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Christine Lora-Lynne Rawth

Don't challenge me unless you're willing to lose.

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a character in “These Big City Dreams”, as played by Kenzi





Name: Christine Lora-Lynne Rawth

Nickname: Chris, C, or Rawth. Don't you dare call her Chrissy unless you want a boot to the face.

Age: 20

Birthday: July 20th

Appearance: As a young girl Chris was awkward to say the least. Well into her teens she maintained a slightly round face that was brought to attention due to her wild and untamed bright strawberry blonde hair that curled and spun in every direction before coming to a stop at her shoulders. She was all legs and arms and, unfortunately, no chest. Freckles littered her body and her wide eyes looked far too big for her face, the same went for her lips. As a young teenager she often wore her brother's old shirts and pair of ratty jeans because no one really cared about what they looked like in the small town of Greensville. Flash forward a few years and a lot has changed with Christine...

Christine now stands at a striking 5'10" with legs that seem to go on forever. Her legs and arms are toned from her endless work on the ranch and hours spent riding, leaving her with strong shoulders and an impressively strong core. Her waist is trim and firm with muscle, curving out slightly to allow for a hint of hips though not much. Despite growing into her lengthy limbs she never grew as much as she would have wished in the bust area, instead stopping at a nice and modest B cup that suits her somewhat boyish frame. Her skin has taken on a warmer shade from years in the sun, but is naturally lighter than the majority of people who live in Greensville. The once overbearing freckles have faded and blended into her skin, dusting her shoulders and the bridge of her nose in an endearing way. Her hair has relaxed over the years and become much more manageable. It falls just past her bust in large loose curls, though she often has it pulled up. She has bangs now, cut bluntly across her forehead, and the color has become richer and holds natural highlights from the sunlight. Her face has thinned out, showing off high cheek bones, full bow lips, and a nose that curves ever so slightly upwards at the end. Christine's eyes are brought to attention by her thick bangs and are the color of brilliant healthy grass. They are wide and framed with long thick lashes and have a hint of gold around the iris that become more apparent in the sunlight.

Though she still wears old baggy jeans and shirts when working with her horse, Chris has chosen slightly more fitted clothing to roam town in. She still wears mostly t-shirts, though nothing with any prints and logos, but wears summer dresses on days when she is just relaxing. Makeup rarely graces her face because she finds she will only mess it up or sweat it off from all the hard work she does during the day. If she is going to a bush party in the evening she may swipe on some mascara and lip gloss, but it is very rare for her to wear any more than that.


Personality: Christine is a fire cracker. She is highly competitive and doesn’t give up very easily, making her stubborn and sometimes exhausting to be around. She is opinionated, determined, sarcastic, outgoing, bold, and honest to the point of being rude at times (a trait she inherited from her older brother). These characteristics often intimidate people which is unfortunate because Chris is a really kind and loyal person. She is very protective of those who are close to her and would do absolutely anything for a friend. Christine has a kind heart and is a fantastic friend, but if you loose her trust and respect… then it’s gone forever. She is quick witted, intelligent, and tends to think outside of the box which makes her fun and interesting to be around. Daring and willing to take risks, she wants to live her life to the fullest and is often the first one to step up to plate when something adventurous is proposed. She favors things from the past (like Shakespeare, black and white movies, and Sinatra) because of her father and though she loves spending time with friends and family she needs time alone just like everyone else. She has no problem being the center of attention, but does not demand it, and craves the adrenaline rush she gets from barrel racing and other riding competitions she enters. Though her wit and sharp words are often enough to end an argument she has come to blows with people before, refusing to back down from any situation. She's a hard worker and never complains about the hard rough work on the ranch. Christine has many male friends but only a handful of girl friends because she finds that she can't relate to everything they gossip and chat about, even in the small town of Greensville.

-Will never wear anything with a flower pattern because she thinks it will attract bees and wasps (even though she knows that is ridiculous)
-Loves sitting outside in the rain
-Is a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie
-Can not stand it when people misuse your/you're or there/they're/their.

-Climbing trees
-The Smell of Rain
-Eating Carrots Fresh Out of the Garden
-Being Barefoot
-Black and White Movies
-Classic Literature
-Frank Sinatra
-Hanging out with her friends
-Bush Parties
-Making others laugh

-Sweet food
-Hollywood/Popular Culture
-People who are glued to the tv/cellphones/internet
-Egotistical People
-Wearing anything with a heel

Fears: Wasps and Bees; Living a mundane life; Not living life to the fullest.


History: Christine was born late one stormy night in July. The sky was lit up with lightning and thunder carried through the night in a low echoing rumble, sending nurses running to ensure the generators would work if the power went out. The sound of the storm terrified many of the people in the town, for tornadoes were known to appear in the thick of such electrical storms, but when little Christine was brought into the world she did not cry at the sound... In fact, the flashing of light out the window, steady patter of rain, and deep rumble of thunder seemed to sooth her cries.

She was loved by her family, as any child is, but her father took a special liking to her. He shared with her the music that his own father had loved (a wonderful thing called Jazz) and the pair would stay up watching old black and white movies. Her mother and brother, though both wonderful people, never really understood that strange bond that the two of them shared in the small country town.

Christine did well in school and became quick friends with everyone she met, especially the boys who were impressed by her spunk. She often hung out with her brother and his friends, because they were only a year apart, and had no problem keeping up to them. One of the few girls that Chris actually enjoyed hanging out with was Jesse's friend Imogen. So when Imogen's sister died she was heart broken for the girl... but only a short time later her own father would pass away. She was left with a promise that she had made to her father before he died: Live life to the fullest, help those you love, and do what makes you happy. She had promised she would, but the pain she felt from his death was like nothing she had ever experienced.

The years passed and Christine has done her best to keep that promise. When Imogen left for New York she had a different reaction than her brother: Anger. How could the girl leave her brother, who was so clearly in love with her, and abandon her family for fame? Hollywood and all it portrayed was something that Christine thought was shallow, degrading, and pointless. Who would choose such a life?

After graduating from high school she worked in town at the local bar as a bar tender, though the money was lousy and the customers even more so. When Jesse got a job at Imogen's family's ranch she quickly approached them to see if they would like another pair of helping hands. Fortunately, they did, and so she quite her job at the bar and began working in their stables and throughout the rest of their farm. She finds the work relaxing and fulfilling, something which she knows her father would have wanted for her and her brother.

Other: Has never had a serious boyfriend, though has dated a number of guys; Vegetarian; Always wishes on a shooting star; Enjoys breaking in horses, especially stubborn ones; Has broken her rib once, her ankle once, her wrist twice, and bruised/sprained/cut herself more times than she could ever count; Has a dog named Holly; Her horse, DBIT (Drifting Back in Time), is chestnut and she has had him since he was a foal.



So begins...

Christine Lora-Lynne Rawth's Story