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.. Make me feel like I am breathing, make me feel like I am human..

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PATIENT NAME: Tristan Kenin


PATIENT DESCRIPTION: Tristan is rather small with a height of 5 feet and 3 Inches. There are neither tattoos on his body but he does have two piercings in each ear. He is a lightweight with his 90 pounds, and looks as if he has never seen the sun, his skin as white as it is possible for a human. His hair is naturally blond, but as of the moment bleached, making it look almost white. Hair ending just at his chin, and with rather fair features he is something that people often call androgynous, or the more cruel ones, girlish looking. His eyes are a dark blue color that often looks black under certain lighting. His body isn't covered in scars, but a few of his experiments have caused scars in different places, like a burn scar that can be found on his right upper arm and a few other in different places.


PATIENT PERSONALITY DISORDER: Tristans disorder is simply classified as that of a Psychopath. But he is not one of those cruel villains portrayed on tv and in books. He lacks an understanding of emotions, as he doesn't feel them himself. He tries often to trigger himself into feeling anything, taking large risks without considering his own well being while he is at it. Humans around them are either something he wants to stay away from or study. He does have a sex drive which is mostly filled by his curiosity and a need to just experience things and get to a higher point, but wouldn't ever get attached to anyone.

PATIENT HISTORY/PARENTAGE: Tristan grew up isolated from most human contact, alone with a mother that was plagued by her own , mostly drug induced, insanity that was her death in the end. Psychical problems are not unusual in his family but mostly stem from the circumstances they grow up in.

PATIENT'S FAVORITE PEOPLE: There are not really friends or persons he likes, there are only the ones he is interested in and the ones he thinks as disgusting or pathetic. Damian, Rosie, Madelyn


OTHER: Nothing as of now.

So begins...

Tristan Kenin's Story

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#, as written by HypeR
Dr. Addi O'Neil

I walk into Tearmainn and I am greeted by a nurse. "Hello and welcome to Tearmainn Dr. O'Neil. Would you like a brief description of each patient, Doctor?" I nod my head with a faint smile as I walk with the nurse and she describes each patient.

"Patient number 100, Zak Ciaran, 19 years of age, suffers from Schizophrenia, danger to mostly himself, slightly paranoid, small case of SPD, fragrant smoker, curses a lot, antisocial, OCD, and slight speech impediment. Had him on record for about three years now."

"Patient number 101, Madelyn Rayburn, 19 years of age, suffers from severe paranoia, possibly dangerous to herself and others, avid addiction to smoking, occasional drinking, rarely occurring episodes, can have delusions. Has been here about a year now."

"Patient number 102, Damian Mason, 23 years of age, suffers from Hematolagnia, danger to others. He hasn't been here too long so we don't have much on him."

"Patient number 103, Rosie Clark, 18 years of age, suffers from serve MPD, three personalities as of date being 'Rosie' 'Kelly' and 'Julie', does not know of the 'others', slight danger to others depending on who's 'out', raped as child by father, mother disappeared. She has been here about a year or two now."

"Patient number 104, Harlan Sheridan, 21 years of age, suffers from sociopathy, danger to others emotions, needs constant mental simulation. He's really twisty, he has been here for about 6 months or so."

"Patient number 105, Arrow McBeth, 17 years of age, suffers from server depression, socially awkward, anxious, lack of emotion, danger to herself. Hasn't been here too long."

"Patient number 106, Tristan Kenin, 19 years of age, suffers from psychopathy, lacks understanding of emotion, has no feeling emotion wise, not much of danger, slight danger to others in the lack of emotion wise. Hasn't been here too long."

Seven patients I have to talk to. Seven patients I have to help. Seven patients all with different problems who grew up in different circumstances. "I'm ready to start talking." I say to the nurse. "Start sending each patient one by one in order to my office so I may introduce myself." The nurse looks at me strangly and I walk in my office as she head down to the recreation room to get the first patient.


The Recreational Room, the place where all the patients in this damn MadHouse can come and interact. Hardly any interacting every happens because everyone's so damn antisocial. You're the antisocial one, Zak. Then there's those fucking voice. They calm down after the nurse give me those pills in the morning, but they still keep talking.
In the Recreational Room, everything is clean and neat. There's a carpet so people can't smash each others faces into the ground. There's couches in front of a TV that's locked in a bullet proof plastic box that's bolted to the floor so no one can smash there head in the TV to kill themselves. There's a coffee maker and a kettle for tea that both stop heating so no one can kill themselves by pouring boiling water on their head. And the only eating utensil they give us is a plastic spoon. Not a spork, a spoon! A fucking spoon! Have you ever tried eating steak with a spoon? Well it's fucking hard!
I sit at the round table in the recreational room next to the window and I watch every body and listen to the voices in my head. No body likes you...Kill them all...hurt yourself and leave...Kill! Die! Hurt! They just don't stop. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder and jump then look up to see a nurse. "Dr. O'Neil would like to meet you." I know the deal, so I stand up and follow the nurse into some old guys office. The old guy was little and had glasses that made his eyes look big. Ahhhh! The voices scream instead of talk sometimes to just get on my nerves and make me go crazy. The nurse sits me down in the chair in front of the doctors cluttered desk.
"Hello, Zak, I'm Dr. Addi O'Neil. I'm the new psychologist and I'm here to tell you that we are dropping your medication." The Doc says with a smile on his face. At this the voices scream louder.
"Dropping the medication? Why? We can't drop the medication. I need it." I say as I shift around in the chair trying to get comfortable and ignore the screams.
"Yes, Zak. I don't believe in medication. The only thing to help is to talk, do you understand?" The Doc said calmly.
"Yeah, Doc, I understand perfectly well that you're a fucking idiot!" At the sound of my yelling, the nurse comes in and walks me back to the recreational room and gets the next patient.

Make sure in your first post you include going to see Dr. Addi O'Neil and talk about the dropping of every ones medication

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#, as written by Luflice
A room to interact. He would laugh if he found any mirth in it, but instead he just smirked from where he was sitting in the corner, staring out of the window, while glancing at the other patients now and then. Of course those weren't real windows, it was something more, they couldn't get too close, they couldn't break them ,he doubted they were even made out of real glass.

Those were the things you think about when you are locked up here day for day as if you are some real mental case. Some babbling idiot, and that was far from what he was. Playing with the hem of his long shirt, he leaned back in the seat until his head was dangling from the back and he saw everything upside down.

They were all so boring, boring and half of them disgusting. Pathetic. Half of them were supposed to be dangerous, but he had barely seen any sign of it, boring, so boring. Day for day he waited for the outbursts of emotions, waited for something to stare at, study, take apart so that he might integrate it within him, copy it until it almost felt real. That should have been the good thing about living here, but it never functioned.

Just as he wanted to continue along those lines which would eventually end up in him convincing himself of his superiority, there was the clearing of a throat and he slowly turned his head sideways, still upside down which really gave him an interesting angle to look at things, and saw the nurse looking at him expectantly. " Dr. Neil would like to meet you. " She said and sent him one of those stern looks that were supposed to be intimidating, but really just made him snort.

