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Lee Song

what a privilege it is to daydream our own blooming.

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a character in “Theos Academy for Demigods”, as played by Ξ•pΞΉmetheus


ImageL Y R A..S O N G
it wants our bodies, the landscape does, and everyone runs the risk of being swallowed
u p . β€’c a n β€’w e β€’l o v e β€’n a t u r e β€’f o r β€’w h a t β€’i t β€’r e a l l y β€’i s : β€’p r e d a t o r y ?


NAME : Lyra Song (LEE β€’ RUH)
NICKNAMES: Lee ; Mendel

AGE: Eighteen
DATE OF BIRTH: May 21, 1999

GENDER: Female


HEIGHT: Five foot four 161 cm
WEIGHT: One twenty lb 54.5 kg
HAIR: Black pixie-cut, thin and silky
EYES: Black

HEX: #cdc5bf


POWERS: Lee finds both her passion and talent in the field of botany. She excels in the art of manipulating plantlifeβ€”perhaps out of sheer love she holds for them or perhaps simply because of her scientific determination. Her other two abilities need work. Empathy only works when she remembers to use, which she rarely does, and it gives her a headache anyway. She much prefers the good old fashioned way of determining how someone's feelingβ€”asking them. (Not that she's above using her ability if nothing else works.) And same with inducing happiness. Headaches galore. And she's a little selfish anyway, so why bother?
RELATIONSHIP WITH GODLY PARENT: Pleasant enough, she supposes. Demeter's not exactly in the habit of visiting all her children all the time, and she's no Persephone, but with a god for a parent, she can't exactly expect much, can she?


Gardening β€’ Even if she weren't into it for scientific
experimentation, she'd still love tending to plants. She does
have a section of her garden that isn't used for studies. β€’
Botany β€’ What she really adores, though, is the study of
plants. She's very into crossbreeding experimentation, hen-
ce her nickname. β€’ Picnics β€’ What's not to love about a nice
meal enjoyed outdoors on a beautiful sunny day. β€’Jigsaw
β€’ A favorite pastime. Keep the mind occupied.
Stormy Weather β€’ While not opposed to rain, she's
not a fan of constant deluges as she worries for the health
of her plants during those times. β€’ Pesticides β€’ "Safe" as
as they are, there are always some detrimental side effects.
Team Sports β€’ She quite likes track, actually, but she's far
too disorganized to participate in competitive games. β€’ Or-
ganized Classes
β€’ She understands the need for them, but
they bore her half to death; she'd much rather be elsewhere.


Open | Not in the habit of closing herself off to others, Lee is rather friendly once approached.
Pragmatic | She thinks with her head, not her heart. She's not one for taking action quickly in the heat of the moment,
rather, she'll sit down and think things through. Sounds minor, but it's saved a lot of her friendships over the years.
Earnest | Both in work and in character. She's upfront and isn't one to hide things or talk behind backs.

Easily Absorbed | Catch her playing with a rubix cube five hours after someone first gives it to her.
Absent-minded | Forgets things quite easily. Like the fact that her glasses are on her head. She might forget her head if
it weren't attached to her shoulders.
Gullible | If she cared to use her power, she might avoid this, but as it stands, Lee is often blind to others' ill intents.
She's not particularly innocent, just frequently too preoccupied to think too hard about it.

Humming | She often hums lowly when tending to plants, doing puzzles, or working on other stuff.
Movement | Moving vehicles knock her right out. Cars, boats, planes, trains, you name it. Ten minutes in and she's
nodding off. It's still hotly debated whether or not it's actually safe for her to drive.


PERSONALITY If Lee could spend eternity in a grassy field, sun beating down in a haze of summer light and spring greens, she happily would. She'd do a lot of things happily, actually. Maybe it's the innate connection to the flora of earthβ€”sometimes it feels like as long as the sun's in view, she can't be particularly unhappy. But she carries a particular kind of unabated joy with her when she's working with the things she loves, often gets lost in that fugue state of giddiness and sheer satisfaction. Maybe she gets a little too lost, too easily led astray down a dark wooded path from where it is not easy to return. Her family used to call her an airhead, but that was before they realized she was brilliant. Now it's 'the idiot savant.' It's not that she doesn't care about other things, it's that she cares too much about the one thing. There's not much room left for anything else. But she tends to whatever she's tending to with the utmost care, be it roses or relationships. Nurture makes nature grow, after all. But she's well aware of the fact that communication is a two-way street. She has few qualms about leaving those behind who prove unwilling to provide the same care.



HISTORY Her father was young when he first encountered Demeter. Only twenty three and so in love with life, so eager experience every good thing that would come with the future. Demeter, he was sure, was one of those things. She didn't just offer him herself, she offered him the sun and the cherry blossoms in spring and vivid green of the towering foliage in forests. He fell in love with all of that and more. She left a year and a half later, nothing left in her wake but a child with the same gleam in her eyes. Demeter left in winter, but did not take the spring in his heart with her. He remembered her fondly as he raised their child, continued to be a man of bright smiles and laughing eyes. Perhaps that's what Demeter had seen in him all along. Regardless, Lee grew up wanting little in the way of love, did not feel as though she lacked anything in any department. When her father remarried, and she was suddenly made to adjust to life with a brother, she felt nothing but blessed. Demeter came to her a few years ago, told her all she needed to know about her heritage. Lee considered the deep love she already fostered for plant life, for the garden she kept on the windowsill of their apartment in San Francisco, and how much better the care she provided could be if she could utilize the power sleeping in her veins. Without too much forethought, she found herself at Theos, eager and ready to train her abilities.



CS BY RubyTuesday

FACE CLAIM Lee Joo Young


So begins...

Lee Song's Story