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Skylar Anderson

"I'm going to go have a smoke."

0 · 628 views · located in San Francisco, California

a character in “They are Anything But Simple”, as played by Hallowed777



Full Name:
Skylar Greta Anderson
Skylar prefers that if you have a nickname for her that you just call her Sky.
June 25th
Sexual Orientation:
Apartment Number:
Is currently taking Pre-Medical in college.

Likes: || Taking care of her younger sister || Fighting || Being Independent || Her friends || Smoking || Going to parties || Playing Video Games|| Playing the Guitar || Tennis Shoes || Relieving stress || Working out || Jogging in the mornings || Rainy days || Sweat shirts || Sweat Pants || Ice cream || Pop music || Horror movies || Popcorn || Animals || Rock music || Sports || Playing Softball || Day dreaming || Driving around || Rings ||

Dislikes: || Her Dad || The Darkness || Being in stuck in small spaces || Liars || Cheaters || Getting Hurt || People being scared of her || Homework || Humid weather || Extremely romantic movies || Depressing movies || Being in Jail || Singing || Makeup || Abuse || Crying || Feeling Weak || Beer || Overly emotional people || Sicknesses || Abandonment || Getting hurt || Having her insecurities pointed out || Embarrassing situations || Her scars || Really windy days ||

Claustrophobia || Fear of confined space- "I have my reasons..."
Arachnophobia || Fear of spiders- "I was bit by one once, and now I am absolutely terrified of them."
She fears that someone she cares about would find out that she has been to jail before.

● To finish college
"I almost didn't finish high school. It would be great if I could finish college without even a second thought."

● To Become a doctor
"That is why I am in the major that I am in."

● To buy her own house
"Not saying that I don't like my roommates I just wish I had a little more room and had my own very own place."

● To have a family
"I don't want to be lonely forever. I want kids who I can care for better than my dad cared for me."

One secret that she has is hat her dad used to both verbally and physical abuse her, and she used to just bottle up all this anger so almost when ever someone she didn't like messed with her she would first get in their faces that would soon lead to a pretty bad fight.
Another secret she has is that only year ago she was put in jail for getting caught for being under the influence while driving. Her aunt quickly helped bail Skylar out of jail.
Her history... She doesn't want people to know about her history and give her some kind of sympathy about how they are so sorry and wish they could have done something. So she just keeps what happened in the past to herself and if people wonder why she is who she is she lets them just use their imagination.

|| Strong || Independent || Quite || Kind || Reliable || Flirt || Rebellious || Stubborn ||

Skylar has struggled a lot in her life, most of the time she believed she wouldn't be able to get through most of the things that were happening to her. Never being the one for words she has always been the strong girl, the one who has been known to never let her emotions to get the better of herself. There were not to many times where she has been dependent on anyone other than when she was younger and couldn't support herself. Now days she is very independent, and prefers to take care of things by herself instead of others helping her out or taking care of things for her. Another detail about her is that she is quite and prefers to keep to herself most of the time. When talking she doesn't speak with much authority unless its necessary. While she seems to be just this strong girl who doesn't want to let anyone in and is just this quite girl she can be mistaken for some times things that most people don't know about. Secretly it is heard that Skylar can actually be this really kind person. Which isn't exactly a rumor since she truly does loves to help out those who have treated her kindly and those she cares about. Next is that she is pretty reliable. If you ask her to do something for you she will gratefully do it for you and help you out during a hard time. This is all because she wants you to know that she can stay independent and doesn't need someone's help to do something that is either required or needed to take care of something that needs to be taken care of. Paying her bills on time are just one of the reliable things that she takes care of.

