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Lukas Holst

the topography of violence when mapped out looks much like love

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a character in “Theos Academy for Demigods”, as played by Ξ•pΞΉmetheus


ImageL U K A S..H O L S T
i s n ' t β€’t h i s β€’h o w β€’a β€’h a n d β€’g u i d e s β€’a β€’r o p e ?
t o w a r d s β€’s a l v a t i o n β€’o r β€’s t r a n g u l a t i o n .


NAME : Lukas Holst
NICKNAMES: Luke ; Mad Dog

AGE: Nineteen
DATE OF BIRTH: December 7, 1998

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual


HEIGHT: Six foot one 188 cm
WEIGHT: One eighty two lb 82.5 kg
HAIR: Light brown bordering on blonde, semi-short crop
EYES: Green

HEX: #af868e


POWERS: Well, it's not really as if having a higher pain tolerance and a better physical condition require any specialized skills. Lukas is used to taking punches though, and he knows how to use the body that was given to him as more than just a body, knows how to make it a weapon. To that end, he's not particularly familiar with the ins and outs of the various weapons of the world. To be honest, he sometimes feels like weapons rob him of his control, and he much prefers to stick with his fists.
RELATIONSHIP WITH GODLY PARENT: Lukas thinks Ares is an ass. He doesn't hate his father. He'd just prefer it if Ares wasn't his father at all. The airs, the pomp and circumstanceβ€”gods, it's just embarrassing. If Ares was just some guy at a bar, Lukas knows he'd be making fun of the overly self-assured douche with his friends, no doubt about it.


Boxing β€’ a child of Ares after all, Lukas feels as if he
only truly comes alive in the ring. He's proficient in all sorts
of styles, but he started in boxing, so that's where his heart
is. β€’ MMA fightsΒ β€’ Participating in them is one thing, but
watching fights is a whole different kind of adrenaline rushβ€’
Board Games β€’ Monopoly is actually fun to him. He likes
card games too. β€’ Cooking β€’ He doesn't seem like the type,
but he actually really enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. β€’
Piano β€’ He plays when he has a lot on his mind.
Studying β€’ Listen, everything but history class makes no
sense to him, and he hates being cooped up. He'll make a li-
ving somehow else. β€’ Cold Weather β€’ The ache of the chill
manages to find a way to burrow into the marrow of his
bones. It's entirely unpleasant. β€’ Health Foods β€’ He knows
the importance of a balanced diet, but he also knows he can
achieve one without kale or quinoa or kombucha, thanks. β€’
Horror Movies β€’ That kinda supernatural shit is scary, man.
β€’ Fancy Events β€’ Boring and uncomfortable dressing rules.


Dauntless | He's not one to back down from a challenge of any sort. Need an arm wrestling partner? Someone to jump
out of a plane with? Jump off a cliff with? Just dare him.
Samaritan | For all his bluster, Lukas is a good sport. He acknowledges his opponent's strengths (even if he doesn't
think they stand a chance), and considers most bouts to be in good spirit. He's even been known to help the odd old
lady cross the street or carry her groceries.
Witty | Maths may not be his best subject, but he's not a total meathead. He's got the sharp crack of street bred rat's
smarts in him, and he thinks that's more useful anyhow.

Impulsive | The very embodiment of "shoot first, ask questions later," Lukas does not stop to think before jumping
headlong into anythingβ€”usually fights. Plus, he's remarkably easy to rile up.
Cocky | Too much time spent around regular people has convinced him he's the strongest guy on the block, on every
Argumentative | He has a hard time just shutting up and listening to directions, even when he himself knows it's
probably in his own best interest.

Desserts | Lukas always eats the dessert before the main course. He likes sweets, but doesn't like the taste to be the one
lingering in his mouth.
Sudoko | He's terrible at it. Takes him twenty minutes to finish a beginner's puzzle. But he likes it anyway, considers it
something relaxing. A nice activity to wake up with or to fall asleep to.


PERSONALITY With the blood of a warmonger running through his veins, it would make make fine sense if Lukas were a boy battered by an unquenched rage. But he's not. Lukas has not allowed the violence contained in his body to abuse him, to distort his heart into something twisted and ugly. He has plenty of heart in him, untouched and untainted. For the most part, Lukas strolls through his days with an unaffected ease, plenty happy to trade jokes with friends and partake in stupid decisions together. To Lukas, the act of fighting is not an act of war, but a way to connect with others. Fighting is a sport of brotherhood, a way to connect souls, bring those who are close even closer, and bridge the gap between those with a gruesome schism between them. When spats or grudges cannot be settled with words, then they must be settled with fists. To that end, Lukas is a relatively straight shooter, is not elusive or obscure in his words or meanings, says what he means and means what he says. He expects the same in return from those he considers close, is not quick to welcome a betrayer back into his arms. He fights for fun, but he knows what it means to get so wrapped up in brutality that he's not sure if the red he's seeing is anger or bloodβ€”or even whose. The sharp crack of knuckles hitting bone can be vile too, and he takes no pleasure in those victories, but there is no remorse in the blood he spits out when the adrenaline has faded and all that's left are the aches. Fighting is a self-indulgent practice, sure, but going to war? He'd only do that for honor or for love.



HISTORY Ares always had a weakness for beautiful women. They didn't have to be strong, but Lukas' mother happened to be. Tall, blonde, with toned muscles, the lithe body of a champion MMA fighter. He was a "trainer," but only for a year, and only until he had other responsibilities to take care of. Mia didn't linger on his memoryβ€”she just picked up the pieces and moved on. She always resented him, in the back of her mind, just a little, for leaving her with a kid and a no support. But he hadn't left her with nothing. The deed to a private gym somewhere in Chicago was waiting for her on her vanity when she got back from the hospital. It wasn't a bad deal, just a little far from home, but she was in no position to be showing up in the ring anymore, so she didn't have much of a choice. She left Lukas with his grandparents in Copenhagen until he was six, took the time to acclimate to the new country, to her job, to the lifestyle. Things were weird at first, after she sent for him. He'd never had the opportunity to know her, after all. And there was just a touch of resentment lingering in her gaze when it fell on him, he could tell. But things got better fast. She took him to the gym, started training him, teaching his flimsy limbs how to move with both grace and power, laughed when he fell over trying to kick the punching bag, and soon the distaste in her look had turned to pure adoration. Lukas grew up with a love of the sport ingrained in his bones, war flooding through his veins. His mother let that love blossom into something good, and every once in a while he thinks of how the blood of Ares might have made him something ugly instead had she not been there to guide him. Even still, he was often in the detention, being reprimanded for getting caught in a scuffle; he was too quick to jump into action, always too ready and eager to hands into fists and let loose. As time passed, his mother grew increasingly worried he might seriously injure someone, and eventually told him, no questions asked, he'd be going to Theos.



CS BY RubyTuesday

FACE CLAIM Jack Weisensel


So begins...

Lukas Holst's Story