Raymond Phelps

The Leader.

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a character in “There All Along”, as played by JT:Alter User


Full Name:Raymond Joshua Phelps Jr.
Powers eventually: Plant Maniuplation
Personality: He is the leader of the group becase demonstrates leadership quailites, he is funny and has a good sense of humor but when the situation calls for it he can be very serious and he is smart and fearless
Hometown: Bronx, New York


He is very firm. He normally sees himself as a leader.


His Cell-Phone.


RJ full name Raymond Joshua Phelps Jr. is the only son of Raymond Joshua Phelps Sr. and Patrica Phelps. RJ is labeled a 'Genius' because at a young age he had a advance vocabulary as well as ahead than kids in his age group, so he got accepted into the Manhattan School Of Gifted Children as he succeed in his studies as well as athletics being the star Wide Reciever and Point Guard for his high school. He later found out that his father was a notorious drug dealer and that he was shot and killed, so he currently lives with his mom. The last thing he told his mom before he was kidnapped was "I'll always be here for you mom"

So begins...

Raymond Phelps's Story