Obviously Skylar isn't the greatest girl in the world. Many fear her because of her record for getting into fights and having quite a few charges put on her from when she was younger. Does she hate it? Yes she does and she feels like if only she could change it would people a little less scared of her? Anyways, obviously Skylar has a lot of up's and down's when it comes to her personality. While some times Skylar can be a bit of a flirt she doesn't go over board. She likes to flirt with people everyone now and then and give them compliments about their looks or something like that. Not to the point where she is seen as this huge flirt who pretty much does nothing else than flirt with people. Skylar only flirts with people some times. Now what people really do notice is that Skylar is very much rebellious. Not by what she wears or the car she drives just by what she does and how she acts. It is all how she acts, the way she just rebels against society and does her own thing even if it may be frowned upon by others. Does she care what other people think? In some ways eyes but when it comes to maybe doing something fun or reckless there are those times where no she doesn't really care what you think. Running off, partying, Finally with this rebellious status she is heard to be quite stubborn. During an argument with someone about doing something she doesn't want to do she is very stubborn. Upon refusing to do something that a certain person wants her to do she will just stand there and keep refusing until you give her a good reason to do what you want her to do. Most of the time if she feels lazy or thinks your completely capable of doing something yourself she will just tell you to do it yourself. For example just asking her to put away your cup for her may have her tell you to do it yourself. It just happens, some times Skylar will do something for you or apologize while other times she won't do anything about it. Is she a terrible person? No, not really. She will admit she has had her problems but all together she can't be perfect and that's what matters. She isn't perfect, and that's all she has to say.


Skylar even from the beginning as never really had such an easy life unlike some people who have been pampered and have gotten almost everything that they could ever want. Although she had a terrible life, and she has done a lot of things that she regrets she hates getting the sympathy act from people. That is the reason why she never tells anyone about her past and just lets them use their imagination for why she is how she is. First off if you really must know Skylar was born on June 25th to Hale Anderson and Amanda Anderson. After Skylar was born her sister, Lilith, was born only three years later. The family of four was as happy as they could be for the time being. Little did they know a lot was going to change for not only Skylar but her entire family.

After her sister was born two years later when Skylar was five her mother became extremely ill. Everything became quiet in the house, the family didn't go out as much as they used to and they spent more time inside the house with Skylar's ill mother. Every month her father would just become angrier and angrier, blaming people for Skylar's mothers illness and screaming at them for not doing enough to get Amanda healthy. By the time Skylar was eight and Lilith was five their mother finally passed away. It was a very upsetting time due to the fact that not only were they mourning their mother's death but also because their father began to blame Skylar and her sister for her mother's death. He became very angry and began to say horrible things to his children. Skylar took over the role of the person to take care of the house while her father was gone at work or where ever he decided to go when he left the house after he got home from work. Skylar often took care of her sister when her aunt from her father's side didn't come to take care of them and help her clean the house. During the times that her aunt weren't there and Skylar forgot to take care of something her father for years would just hit her and curse at her for not doing exactly what he told her. Skylar would just bottle up the anger from her being beaten by her father for her sister and just continued to do as she was told for years on end.

It all seemed to die down when her aunt finally recognized the bruises and scars that were on her when she was 13. By this time her sister Lilith was also being hurt which only caused Skylar to bottle up more anger. It was a terrible feeling to be taken from her father and placed in her aunt's home, but she adjusted. Her anger continued to be bottled up as she began to fight and rumors began to spread about her over many years. She hung out with the wrong crowd and her aunt constantly asked her why she acted the way she did. Skylar obviously wouldn't answer her because she didn't want to. By the age of 15 she had already gotten kicked out of school once which forced Skylar, Lilith, her aunt, and her uncle to move to a new place so that Skylar could go to school. In hopes that Skylar would stop fighting they placed her into a private school, but of sadly that didn't help. Skylar tried her best to hide what she was feeling and began to build up a shield around herself, refusing to let anyone else in, and refusing to let people continue to run her life. By the age of 16 her fighting slowed and she began to try to change herself. Her sister begged her to stop fighting as much as she was and to be better for her which made Skylar really think. Skylar tried her best to stop fighting while it didn't exactly just stop the fighting slowed down and she continued to contain herself. Many people feared her which was not a good feeling while others loved her and loved being around her. By the time she was graduating high school she had already set plans on moving on. She confronted her dad who was relaxing a bit himself. Not to say that he still wasn't angry, but they started to get along more. Skylar released only a small portion of her anger by working out at the gym, punching a punching bag, or on rare occasions she would talk to her aunt about it. Skylar has continued to try to change herself and works on releasing her anger a different way than fighting people.

Now days Skylar has been working towards just relaxing and trying to be a little less frightening. She tries her best to control her anger around people, and tries to not pop off on people too fast. It also has been a year since she has lived with her aunt, and now she is living with two boys in an apartment. She is taking Pre-Med right now and after meeting certain requirements she will be taking a major that will soon help he to become a doctor. Sadly her family helps her pay her bills while she currently is searching for a job that won't completely interfere with her college schedule.

