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Octavia Castor

"They say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star."

0 · 217 views · located in Seattle, Washington

a character in “Thin Walls”, originally authored by συιʝα, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Octavia Castor's Story

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            Date: July 4, 2016

            Time: 7:14 P.M. Doors open at 8:00 P.M.

            Occasion: Who doesn't love a good party? Especially the youths of the city. They're still young, they're allowed to have their fun. One might even say it's almost their duty to do so. Y'know, before life takes a hold with sharp talons and soul-sucking grip. They don't have forever to live. They might as well enjoy the time they've got. Genesis Carter, resident of the infamous apartment building on the corner of Pike's Place and Turnstone, seems to embrace this philosophy. At least, that's what one can assume given the massive rager she's arranged to have held for the fourth of July. What better opportunity to throw a great party? She's pulled out all the stops. Arranged entertainment for the event is local singer Malcolm Lewis, another resident of the apartment building. Plenty of people are invited to attend, and everyone in Seattle knows that when word gets out, more people than the ones initially invited manage to find their way into the party. But who cares, right? Everyone's just out to have a good time. Of course, all the residents of the host's apartment building are invited to attend, so shall we see what the night holds for them?

            Location: The old warehouse down in the Station District. It's been a pretty popular location for parties recently.

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                        Days off were weird. Half the time Matthias remained entirely unsure of what to do with himself during the hours he typically allotted for work, and just did what he would be doing anyway: cooking. He only worked six days a week, sure, so having at least one free day shouldn't have been any sort of shock to him, but the issue in this case was that this typically wasn't his day off. A friend and fellow chef had asked to swap shifts with him (something about a baby shower), so Matthias had done the only thing he could do, really, in that situation. Said, "Yeah, of course, man, I've got you covered. Have fun."

                        And the whole thing had been just slightly confusing. He was used to order, routine, and the minor disruption had been just a touch off-putting. It left him working a dinner shift on a day he usually worked a lunch shift and with a day off two days before the one he usually had. Which is why he found himself where he was then. In the kitchen of his apartment, hogging the stove (not that it mattered, really, Nova was never really itching to use it anyway). He was deeply involved in his work, beads of sweat lining his forehead, brow furrowed; he hardly noticed when his phone on the kitchen counter buzzed. He set the burner to simmer to take a quick glance at the message he'd just received.


                        He muttered a curse under his breath, glanced back at his concoction cooking in the sautee pan, and then looked down at his attire. Eh. Good enough. He was about to respond to her text when another one popped up on his screen. From Genesis. He remembered the whole affair in full force now. He hadn't planned on attending because of the way his work schedule had happened, but since he was freeβ€” and clearly more than one person was expecting him to be thereβ€” it was a decent enough plan for the evening. He'd rather be there anyway, to watch out for Gen and Parker if anything went wrong, or anyone else for that matter. Plus, if he'd remembered correctly, Mal was supposed to be the entertainment for the evening, and it'd be nice to finally see a show of his. He responded to both texts and then, for good measure, sent a new one to Mal.

                        xxxUH. YEAH. READY ENOUGH. TAKING MY BIKE OR YOUR CAR?


                        xxxxxxxxxx; MAL

                        He turned back to the stove and finally shut off the burner for good. He was just pulling a tupperware container for it out of his cupboards when Parker busted in through the door.


                        Parker forgot things. She forgot a lot of things. It was just a fact of life. Which was why she was so pleased that she hadn't forgotten the party that night. Granted, the hostess was her roommate, which would have made forgetting about it entirely very difficult. But still, that didn't erase the touch of pride she felt. She had even carved out enough time to pick a good outfit for the event, a chic summer dress in a nice shade of blue to kind of match the theme. Matthias' text, however worried her. She had just finished shooting off a quick response to Gen:

                        xxxxxxxxxx; GEN!✭

                        when Matt's text came in. She didn't bother responding given that she was less than a minute out from knocking on his front door.

                        She didn't actually knock, of course. "Definitely taking my car. I'm still scared I'll fall off your motorcycle." She frowned, tapping her fingers anxiously as she watched him seal away whatever sweet-smelling stirfry he had been making.
                        "That's ridiculous," he said, furrowing his brow, and she huffed.
                        "Whatever, c'mon. Gen's waiting for us. We're on the VIP list." She laughed, and he graced her with a small chuckle in return, nabbing his jacket off the hook by the door.

