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Greyson Walker

"Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go everywhere."

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a character in “They are Anything But Simple”, as played by Imagine That!




Full Name: Greyson Alexander Walker
Nickname: Please, call me Grey.
Age: Twenty-Three
Birthdate: 19th of October
Sexual Orientation: I'm a hetero - only women for me.
Apartment Number: 2A.
Occupation: I'm The Masquerader, but no-one knows my true identity. If you don't know who that is, go down to the night club around the corner from The Apartment Blocks? You see that man on the poster outside, the one that ladies queue up to stare at all evening? Well...

Likes: ♦ Sex ♦ women ♦ walking around naked after showering, having sex or exercising ♦ sweet popcorn ♦ surprisingly, history ♦ a good party ♦ whiskey ♦ the smell of freshly cut grass ♦ that first drag on a cigarette ♦ a good cup of coffee

Dislikes: ♦ Being too cold, or too hot ♦ when people wear too much cologne or perfume ♦ being interrupted ♦ disappointing people ♦ anything too sickly or chocolately ♦ flying bugs that are alive just to fucking piss me off ♦ goats ♦ tall, burly men ♦ girls that are too clingy ♦ people touching my things.

Fears: My biggest fear? This is the only time you'll ever hear me say it so take notes; Commitment. Babies, marriages - all of that shit sends a shiver down my spine. I can think of nothing worse than being stuck in that sort of life. I also have two other fears, which have been actually been confirmed as phobias of mine; Virginitiphobia, the fear of rape, and anginophobia, the fear of choking or drowning - I don't really like large bodies of water.

Dreams: My dreams? Well... I think I'm quite happy the way I am. But, if I had to pick three... well, I'd like to get back in contact with my mother again one day. Well, maybe. She did let me get hurt after all - but I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering what could have been.
Two? I would like to own something big. Maybe a bar, or a club or something. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I think I'd be awesome at it. It'd give me something to be proud of, anyway.
Three? I want to catch them all. Not STD's, no. Pokemon. Yes, I'm a big kid? So what? Don't judge, baby.

Secrets: As I've said before, I'm a secret stripper. But, that's just for fun. My past is a secret, something I haven't told anyone as well, something I can't tell any of my friends.

Personality: Overall, I'm a dickhead, not going to lie there. I don't really care about anything, other than myself, and I would much rather stay up partying all night than actually doing anything worth my time or money. I don't care about who I end up doing, or how I do them, just that I get to do them at all. Feelings are a strange thing that I don't really understand, something I haven't felt in a long time since I left home, and Lacey behind. I'm very confident in whatever I do, and I can be extremely protective of those closest to me. I obviously hate doing it, showing that I can care, and will get all up in your face about it for the next few days punishing that person, but I'll always be there - an extremely loyal boy, I am. I also follows my gut-instinct, letting it take control over me from time to time; and my instinctual and primal side also takes over when it comes to the ladies.

I'm not an every night drinker, and absolutely hate anything to do with drugs, but I'll get involved with any party that's being thrown, even if I'm not invited, and I'll always end up leaving with someone on my arm. It's strange to come home and see me alone in bed - there's usually a girl or two in there with me. I am a man with a way with words, and a charmingly false smile on my face - I have everything to woo the ladies in. It doesn't take me long to do so, and after years of practicing, I'm able to woo almost anyone into bed. Sex is everything to me; the thing that makes me feel good, feel confident and ... well, I just likes a good fuck. I don''t hang around after, however. No spooning or any of that shit after sex - do not mistake me for someone looking for a relationship. I'm just a guy, looking for a good time.

History: I was born Greyson Alexander Walker on the Nineteenth of March to Elizabeth and Carter Walker, an upper class couple who had tried for years to have a child, resulting in their one son - me. Carter was the CEO of as large business that he had created himself, selling computer software to rival Apple and Microsoft. With no brothers and sisters, I was the apple of his parent's eyes, being treated to whatever I wanted, being taken out all of the time on family trips. It seemed like a perfect family, a father, mother and son, going out together all of the time, bright smiles on their faces, laughter coming out of their mouths. But, that was only a facade - a ploy put on by my father to to the public, to cover up what happened at home, behind the closed, ornately decorated doors.