Theme Song (s):
TBA Possibly...

So begins...

Skylar Anderson's Story

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Time: 7:45 A.M.
Date: Friday, 8 February, 2013
Location: The Red Building | Apartment 2B

He'd woken up at seven-thirty as he always does, pulling himself out of his state of comatose and into the shower before his lethargic tendencies could keep him in bed. It was a process, waking up in the morning, but once he was up he was up and there was no stopping him. He stepped out of the shower and went through him morning routine: blowing drying his hair, toweling off, and getting changed into a simple long sleeved shirt and jeans because he had no uniform. It was a quarter to eight by the time he was done and he decided to pour himself a quick cup of coffee. The coffeemaker always went off with his alarm, beginning a new mug for everyone in the flat. It wasn't as good as the coffee at The Mighty Bean but it held them off until they made it there, if they made it there at all. Finn always woke up a little earlier that he had to every day just to go there and get some breakfast. Evangeline always made it from scratch so it was worth getting up half an hour early. He sent her a quick text:

Morning Angie. Be there in ten. The usual, if you please.

Without missing a beat, he gulped down the hot, caffeinated beverage and burning his palate. He frowned around the coffee in his mouth, groaning in slight discomfort as he placed the empty mug in the dishwasher. Finn grabbed his wallet and his keys before knocking on his brother's bedroom door, "Jack! I'm heading off to work now. I'll see you for my lunch break, yeah?" He smiled at his brother's muffled response and went on his way. He knew better than to rouse Skylar up if she hadn't requested a wake up call. He wished he could say goodbye or wish her a good day but he could manage if it meant not getting decapitated. Finn made his way down the hall, waiting on the lift as he checked his email on his phone. Being only twenty years old, he was still getting accustomed to being in charge of himself. Even though he's a college student who's been living on his own for two years, he still found it a little jarring that he had his own bank account with a steady paycheck with bills to pay. Living in a whole new country didn't even seem to register. But that was just how he was. He walked out of the lift and meandered down the hall, turning right to walk in through the side entrance of the coffee shop. Finn smiled as he pocketed his phone, greeting his friend behind the counter. "Morning ol' chap" he practically sang, putting more emphasis on his accent and resorting to cliche terminology just to brighten her day a little. She seemed to like his accent, his vernacular and whatnot. "How are you?"

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Friday, February 8th, 2013: 7:51 A.M.

Skylar grumbled as she kept tossing and turning in her bed while her alarm blared annoyingly beside her bed. Her hands gripped the sides of her pillow angrily, her knuckles turned white, and she just kept pushing her face harder and harder into the pillow until she felt that she could no longer taking the constant beeping of her alarm. Her head shot up and her eyes glared daggers at her clock as if she was had special powers that could just turn the stupid clock off and she could just go back to sleep. Once it didn't do as she wanted she punched her pillow, and beside her pillow a few times before finally sitting up and turning off the stupid clock quickly. "To early," Was all she grumbled as she pushed herself up onto her feet and stretch with a loud yawn. Part of her suddenly wondered if Phineas her roommate had left already or if he was still getting up. Blinking a few times she pushed away the question in her head and began to get ready for the day, slowly. She didn't have any where really important to go until later in the day when she had class. Sighing softly she began to debate whether or not she really wanted to get up right now? There was nothing important going on so why did she get up? Skylar grumbled, shaking her head once then just went to go finish getting ready.

After she had taken a shower, changed, and had gotten a cup of coffee she looked through her phone. A girl from her Pre-Med class was making up a huge dramatic story about a guy and it just made Skylar roll her eyes. Skylar glanced around, no signs of either Phineas or Sebastian... weird. Her hand gripped her phone tightly as she took a sip of her coffee. "Blah," She mumbled as she made a face. "Not as good as the Mighty Beans know what... She trailed off as she stood, drank a little more of the coffee then putting the rest down the sink where she cleaned up her mess and put away her glass after washing it. She hesitated then made her way out he door and towards the Might bean where she would get a coffee that was truly good. Nothing was better than a good, and hot coffee in the morning just before doing absolutely nothing. Double checking to make sure the door was closed and locked she took wide steps, and made it down the hallway quickly.


