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Thirteen Thirty-One

Thirteen Thirty-One


It's 1331, the late Middle Ages. Seven continents. Ten colors of dragon. One wild and madcap world. As a human bonds with their dragon, the dragon changes from a carnivorous monster to an intelligent being while the human gains the powers of the dragon.

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The Premise

Our story begins 682 years ago. Man fights for dominance over the scaly menaces that have found a niche in every environment. From the smoldering, fire-breathing Infernals that leave wakes of glass in the African deserts to the sickening Fumes that choke the plains of South America with toxic purple gases. There are ten such species of dragon. Dragons aren't good or evil, just mindless carnivores. However, some have managed to form friendships with the beasts. After bonding with a human the dragon becomes more and more intelligent. Soon it has the mind of a well trained dog. Not long after, the mind of 15 year old human. The human, on the other hand, begins to develop the powers of the dragon. This process is called Permuto.

The Problem

Even in a world of Cosmic dragons, which breathe bad luck instead of fire, strange things are unraveling. News of far too advanced technology has spread from Africa, the Energy dragons of Asia are disappearing, and Inuit people and Glacial dragons are locked in a cycle of cyclical cannibalism.

Dragons and Permuto

Their life span is averaged at about 70 years, but ranges from 60 to 120.
They range from horse sized to twice the size of an elephant.
They are always carnivorous, diet varies between species.
Only about 200,000 dragons of each species (for a total of 2 million).
The classes are roughly equal in each species, but some combinations do tend to be more populous.
Genders can be told apart only by the male's slightly larger size except in the case of the Abyss, where the female is twice as big.

When a human and a dragon share a strong bond, they begin to enter Permuto, they are called The Bonded.

In Permuto, a dragon slowly gains intelligence
After 1 year they are as intelligent as cats
After 5 years they are as intelligent as dogs
After 10 years they are as intelligent as 5 year old humans
After 20 years they are as intelligent as 10 year old humans
After 30 years they are as intelligent as 15 year old humans
After 40 years they are as intelligent as human adults
No change after equalization

In Permuto, a human slowly gains the dragon's effect (ex. Infernal)
After 1 year they are humans with quirks (More comfortable in heat, dislikes cold)
After 5 years they are freaks, but not impossible (Heal from burns quicker, brilliant at starting fires)
After 10 years they develop small powers (Breathes smoke when angry, heats room 5-10 degrees)
After 20 years they have super powers (Can create 6 inch jets of flame from hands or mouth, immune to burns)
After 30 years they are half as powerful as the dragon (Can create 4 foot jets of flame, up to 700 degrees)
After 40 years they are as powerful as the dragon (Can create 12 foot jets of flame up to 1,300 degrees)
No change after equalization

The Species

There are ten distinct species of dragons, each with a different color, power, and habitat.

Color: Indigo
Description: Streaked with exotic bio-luminescent features, Abyss dragons wield powerful jaws, crystalline teeth, and talons.
Power: Abyss dragons belch huge floods of sea water at high pressures. They sleep at the bottoms of oceans and breathe underwater, but can walk (and fly) over dry land for over a week.
Habitat: Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, particularly near Japan and Indonesia, where people worship them and offer large aquatic animals as sacrifices after (unrelated) floods or tsunamis.

Color: Orange
Description: Bronze dragons have metallic scales of deep burnt orange, their claws are angled and fierce.
Power: They are as heavy as their namesake metal, and any cut that was made by living bronze dragons will painfully, slowly turn the animal that was cut into bronze.
Habitat: Almost exclusively Celtic portions of Europe. They live in tunnels under "Silent Valleys" where bronze statues of whimpering petrified animals ward off the living ones.

Color: Black
Description: They have deep black coats individualized with patterns of nebulae and constellations.
Power: Cosmic dragons can influence the good or bad luck of those around them, and often seem clairvoyant especially at night. They shy away from bright light.
Habitat: Called demons, angels, and gods by almost every world mythology, they find solitude in the southern tips of India, and the northern tip of Australia.

Color: Gray
Description: Their ashy gray coats make even the youngest of Decays seem withered; only their eyes reveal their youthful energy.
Power: Decay dragons age their surroundings so that 10 years could pass in a second, but radiate uncontrolled advanced aging of 1.1 times normal speed.
Habitat: They are found only in the Red Wood forest, which is petrified and full of week-old, seemingly ancient, fossils. However, they are known worldwide in myths about death.