Everything wasn't so peachy as it seemed, when the doors were closed on my family. Whilst my father seemed liked the perfect dad outside of the home, inside, he was the complete opposite. My father was a heavy drinker, and almost every night, when he came home, he would down an entire bottle of vodka. Once the male was sufficiently drunk, he would move towards both me and my mother, stalking at a slow, wobbly pace. But, instead of hitting his wife and child like a normal abusive drunk, Carter would send his wife away, into the kitchen to start dinner. Once the woman had left, it was just the father and son, situated in the lounge together. I was only seven years old when the abuse first started, when my father began touching me in places that I felt uncomfortable letting him touch. Every night for almost nine years, the same thing would happen - Carter would come in, drink, and then sexually abuse me, my screams resounding around the house. When I tried to cry on my mother's shoulders, to ask her why she didn't ever try to stop Daddy from hurting me, all she would do was shake her head, and turn away. I rarely went out, if only to go to school and back, and I didn't have any friends to talk to. If anything, I soon started to believe that what my father did to me was natural, that it happened to everyone.

I knew nothing of a healthy childhood, but everything started to change when I started school. I made friends with a girl named Lacey, a girl who became my very best friend. Lacey was the first person that I told about my father's abuse, and she was the one who encouraged me to tell a teacher, to get everything changed for me. I instantly felt comfortable around her, more comfortable than I had ever felt around anyone before, and so, I believed her. I told his teachers about the things that father did to me when he was drunk, and the look of horror on their faces instantly made me see that my father had been wrong to touch me. That night, police arrived at my house, whilst father was in the middle of his abuse, and he was taken away, arrested on countless charges of child molestation. My mother was also apprehended, but was soon released, as they realized that she had been a victim too, but on a different level. My father was soon charged in court, and was sentenced to twenty years in prison.

I would never be a normal child, however. My childhood had been stolen from me by a sick man, and no amount of time with the most expensive counselors was going to change that, and now, everyone knew my face as the man who's rich father had abused him. I spent most of my time hanging around outside with Lacey, drinking, and smoking, trying to forget everything that had happened. Over time, I grew to care more and more about Lacey, the two of us experiencing many moments where we almost fell into bed together, but I was always the one to pull away - not wanting to ruin the only friendship that I had. I tried my best throughout school, although, grades never interested me much. I was quite smart, but never put the effort in to achieve anything. To distract myself, I became fascinated with women - anything to do with the feminine form incited me. It took my mind away from Lacey, away from my past, away from my mother and her new boyfriend. As long as the woman was willing, I would take them anywhere - her home, an alleyway, a car, park, anywhere, but my own home.

Soon, everything changed and I had to go off to college, to study further in life. I didn't want to be stuck in the same town I had grown up in, and soon, I was leaving behind my beloved Lacey, and everything I knew. My mum gave me a shit load of money to live on, and access to the bank accounts, so I was fine throughout my first years away from home. I finished collage, and quickly made the decision to live on my own - and I've never looked back.

Theme Song (s): Womanizer - Britney Spears

So begins...

Greyson Walker's Story

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Friday, February 8th, 2013: 7:51 A.M.

Skylar grumbled as she kept tossing and turning in her bed while her alarm blared annoyingly beside her bed. Her hands gripped the sides of her pillow angrily, her knuckles turned white, and she just kept pushing her face harder and harder into the pillow until she felt that she could no longer taking the constant beeping of her alarm. Her head shot up and her eyes glared daggers at her clock as if she was had special powers that could just turn the stupid clock off and she could just go back to sleep. Once it didn't do as she wanted she punched her pillow, and beside her pillow a few times before finally sitting up and turning off the stupid clock quickly. "To early," Was all she grumbled as she pushed herself up onto her feet and stretch with a loud yawn. Part of her suddenly wondered if Phineas her roommate had left already or if he was still getting up. Blinking a few times she pushed away the question in her head and began to get ready for the day, slowly. She didn't have any where really important to go until later in the day when she had class. Sighing softly she began to debate whether or not she really wanted to get up right now? There was nothing important going on so why did she get up? Skylar grumbled, shaking her head once then just went to go finish getting ready.

After she had taken a shower, changed, and had gotten a cup of coffee she looked through her phone. A girl from her Pre-Med class was making up a huge dramatic story about a guy and it just made Skylar roll her eyes. Skylar glanced around, no signs of either Phineas or Sebastian... weird. Her hand gripped her phone tightly as she took a sip of her coffee. "Blah," She mumbled as she made a face. "Not as good as the Mighty Beans know what... She trailed off as she stood, drank a little more of the coffee then putting the rest down the sink where she cleaned up her mess and put away her glass after washing it. She hesitated then made her way out he door and towards the Might bean where she would get a coffee that was truly good. Nothing was better than a good, and hot coffee in the morning just before doing absolutely nothing. Double checking to make sure the door was closed and locked she took wide steps, and made it down the hallway quickly.


