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Logan Veltar

"Calm down, will you? Don't waste your time being dramatic."

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a character in “This Animal I Have Become”, as played by ChildOfNone


Logan Veltar

34 years old

Logan stands at 6’ 3” and weighs a flat 180 lbs. As a guard he has a strong built of lean muscles and a fit body. A mop of wavy dark brown hair sits on his head as a mess but surprisingly looks attractive with his rugged looks. His eyes are a mix of forest green and sandy brown… Hazel is the correct term. As far as scars go, he has plenty from his childhood years. Other than that he has only one tattoo, located on the center of his back:
“Natalya Veltar”


Logan is often mistaken as antisocial because of his lack of words but really he’d just rather listen and observe. Appearance-wise, people always seem to see him as a loner and often tend to skirt around him. Either out of fear or intimidation, he never knew. Those few people that took the time to know him knew that Logan was a kind hearted person and was a great friend to have. Nothing much fazes him which often caused a few people worry seeing as he didn’t fear much of anything or ever really displayed any true anger or sadness. It isn’t that he lacks emotion but more so that it takes a lot to get a reaction out of him. Still, once something does worm its way under his skin its felt stronger than most people feel it. Really, to be able to understand how he is you’d have to really get to know him.

Logan was born into a barely surviving family. Thought half the time his family would try to make it through times, they were a tight knit family and held strong for each other. His family consisted of his mother (Hailey Veltar), his father (Johan Veltar), his younger sister (Lillian Veltar) and himself. Logan’s childhood consisted mostly of trying to help his family out financially and keeping his grades up in school to make something better of himself when he grew up. And he did do just that… up until high school. That’s when their situation hit rock bottom. Logan’s solution? He fought for money. The rest of his family never knew about it; they still believed Logan earned his money through a normal everyday job. Soon his grades slipped and he just dropped out all together to focus on his family. Somehow, along the way he met an old woman that took him in as family and helped him get a pretty decent job as a security guard.

At one point in his life he met a woman. They dated for quite some time before finally they married. They were happy; there was no doubt about that. Then Logan got the news that he’d be a father and there wasn’t a man on earth more content than he was at that time. His wife and he anxiously awaited their child’s birth with equal excitement and nervousness… but things went downhill from there. His baby girl was born a small wee thing, so fragile and vulnerable. The doctors tried their best but her heart wasn’t strong enough. Natalya died 2 days into her life. Logan’s wife went into depression and she packed her things and left. The blow of his child dying and his wife leaving him made Logan retreat into himself. He spoke to no one, hardly did anything but stay locked in his home. Until a letter in the mail came offering him an opportunity… And the rest was history as they say.

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So begins...

Logan Veltar's Story

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There was a time Logan might have looked at the tall sterile building in a curious and adventurous light but all that came to mind when he first laid eyes on Tearmainn was that this was the type of place Florence was hiding at. Florence, his ex-wife… Just the mere thought of her brought painful memories back to mind. He shook his head and sighed. Stop it. It’s in the past, there’s nothing you can do about it now, he told himself. Walking forward he made it to the entrance and pushed his way inside. A small mousy looking nurse looked up from her clipboard and peered at him from the tops of her glasses. She gave him a small smile and asked in a quiet voice, “Hello, how may I help you?”

Logan took a moment to look around the reception area before looking at the nurse. “My names Logan…” he said in his usual quiet manner. Still, his voice was deep and carried down the hallways of the asylum. Flustered, the nurse looked down at a sheet that seemed to have a list of names on it. Nodding, she collected a folder and handed it to him. “Your living arrangements have been set up and all the information you need is in this folder. I have been informed you were forwarded basic information on the patients, have you studied the files?” she asked, blinking up at him.

He nodded wordlessly to the nurse and watched as she floundered to find something to say. A small smile stretched the corners of his lips and he took a step forward to pat the small woman’s head. “Calm yourself. There’s no need to be nervous. I’ll find my way to my quarters now. Have a nice day.” He said and by memory (he’d studied a map of the asylum before-hand) made his way towards his designated area.