Friday, February 8th, 2013: 7:46 A.M.

Blair stared at the ceiling then the wall and then the ceiling once again. There he laid restless and practically begging for some kind of sleep. Any at all, he could care less at the moment if he missed work because all he wanted was sleep. Glancing over at his clock he saw what time it was and decided that now would be a good time to get up due to the fact that he highly doubted that he would be able to get more sleep. He pushed himself up and out of bed, looking at the few cups that has a little of liquor in him, and then glancing around his room. He bit his lip gently, and lifted his shirt to his nose. Taking a large whiff he shook his head and hurried to his closet where he grabbed his work clothes for the day. After getting a plaid shirt, jeans, socks, and all the necessities for the day he went to go take a quick shower and get ready for his day. All he could really think about is how he wished he could just get some sleep along with how glad he was that he didn't have to much more to get ready because he wasn't really in the mood to try to get ready.

Once Blair was out of the shower, and dressed he grabbed his work boots. Examining them carefully he saw a few things that disgusted him and that made him want to clean it. He wasn't OCD and usually he could careless but lately it had just been bothering him so now here he is cleaning his boots even though after work the boots would once again be dirty. After his work boots he slipped them on quickly, remembering that he had to get to work soon and he still had not gotten his coffee. Shooting up from his seat he glanced around, as if checking for his roommate to be any where near him without Blair even seeing him. "I'm leaving Greyson!" He called out to his friend, hoping that he hadn't been sleeping. Blair quickly made his leave and hurried away from the apartment and started his way down to The Mighty Bean where he would be able to get some coffee and maybe something small to eat before he had to go to work. He was already tired so the last thing that he needed was to be both tired and hungry. He took the elevator down and once it reached the floor he proceeded to make his way to the coffee shop where he waited in a very, very short line to get himself a coffee and a small snack before work. Finally he sighed softly, blinking, and rubbing his eyes tiredly while he waited a little.

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#, as written by Jynxii


"Luke.." "Mommy?"

The shrill voice of her three and a half year old snapped her awake faster than ice water being thrown onto her. Her blue hues snapped open, instantly staring into the pair of matching- and smaller- pair of her daughter. As the image of him faded into the morning, Harper forced herself to smile and fight back the tears that threatened to spill over. It had been three years since his passing, and she still couldn't let go. "Mommy..." The impatient toddler gently shook her mother by the shoulders, poking her lip out into a pout. Harper couldn't help but crack a genuine smile. "Let me guess, you're.." Life breathed back into the little tot, "Hungry!"

Harper laughed and scooped the child into her arms gently rolling her over onto the empty space beside her on the bed. "Hungry? You're always hungry.." Harper grinned at the child who grinned back, nodding. "Hungry" the little one repeated. Laughing, Harper released her and forced herself to sit up on the bed. "Alright, I'm up. Go brush your teeth, I'll get started on breakfast. Oh, and go get your uncle up too.." Harper glanced at the digital clock on the beside table, grinning even more at the unGodly hour her child had woken her up at. Payback for last week, brother.. Smiling, Harper walked over to her robe and slipped it on.

After breakfast was served, Harper kissed Emily goodbye as her brother took her to daycare and left for work. Shane sat patiently by the door, looking up at her as she closed the door behind her family. "I know, I know. You want to go out. Let me get a shower and have some coffee! Sheesh. You know, I think you're hanging around Emily too much, Shane. You're starting to take after her." A grunt and huff from Shane. "Hey! None of that mister!" Harper laughed as she slipped out of her robe and into her morning routine.

After her shower and getting dressed in a black jogging suit, Harper clicked the leash onto Shane's collar and led him out the door. The morning was average, if anything. They'd stop by their coffee shop across the street, where Shane would wait outside, and then they'd take a slow lap around the park while Harper drank her coffee, and then it would be time for the daily run, and then maybe an hour of play time or so. Shane knew the schedule well. Harper locked the apartment door and led her canine companion down the stairs and across the street to the coffee shop. They were open and already getting busy, even this early in the morning. As always, Harper tied Shane to the bench outside of the shop and went inside as he laid down to wait.
The smell of coffee greeted her like an old friend, lifting the corners of her mouth into a smile. The line had already formed. From the backs of their head she could make out two males and a blonde woman; regulars who she had seen around maybe once or twice- but no one that she knew personally. "How are you?" The man at the front of the line- she paused to look at him again-... the boy at the front of the line.. Seemed to be very familiar with the girl behind the counter. God, I can never remember her name... The blonde woman in front of her shifted slightly, allowing for Harper to get a glimpse at the woman's name tag; Evangeline. Ooooh.. Right.

