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Imogen Charlotte Delfino

"Hollywood, baby!"

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a character in “These Big City Dreams”, as played by Imagine That!



Imogen Charlotte Delfino

Immy, Gen, Delfino, and sometimes Superstar, or just Star.


Nineteeth of May

Imogen isn't all what the papers say - never believe what you read in magazines. She gets accused of so many things, just because she is famous. The latest 'scandal' in the papers, says that she 'dirty danced' with an older gentleman at a club, and he went to the paparazzi, just for some money. The hype of that rumour hasn't died down yet, which is the reason that she is deciding to go home for a while; to get away from everything in the Big City. But honestly, she is nothing like the papers make her out to be. Honestly, she's a very genuine girls, who's love for music has made her want to make a lot of people happy, through some way or another. If she makes someone smile, then she'll be happy. That's why she goes to the local children's hospital once ever week, despite her manger asking her not to, as he's worried that she'll catch something contagious. But, Immy is a brave young woman, and doesn't care about it at all; as long as she brings a smile onto those kid's faces, then she's happy. But,if there is two things in the world that she really hates it's lies, and going out at night. She's the kind of girl that prefers to be curled up on the sofa in her pajamas, with a few friends or her boyfriend, with some chocolate and watch some movies, then going out nightclubbing with a group of people that want to be around her for popularity and status. If you took away everything that Immy has gotten through her life as a celebrity, then you would just have a small town girl, that has a big heart. Always smiling, always friendly, always bubbly and always there for someone that needs her. Your typical girl next door. But, despite her happy demeanour, the girl seems to be paranoid most of the time, wondering if the people around her really like her for her, or just feel like being around someone famous?

She bites her lip when she's frightened, nervous or depressed;; If she's sitting down, be it on the floor or a chair, it'll be rare that you'll see her without her legs crossed;; she never eats the crusts off of her sandwiches - they're just icky;; if she has her hair up in a ponytail, it has to be hanging on her shoulder or she'll be uncomfortable;; If there's a thunderstorm going on, you'll probably find her hidden under a duvet, curled up into the fetal position;; When the stress of work catches up with her, she likes to jump on the bed for a while, with music playing loudly;; Lastly, if she just starts talking in Spanish out of the blue, don't be alarmed - it's just a pretty language.

♦ Stargazing
♦ Wearing high heels - they make her feel tall
♦ Lazy days on the sofa
♦ Sunshine
♦ Having hot chocolate after playing in the snow
♦ Cheerios
♦ Lasagne
♦ Beanie hats
♦ Horses and horse riding
♦ Cherry lipbalm

♦ Melted cheese - it's only okay in small amounts on pasta.
♦ Anything to do with fish
♦ Horror films
♦ Having to sit in one place for a long period of time
♦ Halloween
♦ Dark chocolate
♦ Anything orange
♦ The smell of burnt bacon
♦ Being sick
♦ Arguing

► Emetophobia - the fear of being sick. Since her grandma and little sister both were killed by cervical cancer, she's always worried that it's going to catch up with her at some point, as the doctor said that it could hit her at any time.
► Ceraunophobia - the fear of thunder storms. Lighting doesn't scare her, but from a very young age, lightning has.
► Hematophobia - the fear of blood. She just really doesn't like the stuff - its' just ... so yucky.
► Arachibutyrophobia - the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. Just... don't ask.

Imogen Charlotte Delfino was born to a shocked Devon and Lauren Delfino in the early hours of a spring morning. They had been lounging on the sofa at home when Lauren's water's had broken. Quickly, her husband grabbed the bags that they had already packed ready for this day, and seventeen hours later, their darling baby girl was cradled in her mother's loving arms. She grew up an only child for the first five years of her life, gaining all of the attention that she could ever have wanted from her parents. When she found out that her mother was going to have another baby, the young girl turned slightly sour, not wanting another child to be brought into the house. She felt jealous, knowing that her parents attention was going to focused somewhere else other than her. Now, looking back on it, she sees how selfish she was as a child, thinking that about her little sister, but at the time, it was all she could think of.

But, in her time of need, there was always someone that she could turn to when she was feeling down, and that was her best friend, *Jesse Alexander Rawth. No matter what mood she was in, she could go over next door, and hang out with her friend for a while. Jesse always made her feel happier when she was around him, and no matter how she was feeling, just a little while with Jesse could make her smile again, Their parents had introduced them when they were children, Immy being only two when they first spent their first day together; because they were neighbours, and the same age, they had been the perfect play mates. But the times that they were mostly there for each other, was when *Jesse's father died, and when her little sister Joanna died of cervical cancer.

Once ever week, Immy used to go to the child's hospital and spend time with her little sister, and she had been the last person that Joanna had spoken too before she died, holding her older sister's hand. Since she had been diagnosed with cancer, the two had grown very close, and ever sine Joanna died, Immy has visited sick children in hospitals ever since, knowing that it made her little sister happy to have someone new to talk to, and she hopes that the sick children in the hospital feel the same. At Joanna's funeral, Immy was there, holding her best friend's hand, just because she could. There was no-one that made her feel safer, not even her own mother could make her talk to her - and *Jesse was the only one that she spoke to for a month.

At the age of 16, Imogen found a link on the computer for a talent school in New York, that she decided to apply for after a conversation with her parents, and then with *Jesse. All three of them helped her make the decision to follow her dream, one that her father had wanted for her from a young age, as they were both as interested in music as the other, Devon being a music teacher. Immy was accepted into the school, and was brought into the world of popular music after just a few shorts weeks in New York. Sure, she missed her family and her best friend like hell, but they had told her to follow her dream, and she had listened to them. She still kept in contact with her parents, but since moving away, she drifted apart from the boy that she used to play in the tree house on the ranch with, and gallop around the town with. But, as she became famous, thoughts about her small life in the hick town was forgotten, and she was dragged into a world of bright lights and glory. She was scouted by a talent agent as she was walking down the road to school. She was singing quietly to herself, and by some sort of sheer luck, a talent agent heard her, and made her famous. Since then, her life has been a whirlwind adventure; drugs, alcohol and celebrities surrounding her a lot of the time, the first two things that she ignores completely, unless you count the odd drink now and then. It was through one of the sponsor parties that was being held that she met, and fell in love with *Ashton Hopkins, something that she had never expected to happen in her first few years in New York.

But, since this new rumour has come out that she 'dirty danced' with some older guy at a club, she has decided to get away from it all for a while - heading back to that small hick town that she escaped from four years ago. She's not sure what her parents are going to think about her bringing Ashton back with her, as all they really know about him is that he's famous, and the stuff that they have read in the papers and magazines. And now, for the first time in the four years that she's been away, she's beginning to think about a certain boy again... someone who hasn't graced her thoughts in a while.

There are eight horses in the ranch that her family owns, one of them being a foal. There is Dylan, Crystal, Charlie, Gillian, Honor, Marco, Rona, Thomas, Ruby, and Lily. The ranch also homes a sheepdog called Max. Immy has a tattoo on her ankle, and butterfly tattoo on her waist. She's got her belly button pierced, and there was once a scare, last year, that she could have been pregnant. She wasn't.

So begins...

Imogen Charlotte Delfino's Story