A half hour later, he’d unpacked his belongings and was ready to make his rounds. He’d been informed that he had to introduce himself to the staff so they’d know a new guard had joined the staff and they wouldn’t startle at the sight of a stranger on the asylum property. He nodded toward the few nurses that he passed in the hallways and finally reached the recreation room. His eyes took in the patients one by one and internally he put name to faces. Leaning against the “doorway” he waited patiently for the doctor’s sessions to finish so that he may be able to introduce himself.


Drip. Drip. Drip She woke up to the sound of dripping water. It was such a small sound but the silence of the room made it echo in her ears and its consistency reminded Madelyn of the annoying persistence of an alarm clock. Her heart hammered painfully in her head, her mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton and all of her was sore and aching. What on earth happened? she asked herself. She made a move to lift her hand to sooth her pounding head only to realize she couldn’t. Her hands… her hands were tied behind her back! Her eyes snapped open but she saw nothing but darkness. What’s going on?!? Very slowly, her eyes adjusted to the darkness but still she couldn’t recognize where she was. The fog in her mind cleared up and she finally realized her hands weren’t the only thing tied up; her legs and waist were tied to the chair she currently sat at. Not only that but a cloth had been wrapped over her mouth. A muffled whimper left her covered lips in fear and anxiousness. Madelyn couldn’t remember what had happened and had no idea how she had gotten there but she felt that she had to get out of there NOW. Her gut clenched telling her that something bad was coming. Something very bad.

As if to confirm that feeling, footsteps suddenly echoed around her. Her head snapped toward the direction it came from, causing the edges of her vision to blur and her head to lighten with dizziness. As she regained from her small dizzy spell her eyes could just barely make out the outline of a door. Her ears s picked up the sound of those footsteps again only now they were so much closer. Her heart pounded against her chest, sweat trickled her forehead and coated her hands with a panic that suddenly paralyzed her. Before she knew it the door creaked slowly open…
“Hello Maddie. Did you miss me? I missed you.”

Gasping, Madelyn woke up sweating and panting as if she’d run a marathon for days. Her form shook and for the life of her she couldn’t stay still. Looking around, a small sigh left her lips. She was still in Tearmainn. For the first time in a long time she was grateful that these walls kept her inside because it also meant it kept them out. As much as she hated this place, and Madelyn did hate the place, she secretly thought of it as her safety blanket; the barrier between them and her. The times that she’d suspected the doctors, the guards and even the patients to be in league with them slipped away from her mind. She couldn’t find it in her at that moment to be wary or cautious. She was just so relieved that she wasn’t back in that dark, cold room any longer. So very grateful. This happened every time she had one of those dreams… or memories, really. In those times she acted like she did before the paranoia had set in. Still, any one thing could set her off and make her go back to being paranoid and wary.

A rosy blush rushed to her cheeks as she realized she’d been sleepwalking again. Somehow she now stood next to one of the barred windows of the recreation room. As was custom, she checked herself over for any bruises and found that she’d been lucky this time. Only one small bruise tainted her pale creamy skin. Rubbing at the spot, Madelyn wondered like so many other times how she’d managed to bruise herself again. Shrugging, she leaned against the wall and watched out the window as a random flock of birds flew above the building. A small smile tilted the corner of her mouth as she watched them. They were so lucky. Sneaking a peak behind her she scanned over the other patients faces. Most of them had come here after she had; she could only remember very few that were already here when she was transferred in. Looking down at herself she wondered how she had changed in that time… or had she changed at all?

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The lubricious haze in his eyes was slowly dwindling as his mind wandered away from the bitter-sweet memory and back to reality. No longer could he focus on the woman who bared an uncanny resemblance to his so-called crush, and no longer could he look outside where he knew she would still be alive and happy without him, albeit a little scarred on the inside. It was true, he didn’t regret, and perhaps that was exactly the reason why he would was here and would be forever more. The silence was uncomfortable and he found himself counting the ticks in his head, thereby ultimately counting the seconds up until someone would finally break the silence. His dulled eyes watched his hands, his trembling fingers, as they grasped at the material of his loose fitting black pants; they weren’t allowed to wear what they desired, only what was offered to them by the asylum. It was a sort of sick fantasy they got from forcing them to wear clothes which barely matched and made them look like the idiots they were supposed to be. They stripped them away of any resemblance to a normal human being and singled them out by calling them insane just because they made a slight mistake or didn’t function the same as what was considered normal. Who was to say what was normal anyway?

