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Castiel Novak

"I'm a sexy bastard aren't I?"

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a character in “Thicker Than Water”, as played by InakoUchiha


"Yeah, I know..I'm sexy."

The Basics


Full Name:
Castiel Jonathan Novak
Nicknames and Aliases:
Cas, Cassie, Jonathan (To get him angry), Puck (Alias).
73, He has the appearance of a 26 year old male.
German, American
Sexual Orientation:
Sentry #1

What's on the Outside

Hair Color:
Castiel, has a dark chestnut colored hair, with natural black undertones.
Eye Color:
Before, he was tunred he had crystal clear blue eyes, even though his eyes are red he wears blue colored contacts.
150 pounds.
Castiel has a beautifully design of falling feathers on his back, and matching ones on his wrist.
Castiel has a thin scar on his arm from a bar-fight he got into that resolved into him turning into a vampire.
When first sees Castiel, they believe that he is a very handsome man with no flaws. Not exactly true, if one takes time to examine Castiel they see the scar that caused everything. Before Castiel turned he had beautifully crystal blue eyes, that when turned red he put in dark blue contacts. His hair comes out in short and semi-curly. When styled like usual, it is straight-forward and the front goes in an upward motion essentially copying a crewcut. His skin is compared to that of the pale moon, besodes he has a bit of a darker peach undertone in his arms and legs. Castiel has a more atheltic body type, with a very heavy southern accent. HIs jawline by far is the most defoned feature on the man. He has a thin scar barely visible on his right arm, from a fight he had gotten into that lead to him being turned. Castiel's fangs are an inch long.

What's on the Inside


{Sarcastic, Sympathizer, Kind, Genius}
Castiel to put it in simple terms, is a sarcastic genius who is kind and sympathizing when it comes to humans. Castiel in more depth, is a very smart person. Due to his time spent at Harvard he became very smart. He is also extremely sarcastic, any remark directed towards him he ends up saying some type of remark back. He does for a fact, have a deep respect for the Head Sentry, Ethan Hawke. He can be very kind when he wants, and he also knows how humans feel and he can help them through the times ahead. He sort of has a soft spot for blondes of any kind, and he tends to date anyone who can match his personality. He is sometimes awkward when he is first introduced to people, because he really never had much friends well true friends anyway. He is also a bit cocky, in terms when it comes to fighting.
[*] Swimming
[*] Martial Arts
[*] Sword Fighting
[*] His bites his lip when nervous
[*] He will pace back and forth when worried
[*] He will start to sing the song "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas, when he misses his brother.
[*] Candy, Castiel is addicted to candy
[*] Energy Drinks, Castiel really enjoys energy drinks.
Likes/Loves:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Candy
  • Coffee
  • Dragons
  • Art
  • Music
Dislikes/Hates:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Milk
  • Extreme Heat
  • Idiots
  • Rednecks
  • The Lakers

What's Done Is Done



Place Of Origin:
Lawrence, Kansas
Birth Date:
December 12th, 1941.
Castiel was born on a Wednesday, his name comes from the Angel of the day he was Born. His parents were Mary and John Novak, and he had an older brother named Dean. Dean and Castiel were raised in a very wealthy household and were very very spoiled. Dean was the party animal, the football leader and the workman type. While Castiel was the smart, bullied by others type. On the day of his 10th birthday his parents had both died in a fire. Dean was 18 and took care of his ten year old brother.
Throughout the rest of his childhood, Castiel was a trouble maker. Not expected for a young gentleman, who would one day rule a mining industry started by his grandfather. Castiel had gotten into trouble very often, in 1953 he had actually gotten arrested by the cops, or getting into a fight with an older male. He was like this until he met Gabriel Winchester, the youngest out of him and his older brother Samuel. Castiel had happily found a friend, that truly understood him. Even though raised by racists Castiel and Dean never were, neither were Gabriel, and Samuel. The year 1955, on Castiel's 14th birthday Gabriel and him had kissed. Castiel believed himself to be insane for liking it and stranded himself away from the other boy.
When Castiel turned 20 his life changed for the worse, he had fallen madly in love with a married man, his friend Gabriel. As it turns out Gabriel was harboring a little secret, he was a vampire. Castiel had gone to a bar one night to drink away his sadness, because of his brother's passing. The country boy started a fight with another and it turned to a bar fight. The year 1961 was never so strange for Castiel, as during the fight Gabriel took him out and turned him. To Castiel, it was all a dream. To Gabriel it was reality. As he grew from a fledgling to a Sentry he saw Gabriel stabbed for treason. Castiel then became himself, the arrogant, sarcastic, genius he is now.
Happiest Memory: Meeting Gabriel
Saddest Memory: Watching Gabriel die

Face Claim: Misha Collins


So begins...

Castiel Novak's Story