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Avaline Harp

"The world can be a very bland place."

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a character in “They Opened The Book”, as played by Fear The Cat



“I hunt not for the sake of justice, but for the ongoing pursuit of knowledge.”



Image| Name |
Avaline Quinnella Harp. Her named used to be Irene, though she left that name a long time ago.
“I prefer to go by Avaline. Nicknames do not sit well with me.”

| Age |
“Don't let my age fool you. I am just as intelligent as any other.”

| Love interest |
“Define love.”

| Sexuality |
“Gender is merely features. What does that have to do with love? ...Though I suppose sexuality isn't all about love, is it?”

| Role |
Main character 2.
“Character? Are you suggesting I am not real?”

| Face Claim |
Inori Yuzuhiha.
“Excuse me, but my face is my own.”

“Do not misjudge those around you. Everyone, no matter who, has at least a shred of knowledge to bless you with.”

Image| Height |
“I am not tall. However, I am not short.”

| Weight |
120 pounds.
“Why is it rude to ask a woman's weight?”

| Scent |
“I like the scent of vanilla. Do you?”

| Appearance |
Avaline is a very beautiful girl, and she uses this to her advantage. Flawless curves define her shape and blemish-free, porcelain skin hugs her body. Divine, red eyes that convince when trying to betray any emotion complete her small face alone with a small nose and thin lips. Natural, light pink hair cascades down to chest. If not left out, her hair is tied into very loose pigtails, usually maintained by two thick red riddons. As for wardrobe, Avaline usually sticks to lose dresses. Her favorite dress is a simple one: a short, spaghetti strap, flow-y black dress with white frill at the bottom. Thin red ribbons attached above the chest decorate the dress while she usually wears a bear of black boots to compliment the outfit. Since the dress is so short she always wears a pair of black shorts on underneath, though they're hard to see. Also, the boots she wears with the dress are the boots she wears with every single piece of clothing she has. If she's not wearing those boots, she is barefooted... Which is not a rare occurrence.
“I don't like pants. They're annoying to wear.”


| Likes |
Knowledge | Knowledge is an instrument, a fact, a utensil and a companion. Knowledge defines life and Avaline longs to harbor all knowledge applicable to her, and perhaps beyond.
Logical puzzles | What better way to expand her knowledge and enhance her sense than through a logic puzzle?
Socializing | A great way to analyze one's thoughts and emotions.
Reading | Reading is one of Avaline's favorite activities.
Dancing | Next to dancing, Avaline also loves dancing. She's very good at it, too.
Analyzing | People especially. She finds their reactions fascinating. Besides, she likes to figure people out, that way she knows how to deal with them in the future.
Demons | Their powers are truly astounding! She'd give up anything to know more about them. In fact, just being near demons excites her.
Gaining knowledge | If there's anything that she loves more than knowledge, it's gaining knowledge.
Being knowledgeable | Avaline finds satisfaction in the fact that she knows a little (a lot) more than the average soul. It also tickles her that people usually come to her when they want to know something.
Tea | Avaline loves tea. It tastes miraculous.

“Play me in chess.”

| Strengths |
Knowledgeable | When it comes to just about everything Avaline has a large database.
Deliberate | Avaline never goes into things without a plan. That's just reckless.
Quick | When it comes to absorbing plans and information, Avaline has always been very quick.
Agile | Flexible and fast, Avaline uses these two traits in battle in order to make up for her lack of muscle.
Calm | Avaline rarely loses her composure.
High self esteem | Her self esteem is quite high. Insults and the usual things do not phase her.
Deceptive | When Avaline lies, she lies well. It's almost impossible to see through her ruses.
Hard to fool | Avaline lies well, that much is clear. But she is very hard to lie to without getting caught.
Observant | The most subtle things can catch Avaline's attention. It's one of the reasons why she makes a great detective.
Patient | To truly pursue knowledge you must have patience. Lots and lots of patience.

