Catherine "Nepeta" Leijon-Delgado

"We're purrobably in a supernatural horror mystery! Pawsome!"

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Name of Participant: Catherine “Nepeta” Leijon-Delgado
Age of Participant: 19
Gender of Participant: Female
Field of Study: Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety Issues
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Catherine is rather short, standing at about 5"4 with a slim build. She weights 112 pounds, most of it lean, toned muscle from a passion for parkour and capoeira, both of which she has been practicing for quite a while. Her skin is a warm olive tone with a few dark freckles owing to her mixed Mexican -American heritage and one too many days falling asleep in the sun. Her dark messy hair comes down around her ears with upturned curls at the end. Her face is round with a cute snubby nose. Her lips have an upwards lilt to them that gives her an ever-present grin. Right in the middle of that grin is a very small cleft in the middle marked by a thin white scar; the after effects of a surgical repair for a much larger cleft in her childhood. She has thin eyebrows in a wide arch over her luminous amber eyes which are constantly darting around.

Personality: Catherine Leijon has a boundless optimism that has guided her throughout life. With a keen curiosity and a hare-brained ingenuity, she pushes on when others falter. This internal drive lets her power through challenges, mental and physical. When she gets fixated on something her focus treads the blurry line between determination and obsession. Catherine just loves the feeling of climbing to the top of that old telecommunications spire, finishing a book like Ulysses, or even getting through a car ride with the nauseatingly false fuzzy texture that makes her want to keel over and hurl. Her focus is quite selective, though; she has a bad habit of disregarding things she doesn't consider important, avoiding it until absolutely necessary.

In general, Catherine has a cheerful and at times naïve demeanor. She has a penchant for playfulness as apparent in her predilection for all things cat. Catherine tries her best to lighten the mood when things get grim. One of her goals is to become a veterinarian, inspired by her own formative experiences with the stray cats of her neighborhood and her ability in biology and chemistry. However, her attempts to reach out to people is complicated by a tendency to be blunt and to assume that others share her views, which she diligently struggles to control. She absolutely hates it when she misses the social subtext and when she is forced to give something up. When her temper flares, Catherine can become petty and reckless, losing sight of what angered her in the first place. She secretly fears that, despite all of her progress in dealing with her own condition and other people, she is fundamentally incapable of living up to the "adult" world with all of its complex nuances and judgement.

History: Catherine Leijon was born in Henderson, Nevada to local artist Arne Leijon and radiology technician Maria Elena Delgado. From her youth, Catherine’s father called her “his little kitty” after Catherine took to imitating the mewling of the menagerie of feral cats for which her parents left table scraps which were her first real friends. Cat puns and general kittenishness have been part of Catherine’s identity ever since.Even though Catherine was the result of an unplanned pregnancy, both Arne and Maria were happy to begin a family with their daughter at the center. Aside from a small scar left by an early operated cleft palate, there was little to differentiate the young Catherine from other toddlers aside from her dogged tenacity and drive to explore.

This changed when a five year old Catherine entered kindergarten, she was involved in a series of escalating bully-related incidents which came to a head with Catherine killing a class pet and seriously harming one of her harrassers. After a PT meeting, her parents decided to take Catherine to a pediatric mental health specialist who diagnosed her with Asperger’s syndrome and SPD. She has been attending support groups and occupational therapy for her condition since then. While she has had her low points during this time, Catherine believes that she is growing into a well-adjusted adult. However, after a nervous breakdown near the end of her first year of college, she began to doubt her progress. After consulting with her parents who chanced upon Dr. Jones’s program, Catherine has enrolled herself into the clinical research group.

Her interests are many and varied. She has a great fondness for parkour and capoeira which she picked up as an outlet for personal frustrations and a personal challenge for improving her motor skills. She has been practicing both for over 6 years. She loves traipsing through the world of fiction, particularly the horror and mystery genres and has been caught catnapping in the shade with the PDF of Dreamcatcher or And Then There Were None on her Kindle. She has recently picked up roleplaying and finds it to be intensely liberating. Before her breakdown, she was studying to become a veterinarian because of her high marks in biology and chemistry. She is currently is in a relationship with a Karkat Vantas, a long time high school friend who went on to attend the same college as her and has been one of her strongest supporters during this time.