Slowly he unfolded himself out of the seat, straightening his clothes before he nodded at her, starting to walk. They wouldn't let you walk behind them, as if you would suddenly grow dagger-like nails and slice them open. Without commenting on it or any of the other thoughts that ran through his head, he stepped into the room and let himself be lead over to the seat, crouching down in it and quickly pulling his legs up, putting more weight on them then on his behind, looking at the doctor with wide eyes.

There was something about the other man that irked him, nothing like real dislike, it was still hard to feel anything like that, and he was not as pathetic as others, so the usual disgust kept itself at bay. But something in him just sneered at the man. The boy kept still though, he was not really violent, you needed to be angry for that. Or upset. Touched by any kind of emotion. " Doctor. " He just greeted neutrally, watching him with closely.

" Hello Tristan, I'm Dr. Addi O'Neil. I'm the new psychologist and I'm here to tell you that we are dropping your medication." The man said slowly, hands placed on the desk in what probably was meant to be a non-threatening gesture. Tristan blinked once, blinked twice. Then just nodded his head. " Tasted horrible anyways. " He just mumbled and shifted lightly, moving his toes in different directions, he was bored again. " May I leave then, Doctor? "

" The only thing that can help you is talking, Tristan. " The Doctor said instead of an answer, and the blond looked up again, wanting to shrug his shoulders, but instead just stared at the man. Talking, really. Tristan liked talking, but not the talking the Doctors like to do.

After no word left his lips for a long while, the Doctor just let out a soft sigh and nodded to the nurse that had been waiting at the door. " I will lead you back to the main room. " She said as she came up to the boy, almost man, and gestured for him to move. Taking a last look around the office, Tristan moved from the chair slowly and nodded, leaving the room just in the same state as he had entered it. The medication had never done anything for him anyways besides making him feel drowsy and giving him concentration problems now and then.

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Sonya Asano

Walking down the quiet halls of the Asylum was the young psychologist, Sonya. It was her first day and to say she hadn't been a bit nervous would be an understatement. Clad in a black mesh inslet dress, hugging all the curves of her petite frame with a pair of black Christian Louboutin pumps. The medium-sized shoulder briefcase hung closely to the proximity of her shoulder, while the large paper cup filled with dark caffeinated liquid sloshed around. Coffee. Something she found herself drinking more and more of.

Bringing the cup to her lips to take a small sip left traces of her cerise lip stain on the rim. She planned to speak to few patients before actually starting their treatment. It was so important to make them feel comfortable or else the sessions would become a pain in the ass. Of course she'd always get that one or two patient(s) that refused her help either way - though it only motivates her to try harder.

Last night had been a tough night for her. Among working on her living arrangements, trying to tie things over back over in California and adjusting to the colossal time change, she was exhausted. Moving always had it's drawbacks but commuting to an entire new country had a whole new set of complications as proven.

Finally finding her office, Sonya used her untenanted hand to push open the door. Her cyan eyes scanning over the spacious, modern room. Everything from the monumental bookstand, to the well polished sleek desk and leather lounge chairs relaxed her. She sat her bag atop of the table along with the hot cup of brew.

After a few brief mintutes of setting up, getting familiar with things a young nurse entered the room.

"Hi, Dr. Asano. We have several patients waiting for introduction. Are you ready for the first?"

Looking up from her desk, Sonya set her pen down beside her note pad."Oh, sure. Yes send them in right away."

"Okay, they will be here shortly."

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#, as written by Luflice
Read a book to entertain yourself. Watch some crappy TV to entertain yourself. That were all the choices he got it seemed, besides going to talk to the doctors of course, and he was far from doing that.

" What to do, what to do. " He whispered to himself, leaning back in the chair, which actually meant hitting the legs of it with his head as he was sitting on it the other way around. Or lying, or lounging. There were a lot of words for one thing, one of the few things he thought about when his mind was without stimulation. It could keep you occupied for a bit but mind games with himself only took him that far before he had the urge to just /do/ something.

Tristan didn't worry what whispering to himself meant for the nurses or other patients, they already thought him crazy, he could see the looks of the younger nurse, he could feel them crawling over his skin. Just like she had always done, staring at him for hours without even uttering the slightest sound.

It was time to do something. Finally. The decision was followed with him jumping up from the chair in a move that almost made him crash to the floor, a fate he couldn't save the chair from meeting. OH well, now he had made a noise in this tomb. Would they carry him away now, kicking, screaming, like they did with the blond earlier ? Looking around carefully, the nurses only seemed to be watching him, and as he walked he made sure to keep every move calm and slow, as to not trigger them. Really sometimes they seemed like the crazy and paranoid ones, not them.

Making his way through the room, he locked his eyes on each patient for a while, sneering lightly at some of them before deciding chosing at random was probably the best way to go. With a few expectations, he couldn't be bothered to talk with those he thought far beneath him. Glaring as one of them moved as if to get up, he quickly walked over to one of the seats, watching the other read for a bit, before dropping down opposite him and staring at him.

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Patient after patient was taken into the same room he had just come out of. One by one they came back out and resumed with what they were doing like clockwork or a broken record forever repeating the same dull song. Damian found little interest in the rest of them, however what did catch his attention was the kicking and screaming as Madelyn was dragged off to see the nice doctor. She perhaps annoyed him the most as she was far too skittish; you couldn’t go anywhere near her before she would jump and try to attack you. The rest of the patients here were boring. Common ground would never be found between them and that’s why all of them were alone. Together, housed in the same building and placed in the same room, but alone all the same.

Once more his eyes wandered over to Arrow, watching her for a moment as he avoided the nurses at all costs and curled up on herself in the corner of the room; a typical place for her, even if the corner offered little protection. Her scarred arms wouldn’t protect her from anything either, and burying her head to drown out the noise around her would only make her more vulnerable to attack. It would be so easy to just saunter over there and…

Damian looked in front of him as he heard someone sit. An eyebrow was raised at the feminine looking blond, his dark blue eyes meeting with Damian’s own harsh green ones. They held each other’s gazes for a moment before the elder placed his book down on the table and leaned back, folding his arms.

“What?” he asked with a heavy sigh.

Unable to keep his attention fixed on the boy in front of him, his gaze would wander around the room and to Arrow once more as she scratched at her skin with blunt nails. It was getting harder and harder as she sobbed into the material of her pants. A smile soon graced Damien’s pale lips as he watched her, seemingly forgotten about the other in front of him.

A few drops of blood finally broke free from the skin and ran down her arms, making the man’s eyes light up in delight. He licked his lips, unfolding his arms and once again moving a hand down his body to try and touch himself.

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#, as written by Luflice
People easily got bored of looking at things. And there was a certain reason for it. They didn't really have the right eyes. THe right view of things, the right brain. Tristan could stare at people for a very long time and never get bored of it. There was always a little detail you found, a sudden movement, even if it was subtle, sometimes the light just changed and made everything look just a bit sharper.

Shifting in his seat, he smirked lightly in triumph when the boy in front of him, almost man actually considering his age, although his features still had some of this teenage parts, put the book away and looked at him. You don't need words to make yourself known. You needed to have a presence, aura or whatever people wanted to call that. And he may not have very social skills or any emotions, but he had always managed to make people notice him. His appearance made sure of that for once, and his ... attitude.. that one too. Although people really liked that less.

Staring at the other, noticing the shade of his eyes was really one of his new favorite things to look at , he couldn't even remember a time he had seen that kind of green, he gritted his teeth when the others attention was diverted.

