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Helena Jane Rosewood

"I'm everything society requires me to be ."

0 · 165 views · located in London, Britain 1865

a character in “Their Stories 1865”, as played by Sarcasm


Helena Jane Rosewood

Age Seventeen
Role Woman Three
Nicknames Lena, which only her Julie call her, and Henny which is a pet name reserved for her father to use.
Personality A kind and gentle soul is how Helena Rosewood is usually described as, especially when her father is showing her off as his pride and joy. In Lena's own terms however, she's pensive and quiet. She's quite caught up in her own little world, one without the worries of society or living up to her father's expectations. On the outside, she appears to be a very practical and orderly lady who fits in with every little niche society throws at her. On the inside and whenever she's with around Julie, her whimsical and childish side tends to show in a few ways. When she's in public, she very rarely speaks and when she does it's rare her voice ever gets above a whisper,especially when she's talking to the opposite sex. If she's alone or simply loitering around with one of her friends, she's quite the chatterbox. Her head is filled with endless fancies and fairy tales, starting with princess's and ending with a prince charming. She won't hesitate to share her latest dreams, thoughts, and even fantasies with her friend. People tend to look down on those sort of things, so of course it's something she doesn't share with many people. Not even her father, who actually would be the last person she would ever share them with.
Appearance Helena's beauty and grace are attributes passed down from her grandmother, her mother, and finally to Helena herself. The fiery locks also came from her mothers side, a gift from their deeply set Irish roots. Her loose ringlets gently fall on her petite slender shoulders, shimmering gently whenever the sun manages to climb out from the gloomy clouds and shine down on the town. It bounces and puffs around her face whenever she walks, and she occasionally wraps her fingers around the curls whenever she's in a deep thought or simply bored. While she has her mothers hair, her eyes were directly from her father. Two delightful orbs of cloudy gray, dancing eyes that give her a cheerful and calm expression that invite others in. No matter what the situation that surrounds her is, her eyes are always on whoever is speaking to her. Years of lessons in etiquette and her fathers instruction in the military have taught her never to take an eye off friend nor enemy. One thing about her appearance she dislikes greatly would have to how ridiculously tall she is. Forced to wear nothing but flats by her mother, she reaches around 5'7 or so barefoot. It's perhaps one of the few things she wished she could change about herself, and secretly envies Julie for her tiny stature. Her skin is like most girls, as smooth as porcelain and as white as can be. Parasols are a lady's best friend after all, or that's at least what every woman keeps telling her, her mother included.

History My mother used to say that a lady's past should always remain hidden, because it's not the past that matters. It's the future. I don't think there's any harm in telling a bit of my past though. It started with my mother and father first of course, and how they came to be Mr and Mrs Jonathan and Clara Rosewood. Since they day they were born, both of sets of Helen's grandparents had already decided that they would marry they day they were both of age. It was only natural that the two grew up together as well, considering how close their parents were, though my mother was generally closer to my father's older sister , Emery. On the day my father was twenty, and my mother seventeen they were married in an exquisite party with white roses as far as the eye could see. I was told when I was older that it was something of a big event for the town, as only the most notable of people were invited. After that my father shortly enlisted into the Army and my mother soon was with child.

I was born shortly nine months after my mother and father found out, like most children are of course. My mother called me her blessing from God solely because she was told from an early age she might not be able to have children. I, of course, proved that assumption completely wrong. I had a happy childhood, as happy as one from a wealthy family could have after all. With everyone constantly looking up to upper class families with such reverence, I always had to be on my best behavior in front of everyone. It was scandalous to act like a child, even if that was what you were. Like most children I believe I was forced to grow up much to quickly. Even so, I managed to keep hold of my childish fantasies in books and my own mind. Stories of princes and faeries might be things my father considers foolish, and my mother naive, but as for me , they are the things that keep me sane in this cruel and malevolent world. One where I will be forced to marry to young, and to die before I have done any of the things I have dreamt of. Without these dreams and fairy tales, what else would I have?

So begins...

Helena Jane Rosewood's Story