Things that trigger Catherine include but are not limited to:
The smell of certain strong perfumes
The texture of latex (especially on balloons)
The color of medium violet red

When in the presence of these triggers or expecting these triggers, Catherine will exhibit anxious behavior. One mannerism which manifests is a ”swipping” of her middle and index fingers in a “cutting” motion. Classically, the closer her proximity the more agitated she will become. Direct sensory exposure to these triggers in this manner will cause an intense distress and a fight-or-flight response from her. Her therapy has reduced and muted these reactions however. When the trigger is presented quickly and immediately, Catherine will go into a state of shock and display seizure symptoms. As such, she regularly carries a “relief bag” on her person filled with object that are soothing to her. Some of these items are: colorless glass marbles, catnip, and a series of soft, melon colored felt cutouts.

I hereby give my consent to be included in Mr. Jones psychological expurriment. I understand that the purrocedures will leave me cut off from efurrything I know and insert me into a new environment. I understand the risks and benefits of the expurriment as well as the time required. I understand that other purrticipants will be involved with close quarters, that there is furry little privacy, and efurry action is used in the research. I understand that the results are confidential until published, but that names and ages may be changed upon request.

So begins...

Catherine "Nepeta" Leijon-Delgado's Story


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Catherine Leijon-Delgado

Two fingers played across the ratty seams of wrinkled grey leather. They traced the staccato line running along the corners of the seat and tapped a slow one-two rhythm, tip and tip, tip and tip. Slow and steady, running all along the way.

“Hey Nep, we’re-”

Up and down and around and back again. Up and down and around and back again. Tips and taps and ups and downs and back again always. Always two fingers playing across the ratty seams of wrinkled grey leather, tracing the staccato line running the corners of the seat.

“Fuck, Neps your-“

Thousands of tiny dashes making asingle unbroken loop up and down and back again. Up and down and back again always and forever and they don’t stop and they don’t take breaks and they don’t give up they just loop and never stop and-


And then she feels the warmth of his hand on hers and suddenly the lines break and no they shouldn’t but they do because she’s Catherine (sometimes Nepeta) and he’s Karkat and now we’re here and this is what we’re doing and why am I not breathing, BREATHE.

Catherine Nepeta Leijon-Delgado sucked a breath she didn’t remember holding and felt the air she didn’t remember needing rush inside her. She held it for one, two, three seconds and gently exhaled, listening to the steady rumble of the taxi engine. The cab rustled and crunched over a gavely dirt road that snaked its way between the lean forest timber. A tired grayness hung in the dusky sky and painted the wood a dull blue as it nestled lower and lower somewhere beyond the forest. Blinking slowly, she turned to her right to face the perpetually angry Karkat Vantas, boyfriend of 2 and a half years, with his big, stupid, bushy eyebrows all scrunched up over his eyes the color of fresh, wet soil after a long rain shower.
She felt a throbbing pain in her left hand and when she glanced down, Karkat had already taken her hand in his and gently pried open the tight fist as if peeling away the petals of a green bloom. Four little arches buzzed an angry red in the palm of her hand. As soon as she eased the tension in her hand, the first small rivulets began to drip onto her baggy black jeans.

Despite her heavy olive jacket and cotton black “Caravan Palace” tee, she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself.

“Shit, you’re bleeding,” he said

“Well, no duh,” said Catherine and gingerly licked the arches. The taste of pennies in her mouth made her wrinkle her nose in disgust and she placed her hand back in her lap.

“Damnit, all the first aid is in the trunk.” Looking back to her hand, Catherine squeezed it experimentally. A sharp pain lanced through her hand.

“Owie,” she squeaked.

“Don’t do that, dumbass, you’re making it worse,” Karkat growled. Catherine gave a small hmph! and stuck her tongue out at him as he tightly wound a folded up paper towel around her hand, tying it in place with a rough knot. “I’ve had scrapes way worse than this,” she said.