His thoughts were running rampant as they tended to during periods of silence, but, fortunately, that didn’t last for too long this time before his doctor spoke up once more, yet it wasn’t what he wanted to hear. Just as he had opened up to the woman, she was shooing him away, and all because he made her feel uncomfortable. Damian glanced up at her and narrowed his eyes, his mood now souring. He jerked his head away once more and shook it.

“I can make it back on my own. I don’t need an escort.” he grumbled and got to his feet himself. He never even offered her a goodbye or a simple smile or glance in her direction, he just turned on his heels and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind and causing the small clock to shake upon the glass table.

Upon returning to the Recreation room, he stopped a few feet away from the open door and folded his arms, his narrowed green eyes watching the man who leant against the frame. Yet again it was someone whom he didn’t recognize, another new doctor perhaps? Damian rolled his eyes, unfurled his arms and shoved past him to get into the room.

“I’m not having no more fucking sessions.” he bit out at him, shooting a sharp glare over his shoulder. He began to approach Tristan once more who was talking to that girl who had the personality problem (the one where she couldn’t recall who she was), when he was grabbed by the arm by the same nurse who tore him away from the blond in the first place.

“You’re not to go near him, not after what you did.” she hissed, earning a scoff from Damian and he yanked his arm away from her tight grasp. Once more he turned on his heels and stormed over to the other side of the room, snatching the book from the table he had been reading previously and plopping down on the floor with his back leaning against the wall. Even though he couldn’t go near Tristan, he still watched him from just over the pages of his book.

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With the sudden change in his mood, the gruff sight of him alarmed her. Apparently he was disturbed and it was ostentatious by his body language. Concurrently, Sonya swallowed thickly at the splinting of his eyes. As the door slammed, she flinched slightly. Leaving the brunette standing there with an incommodious expression on her face. For a few seconds she watched the stilled door, the rattling from the clock now stopping. Clearly something had set the man off yet she did not know what.

Weren't the patients usually excited to leave the confinements of the doctor's office?

Still standing in her place by the sofa, she retraced her steps to figure out why Damian left in asperity. Perhaps dismissing him so soon wasn't for the best, especially after he confided in her. But what was she supposed to do or say? Praise him. Tell him that it was completely normal for him to feel no resentment for his actions. That he shouldn't repent. Because it would have all been a fabrication. She wouldn't bring herself to lie to him just to keep his trust. How was that going to help him?

And that's when she realized.

Maybe it's not what she said that set him off but what she didn't say. Damian had actually commerced the first move to be open with her about his life and all she did was conclude their meeting. He probably felt like she was "repelling' him when honestly it hadn't been her intentions. Choosing rationality, Sonya stepped out of the room in search of a fleeting Damian. The hallway was quiet. Though the quietness was quickly interrupted by the distinct sounds of padded thumps of her heels. On route to the recreational room, a tall relatively handsome man blocked the way of her entrance. Their eyes only engaging in conference for a few seconds. Clearly he was no patient, yet he didn't appear to be a doctor nether.

"Excuse me." Her soft, celestial voice filled the immediate area before she made her way pass him.

A populace of the residents coming into view all seemed to be in there own worlds of dementia. Though she had no attentive in them. The only person she had eyes for was Damian, who just so happened to be sitting on the soawith a book raised just above his nose. Sound of her heels clinked against the tiled floor as she approached him. "I know you're upset with me, Damian." Sonya took in a deep breath that was greatly needed before taking a seat next to him. As she turned to engage in conversation, long obsidian locks cascaded over the side of her shoulder. Glancing away in a torrent of allegorical ideation, her gaze traveled onward to where she saw a young, fragile feministic man with achromatic hair standing chatting away with another brown-haired woman. But instead of acknowledging the two any further, Sonya turned her attention back to Damian. Now resting her hand on the pad of his upper leg where the salient heat emerged from physical contact connecting the two. A comforting motion deemed to be an innocent gesture in disguise, although it was up to the receiver of how he would percept it.

