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Henry Earle

Some people are made sugar and spice. Me? Liquor, Ice, and Everything Nice.

0 · 490 views · located in London, 1950.

a character in “This Dirty Old Town.”, as played by TheNewb08




Henry, also known as Harry, grew up without the pressure of the family business. With two older brothers to inherit the business, Harry grew up the most normal. He was the best player on the high school rugby team and most popular in town. As the town 'golden boy,' Harry's never gotten his hands dirty, but longs to be a part of the family business. Harry is studying law in college, attempting to become a lawyer for the family.


The Kid
December 26
College Student / Bartender
Jack O'Connell
Homosexual, but dabbles with women

CRIMINAL RECORD: Underage Drinking

HOBBIES: Bartending, Rugby, Smoking, Party Throwing, Dancing, Writing, Seduction



Definitely the more pleasant Earle to be around, Henry is the life of the party. Harry is a jovial person to be around, always smiling and being merry in his life. His outgoing personality leaves people wanting more. Often described as the party boy of the Earle family, Harry actually has layers that he doesn't allow others to see. Harry is very needy of other people's attention. He craves to be noticed by his father and older brothers as an equal. Harry doesn't know how to gain this respect or any knowledge of the family business, making him very naïve. Whenever he fails, Harry can't help beating himself up for his failures. His curious nature gets him into the most trouble. Harry often gets himself into trouble since he doesn't know when to stop digging, often earning a lecture from his father.

I can do anything my brothers can.


    Richard & Amelia Earle

    James 'Jimmy' Earle, Leon Earle, Nancy Earle

    Secret boyfriend, Jeremy Hart (deceased)
    On/Off Girlfriend, Ella Moore

  • ISSUE:

    Henry has been dating the daughter of the local police chief for two years
    He's had a few anonymous one night stands with other men, hiding it from his friends and family.
    Many friends and admirers.
    A few enemies from digging around
    All the Bar Owners in the City

DID THEY SERVE DURING THE WAR?: No, Henry was too young to enlist at the time. He attempted to enlist under a false name so he could join his brothers and father, but was caught by his mother.
SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS IN THEIR LIFE: First Girlfriend, First Homosexual Encounter, First Boyfriend, Significant Other's Death, Law School
THE PAST: Being the youngest Earle boy, Henry felt he wasn't worth much in his father's eyes. James was the first born and heir to the business. Leon was the spare in case anything happened to James. Henry felt like he was random. His mother kept him away from the business, much to his annoyance, so having a place within the business was never given to him. Still a child, Henry wonders when he'll be considered on the same level as his brothers.

Growing up, Henry knew there was something off about him. The way his brothers would talk about and eye girls who walked by never seemed to have any affect on him. Being a natural charmer, Harry never lacked a pretty girl on his arm. He never felt anything towards them like other boys should feel. His first kiss with his middle school 'girlfriend' was more of a chore than something to enjoy. Henry just figured he was odd especially when the male form was more pleasing to his eyes. When he turned fourteen, he began to take an interest in rugby. He found the sport appealing to not only himself, but his father as well. Harry was trained by an upperclassman. The classmate took an interest in Harry, beyond just sports. A brief but inappropriate affair went on, ending when Harry's coach left for college. The whole event only solidified what Henry already knew. He did appreciate women, but sexually, men were superior. The realization only hurt Harry more than anything.

As time went on, Henry grew a reputation in town. He was the boy with amazing mixology skills, boyish charm, and party thrower extraordinaire. Everyone wanted to be friends with Henry. However, notoriety has its downfalls. A curious boy still, Henry would put his nose where it didn't belong. His father would lecture and yell whenever he had to save Henry or he would come home with a new injury. Wanting to be away from home, Henry spent many nights at his friend, and secret boyfriend, Jeremy's house. The two acknowledged their attraction, but kept it secret in fear of rejection from their families and the public. Jeremy was Henry's first love. They hid their relationship by dating other females. Henry and the police chief's daughter was an unlikely but valuable relationship. The girl was happy someone was interested in her since her father tended to keep boys away. Hiding their relationship further, the two enrolled in college together, as roommates. Henry was happiest when Jeremy was by his side.