“Yeah, of fucking course I know. I’m the one fixing you up all the time. I mean, shit, I still have nightmares about the window thing. There. That should hold until we get there, which isn’t long.” She flexed her hand and smiled as the wrapping stayed taut. She sighed, placed her hands in her lap, and leaned against Karkat.

“Thanks Karkitty. It’s just so funny how you can be so sweet when you talk like you’re angry,” she chirped. “Grrr! I are Karkat! FUCKASS! SHIT! I love you Nep! GODDAMNIT! OVERCOMPENSATING FOR SHORTNESS!” she growled in imitation.

“Hey, fuck off, Nep, I’m half an inch taller than you. And hey, I curse, you get cat puns. A lot of time was put into those negotiations. They were practically-oh sorry- purractically the crowning achievement of two and a-fucking- half” With a sigh, Catherine nipped the oncoming argument in the bud with a well-timed kiss. A red blush bloomed over Karkat’s dark brown face as she pulled back.

“Calm down. I’m gonna be gone furr a while with no internet or reception. I don’t want my last conversation with you to be a rant on my punny purrolictivities and your dirty mouth,” she whispered in his ear. She impulsively turned his head to her and drew him into another kiss. She felt Karkat wrap an arm behind her back (which was pawsome because it was beginning to get a little tiring leaning over like that) and caress her cheek. Catherine sifted through his short messy hair and bit his lip as she pulled back. “Dirty but tasty. Were you drinking chai at the cafe?” She stifled a giggle when Karkat shot her a withering glare and muttered under his breath. He turned to watch the mansion loom into sight from a great clearing in the forest.

“Fine,” he said at last. She bounced back in her seat with a triumphant grin.

“Point one furr team Alphur!” she exclaimed. Her boyfriend rolled his eyes as the taxi cab rolled to a stop.

“Okay, kids, we’re here,” intoned the taxicab driver. Catherine pulled out her wallet and handed the driver a few crinkled dollar bills as Karkat opened his door and opened the taxi trunk to pull out her suitcases and backpack. The earthy smell of the wood filled her nostrils swirled around her as she got out of the cab to shake the feeling back into her legs. The mansion stood there at the end of a dirt-and-gravel paved foot path. A faint shiver crept over Catherine. Yikes. It’s Overlook and the Navidson House with a little of House Usher furr good measure.

“Hey, Nep. Get your stupid catpack. Get over here, I got some alcohol pads,” said Karkat, holding out a worn green mesh back pack with blue cat ears and a short blue tail. She snatched the pack, checking briefly inside to make sure her iPad was there. A small library’s worth of reading was in there with a slew of new additions the night before she said her goodbyes at home. She took out the small comfort pack and clipped it to her belt.

“I’ll do it later! Just help me carry this stuff up there befurr night comes and clowns start chasing me!”

“Us,” Karkat corrected, waving away Catherine’s complaints. “No way in shit-sniffing hell am I leaving before I see this Dr. Jones asshat and the other headcases in person. Something about this place just…bothers me” After no small amount of grumbling and persuading the cabbie to stay an extra ten or so minutes so that Karkat wasn't stranded "the taint-filled middle of fucking nowhere", the two made their way up to the front door. When they got there, Catherine made three raps on the door.

“Helloooo? Anybody home!” she shouted at the door.


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Murphy took the pills and water. He took a drink before popping the pills. "Thank you." He took the pills and another swig of the water. He slunk back into his seat and felt completely embarrassed from the blurting out. He heard Theo and wanted to respond, but the words completely seemed to escape him. He was still trying to think of what he might do the next time he felt the need to pipe up when there was a knock at the door. He turned in his seat as the doctor answered the door. A short young woman with a round face and a male escort of some kind came in. He felt he didn't dare speak again at first, and so just seemed to stare at them coming in.