Now Tristan was not.. arrogant. He didn't scream out for attention, although he had lacked the good sort all of his life until now, but if he wanted to study someone , he wanted them to look at him. To concentrate on him.

For a few moments he let him do it, not really bothered by the others obvious urge to touch himself. That was not what made him frown. He just didn't want to lose the others attention to the patient he disliked most.

Glaring lightly, he made a rather extreme decision and pulled one of his wrists closer, searching for the patch of skin that was most thin, before digging his nails into it harshly, until he finally felt he had drawn blood.
There was some pain,yes, but it was just a scratch, not really worth any sounds.

Looking at the man again, he lifted his wrist and almost shoved it into the others face. " Do I have your attention now ?"

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The sweet smell of fresh blood reached his nostrils and caressed the insides of them. Sure enough Damian’s attention was torn away from the self-harmer and onto just where he could smell the substance his body so desperately craved, and it was from none other than the blond boy sitting across the table from him.

Hunter green eyes shifted from blue orbs to the small wound on his wrist, leaking slowly with a few drops of thick crimson. After licking his lips, they turned into a sly smirk and he was quick to reach forward, taking a tight hold of his arm and yanking him closer, pulling poor Tristan bent over the table in the process.

Damian examined the scratch for a few moments as one would a piece of artwork, before he leaned down and pressed his tongue against it, collecting the small drops onto the tip of his tongue and savouring the metallic taste. The elder groaned in pleasure and tightened his grasp, now wrapping his lips around the tiny little wound and sucking it dry.

Eyes slipped closed, having rolled into the back of his skull and groans past his lips as they worked on getting every drop of his sweet drug. It had been far too long since he’d tasted blood. It was so thick, warm, sticky, and tasted almost like melted copper. It was a taste he’d grown to love and lust for. Of course it’d turned him on by now and his hand was busy touching himself under the table. At least most of the nurses were busy dealing with trying to get Arrow into the conference room.

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#, as written by Luflice
Tristan watched closely and waited for the exact moment the other noticed him and the small wound, smirking lightly to himself in satisfaction. It was an extreme move,and some part of him said that he would probably regret it soon, but not yet. Certainly not yet.

The others green eyes were locked onto his just for a moment, and he wasn't sure if it was the sudden emotions or the change of lightning, but the color seemed different now, darker somehow. It was clearly interesting. Before he could think some more on that, his thighs hit the edge of the table almost painfully as he was yanked forward in one quick motion. Maybe he should have tried resisting, but really Tristan had no real muscles, or any weight that he could put against the force of someone like Damian. Not that the other was that much of a body builder... But still more then he was.

And still he made sure to make no sound, they were lucky enough that Misses Self-Harm was worrying the nurses, and that some of them were busy for the doctors, or they would probably be in trouble already. For a moment he cursed himself, they should have chosen a not so open place, but hopefully they wouldnt look to them right now, because it was pretty obvious what was happening.

During all that, he didn't really care or wonder about the other sucking at his wound, he knew of the fascination with blood, everyone with a good pair of eyes could see that. And the sexual thing... Well who was he to forbid other people to follow their desires? He had a healthy sex drive himself, although he didn't really understood the whole blood fascination. Hissing lightly at him, he tugged at his wrist and used his free arm to take a hold of the other somewhere, somehow, pulling at him. " Move it, if we stay like this for a second more they might just see us, this is really a bit very open, don't you think, bent over the table ?" Tristan said as low as possible, while making sure the other would still be able to hear him.

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((I realized that it would be a hell of a job to keep up with who-was-who in my posts if I don't write in 3rd person....))

Rosie's body was shaking. Only a little bit, of course, not enough to bring attention to anyone but herself. She felt it, knew what it ment. The trembling, first then.... Blackout. She knew what caused this one too- she had many blackouts when she was afraid, nervous, or when she felt weak- those days she where her sole wish to just never move again. She was nervous an afraid now- she wasn't sure if her blackouts would come back with more force, or just stay as they were now- an abnormal occurrence. She was wishing deeply she knew the answers when she began to fall. She wasn't really falling of course, the couch was there, right behind her. That was last thought that crossed her mind- I can't possibly be falling. All of that was in her head though, and her head did sort of shut down. Kelly's memories, feelings, personality took the place where all of Rosie's were. Kelly smiled and cracked her knuckles before looking around. Last thing she remebered was being in her room. She sort of wondered how she had gotten to the Rec room, but dismissed it. She unfolded her legs from the couch and began to search for the remote. Might as well, as there was nothing else interesting to do. She pulled her knees up and began to peak over the side of the old couch when something caught her eye. Two of the other residents looked like they were about to do something... unseemly... right in the center of the Rec room. Well, one did. She knew why, too. He was the one that got off on blood, and it seemed the other had peeked his interest.
"Naughty, Naughty" she said between laughs before she spotted the remote on the floor behind the couch and twisted around to turn the telivision on. She wasn't really watching, just flipping though the carefully-screened channels. She was stil laughing in her head though- how long would it take before a nurse saw that? She couldn't wait for That. Nothing hardly happened in her line of sight, and it was always fun to watch when it did. She flicked the T.V off again and began to people-watch instead. She carefully avoided looking at the two, and let her eyes dart over the others. That got boreing after a second or two though- she knew the ins and outs of almost everyone already. So she sighed and laid back onto the couch, her head just leaning over the side, so she could still watch the others.

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As one of the nurses enters the Rec. room, her doe brown eyes landed on the scene before her. Both, Damian and Tristan were engaging in incongruous physical contact that needed to be broken apart. And the closer she got, the ultimate reason of why the dark-haired man sucked at the fragile blond was because of the blood. It took her a minute to recollect Damian's disorder and new that overall he was a threat to others - proof would be the act taking place now.

The wound didn't look so severe but she knew he sill required medical assistance urgently before anything else happened.

Continuing on her route, she placed a hand on Damian, giving him a firm but gentle nudge. "Damian, you need to come with me." Another nurse by that time also joined her colleague in the Rec. room. Seeing the scene immediately put her into action. Unlike the other nurse, she was a bit less moderate, and refused to tolerate any nonsense. As Damian had hematolagnia, she quickly grabbed his arm, pulling his latching mouth away from the blond. Because the woman was heavy-set, using her weight to her advantage helped with getting the two apart.

"You clean this one up, I'm going to take this one to the Doctor's office... looks like he could use some therapy right about now." She said, taking note of the dark red liquid staining the guys mouth. It completely grossed her out and for that fact, she made quick to get him out of her hair.

"C'mon let's go." Quickening her steps, the young nurse left the room with Damian in tow.

The current nurse went to aid Tristan's wound. "Don't worry, you will be just fine." Her reassurance probably wouldn't come in handy but she did it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Sonya scribbled down a few things after Zak left. And again, the door to her quaint office swung open and two seconds later a large women was dragging in a younger male who looked a bit dazed.

"This is Damian Mason, if he's any trouble at all. Don't be afraid to call." The nurse eyed the young man, giving him a temperate look before exting and returning back to the Rec. room.

"Hi, Mr. Mason right? I'm Sonya Asano."

Reaching out her slender hand, with dark red polish coating her nails, she could hope he was in the mood for introductions. Her eyes landed on his unnaturally red lips but decided against the idea of asking.