                        "Gimme a sec," he muttered to Parker before turning to call out in the general direction of Octavia's room. "Nova, we're headed to Genesis' party. See you there, maybe, I guess."
                        "You should totally come!" Parker chipped in. "Gonna be a blast!"
                        Matt nudged her out the door, and off they went.

                        It didn't take them long to arrive at the warehouse, which was still relatively empty, though there were already a few familiar faces populating the area. Parker made her way toward Genesis as soon as she spotted her, and Matthias followed.

                        "Hey, babe!" she said, wrapping Gen in a quick hug. "Everything looks amazing! This party is going to rock, I can tell."
                        Matt nodded his agreement, half distracted as he glanced around the room, taking note of all the people already there. He turned his attention back to the conversation at hand. "Yeah," he said, offering Gen a smile. "Looks great."

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Locations: Park/Apartment xx || Outfit x
Dialogue- 6495ED || Thought- 659EC7
Though it was getting late the sun still peeked from behind clouds, hues of fuchsia and cornflower filled almost every last inch of the sky, causing Lillianna to buzz with enthusiasm. She was in the park sitting on a stool, that she had brought from her apartment, along with an aisle, a canvas, and acrylic paint. She was one of those people. The kind that just went to the park and just painted, didn't speak to anyone or anything except their painting.

Even on a night like tonight the park managed to be busy, people hustled down the side walks while others took their time. Ever so often someone would pump into the small blondes aisle, resulting in it to shake. The painting would go one way while her brushed would go another, causing the painting to be "ruined", at least some would see it that way. To Lil art was a fluid life form, something that could never have error, never. She'd simply just smudge the mistakes with her right thumb to make it blend with the rest of the colors.

"What are you painting ma'am?" For the first time in hours she pulled her gaze away from the canvas and turned direction to the small voice she had heard. "Well, I don't actually know," giggling softly she looked back at the painting and cocked her head to one side, "sometimes I just let the brush take control." More than anything the kid seemed confused, but he smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and skipped away. Cute kid.

Breathing in deeply she decided her painting was just and good in all was and was now completely. Good thing I completed it now. Looking down at her watch she noticed the time, she really needed to start getting ready for the party. A part of her wanted to stay contently at the park letting her creative side run free, but another part of her was thrilled to bask away the night with her friends. Being the social butterfly she was she needed interaction with others from time to time, talking the night away sounds pleasing to her. Lillianna wasn't sure how many people she's actually know at the party, but she was aware of the fact everyone from her apartment building should definitely be there.

I really need to shower off some of this paint. Lillianna managed to get paint all over her hands, arms, face, and the white dress she was wearing; there was no way she was going to be wearing that to the party anymore. The thing about her was that she always had to be presentable, and this outfit certainly would not do for a social event. Taking out her cell phone she texted her best friend.


I'm not sure if you're occupied or not, but I was hoping we could meet at my apartment to get ready together. I'm slightly covered in paint.

After sending the text she collected her things to leave.


As soon as she walked into her apartment door she laid her painting flat on wooden table next to her couch and set the aisle against a nearby wall. She then walked into her bedroom and put her paint away in her dresser. Even though Lillianna shared her floor with another being she refused to have the apartment ever look bad. She decorated, she cleaned, but of course she allowed her roommate to put their spin on the style as well. All in all Lillianna did everything she could to make it as homie as possible as well as not make it all about her. If she weren't sharing she's probably have more paintings, sculptures, just make the apartment one big art piece.

After everything was away and tidy she made her away into the bathroom. Stripping out of her clothes she stepped into the shower and began rinsing the paint from her body.

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Location: school labs→apartment→Lillianna's
Outfit: party casual


Work and school never cared much for holidays or day offs so the morning for Octavia had been busy per usual. She spent most of it down at the labs in school finishing up some research with a couple of her college mates. When she finished there she had a late lunch with her older sister Sophia. They started off making common chit chat, socializing with her sister like she use to do back when they were younger. The whole experience was always a bit weird for Octavia but a good weird because since Sophia built her corporation from the ground up she's always been tightly wound and very busy, not one to smile much. So when she did smile it was a little weird but Octavia felt good knowing that she could make her sister smile and laugh like the good old days.