Color: Yellow
Description: Energy dragons have eye-pricking yellow coats and gray streaks, their presence makes hair stand on end.
Power: They breathe bolts of lightning, command gusts of wind, and shape clouds. Without proper exercise, they give off electrical shocks on contact.
Habitat: Up. Anything taller than about 40 feet is prime real estate for an Energy nest. Packs are nomadic, living everywhere but the western part of North America. Energies and Decays don't mix.

Color: Violet
Description: Their purple coats are sickening and silvery and their yellowed teeth sprout from black gums.
Power: Fume dragons can breathe heavy purple fumes with effects that range from painful to knock-out to lethal. They are immune to all poisons.
Habitat: Huge stretches of dead earth in Southern America where the plants are withered and the blossoming Aztec culture worships them as forms of the god Xolotl who sets the sun.

Color: White
Description: Glacial dragons are wrapped in a crystallized white coat, with touches of blue and pink.
Power: They can breathe streams of icy wind of down to -210 degrees Celsius, creating ice out of thin air. A glacial dragon reduces the surrounding temperature by 5-10 degrees.
Habitat: They are found only in the poles of the world, locked in a terrifying century long battle with the local humans.

Color: Blue
Description: Howlers have a light sea-blue coat, powerful claws, and wide wings. Their tales are long and kite shaped. They are largest and most physically intimidating species.
Power: They let loose loud, high pitched shrieks which can kill fish (which are then skimmed out of the sea), damage human ears, and shatter glass.
Habitat: Though huge swarms are found in the Great Lakes, and all Howlers fly to mate there every ten years, they also make their home on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Color: Red
Description: Infernals have a distinctive crackling jet black undertones beneath a blazing red coat.
Power: They can breathe blasts of flame of up to 1,300 degrees Celsius, or thick black smoke. Infernals increase the surrounding temperature by 5-10 degrees.
Habitat: Almost exclusively found in the deserts of Asia and Africa, their fiery breath vitrifies the sand beneath them as they fly, creating glass wakes. Those in Africa have been taught to use their fiery breath to smelt metal.

Color: Green
Description: Jade dragons come in a varied pallet of green coats, with bright blue tongues.
Power: This type of dragon spits huge pale green globs of either sticky or extremely caustic slime, enough to dissolve through bone on contact. This slime has absolutely no effect on the dragons themselves, who are already naturally slippery.
Habitat: Mostly found in jungle canopies, but also inhabit a large portion of the swamps of Southern Russia.

The World

The world in 1331 is divided into 7 continents, each of which must deal with its own dragons.

Dragons: Infernals, Jades, Energies
Dominant Culture: Malmuk Egypt: A period of Turkish, Islamic control of Egypt is bizarrely the height of industry due to their dragon use.
Interaction: Infernals produce glass which is refined and sold. Men are sent out to collect it called WakeMen. Infernals are also are trained to help smelt iron. Jades have a shoot-on-sight policy due their habit of dissolving mining infrastructure to cause collapses. Their internal alkalines are collected and used as refining chemicals for the glass. Most dragon hunting and pelt selling happens here.

Dragons: Glacials, rumored Energies
Dominant Culture: Inuit Tribes: Clusters of tribes lead by medicinal healers brace against the cold.
Interaction: Glacials hunt and eat Inuits. Inuits hunt and eat Glacials. Both humans and dragons have fed primarily off of each other for the past 100 years, and have a deep adversarial respect for one another.

Dragons: Jades, Abyss, Cosmics, Energies
Dominant Culture: Dynastic China: Under the Yuan dynasty, it is a nation of bookish Buddhists, a haven of peace and respect on the eve of war.
Mongol Empire: Hordes of perfect warriors, steadily conquering the whole of Asia.
Japan: A quiet nation, adopting the culture of China especially in Zen Buddhism.
Interaction: China: Dragons are studied scientifically, but most people still pray to the Energies and Cosmics. They feed the Energies fish to earn better weather. Many expeditions have been sent into the southern expanses of India to collect information on the Cosmic types, but the dragons can always tell when the Chinese are coming, and every trip has ended in a freak accident.
Mongolia: Study into the weaponizing of dragons is constant, most success has come in the form of Naushu Riders, who have trained to be able to ride Jade dragons, but can rarely stay on them in flight, more often they fly above the marching army on a chain. Less success comes from the giant Abyss dragons, which do plenty of damage, but can't be kept out of water alive long enough to be worth it.
Japan: Worship of Abyss is popular, especially the larger females. The blood, teeth, fat, skin etc. of an Abyss are sold to cure just about every ailment.