"I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry. That I don't want you to think you did something wrong by telling me the truth. In fact, I really appreciate it. And I don't take your trust lightly because that sort of thing can take months and months of long intensive conditioning to build up." She stated calmly, keeping her voice between just the two of them. Sonya lowered her cerulean eyes to her lap before restoring them. "It was just a bit unexpected y'know. But, it doesn't mean I'm just going to write you off. I hope you haven't written me off either."

The softness of her hand still lingering on Damian's clothed leg, her fingertips grazing the foundation of his thigh ended with a series of gentle taps. She stood. Her heels once again meeting the floor, the eye-catching black dress that fondled her every curve of her small 5'4 frame was pulled down demurely. "And just so you know, I've never done something like this before." She added, referring to her need to apologize to a patient. "So if you ever need to talk, or just wanna' get away from the local residents... don't be afraid. I'm here for whatever you need." A meaning that could be misinterpreted.

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"Good, well have a good evening." In turn for the apology, it was nice to see he had forgave her. A grin formed over her mouth by his words, thinking them to be completely sincere. Just as she was about to retreat to the door something, or should she say someone rather stopped her. Seeing the same woman from before approach her in leisure. With inquisitive concept, Sonya inclined her head to the side while her eyes settled on the friendly looking woman. It was obvious that she was not a patient although she wouldn't mind being able to wear pajamas comfortably all day long. Because she had not read all of the files, Kelly's disorder still remained unbeknownst to her. Sonya ran a steady hand through her onyx tresses and smiled at her.

"Hi, Kelly... You'd be right in saying that I'm not a patient but a doctor. I'm Sonya Asano, it's nice to meet you Kelly." Reaching out her pale hand in acquaintance, the moment their hands came into contact a sharp pain generated near the carpus of her arm. By the sliding of her hand into Kelly's forced the metal object to tear into her flesh. An unpleasant sensation incepted, causing her to behold the locality of discomfort. That was when she saw and felt the warmth from the thick crimson liquid trickle from the slit near her ulnar vein. Immediately, her vivid cerulean eyes wandered over to Damian before traveling back to Kelly. Why? Why would she? Was it an accident? Or could she have known? Sonya held her arm in such a delicate way, glancing down to check if the wound was actually there.

Nearby, the nurse from earlier who pulled Damian away watched the scene unfold. She didn't think anything of it when both women shook hands until the sight of blood extricated from the doctor. Her beady eyes tumbled among the three, especially Damian before she hurried over to the rendezvous spot. Upon arriving, another nurse also visioned the young doctor cradling her arm. The larger nurse, known as Athena took a hold of Kelly's arm, slightly putting a bit of pressure on it. With her free hand, Athena searched her's, hoping to find the makeshift knife. "Okay, give it to me.... we don't want anyone else getting hurt. Now would we, Rosie." The nursed remarked, not minding if she had fostered the wrong name.

The other nurse went to investigate Sonya's wound in the premise of bandaging it up. "I should take care of this."

"No... I'm fine." She said, no longer having the desire to be in the rec. room furthermore. So she pulled her arm out of the grasp from the nurse. Vivid cyan hues engaged in a keen stare down with the petite woman (Kelly) standing in front of her before turning on her heels and returning to her office, not caring that she bumped into the man blocking the door. The whole time she couldn't help but think how close that cut had been to her ulnar artery which could have resulted in serious injury. But Sonya couldn't figure out why the woman would want to harm her. Other than her being completely demented. And obviously wasn't prime to expose it to Damian, concerning his hematolagnia. But did she know that?

Taking a seat at her desk, she grabbed a few Kleenexes' and applied them to the small gash. Sonya shook her head indiscriminately at her own aberrant behavior -- why would she think it was ever safe to interact with patients outside of the office? Yet it was hardly her fault for just being friendly.