After her little sisterly love session Octavia headed back to her loft but not without making a quick little stop at the flower shop down the street from her home just to buy a small bouquet of valley lilies for Lillianna. Some would call it sweet for Octavia to do this but in reality it's naturally a part of her. She usually doesn't think about it when she does stuff like this especially if she knows what her friends like. Octavia vividly remembers Lillianna's birthday and if memory serves her right (which it usually does) the Lilies of the valley are her birth flower which should come as a pleasant little surprise for her friend.

When Octavia finally got home she entered to see Matthias over the stove and greeted him along with a smile before peeking over his shoulder, wondering what he was cooking. When he shooed her though she made a quick pouty face before disappearing into her room with flowers in hand. By this time she was feeling a bit tense so after setting the bouquet on her desk Octavia opened a small metal box she kept in her dresser and pulled out a small joint that was already half gone. With a soft click of her bedroom window she slid it open, lit her joint and leaned over against the windowsill gazing at the passing cars. She inhaled a few puffs and after a couple of minutes her body began to relax, it was a nice feeling. Finishing what was left of her small joint Octavia flicked the almost nonexistent bud out the window and decided to take a quick shower.

While walking back to her room from the bathroom with only a white towel around her Octavia heard Matthias call out to her followed by Parker which only made her stop in her tracks for a brief second as she let her hair down from the bun she put it in before her shower. Between work and school Octavia had utterly forgot about the party all together so she had to think for a minute when Matthias mentioned the party. "Uh, yeah I'll see you guy's there!" she called back, continuing to her room and closing the door behind her only to open it a second later and adding in a "Drive safe!" before closing it again.

There was a moment where a slight breeze came in through Octavia's window and she couldn't help but to be pulled in by the smell of fresh air and plant life. She took another brief moment like earlier and leaned against her windowsill once more, gazing at the sky above, the sunset painting all kinds of colors across it's vast openness. It was like everything went silent for a good two minutes before she was pulled back into reality by her phone which vibrated rather loudly on her bed. Upon opening it and reading the text she got from Lillianna Octavia only smiled softly and wrote back.

To: Lilly Bug
Don't worry I'm not I just got briefly distracted by the sunset.
Funny, I just got out the shower. I'll be over in ten.

signed off with a smiley face Octavia pressed send and that was that. She quickly went back to getting dressed in her outfit for the party which was really simple. She just threw on some skinny jeans with a slightly lose v-neck and a comfortable kimono cardigan and she was all ready. Of course she put on some accessories but it was nothing flashing or big just a necklace and a bracelet was all. Once she was all good and light makeup was applied Octavia picked up the bouquet of valley lilies from her desk along with her keys and phone and left her apartment, heading to Lillianna's. Always being the one to knock before entering Tavia gave a few soft knocks on Lilly's door before heading in. The first thing she noticed upon entering was the sound of the shower going so she figured that she already headed in.

"Hey Lilly, I'm here." she called out grabbing a small flower vase that was unoccupied at the moment. Already knowing where Lillianna kept most of her things at and what not Octavia filled the vase half way with water and gently set the flowers into it. "I kind of got ready without out you but I didn't think it would have been a good idea to wander the halls in my underwear while coming over here to get dressed." she added, smirking to herself as she walked over to Lillianna's room, setting the vase down on her little desk.

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Date: July 5, 2016

Time: 9:39 A.M.

Occasion: Who doesn't love a good party? The question was asked. And answered. Well, to some extent. No one from the apartment building on the corner of Pike's Place and Turnstone doesn't, that's for sure.

The initial performance by local singer Malcolm Lewis really set the ambiance for the rest of the night, which was pretty spectacular. Host Genesis Carter truly brought her A-game, with a phenomenal food and drink selection, and one of the best DJs in the city. Few frowns were seen throughout the night, as people enjoyed the good vibes within the warehouse, simply dancing and letting loose. But now it's time a second question.

Who actually cares for the day after a party? It sucks in more than one way. For instance, for those who drank much more than they could handle, the morning is accompanied by a pounding migraine. Others may have made some questionable choices whilst under the influence. Some drank responsibly enough, but it's still never fun to wake up after a night of great fun and have to return to a mundane life of normalcy. Just how are the residents of the apartment building getting on?

Location: The apartment building on the corner of Pike's Place and Turnstone as well as affiliated locations.