“Knowledge is power. I would know.”

| Dislikes |
Being corrected | Nothing irks her more than being corrected.
Being clueless | Being clueless is lacking knowledge. Lacking knowledge is one thing Avaline won't tolerate. Not when she's the one lacking knowledge, anyway.
Losing her temper | Avaline is a very calm and collected person. When she finally loses her temper things tend to get ugly. It bothers Avaline to no end when she loses her temper. She prefers to keep the calm and collected manor she's known for.
Being bored | When not in pursuit of knowledge, Avaline gets bored. Avaline hates being bored.
Being wrong | Being wrong means her knowledge is false. Avaline loves knowledge, so it's only natural that she hates false knowledge. The only thing she hates more than false knowledge is the one who gave her false knowledge.
Teddy bears | Their eyes are so beady, so creepy.
Ferrets | They're even creepier than teddy bears.
Small talk | She has experienced lots of boring things in her life, but small talk is among the worst.

“Boredom. Boredom is constant. It's always there until you distract yourself with something worthy of even time.”

| Weaknesses |
Lacks physical strength | Apparent from her appearance, if there's one thing Avaline doesn't have, it's muscle. Weak and rather fragile, she poses no threat when it comes to hitting.
Fragile | Every hit counts when it comes to Avaline. All it takes is a few punches to take Avaline out. The only problem is managing to hit her.
Lust for knowledge | Avaline will do anything to gain more knowledge, and that includes betrayal, murder, and in some cases, torture. Her lust is merciless. You can also easily bait her with knowledge, though it'd have to be something good.
Anything but trustworthy | Avaline will not hesitate to stab you in the back or tell your secrets. Or both. If the pursuit of knowledge calls, you can kiss your trust in her goodbye.
Cynical | When not distracted by the pursuit of knowledge, Avaline is quite cynical, and above all, bored.
Lack of morals | Morals? Hah. Avaline doesn't believe in those silly things. They're unnecessary boundaries. No more.

“You clearly don't know what I'm capable of.”

“The more books you read the less ignorant you are.”

Image| Fears |
Fire | Avaline doesn't need much knowledge to know to stay away from fire.
Heights | This is a more secret fear of hers. She doesn't make an attempt to keep it a secret, but when up high her calm facade covers her fear.
Dying | If she dies, how will she learn? Dead people can't learn.
The dark | This fear bothers Avaline to no end. There's nothing to be afraid of, she knows that, and yet she still becomes afraid when surrounded by darkness.
Insanity | Avaline does not bode well with the idea of insanity.


| Habits |
  • When Avaline is bored she sighs excessively.
  • However, when Avaline is interested in something, if she's not talking she'll start humming unconsciously.
  • Prying. It can get quite annoying at times.

| Hobbies |
  • Dancing. It's very entertaining, and there are many techniques to learn.
  • Solving cases. Nothing is better than an interesting case to entertain yourself with.
  • Reading. Aren't books fascinating?
  • Making poetry is one of her favorite hobbies.
“I've never lost a case.”

| Quriks |
  • Avaline finds it exremely easy to comfort others, yet she fails when it comes to seeking comfort from others.
  • Avaline never curses.
“I am many things, but quirky is not one of them.”


| Personality |
"Wouldn't you rather be doing something else? Something less... boring." Avaline sees almost everything as boring. Everything old, anything with no more knowledge to gain from, is simply that. Boring. Without knowledge, the world is just a sphere. A boring, dirty sphere. Avaline has no desire to do anything when she's bored. In fact, when she's bored, she's extremely cynical. Everything becomes pointless. Everything is accompanied by a bad outcome. So it only makes sense that she avoids being bored at all times. How does she do that? Through knowledge, of course.

