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Rae McLynn

I will not slow down. Be sure to keep up.

0 · 143 views · located in Terrola

a character in “They Were Supposed to Die...”, as played by WhiteTiger08


HEX CODE]Full Name[/color]
Rae McLynn

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Role[/color]
Creation 1

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Age[/color]

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE] Picture Appearance[/color]

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Appearance description. [/color]
With a fit figure and soft features, Rae is a casual killer. Standing at five foot five, she has a slim waist. Her bust is not small nor large. With curves in all of the right places, Rae is breathtaking.

Her eyes are large, soft and a deep brown. As brown as the willow tree shee would sit under at the orphanage. Lush, ebon lashes rim her doe's eyes, bringing out the coloring. Her nose is cute, and average. Rounded at the tip with no bump. Her cheeks have a natural rouge to them, making her appear soft. Full, pink lips adorn her face.

Blonde hair falls from the crown of her head to the middle of her back. Usually worn in a braid thrown over her right shoulder., it comes out wavy. Otherwise it lies pin-straight with a single braid on her right side.

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Personality [/color]
Being a natural killer, Rae has all the confidence in the world. She is able to kill anything and anyone she wants, and she knows it. She will jokingly brag to her fellow creation about. Having no fear, she is ready to jump into action. With almost every weapon known to man at her disposal, it isn't good to have the attitude Rae possess. She can be easily angered and takes it out on anything near.

Though she can be rough at times, deep down, Rae has a soft side. She can be kind and loving towards her fellow creation when need be. She doesn't like to show it, but she is actually rather soft. She is a killer, and believes that she must show no emotion during a kill, but deep inside, she feels somewhat sorry for her targets. Having no idea why some of them need to die, she feels sorrow for those breath she takes. She tries to show no emotion and fear, but she has plenty of it.

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Hobbies[/color]

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Likes[/color]

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Dislikes[/color]

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]History[/color]
Rae had been living in an orphanage the beginning of her life. Always hating the girls she roomed with and wanting to leave. She had never met her parents, but dreamed of meeting new ones. She had been a sweet and innocent child wanting to be adopted. You can imagine how happy she had been when she heard she would be adopted. She met a man who introduced himself as Castle. She had taken his large hand in her, trusting him with her still developing mind that he would only too soon twist into a casual killer.

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Skills/ (powers if you're a creation)[/color]
Perfect Memorization

[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]POST[/color]
Rae ran as quietly and quickly as she could. She stumbled and hobbled past the closed doors down the hall, trying not to disturb any unwanted guests. Her right leg still ached terribly, and she put as much weight as possible on her left one, trying not to trip over herself. She winced, the pain increasing after every step. I will not fall, I will not fall was the mantra she kept repeating over and over in her mind, trying to ease her stress. Almost at the end of the hall, she tripped over her shoelace, letting the tray of tea and scones fall on top of her and clatter to the floor.

She screamed in pain, immediately regretting it. She clamped a hand over her mouth, trying to stop the sound. She choked down another scream arising in her throat, and struggled to get up. The cups were shattered and were every where in the hall. Biting her lip, she managed to get to a sitting position. She wrung out her hair and her maid's gown. Sweeping up most of the broken cups and scones, she put them back on the tray. Rae hitched a breath as the door next to her swung open.

So begins...

Rae McLynn's Story