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Akira Howisawa

Work in Progress, WIP and all that jazz

0 · 133 views · located in Yamiyama

a character in “Then There Was Silence”, as played by Robbhus


♦ [color=choose color]Akira Howisawa[/color] ♦

[color=choose color]| Theme Song |[/color]
[url]Song Title | Author[/url]
[color=choose color]| Emotional Song |[/color]
[url]Song Title | Author[/url]

[color=choose color]| Fighting Song |[/color]
[url]Song Title | Author[/url][/font]


♦ [color=choose color]GENERAL INFORMATION[/color] ♦

[color=choose color]Role and Class[/color]
[color=choose color]"3-3, homeroom teacher. Not sure if I'm happy to be back"[/color]
[color=choose color]Gender[/color]
[color=choose color]"I don't think I've become male overnight"[/color]
[color=choose color]Nickname(s)/Alias(es)[/color]
[color=choose color]"Hirakawa-sensei is annoying in itself, I hope it don't become a trend"[/color]
[color=choose color]Age[/color]
[color=choose color]"31, one third to the end I suppose?"[/color]
[color=choose color]Love Interest[/color]
[color=choose color]". . ."[/color]
[color=choose color]Face Claim[/color]
[color=choose color]"Say what?"[/color]
Satsuki Matsumae - Hana-Saku Iroha

[font=choose font]
♦ [color=choose color]APPEARANCE[/color] ♦

[color=choose color]Height[/color]
[color=choose color]"About 5'6", why do you ask?"[/color]
[color=choose color]Weight[/color]
[color=choose color]"Are you a stalker? 126 lbs"[/color]
[color=choose color]Build[/color]
[color=choose color]"Creep..."[/color]
Slim, thin waist, slightly curvy
[color=choose color]Hair Color[/color]
[color=choose color]"Are you blind or something? Blonde!"[/color]
[color=choose color]Eye Color[/color]
[color=choose color]"Brown..."[/color]
[color=choose color]Scars/Tattoos/Piercings[/color]
[color=choose color]"If you can't see me, why would you care about the scar on my left leg, or the tattoo on my shoulder?"[/color]
Has a long cut scar on the left leg, has the tattoo of an ouroboros on the right shoulder
[color=choose color]Description[/color]
[color=choose color]"Good grief..."[/color]

♦ [color=choose color]MENTALITY[/color] ♦

[color=choose color]Oddities[/color]
[color=choose color]"It's not that weird that I behave like a child sometimes!"[/color]
[color=choose color]Likes[/color]
[color=choose color]"Character Thought"[/color]
[color=choose color]Dislikes[/color]
[color=choose color]"Character Thought"[/color]
[color=choose color]Hobbies[/color]
[color=choose color]"Character Thought"[/color]

[color=choose color]Phobia(s)[/color]
[color=choose color]"Like I'd be afraid of anything... Apart from elevators... And cramped spaces... And sharp objects..."[/color]
[color=choose color]Sexuality[/color]
[color=choose color]"Never considered girls, I'm happy with my husband"[/color]
[color=choose color]Personality[/color]
[color=choose color]"Character Thought"[/color]

♦ [color=choose color]BACKGROUND[/color] ♦

[color=choose color]Relationship Status[/color]
[color=choose color]"Happily Married"[/color]
[color=choose color]Family[/color]
[color=choose color]"Why would you want to know about my family?"[/color]
- Kiritsugu Okazaki
Akira's beloved husband, currently on a business trip to the US. Works as a photographer for a variety of newspapers

- Kotomi Okazaki
Akira and Kiritsugu's four year old daughter, currently living with Akira's grandparents because of her work.

[color=choose color] History[/color]
[color=choose color]"Character Thought"[/color]

♦ [color=choose color]OTHER[/color] ♦

[color=choose color]"Character Thought"[/color]


So begins...

Akira Howisawa's Story