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Fiona Rae

"Don't let the world fool you. Heroes aren't heroes. They're just mercenaries with a few good deeds to brag about."

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a character in “They Opened The Book”, as played by Fear The Cat



“If you're not crazy, well then, you're not livin'.”

Whisper | Evanescence


Image| Name |
Fiona "Dare" Rae.
“Call me Fi, if you like.”

| Age |
Twenty Five.
“Old enough to drink is old enough for me.”

| Love interest |
“I'm interested in a lot of things, but... love certainly not one of them.”

| Sexuality |
“I'm open to all genders. After all, I wouldn't blame either for finding me attractive...”

| Role |
Soul leech.
“Well, that's flatterin'.”

| Face Claim |
Kyoko from Madoka Magica.
“Is that your version of imposter?”

“Don't trust skin. It's the soul that counts... Ahh... That sounded better in my head.”

| Height |
“Call me short and maybe I'll use your legs instead.”

| Weight |
96 pounds.
“You've got some nerve to ask that question... I'm startin' to like you.”

| Scent |
A faint smell of blood.
“Not suspicious, is it?”

| Appearance |
Fi isn't beautiful, nor is she cute. She's attractive. With fierce, bright red eyes that bear an abysmal look, accompanied by a hint of brown, it isn't hard for her to grab someone's attention. Her blemish-free, porcelain skin and playful smile help assure this. After all, Fi, or Dare, as she likes to be called, is almost always smiling. Though sometimes that's hard to see with her long hair falling in her face. Ah, yes her hair. A unique shade of red, standing between the color of fresh strawberries and blood. Her hair is almost always tied into a high standing, sloppy ponytail, held in place with a black scrunchie. Her hair isn't all one length. She got bored one day and cut each strand of her hair at a different length, coincidentally giving it a unique layer of texture. And bangs, for that matter. Now, onto her outfit. In order to keep the red, white, and black theme going she picked a Victorian-like theme. Dare wears a black-collared sleeveless red dress that splits at the waist, and ends in white layers of frill. Under the dress is a crimped, light pink skirt. Unattached, white sleeves hug her arms, ending in black pull back sleeves. Thigh-high, black socks frame her legs and red boots finish the outfit.
“I know what you're thinkin'. Pretty, aren't I?”


| Likes |
Souls | She's addicted to them. It's not something she can help... Anymore, at least.
Noise | As long as it's an actual sound, Fi is more than likely to be pleased.
Singing | When no one's around she sings. She enjoys singing.
Fairytales | For some odd reason Fiona finds solace in reading fairytales. She's never told anyone one. At least, she'd never tell anyone if anyone ever asked.
Pocket watches | She's not sure why.
Friends | Friends seem nice. It must feel good to have those.
Underdogs | Nothing like an underdog to tear powerful figures down.
Fighting | Physically, to be specific. When Dare fights, she gets involved in the battle and tends to block out the world around her. She loves it when that happens, so she loves it when she fights.
Nature | Fiona loves nature. She makes friends with woodland creatures, and likes to take leisurely walks through the woods.
I think that fairytales aren't about the terrible, make-believe creatures... But the fact that those terrible creatures can be slain.”

| Strengths |
Powerful | When it comes to fighting, Dare can pack a punch.
High pain tolerance | It takes a lot to leave Fiona screaming. She can tolerate a lot of pain, which comes in handy in various situations.
Good Endurance | Dare can run a mile without breaking a sweat. She can fight for hours if she has to. Endurance is in the bag.
Liar | One of Dare's biggest talents is her amazing ability to lie. Devoid of lie signs and the usual amateur lapses of quality, she proves to be one of the best liars in all of Allorae.
Speed | Fi is one of the fastest runners in all of Allorae. After all, running is an instinct.
“I can cry on command.”