Friday, February 8th, 2013: 7:46 A.M.

Blair stared at the ceiling then the wall and then the ceiling once again. There he laid restless and practically begging for some kind of sleep. Any at all, he could care less at the moment if he missed work because all he wanted was sleep. Glancing over at his clock he saw what time it was and decided that now would be a good time to get up due to the fact that he highly doubted that he would be able to get more sleep. He pushed himself up and out of bed, looking at the few cups that has a little of liquor in him, and then glancing around his room. He bit his lip gently, and lifted his shirt to his nose. Taking a large whiff he shook his head and hurried to his closet where he grabbed his work clothes for the day. After getting a plaid shirt, jeans, socks, and all the necessities for the day he went to go take a quick shower and get ready for his day. All he could really think about is how he wished he could just get some sleep along with how glad he was that he didn't have to much more to get ready because he wasn't really in the mood to try to get ready.

Once Blair was out of the shower, and dressed he grabbed his work boots. Examining them carefully he saw a few things that disgusted him and that made him want to clean it. He wasn't OCD and usually he could careless but lately it had just been bothering him so now here he is cleaning his boots even though after work the boots would once again be dirty. After his work boots he slipped them on quickly, remembering that he had to get to work soon and he still had not gotten his coffee. Shooting up from his seat he glanced around, as if checking for his roommate to be any where near him without Blair even seeing him. "I'm leaving Greyson!" He called out to his friend, hoping that he hadn't been sleeping. Blair quickly made his leave and hurried away from the apartment and started his way down to The Mighty Bean where he would be able to get some coffee and maybe something small to eat before he had to go to work. He was already tired so the last thing that he needed was to be both tired and hungry. He took the elevator down and once it reached the floor he proceeded to make his way to the coffee shop where he waited in a very, very short line to get himself a coffee and a small snack before work. Finally he sighed softly, blinking, and rubbing his eyes tiredly while he waited a little.

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Greyson rolled over in his bed as the sunlight streamed in through the open blinds that he had forgotten to close the night before. He buried his head further into the pillow as he slowly woke up, hoping to hide from the outside world for just that little bit longer. Blair's voice came and went as he lay there, and he just stayed face down. Greyson Walker was not a morning person, in fact, he was rather the opposite. He preferred the night, the cover of darkness and the freedom that it provided him, especially in his line of work. The brunette male liked to keep his nighttime activities private.

A soft moaning noise next to him alerted him to the fact that he wasn't alone, and he slowly turned over onto his side to look at who it was that was intruding on his solitude. A blonde lay with no clothes on underneath his duvet, her long, slender legs curled around the covers, quite sexily, he had to admin. She was rather attractive, but Grey didn't know her name. In fact, he barely remembered her face from the previous night, only that she had been the Maid of Honour at that bridal party... or was it the bridesmaid? Who knew. Groaning softly again, the male pulled himself out of his bed and stepped onto the cold floor, wiggling his toes slightly. He then stretched up tall, his arms in the air, ridding himself of any of the ails from his sleep.

"Baby? Come back to bed..." The silvery soft voice of the blonde that was in his bed spoke out, and Grey almost scoffed.
"No can do, love." He shrugged, before walking into his bathroom and locking the door behind him. He hadn't done that once and a girl had followed him inside - this was a new precaution. The male spent a good fifteen minutes in the bathroom, letting the hot water of his shower bring him sweet relief, running down his chiseled body. Grey let his eyes slide closed as he the let water wash away all evidence of the girl and his job off of his body, and he ran a hand through his hair before he opened them again. When he was done, the male took in a breath before he stepped out into the cool air, and quickly grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist.

Shivering slightly at the chillness of that morning, Grey walked back out into his bedroom having finally unlocked the door, the steam from his hot shower billowing out behind him. As he had thought, the blonde was still there in his bed, but now she was laying in an extremely provocative position, causing his eyebrows to raise slightly. Was she really going to try the oldest trick in the book on him? Please - he'd invented that move in his teenage years. Shaking his head, Greyson walked over to his wardrobe and dressed in a simple pair of semi-tight jeans and a plain white t-shirt, before he picked up her dress from the floor and tossed it towards her. The expression on her face when he tossed her the dress was almost laughable, but he bit down on his bottom lip slightly, keeping it in. "You're kicking me out?" She spoke looking at him as if he were mad.
"I need you to get up and get dressed, love. I'm already late."