Well now, who's this? The only one in this room that looks more like he needs a good sock in the nose is that mohawked punk in the corner. You see this Murphy? Murphy could see and hear the darker of the personalities sitting on the back of one of the chairs on the other side of the room. He was gesturing to the young man who'd just walked in with the girl. How can you stand it here? We're here, what, ten minutes? You've already gotten assaulted by a cabbie, picked up by one of the other, what should I call them, patients? More like toys. Look at this place. You really think they want you to get better in here? I figure it's a fight to survive. He stood and approached the young man who came in with the young woman. And what the hell do you think you're doing here? He turned and disappeared as Murphy began to snap out of it, rubbing the bridge of his nose and trying to concentrate on what was being said.

Murphy whispered to himself, though probably loud enough for some of the people closer to him, "Why do I get the feeling we're all just going to get crazier while we're here?"


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Catherine Leijon-Delgado

Catherine stood in front of the mansion door, waiting for a response, while Karkat glanced around the mansion grounds. The old brick house towered above them and silently watched the pair with dozens of curtained glass eyes. The sinking dusk darkened the mansion to dull ochre. The faint light from the many windows glowed faintly against the coming dark. The spires and towers of the mansion cast long shadows which disappeared into a looming forest that surrounded the house from all sides, but could not overtake the cold stone and mortar. Not yet.

Catherine noted with glee that the mansion seemed high enough and large enough to indulge her itch for exploration. With that many window sills and wallholds, I’ll be able to get to the roof from almost anywhere! Pawsome! she thought as she bounced up and down in anticipation. Maybe I can climb in my room and surprise everyone. She frowned and her eyebrows wrinkled in thought. Wait. No. Bad idea. The windows might be locked. She crossed her arms and tapped her cheek with a finger while she scanned the house’s exterior.
Karkat noticed her typical “I’m Thinking” expression while she looked over the house. He gave a heavy sigh.
“C’mon Nep you haven’t been inside two seconds and you’re already-

The large door before them swung open with a soft moan. At the threshold stood a man in a pressed suit jack and hat looking down at her with a smile. This must be Doctor Jones! He looks happy to see me. I hope hasn’t been waiting too long. Though a little startled, Catherine gave him an enthusiastic smile. Okay, girl. This is it. We purrceed purrfessionally and tactfully. Politeness judo go! She imagined a fader in her head as she slowly toned down the smile on her face from a high powered “beaming” to a half-lit “faded.”

“Good evening, Doctor Jones,” she said as she crossed the threshold. Karkat followed in wordlessly, keeping his eyes on the Doctor as the pair entered into a main room of sorts. “I’m Catherine Leijon-Delgado and I apologize for my lateness.” The words came out perfectly polished and practiced. Utterly artificial, but that was what she was going for. She gestured to her boyfriend trailing behind her with a look of calculated disinterest. "This is Karkit-er, Karkat Vantas, a purrsonal accquaintance who will be-" She stopped midsentence, catching the pun a little too late. Catherine huffed and started over. "Excuse me. a personal accquaintance who is here to take my things to my living space." She then caught sight of four other people in the main room.

Leaning by a nearby couch was an Asian woman who looked like she had walked out of those magazines that Karkitty kept lying underneath his bed (Catherine loved to steal these magazines and replace them with some of her old Cat Fancy issues just to see his utterly enraged sputtering.) On the couch was a man with dark brown curly hair who had a hand at the side of his leg and a faintly pained expression. This immediately worried Catherine and she took a step towards him. She restrained herself from asking if he was alright, however, when she spied the orange bottle of painkillers in his hand. Catherine glanced at the others in the room; a grinning boy who didn't seem much older than her with hair done up in a spiky fauxmohawk and a big man who had half a face of melted wax. She stared at him for a moment, wondering how she could persuade him to let her feel his face.

She walked forward to introduce herself. If these were the other patients, she could take a more relaxed tone with them than the Doctor right? She gradually loosened the reigns on her smile.

"Hi there! I'm Catherine and I'll be in furrepy with you guys. Pleased to meet you," she said enthusiastically. "When can I put my stuff in my room? Karkitty over here is getting purrety tired lugging around my stuff."

