone.

She said, just let it go.
She said, it's all you've ever know.

And I'm, I'm already gone
I'm already something to someone that I don't know.
When will I know?
And I'm, I'm out making rounds
On every side of town
That I've been through, that I know.
To find my reason to come back home.

With everything that sets me back,
I push back harder to clear the way.
There's not a thing that I regret,
Can't live my life in yesterday.

Life in yesterday.

And I'm, I'm already gone
I'm already something to someone that I don't know.
When will I know?
And I'm, I'm out making rounds
On every side of town
That I've been through, that I know.
To find my reason to come back home.

So begins...

Cassius Priest's Story