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Peyton Holloway

Peyton, your basic jock superstar, with a twist!

0 · 164 views · located in San Diego, California

a character in “Theres Vampires in My High School!”, as played by TheMuse


Name: Peyton Way


Age: 17

Appearance: The epitome of what one thinks of when they picture a jock superstar. 6'2" with a light, yet defined muscular build. Sandy blond hair, perfect smile, light tan and flashing blue eyes. His style is loose yet collected. His hair is always wind swept to a styled degree, his pants tattered yet classy, his shirts wrinkled but debonair. He likes to think it shows the world he's carefree, but has a controlled classy side.

Personality: Witty, sly, and comical. Loves to start battles of whit and mind. Always smiling, his eyes flashing with a hint of mischievousness. He is surprisingly nice to everyone, unless you get on his "weirdo" list then your in for a year of mental abuse and harassment.

Role: Vampire Boy (Poses as a popular)

Crush: Any female with a pretty face and good body, but don't ask for love, it's all about the game for Peyton.

Gender: Male

Pets: He's been known to call a couple girls his pets.....does that count?

Bio: Peyton is Team Captain of....well everything....if it's a sport Peyton probably plays it and excells at it. Football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, swim team, Peyton has done it all. Peyton's favorite game however is girls, his favorite saying in life is "Don't hate the player, hate the game!" Got a hot girl who doesn't think anyone is good enough for them? Peyton is up for the challenge, but don't talk about love that's not Peyton's style. No girl has been able to capture Peyton's heart as of yet, but who knows what the future holds. Surprisingly Peyton is also good at academics, most likely because his father and mother are both ex-military. Peyton spent most of his life in military academies and under fire from his parents to do better then everyone else. Many people wonder is Peyton has some dark side he's not showing, or some deep secret hidden inside. Whatever it is Peyton isn't letting on, masquerade or not Peyton is doing a pretty good job living the lifestyle he has right now and doesn't plan for it to come crashing apart anytime soon. What most people don't know is that Peyton is a vampire! Yup, that's his deep dark secret. He and is family are one of the few of the vampire world who have chosen to keep their identities secret, and pose as normal human beings, and do a pretty good job of it. Peyton has all popular friends, and is one of the most popular guys in the school, if any of his friends, or guys on his various teams knew he was a vampire his image and idol status would be ruined.

So begins...

Peyton Holloway's Story