"Hey, Fuckass," growled a voice behind her. Karkat had stalked over when he noticed him eyeing Catherine. "Yeah, I'm talking to you shit-licker. David Beckham called: he wants his scalp back."


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"Why do I get the feeling we're all just going to get crazier while we're here?"

Theo glanced at Murphy for a moment. Honestly, she was starting to get the same feeling. Every once and awhile she could feel the little hairs on her arms stand up, for seemingly no reason at all. She was prone to hallucinations and strange feelings though, it was a side effect of never sleeping. The brain didn't power down so it started to go a little crazy.

But something just didn't...sit right in her stomach. And usually that wasn't a feeling she could ignore very well. She had good instincts for a crazy person...well, better when she'd had some sleep...it'd been, what, three nights since her last bout? Of course the signs were well covered by make-up but...More important things. Dr. Jones was returning to the room, with a couple following him.

“Not a problem Miss Delgado? Or do I need to hyphenate?” He was unsure, trying to remember back to her file, but shook it off. He was sure it would be of more importance at a later time. “We've all just arrived.”

Theo, from her spot on the couch, grinned at the introduction of the boyfriend. Karkat. What an interesting name. She, however, with her own broken english didn't recognize the cat-puns. She was thinking on that while Dr. Jones was politely introducing them.

She noticed the girls eyes travel over their group of misfits, landing only a bit longer on Murphy and the guy that reminded Theo of military movies. Catherine observed him like Theo did—with more of an interest than disgust of fear.

Theo, for one, was very interested in him. She loved scars. Maybe it was a sick sort of fascination, but every single one had a story behind them. And as brutal as she was sure his was, she wouldn't mind hearing it one day.

Her brows knit together as Catherine introduced herself. Furrepy? What? She was about to introduce herself, and maybe ask, when the boyfriend suddenly spoke up: "Hey, Fuckass,Yeah, I'm talking to you shit-licker. David Beckham called: he wants his scalp back."

For a moment Theo arched an eyebrow, thinking he was possibly talking to her, to which she was going to retort something about how that was no way to talk to a girl, and that Catherine wasn't even her type. Not that she wasn't pretty, but Theo had a thing for either guys or blondes. Even bisexual, she had types.

Then she realized he was actually talking to Seth, who burst into laughter the moment he realized it too. Whatever the insult was, it was lost on the foreigner in the room. She hadn't been in America long enough to pick stuff like that up. The curse words she got—first words she learned, even pressed together. But as for David Bekham and his scalp? Color her lost.

For a moment, she was actually frozen in her spot, watching Seth threateningly roll his arms. She figured he could take someone out pretty easily. She didn't want them to fight, but she kind of wanted to see it happen. Like when there was a car accident on the road—it was horrible, but oddly fascinating.

"I could drop you, skull fuck the shit out of whatever rocks you have rattling up there and have a fucking tea party with your corpse."

Theo snorted. That snapped her out of her trance. He was pretty damn funny for one thing, but that sounded a little more like her. Not that she'd honestly do it (she hoped) but she had some nasty daydreams sometimes. Usually associated with the amount of sleep she was or wasn't getting.


Theo jumped about a mile in the air. She'd been right next to Murphy and hadn't expected the outburst at all. Granted she had a one tract mind and had been much more focused on the theatrics in front of her.

The room went oddly quiet as Murphy finished his rant off with one more request for everyone to shut up. She had half the mind to stand, put herself between the boys and push them away from each other, but she was very where aware of where she was, and there was a good chance touching Seth could set him off. What to? She didn't know. But it could happen. She didn't particularly like being touched either.

“Well then,” she said, finally breaking the silence. “We should...um...pick our...kotoba wa nani o noshi masu ..” she mumbled the last part to herself, very quietly, before sitting up suddenly. “Rooms. We should pick our rooms. Yes?”

She looked at Dr. Jones who nodded his confirmation before turning his attention to the extra male in the room. “Mr. Vantas, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Terribly sorry but...as you can see we have quite the...interestig group.”

[kotoba wa nani o noshi masu = what's the word]


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#, as written by Grahf
Well. That had been something.

