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Thirteen Thirty-One

Thirteen Thirty-One


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Thirteen Thirty-One is a part of Thirteen Thirty-One.

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Fate Arina [1] "Calatte and I dream of a better world."

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The fire rose from the campfire in lovely flickering flames that latched onto the wisps of oxygen which dared venture too close to the blaze. Shadows casting from the humans mumbling a chorus of versus from an ancient time, one of protection, one of a saviour. Several cried and pleaded. One man was even held by two men as he tested their brutal strength. Yelling curses towards his own kin as they departed from the center of camp with a young girl writhing in their arms. Screaming and clawing at their grasps as she poured out her love for her father whilst they dragged her away, hands bound together, the seven year old was tugged through the forest led by a woman and torchlight.
They arrived soon to the destined location for screeches and howls filled the night. So loud that some of these humans had to plug their ears which were still ringing with the noise. The sacrificial girl suffered with the ropes and listened to the Dragons' mournful cries to their mates. It was horrid. A gusts whipped through the trees and several beings around her dropped from the hard wind, leaving her standing amidst of fallen people with fear in their eyes as they stammered to get up and hurry back. The lady having dropped the torch. A pair of sullen eyes, each the size of the girl herself, peeked from the mist hovering above the lake. Clicking formed from large claws as the beast stepped onto land with his beautiful yet deadly appearance. Blood dripping from its fangs from a recent kill. The small seven year old cringed and closed her eyes. Whimpering. Hearing the claws rub off one another as it outstretched its paw and wrapped its ivory weapons around her. Despite her struggles that were oh so desperate, she couldn't get free from the beast's grip, and it took to the air with the people below laughing and yipping in joy.

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Her throat had become dry after thirty minutes of continuos pleas for help and all her screaming. Causing the poor girl to become a weighted limp being as she dangled from his forelimbs. The beast seemed to chuckle at her surrender to death. Jets of smoke shooting from his nostrils in a stream that curled up into the stars of the night sky. Asland took a breath, a relaxing thing, and closed her eyes. Reminiscing on the past and how she would miss her father. When a loud rumble that burst forth from the dragon's chest and rolled into a howl settled in the air she awakened from her 'dreams'. They had landed. And the beast was nearing her, mouth agape, with a starved twinkle in its eyes.

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#, as written by Felilla
"Agai!" Fate shouted when she saw the dragon near the small girl. She exited from the recesses of the dark cave and stepped forward. A baby dragon was curled around her hand and another followed close behind. As she passed the dragon, she flicked its nose, "Non, non Agai."

Fate stepped towards the young girl. "Do not be afraid, young one. He probably mistook you for a lamb," she offered the girl her hand a friendly smile. "Let us go inside and clean you up."