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#, as written by Luflice
" You will be just fine. " Really, did she really just say that to him ? After ripping away his only source of entertainment ? Tristan wanted to growl, but instead just kept his lips closed and pressed together, watching her with narrowed eyes. This was not the way it was supposed to happen, but of course that guy was only lead by his obsession and his whole brain decided to shut off, leading to this.

If Damian had just thought for a moment, he would have probably done what Tristan wanted to, meaning hiding just a bit more away, like sitting next to each other in standing bent over the table in the midst of the freaking room. But nooooo, what is common sense to normal people, because really who needs that in a house of crazy people. Funny. You needed it in this house even more then in any other place, but they of course wouldn't understand. Because crazy people didn't think.

There was a kind of rage welling up inside him that came only rarely and he was kind of thankful for that. It wasn't like he really felt this blood boiling feeling that people described, but he was kind of annoyed, and that was better then no emotion at all. When the nurse finally let go of him, a small bandage around his wrist, another thing that annoyed him, he looked around.

There was Misses -Me and not me, who looked rather strange, and then there was the guy that had random attacks and screams. Both interesting, but it was probably better to not get involved again or he would get on some kind of black list if that even existed here. Sighing, he made his way over to the book shelf, trying to find one that he hadn't read already.

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There was a time Logan might have looked at the tall sterile building in a curious and adventurous light but all that came to mind when he first laid eyes on Tearmainn was that this was the type of place Florence was hiding at. Florence, his ex-wife… Just the mere thought of her brought painful memories back to mind. He shook his head and sighed. Stop it. It’s in the past, there’s nothing you can do about it now, he told himself. Walking forward he made it to the entrance and pushed his way inside. A small mousy looking nurse looked up from her clipboard and peered at him from the tops of her glasses. She gave him a small smile and asked in a quiet voice, “Hello, how may I help you?”

Logan took a moment to look around the reception area before looking at the nurse. “My names Logan…” he said in his usual quiet manner. Still, his voice was deep and carried down the hallways of the asylum. Flustered, the nurse looked down at a sheet that seemed to have a list of names on it. Nodding, she collected a folder and handed it to him. “Your living arrangements have been set up and all the information you need is in this folder. I have been informed you were forwarded basic information on the patients, have you studied the files?” she asked, blinking up at him.

He nodded wordlessly to the nurse and watched as she floundered to find something to say. A small smile stretched the corners of his lips and he took a step forward to pat the small woman’s head. “Calm yourself. There’s no need to be nervous. I’ll find my way to my quarters now. Have a nice day.” He said and by memory (he’d studied a map of the asylum before-hand) made his way towards his designated area.

A half hour later, he’d unpacked his belongings and was ready to make his rounds. He’d been informed that he had to introduce himself to the staff so they’d know a new guard had joined the staff and they wouldn’t startle at the sight of a stranger on the asylum property. He nodded toward the few nurses that he passed in the hallways and finally reached the recreation room. His eyes took in the patients one by one and internally he put name to faces. Leaning against the “doorway” he waited patiently for the doctor’s sessions to finish so that he may be able to introduce himself.


Drip. Drip. Drip She woke up to the sound of dripping water. It was such a small sound but the silence of the room made it echo in her ears and its consistency reminded Madelyn of the annoying persistence of an alarm clock. Her heart hammered painfully in her head, her mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton and all of her was sore and aching. What on earth happened? she asked herself. She made a move to lift her hand to sooth her pounding head only to realize she couldn’t. Her hands… her hands were tied behind her back! Her eyes snapped open but she saw nothing but darkness. What’s going on?!? Very slowly, her eyes adjusted to the darkness but still she couldn’t recognize where she was. The fog in her mind cleared up and she finally realized her hands weren’t the only thing tied up; her legs and waist were tied to the chair she currently sat at. Not only that but a cloth had been wrapped over her mouth. A muffled whimper left her covered lips in fear and anxiousness. Madelyn couldn’t remember what had happened and had no idea how she had gotten there but she felt that she had to get out of there NOW. Her gut clenched telling her that something bad was coming. Something very bad.

As if to confirm that feeling, footsteps suddenly echoed around her. Her head snapped toward the direction it came from, causing the edges of her vision to blur and her head to lighten with dizziness. As she regained from her small dizzy spell her eyes could just barely make out the outline of a door. Her ears s picked up the sound of those footsteps again only now they were so much closer. Her heart pounded against her chest, sweat trickled her forehead and coated her hands with a panic that suddenly paralyzed her. Before she knew it the door creaked slowly open…
“Hello Maddie. Did you miss me? I missed you.”

Gasping, Madelyn woke up sweating and panting as if she’d run a marathon for days. Her form shook and for the life of her she couldn’t stay still. Looking around, a small sigh left her lips. She was still in Tearmainn. For the first time in a long time she was grateful that these walls kept her inside because it also meant it kept them out. As much as she hated this place, and Madelyn did hate the place, she secretly thought of it as her safety blanket; the barrier between them and her. The times that she’d suspected the doctors, the guards and even the patients to be in league with them slipped away from her mind. She couldn’t find it in her at that moment to be wary or cautious. She was just so relieved that she wasn’t back in that dark, cold room any longer. So very grateful. This happened every time she had one of those dreams… or memories, really. In those times she acted like she did before the paranoia had set in. Still, any one thing could set her off and make her go back to being paranoid and wary.

A rosy blush rushed to her cheeks as she realized she’d been sleepwalking again. Somehow she now stood next to one of the barred windows of the recreation room. As was custom, she checked herself over for any bruises and found that she’d been lucky this time. Only one small bruise tainted her pale creamy skin. Rubbing at the spot, Madelyn wondered like so many other times how she’d managed to bruise herself again. Shrugging, she leaned against the wall and watched out the window as a random flock of birds flew above the building. A small smile tilted the corner of her mouth as she watched them. They were so lucky. Sneaking a peak behind her she scanned over the other patients faces. Most of them had come here after she had; she could only remember very few that were already here when she was transferred in. Looking down at herself she wondered how she had changed in that time… or had she changed at all?

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Absolutely nothing exiting was going on, exept for the Paranoid who had made her way to the window and began to gasp, quite loudly. Though, that wasn't new. It happened often, and she was sleepwalking or something. Kelly sort of wondered if that's what she did-sleepwalk, but she couldn't remember any dreams she may or may not have had, like the other girl seemed to. Nor did she wake up flailing or gasping. She just opened her eyes, like waking up from a coma. She felt comatose, anyway, right before she 'went to sleep', as she told the doctors she did.

Kelly rolled on her side and immidiately frowned Blood-boy and his friend arn't there anymore she sighed. She should have been checking more instead of zoneing out. She flipped back onto her side and began to scan the room. Where can I make some fun... she thought, just as her eyes zoned in on the feminine boy- one of the ones from the duo. Her eyes glinted mischievously and her lips lifted into a smirk. She pulled Phantom of the Opera off of the couch- she didn't know how it got there, and frankly, she didn't care. She picked up its plastic-covered binding and stood up, half-waltzing over to the bookcase, where the man sat. She dangled the book in front of his face before she dropped it into his lap. She folded her knees in front of her and pulled them over to the side, so she was sitting facing him. "Try that one" she offered, gesturing to the book. "It was sitting beside me and I feel it would be a good read. Never read it, though" she smirked. "That was quite a show, by the way. Nothing ever happens here, anyways" she reached forward and grabbed his bandaged hand. She didn't care if she was overstepping her boundaries- everyone was crazy anyway, supposedly even her, so he could just think she was crazy.