| Dislikes |
Silence | Long, utter silence... She can't take it. It drives her mad.
Being alone | Alone means utterly alone. Not without people, but without life. Without animals. Without people. Without anyone. Fi hates it.
"Heroes" | There is nothing in the entire world that she hates more than heroes. Because she knows there is no such thing as a hero.
Arrogance | Arrogance is blindness. Dare has only one goal in life. And that's to destroy all those who are truly blind.
The color white | Ah yes, the color of purity. The color of good. Funny how it's so easy to stain.
Bullies | No one likes a bully. Fiona makes sure she sucks the souls of all bullies. Their souls are bitter, but the satisfaction is all too sweet.
Helplessness | Nothing is better than being helpless. Clueless. Powerless. When you are helpless, you are nothing.
Cats | Cats don't like Dare, and Dare does not like them back. Not one bit.
Losing | Nothing is more embarrassing than losing a fight.
Hope | It's not real, so why do people believe in it?
Being manipulated | Nothing scars Fiona more than being manipulated. It's the equivalent to stabbing her in the heart.
“Do ya see these battle scars? Do ya see the spite in that cat's claw mark?! They're after me, I swear it!”

| Weaknesses |
Irritable | Provoking Dare is not a hard task. An easy one, actually. A very easy one.
Her right knee | Due to an unlucky child injury, Fi messed up her knee when she was little. Though it isn't noticeable, and it doesn't detract from her speed, if you hit her there it'd be enough to floor her, regardless of strength.
Distrusting | Fiona does not trust anyone, nor will she ever. And in some cases, that is her mistake.
Blunt | Sometimes Fi is a little too blunt. It's not hard for her to hurt feelings, even when that wasn't her true intention.
Addicted | Dare is physically addicted to souls. She'll do anything in her power to get a soul and it drives her mad if she can't.
Panic Attacks | More lately than ever, Fiona has panic attacks when she's been pushed into bad situations. Her panic attacks are either extremely noticeable or very well hidden. Regardless, they're panic attacks. During these panic attacks she proves to be a bit unstable. It's best that you leave her alone during these times, unless you want your head bitten off.
“That dress makes you look fat.”

“Can you feel it? Can you feel me judging you right now?”

Image| Fears |
Being manipulated | It's already happened once, and it ruined her life. She can't imagine what it'll be like if it happens again.
Cats | It is a secret. Tell and you die.
Claustrophobia | Fi hates being in small, enclosed spaces. If she's in one for too long, she'll start to have a panic attack.
Being caught | Being caught means no more souls. Being caught means no more walks in the woods and breaths of fresh air. Being caught means no chance of having friends.
Silence | Something about pure silence scares her to no end. She'll do anything to uproot silence.
Living forever | There's nothing scarier than a life with no end.
Being helpless | Fiona fears many things. But being helpless scares her more than anything in the world.
“I'm not a coward. I'm smart. There's a difference.”

| Habits |
  • When she's nervous, she tends to back away from everyone else. Physically and emotionally. It's instinct, really.
  • Dare drums her fingers when she's bored.
  • Smiling is one of her more prominent habits. Sometimes that's all you can do. Smile and laugh.
    “Isn't it funny how people flop like fishes when they fall?”
| Hobbies |
  • Soul leeching is a hobby, if you think about it...
  • Drawing is a more secret hobby of hers. She's actually quite good at it.
  • Fi enjoys swimming. She loves the sound of the water.
  • You could say sculpting ties in with drawing. Once again, she's actually very good at it.
    “I sculpted a wooden bird the other day... Not that I'll let ya see him or anythin'.”
| Quirks |
  • Fiona will get very embarrassed (and slightly angry) if you're near her when she sleeps.
  • For some absurd reason, the color yellow turns her off.
    “I sleep alone... like a lone wolf.”


| Personality |
Fiona "Dare" Rae is a very layered person. Each layer you delve through you find deeper and more secretive personality perks and causes. At the beginning is what people usually first come in contact with, while at the end lies her deeper thoughts and demeanor.

One of the first things people notice about Dare is that she is very blunt. Sugar coating is a foreign subject to her along with white lies and related subjects. The only time you'll catch Fi telling someone a white lie is if she's trying to manipulate or trick them. In fact, she's more likely to tell the truth, as horrible as it may be, if she values someone. Honesty is a very important subject to her, so when she approves of someone she is very careful not to lie. Though that usually ends in fights which taint her vision on that particular person. This bluntness of hers probably grows from the fact that she isn't very good with feelings. There are only two feelings she knows how to read, and those feelings are disdain and anger. Funny how she's so clueless when it comes to the other emotions, and yet reading disdain and anger comes as easily as breathing to Fiona. Then again, she's lived with it her whole life, so it makes sense.