Jacob had watched, a safe distance away, as first a new couple arrived...then the explosion as a boyfriend's foolish jealousy met with a lunatic's raving madness. Things even looked like they might get physical for a moment- something a part of him almost hoped for...but then that kid with the ran over foot decided to be an adult. It was all for the best really, would be a shame to begin this with a visit from the local police.

His eyes swept across the gathered group, something the maniac had said echoing through his mind- "For all you know, I could be one of those cer-aaa-zy people" it was true, no one here knew anything about the others- save, of course, for the Doctor. His files would include notes on the various psychological issues present. But the rest? It was like a game of Blind Man's Bluff involving razorblades and pit-bulls- You felt about in the dark...always a breath away from danger.

Tempers set aside for a moment, the Asian girl had asked about the rooms- it was time to make himself heard.

"I second the thing about the rooms. Assuming of course you boys are done seeing who can pee the farthest?" he grins slightly, a sight not exactly pleasing on the eyes with his facial scarring- he almost resembled Two-Face from Batman...the laughing voice in his head giving more truth to that idea..it had it's own ideas about the tension built up in the group.


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Catherine Leijon-Delgado

Well that escalated quickly.

Catherine grabbed Karkat as he lunged for Spiky McCrazyclaws, hooking her arms under his armpits and struggled to keep Karkat in place as he launched himself into one of his famous tantrums.


Catherine was about to join the screaming match with her own harsh words for Karkitty when the boy with the pretty brown curls and the injured leg rose up.


The room was quiet. "The two of you need to just shut up. I mean we're here for what, a few minutes and already I've gotten hit by a cab and the two of you are going off you CAME here argue. Just settle down!" He looked at McCrazyclaws and Karkat "Come on now, you two don't even know each other, you get in the same room and are ready to start throwing punches. Now if neither of you feel the need to show off anymore, why don't you put 'em away, sit back down and just get f..."

Catherine saw him raise a hand to his head and the boy seemed in good need of a catnap. "Just get calm and let's at least finish the day out, huh? Now maybe I want for the day to end more than some of you so I can sleep through the pain in my leg, but the sun is already going down and we're all strangers to this place. Please, let's at least bring this night to a close before we start killing each other." She saw him rustle around for a smooth brown pipe which he stuck in his mouth like one of the old adventure-gallants she read in her forays into steam punk, except with less gallant and more "i-just-got-run-over-by-a-car."

Karkat slowly stopped writhing in her arms and Catherine let him go with a hard look. He looked away, face flush with a mixture of shame and guilt creeping over his face. But his remorse did nothing to assuage the anger and embarrassment blistering in Catherine's tummy like a bowl of leftover noodle soup

"Well then," spoke up the woman standing beside him. "We should um...pick our..." A brief stream of strange words followed and Catherine tilted her head in confusion. "Rooms. We should pick our rooms. Yes?"

Another voice caught Catherine's attention. "Mr. Vantas, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Terribly sorry but...as you can see we have quite the interesting group." Catherine saw Karkat open his mouth but she cut him off in as even a voice as she could muster.

"You will leave. Now," she said. Karkat blanched and swallowed his words. He gave a silent nod and let the bags he was holding lean gently against the couch. The half-faced man began to speak in a deep tone making it apparent that he was the eldest of the group perhaps excepting Dr. Jones.

"I second the thing about the rooms. Assuming of course you boys are done seeing who can pee the farthest?"

Karkat tensed but said nothing as he made an about face and walked to the door. "Bye Neps," he said quietly, his eyes not quite reaching hers. The feeling in her tummy bubbled away inside Catherine leaving an empty sigh in its place. She looked to the floor.

"Bye," she managed lamely.

"Yeah, whatever..." said McCrazyclaws. "Have a nice trip Karkitty. I'm sure Cat will have a ball here."

