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Elliot Chen

"Good grief, what now?"

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a character in “There's No Way Out”, as played by Alle9009






Full Name: Elliot Chen Jian Liang

Nicknames (Username): Eli, Elicejal, Elche49.

Gender: male

Age: 19 years old

Global Location: America, California. He migrated there from Taiwan when he was sixteen. He's currently attending university to get an engineering degree.


Sexual Orientation: bisexual (he wants to wait before getting a girlfriend, though.)

Relationship Status: nil

Likes: cooking, watching action movies, MMORPG's, his friends (not that he'll ever admit it), animals, complaining about things in his head, having fun, teasing his brother.

Dislikes: washing dishes, being embarrassed (he blushes too easily), unjustified treatment of people, losing control of his emotions, being seen while he's vulnerable, character death, bullies.

Personality: inwardly sarcastic and grouchy, Elliot is a somewhat hotheaded and passionate individual who feels deeply despite trying not too - keyword being try. He puts up a stoic and tough front to keep it in check, doing his best to be levelheaded, cool and mature. He isn't really very successful. Elliot is easy to irritate, but hard to anger. He might complain and be stubborn, but is deferential, fair, and loyal to his friends. He tries to keep calm and in control of his emotions, especially in hard times, and despite being a somewhat prickly asocial guy, Elliot's heart is in the right place and he tries his best to be responsible and reliable.
He might complain, but he'll still do it anyway, and to the best of his ability. He also gets easily carried away, yelling at the screen whenever he plays a game.


Hair Color: black

Eye Color: a really dark brown which looks black.

Height: 169cm

Weight: 53kg

Typical Clothing Style: he often dresses casually, in t-shirts and jeans. He likes wearing layers, and has a preference for long sleeved shirts. Sometimes, he wears accessories such as necklaces or earrings. He likes dull colored clothes, and occasionally has sudden urges to try and be stylish with his wardrobe. Normally, though, he just wears whatever is comfortable and color coordinated.

Distinct Markings: his necklace, which he wears all the time. It consists of a simple metal chain and a ring, normally tucked behind his shirt. The ring is made out of platinum, with silver coloured edges and a large bronze coloured band running in between the silver. It was a birthday present from his parents, who also gave one to his brother.


Champion Name: Liotche Zaxpar

Hair Color: blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 155cm

Clothing: he wears a navy blue military robe with long sleeves and a small turtleneck collar, which reaches to his ankles. The robe splits into three sections at the waist - front, the right side and the left side. The front piece is a bit smaller than the others, but is separated from them. At the back, the cloth splits down the middle slightly below the butt. The collar and edges of the sleeves are decorated with white fur, and the sleeves are laced together with white thread over black cloth. The sleeves are long, and covers the wrist. Under the robe, he wears black pants and shoes.
Over the robe, he wears a white chest plate. Over the white chest plate is a hoodie made out of dark blue cloth with a large white strip in the center, held in place by a small white neck plate and attached to it by brown straps. The neck plate is attached to the chest armor by three brown straps - one in the center, two looping under the arms to attach at the back, near the sides. Attached to the chest plate by brown straps are white shoulder guards, which are made out of plate-mail, which are attached to the upper arm (near the shoulder) to prevent it from slipping. On the right arm, the shoulder guard is extended down to the elbow, and white metal gauntlets with forearm guards are attached over the sleeves. On the left arm, the loose sleeve remains, but a metal gauntlet protecting the left hand remains, hiding under the sleeve.
At the waist, the armour is plated to reach just above the hips and is attached by inside brown straps to the chest plate. Extending at the right and left sides are white waist plate armour which reaches just above mid thigh, attached to the waist armour by three brown straps. Three pieces of navy blue cloth with white outlines extend from underneath the white armor. Underneath the cloth, his legs are protected by white metal greaves. The greaves are attached to his thighs by straps, have knee guards and finally guards his shins fully, acting like boots.

Class: knight (naturally high health and agility type tank. he relies on others for buffs.)

Choice of Weapon: his sword, which is a family heirloom. His sword is a broadsword which reaches up to mid-chest and is very wide. It has a long grip covered in blue leather with a yellow pommel in the shape of a wheel at the end, and a large curved yellow cross-guard with a thin blue line running in the center, interrupted only by a yellow rain guard in the shape of a cross with a pointy end which resembles a spearhead, ending at the ricasso. At the lower end of the cross guard closest to the grip, the words ".NOS.PROTEGIMUS." is engraved on the left, and the word ".PERSISTIMUSQUE." engraved on the right. The words, when put together, is "Nos Protegimus Persistimusque ", meaning "We Protect And Persevere."
The blade is a steel colour and extremely sharp. The fuller is a dark blue, with a smaller white coating which resembles the fuller which ends at the ricasso. This is covered by the cross-shaped rain guard.
The scabbard looks as though it's the blade, but it cannot cut things. When detached, there is an indent the shape of the rain guard on the scabbard (it attaches the scabbard to the sword). It looks pretty elaborate. However, the scabbard is incredibly durable and can be used to bash things with. It can also transform into a kite-shaped shield with yellow hexagons against a white background with a large yellow line at the edges, with the blue thing at the top center of the shield. Press the blue indentation, and the yellow hexagons disappear, leaving a plain scabbard for the sword to be stored in.


History: Liotche was raised by his grandmother in a small village, and has trained himself to use the sword ever since he was young. He has set out on the world to increase his skills, and to explore the world along the way. He might be young and inexperienced, but he is willing to learn, and aims to be one of the best.

Other: Liotche can wield the sword in one hand with great efficiency, but normally uses two hands. He can also dualwield by using the scabbard in his off hand for defence. The sheath of Pep can also turn into a shield, which he learns how to use.


So begins...

Elliot Chen's Story


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Analia smiled at Arcedies again. She unsheathed Killrune and held it up. "This is my baby. Meet Killrune! She's been in my family for generations and is still in great shape. If you ask me, I think she has a little magic in her. Anyway, before you head to the arena, I would like to ask you something." she said and waited for his response.


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"Shoot" Arcedies said impatiently waiting for the question

(Shortest post of my career)