Another one of Fi's more prominent traits is her irritability. All it takes is a petty insult to get her seething. It's best if you choose your words carefully around Dare, for just one wrong word can get your head bitten off. Though oddly enough, it won't damage your relationship with her. Sure, she'll be mad at you for good ten minutes, but the anger will always fade... As long the trigger didn't involve stabbing her in the back, she'll act as if nothing happened. Simply because to her, nothing did happen. That's how Fi works. She's an honest flame. Quick to ignite and just as easy to put out. An apology is all it takes. Even then, she doesn't need one... Not that she'll apologize, though. If you're still angry you'll simply baffle her. Now, the anger explained is her reaction when it comes to insults and arguments. Petty or heated, she'll get over them. As long as they're not about betrayal. If you betray Fiona, if it isn't the end of you, it is the end of your relationship with her. The only thing left between the two of you will be cold rage and a grand lust for murder. Her favorite way to kill someone who betrays her is in cold blood. A knife in the back, preferably. She'll probably ask you how it feels.

It's not hard to notice how Fiona distances herself from other people. She is very distrusting. She's always willed herself to be. Even if she's known you for years, she'll find it hard to put faith in you. If a situation involves anything she values, worries about, or is embarrassed by, you won't so much as hear a peep about it. There are only three ways to get deep information out of Fi: one, you can force it out, though that's a challenge in and of itself. You'll find that she isn't easily persuaded. Two, she can choose to reveal something herself in order to gain your false trust. And three, she's more likely to let something slip in the midst of one of her panic attacks. Your best bet is through a panic attack. Though then there's the problem of triggering one... Though lately, that's not too much of a task...

Speaking of panic attacks, the more you get to know Fiona the more you'll realize that she has two primary "bad" emotions: anger and fear. Sorrow not being one of them. Fiona doesn't do sorrow. It's that simple. Fear on the other hand... That's one of her most common emotions. Fear always seems to find a way to seep into Fi's life. Whether it be through momentary scares or petrifying scenes, they're always there. Fiona has never lived without fear lurking in the back of her mind.

Though not exactly a fear, this ever-present feeling defines Fiona more than she knows. And that ever occurring feeling is loneliness. She wants a lot of things out of the world, but the one thing that she wants above anything else is simple... A friend. Though due to her massive trust issues and strong fear of betrayal and manipulation, a true friend is the one thing she'll never let herself have. It's said socialization is a must for all social creatures, for they'll be driven mad without it. Friendly socialization, something besides trickery and small talk, isn't complete without an element of trust. Trust, something Fiona lives without. And because of the lack of trust in her life, she experiences an extreme lack of friendly socialization. Without friendly socialization an empty hole grows in her heart that she refuses to fill. And because of this empty hole, her compassion wanes, her hate grows, and her loneliness darkens her existence.

It's funny how a fake emotion runs the deepest. They say Dare never goes a day without smiling. Without joking, or laughing. Some people call it crazy, how happy that girl is. Appears would be a better word, though. There's a reason she acts so happy, so cheerful. She longs to be an optimist. To be able to look at the good side of things and smile at life. So she surrounds herself with happy thoughts, happy things, and millions of smiles in hopes of persuading herself that life isn't so bad... It hasn't worked. Not yet, anyway. It'll work eventually, right? Some day, things will pick up. And when that happens she'll know that her smiles were all worth it. Yet the more disappointment she runs into the more she fears that the day will never come. But she still smiles. She still laughs. She still jokes. Someday it'll pay off... It has to. Anyway, because of her desperation to be an optimist she secretly admires those who are. It's hardly noticeable, but she tends to like people more if they have positive outlooks on life. The only thing that pleases her more than being with an optimist is looking like one. Cheering herself up is difficult, but at least she has the privilege of brightening someone else's day.

“Everyone gets dealt some cards in life. Me? I got a few bad ones at first, but I'll get a king soon enough. I know it.”

“Sometimes the gem is best left undiscovered.”

| Bio |
Fiona has taken one feeling from the very beginning, and has brought it with her throughout her entire life. And that one feeling is loneliness. She's not a demon. But she's not a human, either. She's half of each. She's not enough for either group. That's how it's always been. And it's awfully lonely, being alone like that. When she was younger, she'd dream. She'd dream of love. Of hugs. Of friends. That's something she's always wanted. Friends. Just one would be enough. But that's hard when no one does so much as talk to you. Yes, Fi was very lonely. She'd do anything to see that change. But sadly, she did not run into change. Not in her younger years, no. Fiona took care of herself. She lived alone in the woods, raising herself. Survival wasn't anything to worry about. She could read animal's souls. The animals helped her. Though they always left in the end.

