Molly Grace-Kennedy


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a character in “There is Magic Here: A Remake”, as played by unicorns.are.real


Full Name
Molly Louisa Grace-Kennedy




Assistant at Book store, helps out.

Molly can read people's thoughts. She hears them clearly as if someone were talking to her, and so far has not found a way to turn them off.


Responsible | Curious | Persistent | Lonely


Molly is very young and because of this most people underestimate her. Despite her age she is very sensible and mature, she can get herself meals, keep her room clean and never tracks mud inside the house. She has been looking after herself for quite some time and so she is much more capable and independent than most kids her age. Due to her ability, she also hears a lot of adult thoughts. Not inappropriate for children thoughts, but more thoughts like, is there enough money in my back to pay rent this month? And, my daughters been expelled from her second school, is it wrong to send her to live with my mother? All these thoughts have matured Molly beyond her years, always hearing every little worry adults have.

Molly is curious. She is always wandering around town, going wherever she likes, not caring for permission. When she wants to know something, nothing can stop her. This is one of the reason she always asks a lot of questions, questions you have no choice but to answer because she is very persistent. Molly won’t rest until you tell her exactly what she wants to know. Being a child, she also will ask people about their thoughts that she heard, not understanding why she should pretend to have not overheard a private thought, and not understand when she should.

Molly is a little weird, and with her always bringing up your inner most thoughts, it’s easy to see why you’d avoid her. The only problem is Molly doesn’t just hear random thoughts that don’t relate to her, sometimes she hears all the negative thoughts people have about her, even if they don’t mean to hurt her feelings. Sometimes she can across at bothersome but she doesn’t mean too, she is just lonely at home in her empty house and craves social interaction. She just wants friends.



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