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Haven DeGeneres

"Giving up is always an option, but never my choice."

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a character in “Things that go Bump in the Night”, as played by 143xinfinity


|| Theme Songs ||
||Unconditionally by Katy Perry||Alive by Krewella||Skinny Love by Birdy||Arms by Christina Perri||I just wanna run by Downtown Fiction||Little House by Amanda Seyfried||The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson||
❝Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes. ┉ We protect those who can't protect themselves.❞



||{Full Name}||
Haven Charlotte Lilarose DeGeneres
"I think my parents couldn't decide on what to call me."

Haven goes by, well, Haven but she does have a few nicknames. There’s Have, Charlie, Char,[due to her last name], Generes [last name], and so forth. Her father used to call her Doodle Bug because she always held this interest for bugs.
"That about sums it up."

"Ten plus nine"

November 13th
"Fall is my favorite time of the year."

"Straight as a string bean."



||{Hair color/Style}||
Her natural hair color is a light shade of brown with highlights of even lighter shades of brown throughout her hair. Her hair is cut short and is slightly wavy, often pulled back from the face. She is always is using conditioner to give it that voluminous look.

||{Eye color}||
Haven's eyes have always been her favorite feature as it's hazel color that shines brighter when a smile plants across her face, and long black eyelashes.

||{Height & Weight}||
5'6''||115 lbs

||{Distinctive Markings}||
Haven has a heart shaped birth mark on her back at the bottom of her spine, but other than that she's clean as a whistle.

||{Clothing Style}||
As clothing style goes Haven doesn't really have one that she sticks to because she likes variety, but she prefers more of a hipster look. From comfortable jeans with a pair of combat boots to girly dresses it all depends on her mood and how she feels about herself. However, she does where more pants than dresses or skirts, and tries to accessorize her outfits with scarves. Her favorite print is any type of floral design. Though Haven does like to stay away from overly bright clothes.

||{Brief Description}||
Being of average height and stature, Haven isn't one to catch someone’s eye in a crowded room. She’s a “plain Jane,” and that she is okay with. Unlike most girls, she doesn't really obsess over her appearance. She isn't a slob or anything by far, she just doesn't try “perfecting” herself. Her hair falls to almost to her back. She styles it differently, sometimes straight, other times wavy or curly; it is naturally wavy, to the point of curly. However, she likes wearing it in a side braid, out of the way most of the time or up in a messy bun/ponytail. Said hair frames a face with sharp, innocent facial features. Her eyes are wide, giving way to her emotions, to her disliking; she cannot tell a convincing lie. Beneath her eyes is a rounded nose and full lips covering a straight, white smile. When she smiles large dimples are exposed, and no, you can’t poke them!



| Friendly, Adventurous, Commitment Issues, Insecure, Compassionate/Affectionate |
Haven is someone who when getting to know can be quite awkward to be around due to her quiet and shy nature, however it only takes a short amount of time for her to open up and show of her outgoing self. Even though she's always the practical and responsible, always making sure everyone around her is okay and forever carrying a mini first aid kit insisting that its essential. she does have her wild side shown with some much needed push from her friends. The very fact of the matter is that because she wants to have fun, she does it in a very conscientious way making her reliable and probably a bit too mature for her age. A very rational being who consistently does things like making to do lists as they're one of the small things her happy since Felicia is somewhat of a control freak.

But whenever anyone needs an ear she's most likely who they turn to even if it is in the middle of the night. Upset about something and need something sweet? She'll trek to the nearest store to buy your favorite ice cream. She'd bake a cake for a friend's birthday or give honest advice about problems. Perhaps some would call her a little naive by giving so much to those around her except she only does if the individual is worth it, if they're close with a good friendship. Although she doesn't like talking much about herself and rarely will she speak of her past memories excluding the few close friends it could be said that she can be reserved, a little uneasy about being too trusting to those around her.

Nonetheless being around those close to her truly makes Haven happy because of the fact that she's comfortable to laugh so hard that she's clapping like a insane seal or tell her worries to lighten her load without feeling guilty. She has a tendency to be overly worried and the thinking about the unknown makes her anxious. From her group of friends she is usually the one who makes schedules or plans, thinking ahead of time to assure her the best outcome. Also as someone who has OCD her little habits and quirks can annoy some but it had just been accepted now by her friends who usually tease her about it as a way to make her feel more comfortable.