As the years passed, she grew more lonely. Fiona longed for a hug. For a friend. She began to grow desperate. She'd take anyone. Anyone who agreed to be her friend. And one day... She found a friend. A demon. A friend. She didn't mind demons. She didn't mind humans. She never minded anyone. She'd always been a cheerful little girl. Always happy. Actually happy. She joked. She laughed. Why? Because she was happy. Especially when she found her friend. She was around eleven when she found her friend. He was a young demon. A naughty one, who was a known menace in many, many towns. But he was nice. He liked her when no one else did. They bonded. They laughed together. One day he gave her a pocket watch. A gift. She loved it. Kept it with her. They bonded more. They joked together. They played pranks. They shared secrets. It was nice. She looked up to him. He was her hero. Her friend. One day, he asked her something. If she was a demon -- even part demon --, what was her power? She answered honestly. She did not know. So they found out. Together. As friends. Souls. She could mess with souls. It was a rare and unique ability, he told her. This power could only be made by combining human and demon, he explained. She should cherish it. But she didn't know how to cherish it. What would she do?

He proposed that she try something out. To test her power. He showed her a quaint little town. They picked out a girl. A blonde girl. A blue-eyed girl. A beautiful girl with pearly necklaces. A very bad girl, according to her friend. He didn't have time to go into details, because the girl needed to be taken care of. Fiona believed her friend. She trusted her friend. They made a plan. She went into the town, and met the girl for herself. She befriended the girl. She studied souls on the side. How they worked. How to mess with them. How to control her powers. And the day for action finally came. She leeched the girl's soul. The girl put up a good fight. Fiona almost died that night. But she won. She stole her energy and took it as her own. It felt good. Very good. She healed instantly. She sucked the life out of her, and watched with secret horror as her body went pale. It was okay, she told herself. This is a bad woman. My friend said so. I can trust my friend. And so she went back to go tell her friend. He seemed very excited. Ecstatic, even. She told him what happened. Their plan had worked. She asked him why she was a bad woman. He said he'd tell her tomorrow. That Fiona should rest. It must have been hard, banishing her soul. Banishing. Yes, that was what he called it.

Fiona woke up the next day to find her friend gone. She was bewildered. She looked everywhere. All throughout the woods. She asked around town asking for her dear friend. Someone asked the name of her friend. Fiona delivered. The person who asked looked very bewildered. The woman checked to see if Fiona was kidding. Fiona was not kidding. The woman stepped away from Fiona. What was Fiona doing with that menace, she asked. Fiona answered honestly. He was her friend. He'd always been her friend. He wasn't a menace. He was nice. He laughed with her. He joked with her. He made her happy. The woman asked if she knew about a certain girl. A wonderful, selfless girl. This girl had died recently. The only sign of death? Abnormally pale skin. Fiona became worried. She asked about her hair. Her eyes. Did she wear pearly necklaces? Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Lots of pearly necklaces. Fiona became mad. The woman was lying to her! Her friend was right! She must've been bad! He didn't make her murder a good girl. He'd never let her murder a good girl. She'd prove it. She had to! She would clear her friend's name!

Fiona searched and searched for information on her friend. She knew a lot about her friend.

But she did not know that he used to have a girlfriend. She looked into his girlfriend. Blonde. Blue eyes. Pearly necklaces. Could it be? Did the girl wrong her friend? She must have! ...But it must've been very bad. Her friend wouldn't make her kill because of a grudge, would he? He... The more she wondered about it, the more she wondered why he didn't tell her anything. She continued her search for knowledge, friendless once again. She yearned to find him again. She wanted to laugh with someone. She wanted to joke with someone. She wanted to share her happiness. So she searched. She searched for an entire year. She was twenty by the time her hope started to fade. But that was when she found something. Someone. She found him. He was spending his days in one of the bigger cities with maidens dressed in yellow bikinis, offering him drinks as he complimented their golden eyes.