"Did you do this to yourself?" She asked, even though she already knew that answer. Of course he did. She dropped his hand quickly and put her hands onto her lap. "I'll admit, if you did, congrats. You made this place fun for like ten minutes. Then, I'm assuming the nurses pulled you both away. I didn't see the harm in it really. Besides the fact I would have been a little grossed out. Just a little though" she stopped and laughed at her own thought. "After all, porn is in short supply here"

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#, as written by Luflice
I read this already, this sounds like a real girls book, no to this too, I don't think I want to read this.. His thoughts continued like that for a while, really, his mind was all over the place again, no point to focus on. That was his curse from time to time, a mind that could think faster then most others, but without anything to concentrate on it was a really messy place. Maybe emotions would have helped for focusing, but it wasn't really like he could take a pill and suddenly feel everything. Which would be for naught anyways by now, they weren't given anymore pills from now on. Another thing on his ' Annoying shit' list.

Looking to the side, he saw the paranoid one having one of her episodes again, really, could no one strap her down or something ? It was clear that something was wrong with her, and that didn't just include her being an angsty little girl. It was just a bit strange that they would let her walk around without really diagnosing her. But who was he to question people, right, better then them, that's what he was.

Before he could think more about that, a book fell into his lap and he looked down at it with a frown, turning it and examining it calmly. Yes he heard what the girl was saying about it, but that was more important for now.

Finally he was ripped out of his thoughts by her taking his hand, letting out a hiss automatically, head snapping up and narrowed eyes focusing on her, looking almost completely black in the lightning. " Careful, yeah? Who told you you could touch me anyways. " He pressed out, but wasn't really upset. It was an automatic reaction, touch didn't always mean something good and even less in a house like that. He would rather be save then sorry.

" No, one of the nurses agreed it was a great idea to rile up the pervert boy so she cut me. " He said dryly, but smirked at her, after hearing she wasn't going to whine or do anything else. It must be her other self then, the usual one was really not to his liking. " Well, ten minutes of fun is at least something you can think about for the next six hours of boredom. And sorry that it wasn't to your liking, but when it comes to sexual things or anything entertaining, I am sorry to inform you that you won't have a choice if you don't make some commotion yourself. I had a lot of fun, I can assure you. "

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The lubricious haze in his eyes was slowly dwindling as his mind wandered away from the bitter-sweet memory and back to reality. No longer could he focus on the woman who bared an uncanny resemblance to his so-called crush, and no longer could he look outside where he knew she would still be alive and happy without him, albeit a little scarred on the inside. It was true, he didn’t regret, and perhaps that was exactly the reason why he would was here and would be forever more. The silence was uncomfortable and he found himself counting the ticks in his head, thereby ultimately counting the seconds up until someone would finally break the silence. His dulled eyes watched his hands, his trembling fingers, as they grasped at the material of his loose fitting black pants; they weren’t allowed to wear what they desired, only what was offered to them by the asylum. It was a sort of sick fantasy they got from forcing them to wear clothes which barely matched and made them look like the idiots they were supposed to be. They stripped them away of any resemblance to a normal human being and singled them out by calling them insane just because they made a slight mistake or didn’t function the same as what was considered normal. Who was to say what was normal anyway?

His thoughts were running rampant as they tended to during periods of silence, but, fortunately, that didn’t last for too long this time before his doctor spoke up once more, yet it wasn’t what he wanted to hear. Just as he had opened up to the woman, she was shooing him away, and all because he made her feel uncomfortable. Damian glanced up at her and narrowed his eyes, his mood now souring. He jerked his head away once more and shook it.

“I can make it back on my own. I don’t need an escort.” he grumbled and got to his feet himself. He never even offered her a goodbye or a simple smile or glance in her direction, he just turned on his heels and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind and causing the small clock to shake upon the glass table.

Upon returning to the Recreation room, he stopped a few feet away from the open door and folded his arms, his narrowed green eyes watching the man who leant against the frame. Yet again it was someone whom he didn’t recognize, another new doctor perhaps? Damian rolled his eyes, unfurled his arms and shoved past him to get into the room.

“I’m not having no more fucking sessions.” he bit out at him, shooting a sharp glare over his shoulder. He began to approach Tristan once more who was talking to that girl who had the personality problem (the one where she couldn’t recall who she was), when he was grabbed by the arm by the same nurse who tore him away from the blond in the first place.

“You’re not to go near him, not after what you did.” she hissed, earning a scoff from Damian and he yanked his arm away from her tight grasp. Once more he turned on his heels and stormed over to the other side of the room, snatching the book from the table he had been reading previously and plopping down on the floor with his back leaning against the wall. Even though he couldn’t go near Tristan, he still watched him from just over the pages of his book.

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Kelly huffed when he roughly pulled his hand away- she wasn't hurting him, after all. Her small amount of anger disolved at the next comment, though. She smiled and leaned back on her hands. "I might just have to try that some time then. Speaking of time though, you wouldn't happen to know the day, would you? Before this place, I would normally only blackout for a little while, a day or two tops. I lost a whole week. All of last week I just draw a blank on. It's sad really. There could have been a fire and I wouldn't know jack shit about it" she sighed and let her eyes begin to look about the large room.

Still nothing interesting in the slightest. That is, until the local fedisist came back, and headed right for them. Kelly's eyes darted over to him and she was going to laugh, but a nurse intercepted him and he stalked over to the other corner of the room. "Ah, well. Round two will have to wait until a later date" she turned back so she was looking at her main object of interest. She cocked her head to the side for a moment, trying to figure out what to say next she settled for "I don't remeber your name. Care to tell me?" Before she leaned her head compleately back to look at the Hematolagic.

He sort of seemed absorbed in the book in his hands, but he still seemed to be pointed towards their genneral direction. She flipped her head back and frowned. "It seems you have earned yourself a stalker" she snickered and flicked a pale finger back in the person in question. She looked at him for a moment, her eyes trying to find an answer. "I guess I understand his problem though. He did after all get ripped away from his fun." She pulled her lips into a smile, her straight teeth showing through. "Maybe the next six hours will be at least a little. I did just wake up from a week long stint in a blackness that was just pure hell, so I don't think it's very fair if I have to spend my very few waking hours in hell, too."