Speaking of knowledge, that is Avaline's one goal in life: to gain life. And that goal defines her. She's never had morals. Avaline believes that she can do whatever she wishes. Morals are used to control people. They're boundaries. Rules. "What was that saying again? Oh yes. All rules are meant to be broken." Avaline doesn't appreciate rules. She never has. So she's never seen morals as something important. Which means she has no problem breaking morals. In fact, to gain knowledge, sometimes that is necessary. Avaline will do anything to gain more knowledge, to avoid boredom, and as you've probably guessed breaking morals is one of them. Theft? You must be kidding. Murder? Of course. Torture? Fine with Avaline. When after knowledge, Avaline is merciless.

Now, sometimes violence and theft is not required to gain knowledge. No, but sometimes persuasion is. Avaline uses her silver tongue to get the things she wants. She forms false trust with others, and uses that trust to her advantage. In that way, she is very manipulative. "Manipulative? That's awfully harsh. I guide people in the direction of information, in order to enlighten both them and myself." Hmph.

But on the outside is a mellow, friendly young woman. With polite compliments, curtsies, gentle laughs, and a few witty remarks, on the outside, Avaline is very likable. Now, don't get the wrong impression. This is the true Avaline, however stronger intentions do lurk within her. The calm and comforting act is all true. It's just marred by her unbearable lust for knowledge and disturbing lack of morals. But onto the details. Avaline actually loves helping people. She loves sharing her vast knowledge, and nothing overjoys her more than running into someone who is just as into knowledge as she is. It's almost cute when she's interested in something. She'll start humming and an enthusiastic spark will appear in her eyes. "...I am not cute. Avaline also blushes when someone compliments her. And even when she's bored, Avaline will stay calm, mannerly and collected. She'll just seem more distant and she'll sigh repeatedly.

Though, Avaline hardly ever gets angry. It takes an incredible amount of effort to set Avaline off. Usually when someone insults her, she'll just laugh and compliment their skills in offending (if it was actually a good insult, she'll be impressed.) Pranks amuse her, even when she is the victim. Whenever she is the victim of a prank, she usually consults the prankster and asks how they pulled it off. Not to tease, but rather, to learn. It's easy to tell the difference between interest and any other emotion, really, with Avaline. Though usually the only other emotions she shows are boredom and controlled happiness. However, those emotions seem non-existent when she's pissed off... When Avaline is pissed off, she gets pissed off. When you manage to piss her off in a minor way (which is hard to do), you'll notice her remarks, usually calm and friendly, are sharp and malicious. When moderately pissed off, she'll start taking things to a new level. Her calm attitude will quickly fade and the sharp remarks will continue. This is when you should start backing away, because at this point, if pushed any further she will resort to violence. Her last stage of anger is almost impossible to reach, but at this point you're on your way to the hospital... If you're lucky, that is.

“It would be best not to anger me.”

“You're boring me.”

| Bio |
Avaline, or Anette Ellla Reilly as she used to be known by, was born into a very well known and wealthy family. Trained in the art of manners, curtsies, and the silver-tongue, everything was pretty boring. All her parents cared about were politics and reputation. They kept their daughter as close as possible, and shielded her from as much as they could. But Avaline lusted for more than her life. All of it was getting so repetitive. Her life never pleased her, though she dealt with it... She was alright with her life for a while. She'd pass the times by reading. Books intrigued her, the knowledge locked inside enthralled her. As long as she had books, her life was set.

That was until things changed. Someone robbed her parents. Stole their money, their possessions, their books, and killed their servants. The Reilly family was in ruins, and Avaline was determined to avenge them. She took everything she had and set out to find the thief. After a few months of exciting discoveries, baffling obstacles and broken morals, she found her target. After Avaline took care of the bastard's body, she went back to her parents and informed them of her amazing discoveries. They weren't too thrilled. In fact, they insisted that Avaline marry the son of a rich family, for her parents were crashing into debt. Avaline refused. She wanted to explore, to gain knowledge, to solve cases! Not be chained by an arranged marriage. So she left without looking back.

Instead of dealing with her parents, she delve into the world of detectives. She changed her name and brushed off her remorse. Avaline Quinetta Harp became famous for her work, and widely known for her knowledge. She was rumored to be a walking encyclopedia. For a while, she just wandered, solving cases and soaking up all the knowledge she could gain. A day came when she took upon a mysterious case from the small town of Allorae. Everything was going fine, until someone decided to open the book...