Fiona was a lot of things. But most of all, she was mad. Furious. Seething. Her friend had left her. But surely it was for good reason--- no. He left her. She'd been running from the truth for so long now, it hurt more than it should have when she finally accepted that he'd left her. But no. He didn't, did he? She could still run. She'd keep running. So she stepped forward. She thought of when she sucked that girl's soul. How well it healed her. Maybe it would heal her doubts? They were wounds. They were doubts that shouldn't have been there. They were wrong. Of course he didn't leave her! Believing this, Fiona laughed. She walked toward the women. She took their souls without warning. It felt good. Very good. Too good. Her friend was mad. This baffled Fiona. She thought she'd cheer him up. She laughed. She joked. But he didn't laugh with her. He just became more mad. He yelled. He screamed. She'd never seen him this mad.

"Do you really think I'm your friend, half-breed?"

Half-breed. She hadn't heard that word in a long time. She thought he liked that. That she was unique. Half of two great races. Why would he say that? She'd told him before how much it hurt. How much it hurt to be alone. How much it hurt to be rejected because of something she could not control. It hurt. God, it always hurt. Fiona screamed. Fiona screamed so loudly at him. And he ran. He ran like the coward, like the horrible person he was. But even when he was gone. Even when it was all over. When she finally managed to stop screaming, stop screaming words she knew were less than pretty. She was still angry. It hurt. It ached. And it was all because of him. He wasn't her friend. She should've known better than to have a menace as her friend. He was never her friend. What hurt the most was that she actually believed it. And because she believed it she became a murderer. And she craved more, because of him. Souls. They were wonderful. Delicious. Each one had a different flavor. They were rejuvenating. She was addicted. She was a murderer and she couldn't stop murdering. And it was all his fault.

From that day on, Dare became a soul leech. She hopped from town to town, sucking souls as she pleased. But she made sure of something. She targeted certain people. People with power. Heroes. She hated heroes. Heroes were fake. They were always after something. A reward. So Dare went after the heroes; the heroes with power. The arrogant ones especially. Those really bothered her. She went to town after town, feasting as she pleased. And in each town she found out a little more about her old friend. Where to find him. How he was. How to trick him. How to kill him. She was getting close. Though she ran into a bit of trouble when she came across the humble little village of Allorae...

“I will kill him. I don't care what it takes. As long as his blood ends up on my hands.”


Image| Power |
Dare's power is soul leeching, soul sucking, soul stealing, whatever you want to call it. She can steal a soul's life energy and use it to aid herself. Leeching a person's soul can heal any physical wound in an instant. Leeching someone's soul also gives Dare a very rejuvenating and addicting feeling. If she doesn't leech a person's soul at least every twenty four hours her wounds will start to come back, a wave of sleepiness will wash over her, and eventually she'll get to the point where she won't be able to walk, to think, to comprehend. This is one of many reasons why Dare leeches souls. To avoid this, and to get that wonderful feeling are the main ones.

Image| Character Relations |

Avaline Harp | It's only natural that Fiona looked into her pursuers. What she found on this Avaline Harp wasn't too threatening; calm, collected, and knowledge. Knowledge. Though the fact that she didn't find anything was what Fiona did not like. Part of her feels unease toward Avaline, seeing that her personality is a little too calm. As a result, Fiona isn't sure where she stands with Avaline. It'd be best to say that she's neutral... Though that's tainted by the fact Avaline is a so-called hero.

Thalia Tomoko | WIP

Phoebe Krell | Fiona met the demon one day in a dark alleyway. She took pity on the girl and handed her a few supplies; it was nothing but a small gesture of kindness. She planned to walk off and forget anything ever happened, though the girl had different intentions. She followed Fiona around for what seemed like forever, nagging and nagging Fiona if Phoebe could stick around. Afraid that the girl would catch Fiona soul leeching, she finally surrendered. Phoebe stuck around ever since. Though Fiona liked to think that she saw the girl as a burden, part of her secretly liked her company. Of course, Fiona never put any real trust into their relationship. She'd be damned if she did.

Zen Killian | WIP




So begins...

Fiona Rae's Story

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ImageIn the forest by the small village of Allorae strolled a stranger. This stranger, dressed in red, was particularly famished. Yes, Fiona Rae was desperate for a soul to consume. At this point, she didn't care what kind of soul she was to consume. Crippled, unripe, burnt; she couldn't care less. A soul was a soul.