Turning her attention away from the front, Harper pulled her phone from her pocket and thumbed over the screen to unlock it and send a text to Amber.

To: Amber
Message: Hey, how did it go yesterday? Big news I hope! I'm already at the Bean so meet me here. Shane's waiting outside, so hurry your ass up!

Hitting send, Harper looked up, displeased to see that the line hadn't moved very much. With a soft sigh, she glanced over her shoulder back outside to Shane and was pleased to find him sleeping by the bench. Relieved that he wasn't trying to chase a squirrel down Main Street, Harper put her attention onto the back of the head in front of her. He looked insanely familiar, but she just couldn't place him.

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Skylar sighed, walking into the Might Bean and getting a coffee along with a donut. After ordering what she want she walked off to the side and took a small bite out of her donut. This was also the time that her phone decided to ring. Skylar grumbled a little angrily and walked over to a seat where she put her stuff down and answered her phone. "Mm, mmmmah." She shook her head, frowning with her mouth closed. Ew. Why did she just do that? She quickly swallowed her food, almost choking on it as it went down her throat. "Hello?" Skylar sighed softly as her aunt began ranting over the phone about something her husband did. Skylar rolled her eyes and took a seat knowing this would take a while. "... and he had been gambling away our money that entire time. No wonder we can't pay our bills." Her aunt huffed out then finally took in a deep breath. "You know you really should just leave him if he is causing this many problems. Look I have to go so I'll talk to you later." Skylar added quickly in an attempt to get off the phone with her aunt, knowing that soon enough her aunt would probably not stop talking until Skylar really couldn't take it any more. After a couple seconds of a pause she heard a soft sigh come from her aunt. "Alright dear, I'll call you later, or no you can call me. We'll talk more later. Oh here comes Jimmy, love you bye dear." There was silence then click her aunt hung up. Skylar looked at her phone for a minute then shook her head and put her phone away.

After that whole thing with her aunt she grabbed her donut, quickly scarfing it down before picking up her coffee and taking a tiny sip of it. Sadly the coffee wasn't as hot as when she got it. Yet still to Skylar's luck it was still warm and even still burnt her tongue a little. With one glance around The Mighty Bean she didn't really notice anyone that she was either in the mood to talk to or that she even liked. She closed her eyes for a moment then rose to her feet and left the Mighty Bean. Noticing harper she did a half wave before making a quick move away. Amber was there, not that she didn't like her it was just more that Skylar and Amber didn't always get along. Plus Skylar for once didn't want to just barge into a conversation. During the time she was walking down the side walk down the street she pulled her phone out and began to look through it. Her finger landing on Jacob's number. Why not? She hadn't seen him at The Mighty Bean so might as well just send him a simple text. Right? It couldn't hurt.

To: Jacob
Hey, Jak- Jinx... see what I did there? Anyways, whatcha doing? Want to hangout soon? That is unless your busy.

Skylar pressed send on her phone then slid the object into her pocket as she cupped her hands around her coffee and continued to walk. Where was she going? Well that was a mystery even to her, but then again did it really matter? In her opinion it didn't matter but who knew. Skylar took yet another small sip from her drink, looking around as she followed the path to where ever it may lead or end at.


Blair smiled, gladly taking the delicious plate as it was handed to him. After he received his plate she responded to his offer and he just nodded because soon enough she was moving around The Mighty Bean giving others plates of food. He smiled, "Alright see you later then." Was what he told her as she moved around The Mighty Bean. He was sure she didn't hear him. He took a moment, adjusting the items that he was holding and had in his pockets. Before he even knew it Evangeline was leaving The Mighty Bean because of what Gordon said. He waited until she was gone to leave. Of course he also had to make a quick pit stop at his house to drop off this good that he decided to save for dinner that same night. Soon enough he left The Mighty Bean, went up to his apartment where he put away his food and then he went to where his car was, got into his car, and went to work.