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#, as written by Luflice
Tristan wasn't afraid of pain or being attacked. The nurses were hovering close to them, either not trusting him or Kelly, but he would rather go for the girl as for now. And pain.. Pain was really only a sign to the body that something was happening and pain at least did get /some kind/ of reaction out of himself. It seemed rather morbid, but most things about his thoughts seemed like that to many people, a reason he mostly stopped saying them out loud. " You can try all you want, but leave him to me, will you? He's my toy for now. You can chose one of the others. " He commented, playing lightly with his hair, looking at her as innocently as was possible and as if he didn't just talk about humans like children did about their action figures.
"I'm pretty sure it's Friday. Not like there is many information that we can get from the outside world, but I think I remember it to be Friday. Yes. "

Looking at her he wondered if he should tell her about her personality problem. This one could probably deal with it, if she didn't suspect something already. But he was no one's babysitter, was he ? And this way it was actually fun. Tristan was enjoying the conversation and not in the mood to have it broken because of her freaking out. Then the nurses would come, take her away and drug her up for a while. No that would not do at all. Turning his eyes to the commotion around his new obsession, he tilted his head, pouting at the nurse. Was that really necessary ? As if they would do anything too flashy with everyone watching them. He was almost ready to get up and go over there, but then decided talking to Kelly would have to be enough for now, he could always watch Damian, right. ? Despite those thoughts the pout never left his face. " Tristan. Tristan Kenin. You're Kelly, right ? " He asked, just to be sure that he hadn't confused it. His stay here hadn't been too long yet, so he wasn't sure about everyone's problems and illnesses, details like that easily slipped his notice sometimes.

" A stalker ? Hmm.. Or he has earned himself one, depends on how you look at it, don't you think ? " Tristan mumbled, predatory grin on his face again. Stretching his legs out, he placed them in her lap, leaning back in his seat. " If we want to have any "Fun" we have to be careful. The nurses will be extra alert now with two of us having some kind of incident already. " He said, nodding to Damian and the self harmer. " But I am sure we can manage to stop your boredom.And mine too. "

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"Fine. I won't mess with your plaything, for now" Kelly smiled, flipping her mocha to one side. She began to rifle through the pockets in her basic red pajamas. Who picked out this thing! I am anything but basic she thought. After checking in both of her pants pockets and her breast pocket, she found what she was looking for. Two bright silver hair ties. She pulled her hair up with one and pulled the other back on her skinny fingers. She pointed at the nurse, who wasn't looking. She notched it back farther, but she turned around and stared Kelly down. She rolled her eyes and put the band down.

"Friday, huh? That means... I woke up Monday, so that's another three whole days! Damn!" She hissed under her breath, going over the numbers in her head and on her fingers. Another three days she would never get back. "I feel like I miss so much time I'm barely the age I look! I must have lost a month this year already" she mumbled, looking down.

After she got through with mourning lost time, she took a breath before she continued. "Tristan, huh? Thank you for not calling me 'Rosie' by the way. That is such a stupid name. It's definitely not a good name for someone my age. Rosie is a name for a grandmother or a child. Like Mayble" she smiled and cocked her head to the side, thinking. She really, really hated being called Rosie, but everyone called her that.

"Well, it's not really stalking I suppose if both of you are doing it. It's just starring at eatch other for elongated periods of time" she said quickly, holding herself back from snickering again. He put his legs over Kelly's own pale ones, but she didn't make a move to get them off of her. She was a people person, in her opinion, so even if a stranger hugged her she wasn't going to push them off of her. It wasn't nice, and she always tried to be nice. At his next words though, a grin of her own graced her features. "I don't recall me getting in trouble yet. They have nothing to suspect from little old me" she laughed and put on her most innocent of faces. It didn't last long though, as her lips seemed to want to go back to her evil grin no matter what. "What did you have in mind" the grin on her face deepened as she said the words.

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With the sudden change in his mood, the gruff sight of him alarmed her. Apparently he was disturbed and it was ostentatious by his body language. Concurrently, Sonya swallowed thickly at the splinting of his eyes. As the door slammed, she flinched slightly. Leaving the brunette standing there with an incommodious expression on her face. For a few seconds she watched the stilled door, the rattling from the clock now stopping. Clearly something had set the man off yet she did not know what.

Weren't the patients usually excited to leave the confinements of the doctor's office?

Still standing in her place by the sofa, she retraced her steps to figure out why Damian left in asperity. Perhaps dismissing him so soon wasn't for the best, especially after he confided in her. But what was she supposed to do or say? Praise him. Tell him that it was completely normal for him to feel no resentment for his actions. That he shouldn't repent. Because it would have all been a fabrication. She wouldn't bring herself to lie to him just to keep his trust. How was that going to help him?

And that's when she realized.

Maybe it's not what she said that set him off but what she didn't say. Damian had actually commerced the first move to be open with her about his life and all she did was conclude their meeting. He probably felt like she was "repelling' him when honestly it hadn't been her intentions. Choosing rationality, Sonya stepped out of the room in search of a fleeting Damian. The hallway was quiet. Though the quietness was quickly interrupted by the distinct sounds of padded thumps of her heels. On route to the recreational room, a tall relatively handsome man blocked the way of her entrance. Their eyes only engaging in conference for a few seconds. Clearly he was no patient, yet he didn't appear to be a doctor nether.

"Excuse me." Her soft, celestial voice filled the immediate area before she made her way pass him.

A populace of the residents coming into view all seemed to be in there own worlds of dementia. Though she had no attentive in them. The only person she had eyes for was Damian, who just so happened to be sitting on the soawith a book raised just above his nose. Sound of her heels clinked against the tiled floor as she approached him. "I know you're upset with me, Damian." Sonya took in a deep breath that was greatly needed before taking a seat next to him. As she turned to engage in conversation, long obsidian locks cascaded over the side of her shoulder. Glancing away in a torrent of allegorical ideation, her gaze traveled onward to where she saw a young, fragile feministic man with achromatic hair standing chatting away with another brown-haired woman. But instead of acknowledging the two any further, Sonya turned her attention back to Damian. Now resting her hand on the pad of his upper leg where the salient heat emerged from physical contact connecting the two. A comforting motion deemed to be an innocent gesture in disguise, although it was up to the receiver of how he would percept it.

"I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry. That I don't want you to think you did something wrong by telling me the truth. In fact, I really appreciate it. And I don't take your trust lightly because that sort of thing can take months and months of long intensive conditioning to build up." She stated calmly, keeping her voice between just the two of them. Sonya lowered her cerulean eyes to her lap before restoring them. "It was just a bit unexpected y'know. But, it doesn't mean I'm just going to write you off. I hope you haven't written me off either."

The softness of her hand still lingering on Damian's clothed leg, her fingertips grazing the foundation of his thigh ended with a series of gentle taps. She stood. Her heels once again meeting the floor, the eye-catching black dress that fondled her every curve of her small 5'4 frame was pulled down demurely. "And just so you know, I've never done something like this before." She added, referring to her need to apologize to a patient. "So if you ever need to talk, or just wanna' get away from the local residents... don't be afraid. I'm here for whatever you need." A meaning that could be misinterpreted.

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#, as written by Luflice
[Sorry if this turns out sucky, I'm really ill today .-. ]

" Yeah, you won't.. " He said, trailing off, eyes fixed on the new doctor that was walking over to his toy. She was pretty, he had to give her that, but he coul deasily look just as pretty, tits or not, he was aware of his feminine looks after all. Huffing lightly, he half turned to the girl again, fingers running anxiously through his hair, messing it up quite a lot. " You seem to miss a lot of time, yes... But Iguess that's only nromal for people like you.. You seem quite confused most of the time if I am honest.. And Rosie.. well that name doesn't fit you at al does it ? " In his mind it wouldn't help anyone if he forced a wrong name on her. It wasn't the right personality, so forcing her to accept another name wouldn't solve anything. At least not in his books.

