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August Byrne

"You can't judge people by first impressions."

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a character in “Things that go Bump in the Night”, as played by ShykKedid


"Yes, I guess you could say I am a loner, but I feel more lonely in a crowed room with boring people than I feel on my own."
- Henry Rollins


Full Name:
"Do people still give out their full names?"
August Sally Byrne

Preferred Name:
"I go by August, though sometimes close friends call me Auggie."

"I take it you haven't spoken to my fathers yet?"

Birth Date:
November 23rd.

"I'm eighteen and a three quarters."

" like girls."


Hair Color:
Bleach Blonde

Eye Color
Dull Blue-Grey


Distinguishing Marks:
August doesn't have any tattoos whatsoever, but she does have a few scraps and cuts from her time in the forests and such.

When it comes to clothing, it'd be a lie not to mention August and her rather boyish dressing style with a bit on the clean black and white side. She's usually seen in dressy-like clothing, from a nice white dress shirt with nice black dress pants, dressy mens dress shoes and, of course, her hat. Ever once in awhile though, she can be caught in a leather jacket, along as more worn yet comfortable clothing.



Everyone has a defined personality, but not everyone can completely explain their reasoning behind certain feeling, quirks, or the like. The is, in a way, how August thinks. Upon first meeting, one could think she's shy or quiet or the like. She wont say much upon first greetings, nor will she show much emotion at first. You may not even notice some of her bigger, more out-in-the-open quirks. After awhile, though, she'll start to come out of her shell. Once you get to know her, you'll realize she bases almost everything on logic. There's always a reason. It's not the best mindset to have, I agree, but it's her mindset. Of course, there's always that once in awhile occasion where she wont be able to find an explanation for something and so she'll just completely drop said subject, avoiding it any further. She's even wary of supernatural and such, even though she knows for certain she is one. But I assume if she thinks about it too much, she comes to the conclusion that either she's bonkers or she's the figment of someone else's imagination. Not maybe the most healthy of thinking, but it stops herself from going mad looking for definite proof.

Now, to get onto more trivial of quirks and mannerisms. To start with, let's talk about her nervous habits. Everyone has them whether they admit it or not. The first of Auggie's would be the one o' so many people seem to have: rubbing the back of her neck. Yes, it's true. When getting into sticky situations or being asked a question she may be ashamed to answer, she resorts to the sighing and rubbing the back of her neck while she drags out the word "well..." This mannerism almost immediately relates to her overusing of sighs. She has a sigh for when she's bored, a sigh for when she's being asked a personal question that she doesn't want to answer but will answer anyways, a sigh for when she's being asked to do something she rather not but will anyways depending on person, and the list goes on.

Speaking of which, August has many, many likes and many, many dislikes, like most people do. Now, of course, it would take forever for me to list every single like and dislike the girl has, but we can list the important ones. One thing August values above all others is nature. It may be her connection with nature and whatnot, but just the look of a beautiful scene in a picture can make her feel better. This leads to her "special/happy place" being amongst the nature and all and her like of all the wilderness creatures. And, of course, this leads to her vegetarianism. On another not, one of the things Auggie hates the most is fire. Again, this might be caused by her connection with nature, but she can't stand fire. Not to mention being burned alive is one of her biggest fears.

Dryad, the guardians of the forest and trees.

From Greek mythology, a Dryad is a nymph (or female spirit of nature) of the trees and forests. In legend, a Dyad is born to one tree in which she is to protect and either lives in or near said tree. If said tree was to perish, so would the Dryad over the tree. If it was caused by a mortal, the gods would punish said mortal. There are, indeed, a few likes and differences between legend and the real life of August the Dryad. Well, for starters, yes, August was born to protect a certain tree. But it's more than being connected to one tree. She's connected to nature as a whole, which is why she prefers being alone or with little company out and around nature. It energizes her as she call feel everything in nature breathe and grow and move. It might not be the most useful gift or power to have, but it helps greatly with stress. Unlike in the legends, she doesn't die when her tree dies. But when the tree dies, she does take effect. She'll loose a significant amount of connection to nature and may become ever more glooming and unemotional than usual, but she wont simply die just like that, though it will take a great amount of days off her life. And she does live near her tree, not inside it. And makes a habit to visit the tree everyday.



Relationship Status:

Family and Friends:
Andy Byrne| |47| |Biological Father| |Sylph| |FC: Anderson Cooper| |Image
Mark Byrne| |50| |Father| |Sylph| |FC: Stephen Colbert| |Image
Honey May| |48| |Known As Aunt Honey| |Dryad| |FC: Cynthia Nixon| |Image

Known Languages:
English and an abundant of Welsh.

August had a slightly unusual life from the beginning. Her mother was hand picked to be the carrier of the child for two men who desperately wanted a child to raise together. After no luck of having any spark with kids in orphanages, they went the route to look for a carrier for the child. The proceeder, being long and technical, I wont bore you to explain it. But I will explain that Auggie had a normal childhood being raised by her fathers, even coming to know the lady who served as her carrier as an aunt in younger years. There isn't much more to say, as August always lived a rather peaceful life, going each day to visit her special tree. One thing to note about her history, though, is that she's always had bleach blonde hair, that never changed.


* August is a vegetarian *

So begins...

August Byrne's Story