Speaking of souls... Fiona's eyes seemed to sparkle as she laid her eyes on an approaching stranger. An old man, who was carrying a heavy looking package. A plump old man, Fi observed. Perhaps a bit too plump. Ah, but what was she thinking? A soul was a soul. And this soul was no exception. Dare, whose eyes were still sparkling, smiled as she began skipping over to the unfortunate soul. A sweet smile crept upon her lips as she called out to him, "Sire! You look awfully tired. Do you need help with that heavy package of yours?"

Just as the old man was about to respond, Fiona felt something tug on the back of her dress. Her head whirled around, eyes expecting to find someone behind her. Alas, there was no one. She sought to blame her imagination... Right before the pull grew stronger. Genuinely suspicious, she fully turned around, only to face air. The moment she took a step forward to investigate the disturbance further, a sudden force pulled the whole of her creation forward. Before she knew what was going on, she slammed face first into a wall composed of solid stone. The world swirled for a split second, though it didn't take long for Fiona to regain her composure... And it didn't take long for to lose it again, realization that this world was not exactly hers.

"Woah, wait a second--- wait --- w-what in hell?!"


ImageAvaline Harp took a deep breath in order to suppress her excitement as she started toward Allorae's library, her hopes set on the case she and her partner were about to pursue. According to the town's residents, mysterious murders had been occurring as of late. Apparently the victims bared no typical murder symptoms; no stab-wounds, no blue lips, nothing usual, only abnormal lightening of skin. This particular case thrilled Avaline, for she hadn't run into an interesting case in quite a while. For a while, she depended on lengthy books and keen observations performed on the side in order to entertain herself. All of these distractions from work were growing quite tiresome. She didn't have the time to mess around. She had to keep up with all of her cases.

So, now that her case was her entertainment, she was quite jubilant that day.

So jubilant, in fact, that she didn't believe anything could increase her excitement. Yet she was wrong. Though she usually hated being wrong, in this particular case, she did not mind.

It all started with a slight tug. It was as if someone were pulling on the back of her dress. Curious, she turned her head to see who it was. Part of her thought it was Zen (who she was meeting at the library), her partner, but it appeared to be no one. Her head tilted to the side. Perhaps a demon with the power of invisibility was messing with her? Not that she minded, of course. What she minded was not knowing. Not knowing who was tugging on her dress, to be exact. She considered asking who it was when the tug turned into a pull. Avaline then reached out to see if she could touch who was pulling on her dress, but was taken by surprise as the pull increased dramatically. She watched as the scene around her shifted, colors swirled, and new surroundings introduced themselves, all within a few seconds.

A breathless gasp escaped Avaline's lips as she was thrust into this unfamiliar setting. She hit the ground with a loud thump, though thankfully through quick thinking her shoulder took the brunt of the hit instead of her face. Of course, nothing could be done to stop the sense of pain that radiated throughout her body via impact with the ground. And nothing could be done to quell the indescribable feeling of intrigue that coursed through her veins as she admired the new world around her.


Wake up call! It's posting time!

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Phoebe Krell

Image It was a normal day in Allorae, Phoebe sitting up in a tree, watching Fiona down below. Of course Fi didn't see her up there, she was eavesdropping after all! Phoebe saw an old man carrying a large box coming Fi's way. She couldn't hear what she was saying but she knew she would give Fi a big scare once she dropped from the tree. She smoothed out her dress, fixing the red bows in her hair as well. She couldn't wait to see Fi's face. "This is going to be priceless!" But something was strange, she felt like something bad was going to happen. She felt it in her gut.

Suddenly, Fi had looked behind her. Again, and again. Before she knew it, her 'friend' was pulled back. From the tree she could no longer see her, and Phoebe was worried. Soon enough, a small tug was pulled at one of her pigtails. She looked behind her, but nothing. How could someone pull her hair if there was nobody there? Must be a little child's prank. "Ok guys. You can stop now." Her hair was pulled yet again. "Stop! It isn't funny!" There was still nobody else in sight. As she turned forward again.... BAM! Phoebe was pulled out of the tree and onto the ground, but it seemed like she didn't stop falling. She could now see rainbow of colors surrounding her. "Weee~This is fun!" she screamed. Soon enough, Phoebe fell to the ground as she looked around, noticing it was night time. She could tell this wasn't Allorae. Not one bit.

Where was she? "W-where am I? This isn't Allorae..."