This time, Greyson couldn't help but smirk as the girl stormed out of his bed with a face like thunder and dressed herself, before stomping her now heel clad feet towards him, and slapping him in the hard in the face. His eyes widened at the movement and he raised his hand to now rub at his now red and sore cheek. "Wasn't that a little uncalled for, love?" He called after her as she stormed through the hallway of the apartment and flung open the door, slamming it behind her. Greyson didn't care. He'd never see her again anyway. But that slap had hurt.

Rubbing his cheek again slightly, he made his own way through the apartment, stopping to take his keys, wallet and phone off of the side before he left the apartment, making sure to grab his jacket before he left.

As he walked into The Mighty Bean, Greyson took in a deep breath, inhaling the delicious scent of the freshly brewed coffee. He instantly spotted his friends and roommate on the other side of the café surrounding Evangeline, but someone else caught his eye - Dakota, sitting with her sister. "Morning, darling." The male spoke, bending down to press his lips to the top of the woman's head before he sat down on the couch next to her, draping his arm over the back. It only took a minute for the waitress to come over and ask him if he wanted anything, and he ordered a black coffee before turning to her.

"Want one? I'm buying."

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#, as written by Vix
Evangeline couldn't help but let her smile grow as her sinewy male friend lifted her off of her feet even as he held his coffee. She took a moment to tap her chin at his proposal before giving a crestfallen expression as though she weren't going to be able to join him and it hurt her deeply. But her expression quickly changed into its usual cheerfulness once more. “Of course I'll be able to make it. And the plates right in the back. As long as I make him a plate and let him dock the cost of ingredients from my paycheck, Gordon's letting me make meals here for you guys when I'm working.” Her head turned a bit as she put the conversation on pause to notice Jacob enter followed shortly by Kota, Cali, and eventually Greyson. She gave Jacob a light grin before looking to Blair again.

“Hold that thought.”
She allowed herself to dash out of line to run into the kitchen balancing three plates on a tray. “C'mon guys! Let's get those sweet rolls topped and sent out front! Y'all are movin' slower than molasses in December!” She scolded the others in the back before heading back out front, handing one of the plates to Blair, reconfirming that she could meet him later. “l can definitely swing by when you're off work - l got the new Battlefield and Madden! But I still don't see why you won't let me give you a tat for free.” She rolled her eyes with her seemingly never ending smile as she moved to Dakota's table.

“And here you go.” She set the remaining two plates in front Cali and Kota, giving Greyson a light wave before excusing herself to the kitchen where she could hear others calling for her. “What's the hold up on those cookies?! Let's get it moving people!” In all honestly, for the past year she didn't do as much baking in the kitchen as the others did. While she constantly denied the position of manager, she did perform many managerial duties. She interviewed potential employees when Gordon couldn't or simply didn't want to, kept a record of the sales, bought new ingredients, monitored the work of the other employees, and sometimes helped Gordon make out and hand out the checks. The only reason why she denied the official managerial position was because she didn't want to take on a full time position at the place. Plain and simple.

If she did, she would get sucked into it. More than she already was! How was she supposed to achieve her goals if she was stuck at The Mighty Bean all the time? This was all only temporary. Soon she was going to make it big in the world of entertainment and be renowned outside of San Francisco. She just had to work harder. “Ralentissez! Pourquoi êtes-vous déménagez si lent? Nous avons des clients! Ne me donnez pas ce regard. Je jure devant Dieu que je vais tirer la prochaine personne à commencer à se relâcher.” She clapped her hands, ushering everyone in the kitchen to finish up and to do so quickly. The great thing about The Mighty Bean was that they didn't serve meals. There were only three other people working in the kitchen with her and they usually got to go home early if they baked enough to last the day. She really hated it when they cooked as slowly as possible just to collect hours though. She moved around the kitchen with them, popping out front every now and again to arrange the food in the displays. Gordon made his way into the kitchen where he waited for her before lifting a brow as she smacked Jamie's arm. “Way too much syrup. Now it's going to get soggy all over and give somebody diabetes.”

She huffed softly before turning to her boss.

“Get out, Evan.”, he stated plainly.

She gave a confused look, narrowing her eyes. “Are you firing me?” The other bakers paused to see what drama would unfold, majorly disappointed as Gordon answered. “No, you twit. I'm telling you to leave for the day. It's your birthday weekend and there's no need for you to force yourself to be here for five more hours doing virtually nothing.” He spoke in a matter-of-factly tone, sipping some of his coffee. Evangeline heaved a sigh of relief before giving Gordon a tight hug. “Thanks, Gordy!” She gave him a tight hug and a peck on the cheek before grabbing her bag and dashing out of the kitchen. “Hey, text me if you need me today.” She called out to Dakota before quickly leaving. To the park! Or somewhere. Anywhere but here right now. Ha! She had a whole day to do whatever the fuck she wanted.