Without really wanting to, he looked over again, glaring holes in the head of the brunette. Did she have to touch what was his ? Did she have to touch him there ? " That's not even appropriate. " He hissed out, toes curling up, just like his fingers which started forming fists. They annoyance and /disgust/ in him rose to a whole new level and it was refreshing in a way, but also maddening. Why couldn't it be anger, boiling anger? It was always just disgust, always just a hint oif annoyance. It was never the real feeling that he longed for. Even in a situation like that.

With a deep breath he tried to concentrate back on the girl, smiling lightly at her. " Well, there's no time like the present to get in trouble, is there ? " He asked, eyes still narrowed and face tensed up in a way that made his cheekbones stand out a lot more then usual. " " She's leaving though... So there goes my plan. I guess you have to think up something for yourself.. I will help of course. "

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"Is that a threat?" Kelly laughed. "No, I won't mess with him. Plenty of other strange people I can mess with" Kelly turned half-way to follow his eyes. He was looking rather pissed at the lady talking to his toy. The lady was looking rather comfy with him, so Kelly wasn't about to blame him. "You get used to the blackouts after a while- and you start to see the signs. The shaking and sometimes blinking, then falling. I suppose I would seem confused alot, but you would to if bits of your life were missing. Rosie isn't a name I compleately despise, but its not for me like you said. If I had been named it, I guess it would be me though" she said, thinking. It has never occurred to her that if she has been givin that god-awful name she would feel like a 'Rosie'.

It took the boy a little while- and a lot of lasers almost shooting from his eyes- but finnaly Tristan said something about the way the woman was touching his object of interest. She rolled her eyes and turned her focus to the two across the room. In fact, the brunnette was touching the man in a rather inappropriate way, with her hand resting on his thigh. "Someone's a little jealous, isn't he?" Kelly smirked as she turned back to Tristan. "Don't worry. I'm sure it will only get worse. After all, she could easily do just what you did, and I wonder how fast he would forget about you? I guess he would remember, eventually, but I just don't think he could control himself if she were to cut herself" Kelly grinned evilly. "Ah, well, we wouldn't want that"

Kelly frowned at his next comment and turned. The girl was leaving, and she couldn't have that. "Well, we can't have her leaving just yet. She hasn't had time to properly seduce your friend yet" she laughed lightly. "But I suppose you don't mind. It's not like you could help it if she had an accident and began to bleed. I mean, I'm fairly sure she wouldn't mind him jumping her bones, and it would only take a little encouragement" as she said this, she broke the metal part of the hair tie not holding her hair up and pressed it against her skin. She hissed and a droplet if blood appeared. "Now, if somehow, say, she stepped on this or it scratched her back somehow... Well, there would be a little bit more blood than just this" she pointed her finger at him before she wiped the blood on her red shirt. "I guess I should introduce myself, should I not?" Kelly laughed and began to stand, wrapping the broken pony tail around her finger, the metal point peaking out right under her nail. She sort of wondered what Tristan would do, but whatever it was, it would definitely lots and lots of fun trouble.

Kelly tapped her finger against her hip as she walked toward the lanky brunette. The flat meal cylinder pressing into her hip. It took only a few seconds for her to reach the figure, and she put on her best 'friendly' smile. "Hello, miss? I don't suppose you are a new patient, becuase you arn't wearing pajamas like the rest of us" she motioned to her outfit, careful to use her free hand as hid her other. "So, I'm going to guess you are a new doctor" she smirked. "I'm Kelly, by the way" she began to rock back and forth on her bare heels. Her eyes began to search over the young woman's body, serching for a way to do what she wanted.

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"Good, well have a good evening." In turn for the apology, it was nice to see he had forgave her. A grin formed over her mouth by his words, thinking them to be completely sincere. Just as she was about to retreat to the door something, or should she say someone rather stopped her. Seeing the same woman from before approach her in leisure. With inquisitive concept, Sonya inclined her head to the side while her eyes settled on the friendly looking woman. It was obvious that she was not a patient although she wouldn't mind being able to wear pajamas comfortably all day long. Because she had not read all of the files, Kelly's disorder still remained unbeknownst to her. Sonya ran a steady hand through her onyx tresses and smiled at her.

"Hi, Kelly... You'd be right in saying that I'm not a patient but a doctor. I'm Sonya Asano, it's nice to meet you Kelly." Reaching out her pale hand in acquaintance, the moment their hands came into contact a sharp pain generated near the carpus of her arm. By the sliding of her hand into Kelly's forced the metal object to tear into her flesh. An unpleasant sensation incepted, causing her to behold the locality of discomfort. That was when she saw and felt the warmth from the thick crimson liquid trickle from the slit near her ulnar vein. Immediately, her vivid cerulean eyes wandered over to Damian before traveling back to Kelly. Why? Why would she? Was it an accident? Or could she have known? Sonya held her arm in such a delicate way, glancing down to check if the wound was actually there.

Nearby, the nurse from earlier who pulled Damian away watched the scene unfold. She didn't think anything of it when both women shook hands until the sight of blood extricated from the doctor. Her beady eyes tumbled among the three, especially Damian before she hurried over to the rendezvous spot. Upon arriving, another nurse also visioned the young doctor cradling her arm. The larger nurse, known as Athena took a hold of Kelly's arm, slightly putting a bit of pressure on it. With her free hand, Athena searched her's, hoping to find the makeshift knife. "Okay, give it to me.... we don't want anyone else getting hurt. Now would we, Rosie." The nursed remarked, not minding if she had fostered the wrong name.

The other nurse went to investigate Sonya's wound in the premise of bandaging it up. "I should take care of this."

"No... I'm fine." She said, no longer having the desire to be in the rec. room furthermore. So she pulled her arm out of the grasp from the nurse. Vivid cyan hues engaged in a keen stare down with the petite woman (Kelly) standing in front of her before turning on her heels and returning to her office, not caring that she bumped into the man blocking the door. The whole time she couldn't help but think how close that cut had been to her ulnar artery which could have resulted in serious injury. But Sonya couldn't figure out why the woman would want to harm her. Other than her being completely demented. And obviously wasn't prime to expose it to Damian, concerning his hematolagnia. But did she know that?

Taking a seat at her desk, she grabbed a few Kleenexes' and applied them to the small gash. Sonya shook her head indiscriminately at her own aberrant behavior -- why would she think it was ever safe to interact with patients outside of the office? Yet it was hardly her fault for just being friendly.

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#, as written by Luflice
Tristan knew he couldn't get directly involved just yet. If he tried to stop Kelly and they ended up causing a commotion.. It wouldn't look goo for him, he had already caused one today. But that didn't mean that he didn't want to. Didn't want to slap that bitch of a doctor just for trying what she did and didn't want to tackle Kelly to the ground. Her idea of fun was clearly not his when it meant doing things like that. Tristan would never deny that he had an aggressive part in his personality. He was very aware of it. The lack of emotions just kept him mostly passive, but when something has caught his interest then it was his. His alone and probably the only thing he would fight for. To understand that, well people had to know that he really cared little for anything else. Wars didn't interest him, economy didn't, the stupid trees and animals outside didn't either. Why should they ? All those pitiful things they tried to make him feel with in one of their stupid experiments.

