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"Have you ever woken up from a dream feeling horrible and you didn't know why?..."

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If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember

Full Name: Lance Corporal Marcus Joseph 'Machine' Gunner
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Role: The Veteran
Birthdate: January 27th, 1987
Ethnicity: White
Sexuality: Heterosexual

"Yeah-okay, enough with the 'gunner' jokes. I know my name is ironic.
Everyone already made sure I knew that by the time I left SOI."

Physical Description: At 73 inches (6'1) and 187 lbs, Mark is a very tall individual, and was a picture of health in his prime, though he seems to have let himself go a little in his time spent recovering at the hospital in Germany, easily proven by his lack of shave. Despite this, he still retained quite a bit of muscle mass left over from before and has not yet gained too much body fat in his absence. He has short brown hair and blue eyes with a generally happy-yet nervous look about him. Three, jagged scars decorate the inner front of his left calf and thigh, giving him a slight limp in his walk. He typically likes to stay comfortable in his style, resulting in a lot of loose V-neck shirts and hoodies for when it gets cold.

Personality: A simple man with simple desires, a large appetite and an unfamiliar ability to sleep anywhere or anytime the need arises. While Mark was once a confident man, it seems as though that part of him has largely gone. Now he is back to his original self before he left: your average man's man with a love of cars, sports, and even a bit of drinking. He also especially has a particular fondness of making people laugh.
With Mark, there was never much of an 'in-between' with him and people. He either liked you and joked around with you or, if you did something to even somewhat anger him, he was ready to use you to make a person-sized hole in the wall. Now though, he seems to show signs of introverted behavior and lack of general feeling.
  • Hand to Hand - Green belt in MCMAP.
  • Combat Care - Trained in basic medical procedures for combat care.
  • Combat Mindset - Trained to judge the character or intentions of someone by their body language.
  • Strength - Can be found at the gym or running every other day.
  • Enduring - Has been through a lot over the last two years and, while he cannot remember it, is quite adept at taking discomfort.
  • Friend Of Chance - Always seemed to have a natural ability to make proper judgement through probability.
  • Charismatic Heart - Has the tendency to subconsciously persuade other people's emotions into falling in line with his.
  • On Guard - Almost always has his .45 concealed in a holster in his pants and, in the rare chance he does not, always has his pocket knife in his back left pocket.
  • Unforgiving - Has proven to be a little insensitive when it would be proper to show a nicer side.
  • Damaged Mentally - Shows signs of mental trauma stemming from his deployments and has frequent nightmares.
  • Damaged Physically - Has a small limp from his injuries sustained in the left leg and relies on pain medication to reduce his pain.
  • Temper - Can be angered easy and has a hard time with restraint.
  • Paranoid - Is quick to jump to his guard and will snap if threatened.
Hobbies: Video gaming (developed from life in a barracks), working out, playing hockey, and shooting at the range are Mark's main hobbies. He also does occasionally enjoy reading.
Likes: Literature, Movies, Music (Rap being his favorite), Anime (stemming from other Marines)
Dislikes: Ignorance, unreasonable complication, cowardice
  • The Unknown - Patrolling on roads where a bomb could take your leg-or worse-in a country populated by a people with those who would want to kill your brothers hidden among them does that to you.
  • Snakes - As a child, Mark wandered too close to a garter snake and ended up getting bit as a result. He has hated the things ever since.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I can't accept a thank you for something I don't even remember."

Marcus Gunner grew up like any normal kid during the 90's and early 2000's with two parents in a pleasant suburb with the exception of being an only child to a strict father and a timid mother. He was often given punishment beyond his crimes and it occasionally would go past that, pushing physical abuse. Growing older meant growing bolder and, with it, wiser. By the time Senior year came around, he had been getting in regular confrontations with his father which ended in fists and was determined to move out as soon as he could, a wish he made good on barely a week after graduating.
For a year, Mark lived off of his job in construction, specializing in homes. Then he met her...apparently...that's what he can piece together because, three years later, he woke up in a hospital they began saying some strange things that Mark could barely understand. They called him 'Lance Corporal Gunner' and said his HMMWV in the convoy he was a part of hit an IED. According to them, he was an '0331 Machine Gunner' and was positioned on the .50 up top when his world crumbled before him. Shrapnel was sent through the engine block from the front right and into his left leg. Unfortunately for Mark, poor judgement had him removing his kevlar to give his head some fresh air and not keeping positive control of his weapon. This resulted in the sudden stop violently lurching him forward and slamming his head on the M2 before he dropped back down into the cab. But that is not all...
According to the corpsman, Mark had listed someone by the name of Madeline Lewis as his only emergency contact and registered her relationship to him as 'personal friend' but there is one issue: He does not remember her. In fact, he cannot remember anything within the last three years. He does not remember signing up for the infantry or ever recall even going to a recruiting station. All he knows is that he apparently had ties with this woman within these last few years and that he needs to stay with someone to look after him until he fully recovers. All the while, the doc told Mark that, though it may never fully return to him, he may begin to remember various little pieces of his life during the past three years...

So begins...

Mark Gunner's Story


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The call was expected. It was. She'd been dreading that call for three years but only because she knew it was coming. She knew one day, she'd pick up the phone and on the other end, someone was going to change her life forever.

The call itself was expected, but the voice on the other end and what it told her was not.
For starters, Mark was alive. That was as much as a relief as it was painful, since it meant he really didn't want to come back to her. He would have had plenty of opportunities to do it, to see her, atleast say hi, but he didn't and that stung. People weren't always over there, they had leave and surely he did too. So as relieved as she was, that he was alive, there was a pain in her heart.

And that was the good news.....

Bad news, He was hurt, bad, real bad. Something blew him half to hell, and he was not okay.

Worse news, He lost his memory, so even if she was to say something to him, he wouldn't know what the hell she was talking about, nor would he even know her. They said, his memory was damn near blank, He knew things about himself, but people, places, things like that, was gone.

Strange news....She was his emergency contact.

What the hell, Mark? She'd thought. Why was she his emergency contact, and his only one at that. His father passed, but his mother was still around, although, they didn't get along, but he'd broke things off with her, so why was she is emergency contact?
Not that he could answer that question....He couldn't remember.

All of these things ran through her mind as she pulled up to the hospital, sat in the waiting room and was lead into Mark's room.

Despite his scars, he was as she remembered him, handsome and ever brooding and still made her heart flutter. The doctor gave her the go ahead.

"Hi." She said, unsure of how to proceed. "Um, I'm Madeline....Maddie...."She said, and hesitantly held her hand out for him to shake. To him, they were meeting for the first time.


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Character Portrait: Madeline "Maddie" Lewis Character Portrait: Mark Gunner
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