“Beep beep! Comin' through!” Evangeline shouted to nobody in particular, the hyperactive woman zipping through her apartment and throwing together two duffel bags of things she felt she might need for the day. She had no intentions of returning home until later that night and there was no telling where she was going or what she was going to do. Prior planning prevents poor performance. She remembered that from some high school JROTC kids she had interviewed once when she did a film on how such programs affected kids. Juno and Voodoo jumped around and barked at her. They could come too! What the hell, they could all come! She whistled the "Hi-Ho" song from Snow White, bouncing around while she got dressed and began trudging everything downstairs to her truck.

When she was finished she went back upstairs to usher her herd of pets out the door, locking it behind her with her Sugar Glider safely caged in a small hamster sphere. Just as she turned around she came face to face with the landlord. He was nice to her once upon a time. But time had not made him any kinder. He gave a frown as he looked at the creature in her hands before looking back at her. Evan hated talking with him over the past few years, always dodging him whenever she could. Like now. “Sorry! l'd love to stay and chat with ya, but I've got a real busy schedule. Good day to you, sir!” She cut him off just as he opened his mouth, quickly dashing down the stairs. That was a close call. Well, she loaded herself up into her truck and she was gone, baby, gone.

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"So, we can have the colors be gold and maybe off white, I'm not sure." Dakota just nodded as she listened to her twin, writing everything down not looking up at her. "I like that idea but I was also thinking--."

"Morning, darling." Dakota looked up to see the man behind the voice. Greyson, of course. The woman offered him a smile before replying. "Hi, Greyson." She closed her eyes as he kissed her forehead and when he pulled away, she just rolled her eyes and smirked towards him before looking at her Cali and Nate. Both who seemed to be surprised that Dakota was so easy going about a man kissing the top of her head. They knew of him and his reputation but not how Dakota and him interacted together. Which wasn't any of the business any way. She slid over a bit to make room for Greyson so they weren't side by side when he draped his arm behind the back of the couch. She looked at the waitress once she scurried over to take Greyson's order and when he asked if wanted one, she just shook her head. "I'm okay. Thank you though." She told him before turning towards her roommate as she walked over to their table and set two plates down in front of them. "Thank you, beautiful."

She smiled towards her best friend before watching her leave to talk to her boss. She turned her attention back to Nate as he cleared his throat. "As you were saying."

"About what?"

Nate rolled his baby blue eyes before sighing. Hearing his wife chuckle towards him. "About the colors of the cake... You know, for the wedding we have next week. Earth to Dakota, just because your little boyfriend or boy toy or whatever he is, no offense, came over here doesn't mean you have to forget everything."

Dakota rolled her eyes before looking towards Greyson and raising her eyebrows. "He's neither for your information. He's a friend. Nate, meet Greyson. Greyson, meet my jackass of a brother in law, Nate." She said before turning back in her seat. And picking up her pin, she wrote down the rest of the ideas she had before closing her notebook putting it in her purse which was on the floor between her and Greyson. She looked at him.

"And unless you want to waste seven hours of your young life at a bakery, I guess this is where we say good bye, Greyson-san." She smirked before kissing his cheek and sliding out from the booth, a sly smile on her face the whole time. In all honesty, she had forgotten that Jacob was in a booth not far from their own. She looked towards him with an awkward smile before looking away before she could feel the tears wanting to come out and stream across her cheeks like they have the last few time she's seen or thought of Jacob.

She turned towards her sister and brother in law as they got up, Nate offering Greyson a handshake and smile before getting up and wrapping his armk around his wife as Cali kissed his cheek softly, pulling away with her eyes looking into his before kissing him softly. Dakota just scoffed in fake disgust before pulling on her gray coat and buttoning up. "If you truly are that bored we do need help." Cali told Greyson with a cute pout on her face. Dakota just looked away and opened the door not even looking back at the group.

"He probably has better stuff to do than being around two Asian cupcake makers all day. Let's go, we need to open the store." The young woman said before walking out, seeing her sister in her light pink coat walking up to catch up to her older twin. Cali watching her husband go the opposite way to his car before driving off, waving towards the twins as they walked not even a block away to their bakery.