Felix Averill

A friendly, innovative rogue. Number IX.

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a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by Snakeeyz99


Name: Felix Averelli
Age: Don't let appearances fool you. Felix is barely 19 years old.
Gender: Male
Number: IX, Guardian of Malleability and Ductility

Description: Image
Felix has two emerald green eyes, sharp features and loose reddish-brown hair. His appearance looks as above when he is in "stealth mode", but otherwise he looks very calm and inviting.

Clothing: Felix wears a dark grey leather coat and gloves to prevent being seen. However, he also wears blue jeans, a blue bandana, and a bright red scarf, which seem to directly contradict the intended effect of his jacket. He wears padded shoes that barely give off noise. A brown sash runs from his left shoulder to his right hip.

Location of marking: Left shoulder, hidden among the other letters of his name; though the font of the IX is more italicized and has become purple.

As of now, he is skilled somewhat with hand-to-hand fighting and fighting with staves, though he believes he could eventually become quite adept with firearms (if events require).


While his personality changes somewhat when stealing, Felix is actually a pretty good guy. He helps those in need and does what he can to make an honest living- though this usually is not productive. He has a sense of humor that usually fails to impress others. Felix is incredibly dextrous, which makes up for his average strength. He cannot be dishonest unless it is for the protection of others.


Clothing and any rational, solid device he knows how to make and has the resources to make.
Weapon proficiency- Felix prefers to use a long staff or pole to fight, and does not use a spear unless lethal force is necessary.
Anything he kept to create items was taken when brought into custody.


Born and raised in the city, the orphan Felix Averill thought of himself as a modern day Robin Hood. He began as a thief at age seven, starting mainly with pick-pocketing. He always shared the profits with the other kids who lacked the skill to do so. Eventually he worked his way to standard burglary, and had several run-ins with the law. When they had to search him, they found nothing- only an unfinished tattoo- the IX they assumed to be the end of his name. So he went along with it, having one of his friends hook him up with a skilled tattoo artist at age 10- around the same time he learned of his power. While the font and color were remarkably similar, the I and X changed much over time, as his personality fully developed.

Now able to use his power, Felix began to move onto grand theft auto- using his ability to control the ductility of a spare metal rod to make flawless keys. Initially the process took a while, but with training he was able to shorten the time required to only a few seconds. Even with the money this ability brought, he found himself too generous- for ever 100 dollars he earned, he kept only five. But the law couldn't pin him anymore, since proof was hard to find when it was reduced to a flattened metal sheet. And so he lived his life... until he was taken in by men in military uniforms the day after his nineteenth birthday.

So begins...

Felix Averill's Story