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Elias Velasco

Do I dare to dream?

0 · 1,067 views · located in Theos Academy

a character in “Theos Academy for Demigods”, as played by Verix


ImageE L I A S . V E L A S C O
Do I dare disturb the universe? In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.


NAME : Elias Velasco (Ee •LYE • uhs )

AGE : Eighteen
DATE OF BIRTH : January 29, 1999

ORIENTATION : Heterosexual


HEIGHT] : 182 cm
WEIGHT : 72 kg
HAIR : Brunet, short, straight
EYES : Brown

DIALOGUE : #9b5a34



                          Even as a child it seemed as though Elias had mastered the art of manipulating memories. He can cause no permanent damage, but he can influence how a person perceives him based on previous interactions. To distort, to erase, to relive — he can only do it in small amounts, but even so it’s proven to be quite useful. Despite his proficiency in memories, he cannot call himself a master dream-walker or doppelgänger. Elias has always had a harm time manifesting himself into another person’s dream without error; always flickering in and out or waking the person to reality. As for morphing, he sees no reason to pretend to be a person he isn’t and as such does not practice that ability with as much vigor as the previous two leaving him quite helpless in that area.

                          Elias supposes his relationship with his father is benign enough. Since he was a child the man has popped up spontaneously within his dreams, always asking questions about his life — always about how his mother is doing. They chat often, never venturing into too personal territory, but even so Elias can’t truthfully say his life has been better knowing the man. He’s simply there.


bath bombs | what can he say, he's a man who enjoys
the finer things in life ⊹ flowers | elias isn't sure if he
adores them for their beauty or for their tenaciousness
dancing | he's very good at the tango and the waltz
animals | especially birds, dogs, cats, and surprisingly
spiders ⊹ math | he has a knack for numbers ⊹ sleep |
he would rather be dreaming than awake at any given
chocolate | he's more of a vanilla kind of guy in all honesty
drawing | it's not that he doesn't appreciate art, he simply
is horrible at it himself ⊹ uncertainty | it's hesitancy that's
man's worst trait ⊹ parties | the kind where loud music will
most assuredly make him deaf ⊹ rain | it's soothing yes, but
it brings with a kind of melancholy he cannot fend off ⊹ blue
| it's not that it's a bad color, he just doesn't like it


charismatic | often times Elias will joke he would have been better suited as a child of Aphrodite than as a son of morpheus. he has a way with words that makes him amicable to most who approach him, and can call attention to himself in a way that doesn’t make him fluster but thrive.
soothing | whether it be because he has a melodic voice to help people fall asleep, or simply because he can alter horrible memories, one thing is for sure — Elias has a calming disposition. he takes pride in that fact as well, offering his services to any and all those who wish for it.
studious | he has a natural talent that allows him to maintain a great work ethic even in stressful times. he may not be a genius in any field, but his dedication to learning is not something to be laughed at. sometimes, if the want ever arises, he’ll study groups where he’ll help anyone who wants to work practically and efficiently.

passionless | although he posses the qualities to become a person who chases life with an intense vigor, Elias finds himself in the odd situation where he can’t honestly state what he’s interested in. he finds some things fascinating, and will dabble in all sorts of activities, but he’s never found anything that he can call his rasion d’etre.
dishonest | there are times when Elias isn’t completely truthful, and he does not own up to it. he can be caught in a lie and still defend himself to his last breath. it’s not often it happens, but he’s realized over the years that it has ruined more relationships than he ever thought he could burn.
artistic | it’s been said before, but Elias does not have a creative bone in his body. he tries of course, but again it ends up as some mangled mess. it’s a bit of a sore spot for him as he desperately wishes that he could express himself in means other than with words.

jacket | it could be the hottest day of summer and he would still have a jacket in his hand. not to wear maybe, but he finds it’s nice to always have a potential pillow for him to lie down on
singing | usually one can hear him mumbling a soft song under his breath.
guitar | he wouldn’t say he’s the best, however he wouldn’t say he’s awful at is as well. usually he can be found strumming to help himself or others fall into a blissful sleep. [x]


                          Elias is a vision within a dream. He’s soft in the way he looks at the world through hazy eyes and an even hazier sense of being. Where mornings run into nights and time to him is nothing but numbers on his watch. It’s fine that way though, it always has been. It’s treated him well enough, and who is he to disturb the way things are? He sometimes wishes though that the person he dreams of becoming can be the person he is in reality. Elias wants to be someone who grasps for the stars, knows exactly what he wants in life, can happily live in reality without wishes for the safety of dreams. He knows however, it’s only a dream.

                          Despite that however, Elias clearly knows when it’s not appropriate to act like a recluse. Instead, he overcompensates and allows his natural charm to take over. It’s worked out well enough he supposes. He’s surrounded himself with people he’s honored to call friends, and knows he could count on any one of them to be an ear to listen to. They’re the reason he’s can so easily offer his help, and the way he can live within reality without fear. However, a lingering feeling of melancholy leaves him without a word to even utter his thoughts.


Camila Velasco | Mother | 50 | Alive

                          The story is simple: Camila had fallen in love while someone else was being prepared to die. They met at a hospital, an already macabre place to be, and while waiting for the patient’s family to say their last good-byes Morpheus’ eyes had caught her attention. They say love at first sight is but a myth, but Dr. Velasco at the moment in time had never heard anything more untrue. The rest is history, and Elias is considered an example of their love.

                          His childhood was characterized by dreams consisting of his father’s presence, and his mother’s overbearing desire to see him succeed. “You’re father is a god Elias, don’t you know you’re destined for something great?” His days continued with the same reminder of his birth, and every time he heard the word destiny his heart clenched painfully. His mother never remarried, too in love with a being that couldn’t even spare the time of day for her, and as such Elias found solstice within himself.

                          By the time he was approaching his teenage years he had tried every possible sport, practiced every known instrument, applied to every academic opportunity, and yet he could never surpass his mother’s expectations.

                          It was from years of failure that Elias found one thing he was good at, and it was only thanks to the being he sometimes cursed in dreams — he could manipulate her memories. Not entirely, but enough so that the sadness in her eyes would make way for optimism. Elias didn’t feel bad though, how could he?

                          The decision to attend Theos Academy had been a unanimous one; he would go. Morpheus for the first time in Elias’ existence had appeared before him and his mother to offer him the chance to change his life. Without hesitation Elias agreed. He doesn’t know if he could have erased the disappointment on his mother’s face — he doesn’t know if he would have wanted to.



CS BY RubyTuesday

FACE CLAIM Xaiver Serrano


So begins...

Elias Velasco's Story