Catherine wheeled around on him with a soft swish of her heavy olive jacket. Suddenly, a white hot pang of fury shot through her. She stalked up to the boy, her small round face twisted in rage, until she was close enough to see the jagged pinkish-white scar running curving from his jaw to his collarbone. Catherine peered up at him, only about half a foot taller than her. Cat scratches? Purrfect. Her voice came in short hisses and her amber eyes flashed, sharp and narrow, from underneath her black bangs.

"You. Do not. Get to call him Karkitty. And you. Do not. Get to call me Cat."


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Catherine Leijon-Delgado

Catherine continued to stare down McCrazyclaws with hate churning inside her as he folded his arms and stood his ground. The smell of his unwashed grungepunk clothes and mixed with the sharp tang of ammonia from his stupid hair dye; the aroma wafted over to her and she marked that scent as distinctly him.

"It's called freedom of speech chick. I'll say whatever I want." In the brief pause, she gauged how quickly she could hook a leg under him and send him sprawling and how much force would be necessary. Then he shot her a weird look that made her feel clammy and cold under her skin. "You might want to take a step back, Cat, unless of course, you're wanting something to happen." An ugly, shrunken little smile that stretched his lips so she could barely see the white of his teeth in the tiny gap. "I wouldn't blame you if you did."

She did take a step back. A bobbing sway backwards in a low stance.

"Shut up," she hissed as she drew to the right side in her capoeira bounce. Catherine swung to the left and swiveled to bring a foot hard and fast against McCrazyclaw's side, lost in the red haze. She wanted to feel the ribs pop against her heel. She wanted hear the little whoosh of air as his feet were suddenly swept from under him. She wanted to pounce on him and rake at his face and his neck and bite and claw and tear and and rip and kill and she felt a hand firmly stop her in her tracks. She recoiled from the touch and jerked back with a quick gasp.

“Be that as it may,” Dr. Jones spoke up suddenly, laying a hand on the new girls shoulder. “Let's try not to be so hostile on our first day, hm? We still have rooms to pick. Perhaps a little alone time would be too bad.”

Slowly, the red haze faded, replaced by a curious feeling of nyan. Wordlessly, she slowly made her way up to a random room, with her stuff in hand. She flopped onto a random bed somewhere on the second floor. She slept.


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Crash, in the middle of her forest. She looks up. Was this real? She had before been taken into someone's dream by the forces in the house. She didn't like it. Time acts odd with her. She never knows what is real. What is a dream? She rushes to the noise. What is it? A tree fallen? Soon she gets there. Branches, broken off. Bits of clothing. A jacket on the ground. The forest floor had been disturbed. Someone is with her. She is frightened. Someone fell into her home. Sent from the sky? Thrown? Nice? Cruel? She can't move. The world seems to spin around her. A feeling. Her pond!

As Catherine makes her way through the forest, she comes upon a small clearing. There is not much there, just a small, shallow and dirty pond. The moss has grown thick and gives as she walks, almost like the ground is ready to pull her in and eat her with each step. The quiet is eerie and unnatural. No bugs chirping, no birds singing, not even the sound of the wind through the trees. It's like the forest is watching her and knows she is different.

She rushes. Her movement is unnatural. Not like in life. How long? She had left her pond. She can feel something has changed. The forest tells her. She is standing in her pond. She sees a girl. Her clothes are torn. She is bleeding. "Herido gato..." She reaches out.

A sudden, intense burning sensation flares up around where Catherine is bleeding. The area around it flares red. Slowly, it starts to take a shape, almost like a partial hand print.


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The woman approached the girl and knelt down beside her. She felt unusually comfortable around her. Like she did around the animals in the forest. But the girl had been hurt and she didn't know how to help her. She sat with the girl just looking at her, thinking. It was the clearest her thoughts had been in a long time. She was focused and it kept her grounded. The sun seemed to move quickly as it rose and the light flickered between the leaves and changed gently. The sounds returned to the forest and slowly its accidental orchestra was again playing as background music to those that could hear it. Finally, she smiled at the girl. "Mi gata en el dolor. Tienes que correr a casa. Puedo guiarlo a través del bosque." She stood and motioned for the girl to do the same. She gestured for her to go in a direction, trying to guide her back out towards the house.