“They didn't understand. And so, I moved on.”

| Character Relationships |
Fiona Rae | Avaline doesn't know much about the soul leech, but something about this villain intrigues her. She yearns to know more about Fiona, to find out her motives, her plan, her ways of killing. Avaline finds her case one of the most interesting that she's came across in quite a while. She'll do anything to find out more.

Zen Killian | WIP

Phoebe Krell | WIP

Thalia Tomoko | WIP

So begins...

Avaline Harp's Story

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ImageIn the forest by the small village of Allorae strolled a stranger. This stranger, dressed in red, was particularly famished. Yes, Fiona Rae was desperate for a soul to consume. At this point, she didn't care what kind of soul she was to consume. Crippled, unripe, burnt; she couldn't care less. A soul was a soul.

Speaking of souls... Fiona's eyes seemed to sparkle as she laid her eyes on an approaching stranger. An old man, who was carrying a heavy looking package. A plump old man, Fi observed. Perhaps a bit too plump. Ah, but what was she thinking? A soul was a soul. And this soul was no exception. Dare, whose eyes were still sparkling, smiled as she began skipping over to the unfortunate soul. A sweet smile crept upon her lips as she called out to him, "Sire! You look awfully tired. Do you need help with that heavy package of yours?"

Just as the old man was about to respond, Fiona felt something tug on the back of her dress. Her head whirled around, eyes expecting to find someone behind her. Alas, there was no one. She sought to blame her imagination... Right before the pull grew stronger. Genuinely suspicious, she fully turned around, only to face air. The moment she took a step forward to investigate the disturbance further, a sudden force pulled the whole of her creation forward. Before she knew what was going on, she slammed face first into a wall composed of solid stone. The world swirled for a split second, though it didn't take long for Fiona to regain her composure... And it didn't take long for to lose it again, realization that this world was not exactly hers.

"Woah, wait a second--- wait --- w-what in hell?!"


ImageAvaline Harp took a deep breath in order to suppress her excitement as she started toward Allorae's library, her hopes set on the case she and her partner were about to pursue. According to the town's residents, mysterious murders had been occurring as of late. Apparently the victims bared no typical murder symptoms; no stab-wounds, no blue lips, nothing usual, only abnormal lightening of skin. This particular case thrilled Avaline, for she hadn't run into an interesting case in quite a while. For a while, she depended on lengthy books and keen observations performed on the side in order to entertain herself. All of these distractions from work were growing quite tiresome. She didn't have the time to mess around. She had to keep up with all of her cases.

So, now that her case was her entertainment, she was quite jubilant that day.

So jubilant, in fact, that she didn't believe anything could increase her excitement. Yet she was wrong. Though she usually hated being wrong, in this particular case, she did not mind.

It all started with a slight tug. It was as if someone were pulling on the back of her dress. Curious, she turned her head to see who it was. Part of her thought it was Zen (who she was meeting at the library), her partner, but it appeared to be no one. Her head tilted to the side. Perhaps a demon with the power of invisibility was messing with her? Not that she minded, of course. What she minded was not knowing. Not knowing who was tugging on her dress, to be exact. She considered asking who it was when the tug turned into a pull. Avaline then reached out to see if she could touch who was pulling on her dress, but was taken by surprise as the pull increased dramatically. She watched as the scene around her shifted, colors swirled, and new surroundings introduced themselves, all within a few seconds.

A breathless gasp escaped Avaline's lips as she was thrust into this unfamiliar setting. She hit the ground with a loud thump, though thankfully through quick thinking her shoulder took the brunt of the hit instead of her face. Of course, nothing could be done to stop the sense of pain that radiated throughout her body via impact with the ground. And nothing could be done to quell the indescribable feeling of intrigue that coursed through her veins as she admired the new world around her.


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