When he drifted back from where his thoughts had taken him, both women were being led out of the room and a certain pressure that he didn't recognized until now, left his body, making him breath out through his nose loudly. Instantly his eyes locked onto his usual target. This wouldn't happen again, he would make sure of it. Glancing at the guy in the door and the rest of the nurses, he decided it was worth a try. Maybe if he appeared non-threateningly he could manage to get over to the other. The really aggressive nurse was gone now anyways, the only one he kind of had respect for him.

Straightening the too long shirt over his pants, both in a dark blue that made him look even more pale, he slowly got up from his seat, keeping his arms to the side, swinging lightly as he moved over to where Damian was sitting. Seemed like he was okay for now, he thought as nobody stopped him. Turning around, he could see one of the nurses watching him, but he didn't plan on injuring himself again just yet, so that was okay.

Sitting down next to Damian , he watched him for a few seconds, head tilted, hair falling lightly into his dark blue eyes. " Look. " He started, voice as emotionless as always again. " I don't like that woman touching you. I don't like you looking at her. I don't like having to feel stupid shit because of your primal urges, so if you could stop that, I would really appreciate that. "

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Nodding as she bid him farewell, he didn’t bother to look up again, just focused on the words written down on discoloured paper in his hands. The book he was reading was a light romance novel, which wasn’t exactly his style but it at least kept him entertained for a little while. Damian was a slow reader anyway so this would keep him busy for the next couple of days. Sonya had most of his attention though, especially as she was stopped by another patient and conversed with them to which he couldn’t quite catch onto what they were saying. His vivid green eyes constantly shifted from the book to the two of them until he finally spotted the trickle of blood running from between her fingers as she held her arm. An eyebrow was raised and the book became nothing more than an object which he held within his hands. Did she just cut herself or did the patient do so?

“Holy shit…” he bit his lip and squirmed on the hard couch he was sitting on, trying desperately to repress his urges this time, but damn, Sonya was hot enough already without bleeding. It brought back the memories of when he raped his colleague and cringed. Reliving something like that now would surely get him arrested for life without any help for his so-called addiction. Damian forced himself to look away, his fingers scraping against the plastic cover of the book which he now held so closely to his chest, clinging to it as if it was his pure life support. Already he could feel his blood pumping and a growing tightness down below. He couldn’t help but imagine the doctor bent over that glass table in her office with him so ruthlessly pounding into her. Or even having her pinned down against the leather couch and sucking her arm dry from the fresh wound created only moments ago. “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…” he cursed under his breath and leant his head back, releasing a muffled groan.

Fortunately, before he could take any further action, the doctor left and her attacker was dragged out of the recreation room by the nurse who always seemed to get in his way. Everything seemed quiet after that and Damian dared to open his eyes, staring at the spot there had just been standing in. His hunter green eyes searched the tiled floor for any spots of blood, but found nothing, much to his disappointment. Heaving a heavy sigh, his shoulders slumped and he fell limp back against the couch, just trying to will away the thoughts clouding his mind so that he may return back to normal and once more resume reading. Eyes closed once more, his head tilted back against the back of the couch and his back arched.

What caught his attention next was the words spoken to him in a quiet voice he almost recognized. Damian lifted his head and opened his eyes to stare at the blond boy standing in front of him, looking anything but amused right now, and all he could offer in response to his words was a roll of the eyes. Did he really believe that just by telling him not to be turned on by her was just going to stop him?

“I can’t control my urges,” he stressed, shifting once more on his seat and placing the book over his lap to hide the hint of his ‘urges’. “Besides, why does it bother you anyway, kid?” Once again he rolled his eyes and folded one leg over the other. “Are you jealous of her? I thought you were a psychopath, you know, one of those people who can’t feel anything.” Truthfully it came out a lot harsher than he intended. The fact that Tristan was a psychopath actually quite interested him. Perhaps that was the reason why he could hurt himself without feeling much pain. To say Damian wasn’t keen on trying that for himself would have been a lie.

That was when the idea hit him.

Glancing around, he noted that the most problematic nurse was gone for now, meaning he might be able to get away with something. Looking back towards the blond, he smirked at him in that devious way he had. A tell-tale smirk screaming that he had a plan.

“How about you and I go to my room for a bit?” he said, this time leaning in and much quieter.

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Character Portrait: Damian Mason Character Portrait: Tristan Kenin

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#, as written by Luflice
Can't control his urges, he said. Was the first that went through his head and for a moment he was actually jealous because of that. There was nothing like that for ihm, he had never felt an urge that he couldn't help but satisfy. It just never happened. Yes there was disgust, and sometimes anger, but it always faded so fast and never really forced him to do something. If he thought about it for a few moments.. the things he was doing now was probably the most, normal and impuslive thing he had ever done. Maybe this whole home here was good for him after all. Or it was just something about the other boy, who knew ? He certainly didn't and didnt want to think about it for now, he had enough time for that when they locked him up in his room again.

Long, thin fingers were doing their usual motions of tapping over his skin again, it was one of the few gestures he couldn't repress. It probably came from being in a room alone for most of his life. He had spent a lot of time in empty rooms, more then actual outside. It was as if he was checking if he was still there, if some part of him didn't just fade away. He was not on eof those boys that broke under loneliness, that became pathetic and submissive creatures,he came out stronger then before, with just a tick or two. But insanity seemed rather common in his family, just like the dark eyes and pale skin. THe light russian accent that he liked to do too, although he was perfectly capable of talking just as normal as any born American. Which he was. Born in America that is.

Sometimes she had yelled at him for being what he was. Sometimes she wanted to put him in dresses because she tought she had a daughter and not a son. Sometimes she just wanted to kill him. Still she was not even the first person he felt disgust for. His first and only kind of emotion. It was his father, the man that left them when he saw that his wife was not only a bit strange, that the son he got was just as strange, that his wife had changed with the birth of him. Devil he had called him, son of the devil actually. And Tristan had just stared at him, like he had stared at everyone back then. For the first five years of his life he had not even talked. Just stared at everyone with his wide, almost black eyes and it had sent chills through his fathers body. When he couldn't take it anymore, he had left.

Maybe that was the reason why he was possessive, Tristan didn't like things leaving him, it was only ever bad for him and his surroundings, the few things he had , he held close. " I am not /jealous/. " He hissed, narrowing his eyes at the other, a soft smile on his face as if he wasn't trying to impersonate the devil right there. Or maybe a snake about to strike, that was exactly what he looked like. " I can't feel anything, no mourning if she died, no anger for being insulted, no heartbreak for being ignored. " He continued, crossing his legs over another, leaning closer. " I just think of you as my toy, you know ? Like my own experiment in this very boring and tiring environment. And what she is doing there is unprofessional, stupid, could make her lose her job, and well, make me lose my toy. I don't like it, I am disgusted by it, but I won't go up to her and hit her for it, I have no interest in interacting with her. "

Feeling like he had explained it good enough for now, he listened to the others idea, thinking about it for a few seconds, looking around if anyone was watching him. " We can't go at the same time. " He said right away, before even really agreeing, but he thought that he said that would be enough of a confirmation. " We have to make it look like we both are going to our own rooms and not meeting up. Guards or not, they might watch us less this way. I could go first and sneak into your room and you can meet me there after a while. " There wasn't even one second about saying no, not for one second. That was maybe one of the good things about not feeling anything, you can't be scared of anything. The feeling that rooted you to the ground, paralyzed you and stopped you from risking things. He lackedd it and in his opinion it was good this way.