Though hardly does she sure interest in her love, she's merely not a romantic person and finds the concept of love quite weird. Even though she has been set up on many blind dates the fact is that she hasn't been all that interested enough in a person to try out a relationship. Cheesy pick up lines humor her and romantic films leave her questioning why anyone would really want something so perfect that it wasn't even realistic. I guess you'd say that Haven is afraid of being in a steadied relationship.

Stemming from her being shyness and such, Haven is also fairly insecure. Not necessarily appearance-wise, but when it comes to her own ability to do something. With new tasks she automatically thinks she can’t do it, though her being brave and stubborn pushes her to do it anyway. Then, if she succeeds, she realizes she, indeed, could do that thing, and she feels silly for doubting her ability to do it. Alas, it doesn't start her from doubting and criticizing herself the next time. It is something she has to work on, and she has been, but when you get something beat into your head for so long, it’s hard to change.

Books/Reading||Her Family||Sports,Activeness
Mysteries||Sweet Foods||Helping Others
Learning||Starry Skies||Beanies
Running||Corny Jokes||Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
Storytelling||Laughter||Big Sweaters||Fall
Halloween||Pumpkins||Meaningful Conversation
Honesty||Slow dancing||Singing
Knott[she sneaks off to the waterfall quite a bit]||Slow Dancing
Swimming||Martial Arts||Weaponry
Studying||Spending time with her friends & Family

Spicy Foods||Bullies||Ignorance
Rules||Crying/Tears||Her mother
Being Told “She Can’t”||Manipulation||Injuries
Traps||Letting Others Down||Crowded Places
Criticism & Insult||Thunderstorms||Tense Situations

||Dying||Death OF A Friend Or Family Member||Failure||Falling In Love||Never Accomplishing Her Goals|| Disappointment From Her Parents

●Bites her nails when nervous or in deep thought.
●Bites her lip.
●Does things on impulse (Can be considered both good and bad).
● Tends to speak her mind on certain things.

●Wanders off on her own.
●Her family wants her to become something that she's not.
●Tries to protect everyone.

Haven is an accomplished archer and has been a master in Martial Arts (MA) since she was ten-years old.



Being the only child of two hunters, Chris and Victoria Argent, has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage:you get to see some really cool gadgets. Disadvantage:you're not allowed to touch them. Due to being the only child, Haven seems to always be the center of attention. Haven was never allowed to go outside to play with the other children, instead she was only able to go within three-feet from the back door. Because of this, it was always difficult for her to develop new friendships amongst the other kids who were outside playing Hide-N-Seek, Haven was inside being supervised by her nanny. She wasn't given much of a “social life,” but she didn't really complain too much about it. By the age of eleven, Haven took up archery after spending days in her room sling-shooting apples and sharpening skewers that were used as arrows. Haven is in fact a very odd girl. Unlike most eleven-year old girls who found interests in Barbie Dolls and tea parties, Carter on the other hand liked to spend time outside exploring and craving weaponry. When Haven got into high school a lot of things went wrong. Her father announced that they were moving to a new town called Knott just after she was starting to make new friends. This made Haven start to evolve into depression that lead to giving up archery. She lately has been thinking about taking it up again, but doesn't want to be an outcast anymore especially not in her new life at a new town. At a family reunion she was told by her grandfather about the Werewolves that lived in the town, but she thought it would be OK. They were trying to make her into a hunter, and that might be the choice she'd have to make.

Gerard DeGeneres||64||Grandfather of Haven, Father of Chris||Werewolf Hunter||Alive
Chris DeGeneres||35||Father of Haven||Werewolf Hunter||Alive
Victoria DeGeneres||37||Mother of Haven||Werewolf Hunter||Alive
Kate DeGeneres||26||Aunt of Haven, Sister of Chris|Werewolf Hunter||Alive
Alexander DeGeneres||44||Great Uncle of Haven, Uncle of Chris||Werewolf Hunter||Alive
Peter DeGeneres||19||Cousin of Haven, Son of Kate||Werewolf Hunter|| Alive

85% Italian||12%American||3%Hispanic

TBA as RP progresses

TBA as RP progresses

TBA as RP progresses



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So begins...

Haven DeGeneres's Story