Dragons: Energies, Cosmics
Dominant Culture: Aboriginal: Star worshiping tribes treat the earth like a brother, and keep their history through oral traditions.
A few myths of "Rainbow Serpents" might be referring to the nebulae patterns of Cosmics, but other than this the tribes have no interaction or indeed knowledge of dragons. Every once in a while, a huge tribe of Aborgines will disappear, whether the Cosmics or the Energies are behind this is unknown.

Dragons: Bronzes, Howlers, Energies
Dominant Culture: Holy Roman Empire: The old apex of science and art, now turned corrupt and ready to fall. British Empire: The new apex of civilization, expanding and flourishing.
Interaction: Rome: The torture of the Empire is accomplished by chaining a criminal near Howler fishing territory and having him slowly deafened. One skull of every species of dragon is seated beneath a bronze figure of a Roman god in the Emperor's private collection.
Britain: Bronze dragons dominate the Scottish and Irish branches of Britain, providing incredible amounts of Bronze. Anything that could be made of bronze, is. Britain is gaining control of the world even faster than the Mongols, via massive warships composed of wood and bronze bolts.

North America
Dragons: Decays, Howlers, Energies
Dominant Culture: Native American: Tribes mostly positioned around the Mississippi, nature based culture with a dark side of violence.
Interaction: For the most part, they are a peaceful people. The myths of Decays as psychopomps are stronger here than anywhere else of earth. No recorded humans live near the Red Wood, but plenty make their cautious homes near the Great Lakes. Once every 10 years, when the Howlers come to mate, they perform ritual sacrifices of one child per tribe.

South America
Dragons: Fumes, Energies
Dominant Culture: Aztec: Brilliant mathematicians with complex pantheons in a barbaric culture of savage warriors obsessed with death.
Interaction: Fume dragons are worshiped as avatars of the god Xolotl, who sets the sun at night, due to their habit of blocking out the sun at times with huge floods of purple gas from the skies used during hunts. The fatal fumes are distilled into a toxin by the Aztecs, giving them the best poisoned weapons in the world.

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The fire rose from the campfire in lovely flickering flames that latched onto the wisps of oxygen which dared venture too close to the blaze. Shadows casting from the humans mumbling a chorus of versus from an ancient time, one of protection, one of a saviour. Several cried and pleaded. One man was even held by two men as he tested their brutal strength. Yelling curses towards his own kin as they departed from the center of camp with a young girl writhing in their arms. Screaming and clawing at their grasps as she poured out her love for her father whilst they dragged her away, hands bound together, the seven year old was tugged through the forest led by a woman and torchlight.
They arrived soon to the destined location for screeches and howls filled the night. So loud that some of these humans had to plug their ears which were still ringing with the noise. The sacrificial girl suffered with the ropes and listened to the Dragons' mournful cries to their mates. It was horrid. A gusts whipped through the trees and several beings around her dropped from the hard wind, leaving her standing amidst of fallen people with fear in their eyes as they stammered to get up and hurry back. The lady having dropped the torch. A pair of sullen eyes, each the size of the girl herself, peeked from the mist hovering above the lake. Clicking formed from large claws as the beast stepped onto land with his beautiful yet deadly appearance. Blood dripping from its fangs from a recent kill. The small seven year old cringed and closed her eyes. Whimpering. Hearing the claws rub off one another as it outstretched its paw and wrapped its ivory weapons around her. Despite her struggles that were oh so desperate, she couldn't get free from the beast's grip, and it took to the air with the people below laughing and yipping in joy.

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Her throat had become dry after thirty minutes of continuos pleas for help and all her screaming. Causing the poor girl to become a weighted limp being as she dangled from his forelimbs. The beast seemed to chuckle at her surrender to death. Jets of smoke shooting from his nostrils in a stream that curled up into the stars of the night sky. Asland took a breath, a relaxing thing, and closed her eyes. Reminiscing on the past and how she would miss her father. When a loud rumble that burst forth from the dragon's chest and rolled into a howl settled in the air she awakened from her 'dreams'. They had landed. And the beast was nearing her, mouth agape, with a starved twinkle in its eyes.

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#, as written by Felilla
"Agai!" Fate shouted when she saw the dragon near the small girl. She exited from the recesses of the dark cave and stepped forward. A baby dragon was curled around her hand and another followed close behind. As she passed the dragon, she flicked its nose, "Non, non Agai."

Fate stepped towards the young girl. "Do not be afraid, young one. He probably mistook you for a lamb," she offered the girl her hand a friendly smile. "Let us go inside and clean you up."

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