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Charlotte Dolly Jones

District 10-"My middle name may be Dolly but that doesn't mean I'm a doll to be played with."

0 · 716 views · located in The Capitol

a character in “They Did say 13 was Unlucky: The Hunger Games”, as played by sweetshearts


Character Sheet:
Full Name: Charlotte Dolly Jones
Age: 13
District: 10
Gender: Female
Token: Her glasses with a piece of hay taped onto it.
Personality: Charlotte is a serious and smart young girl, she doesn't like to be played around with. She is hard to be tricked and doesn't trust people easily. Even though she may seem very tough and serious if you become a friend of hers she will protect you through anything, she'll die for you, maybe even literally. Even though she hates to be tricked she can easily trick people, especially adults. She can be a sweet little girl in one minute and cold, distant, and mean in the next. For such a tough person she is very weak when it comes to physical fights so she is the type of person to "talk the talk but not walk the walk." She is very scared of what is happening however much she acts like she doesn't care.
History: She was born in early November to a big family, her mother, father, three sisters, four brothers, six aunts, three uncles, and her grandparents. Her family lived in a small four room house, a kitchen, a living room and a room for the children and adults. Even though life was hard she had family and that was the one thing she cared about, they would always talk every night sitting around the table. She worked as a herder and used a whip a lot to make sure the animals kept together.
Skills: She can use a whip well, she is quick on her feet and she is flexible.
Weaknesses: She is physically weak and can fight well at all.
Appearance: She is dark kinky hair that she keeps in an afro, when straightened it reaches her the start of her back. Her skin is a light brown color besides a birthmark on her arm which is very light in the shape of circle. Her eyes are a dark brown color and she has thick eyelashes and thin eyebrows. She is thin and has a hourglass frame.
Training score: 8
Reaping Outfit: A red dress with white plaids and a brown belt. She wore red ruby mary janes and a red bow.
Reaped or Volunteered : Reaped
If Volunteered, why:
Reaction: She was surprised and angry and very scared, but she kept her head high and didn't start crying until she got into the justice building room to meet her family.
Chariot Outfit: A plaid red ball gown with green stripes and brown trim and a brown duster coat. She also wore a cowboy hat with a red bow and boots.
Interview Outfit: A white blouse and a long brown skirt.
Interview Angle: Cute, sweet little girl with a bit of an arrogance.
Do they survive the bloodbath: Yes
Do you want them to win: No, I know she won't win.
What Weapon would be the Best for them: A whip
What Weapon would be the Worst: A sword
What arena would be the best for them: Forest like, hot
Which arena would be the worst: Winter, cold

So begins...

Charlotte Dolly Jones's Story