The war was the worst years of Henry's life. The letters passed between Henry and Jeremy were heartbreaking for him. Henry wanted to try to enlist, but his mother wouldn't let him enlist under a false identity. After the war ended, Jeremy was declared missing in action. His body was never found and no record of him was found anywhere. He was another soldier lost. Henry was devastated. He couldn't properly mourn his boyfriend's death since their relationship being a secret. Tortured by his loss, Henry moved back into his parent's house, not wanting to live in a room that Jeremy and him had shared.

After a year of college, Henry's father suggested he study law. Henry did enjoy learning the law, but it wasn't the way he wanted to get involved. The Distillery was what he wanted to control. Alcohol was his passion, but mother didn't want him involved. However, Henry promised himself he would prove himself to his father soon!

POSSIBLE PLOT POINTS: Trying to prove himself to his father and brothers, dealing with his same-sex attraction, gaining control of the liquor part of the business, possible rejection from his family, more...

Insecurity is the side effect of loving too much, but receiving so little in return.

So begins...

Henry Earle's Story


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For Henry, a walk back from the family distillery was usually a joyful occasion. The sweet smell of whiskey aging gracefully in the finest wooden barrels was the equivalent of fresh backed cookies to the youngest Earle. A happy day soon turned to dread as Henry walked by a dark alley. It was a sunny day in London, but sudden corners can be shroud in shadows. Arms reached out and grabbed him! His mouth was covered before he could let out any noise. A punch to his stomach and face caused him to lose his breathe. His eyes couldn't identify his attackers due to the bandanas covering their mouths. While Henry is in prime physical condition, fighting was never a strength of his. His father was always disappointed by that fact.

"You need to keep your nose out of things, kid." Ah... Henry was investigating a possible forced prostitution ring by a large, but unorganized, gang. He was getting close to finding the head of the group. Henry understood women who did what they had to to support their family, but forcing women to do that was not something Henry could ignore.

"I will not submit to you." A dangerous thing to say when clearly outnumbered, but Henry's father would rather him to lose badly than to give in. He would do anything to have his father see him as success.

One of the two men's fist connected with his right eye. Henry grinded his teeth, tensing up though it did nothing to ease the pain. The sound of a gun cocking made Henry begin too silently plea to any god that could be listening. The prayers must've been answered as the blows to his body ceased. Upon opening his eyes, the gods out there must have a flawed sense of humor. The stone cold face of Stephen Hampton was, almost, not scary any more. A worker for his father, the muscle seemed to be more like a babysitter for the baby of the Earle family. Whenever Henry was in a situation such as this one, Stephen appeared suddenly. Henry's attackers looked ready to run as Stephen's guns was held to both of their heads. Henry tried to meet Stephen's eyes.

"It's not worth it. Let them go." Unlike his father and brothers, Henry has no blood on his hands. IT still made him innocent, something he despised about himself. The terrifying man before him was considered the devil by his enemies. A sudden grin crossed his bruised face, a picture example of a light bulb going off in his head.


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Stephen was the best of the best. If you needed a threat to be beaten to pulp, you called him. If you need an interrogation and didn't care about a pesky thing called morality, you called Stephen. If you needed a body hidden, you called Stephen L. Hampton. Therefore, the reason he was following some troublesome college student was beyond him. Henry Earle wasn't just any college student though. The youngest child of the notorious Earle family needed 'protection.' Whoever was foolish enough to think the youngest was the way to defeat the family was crazy.

Seeing the two arms reach out to grab the kid didn't put Stephen into fighting mode... yet. The youngest was worthless despite his obvious wanting to be involved in his family's business. Kids like him aren't meant to be in this life. Jonathan would never be involved in a life like this. A life that took away the one person he cared for more than anything. Stephen balled his fist, digging his nails into his skin. 'Must not think of it now.'

Drawing out his two pistols, Stephen casually walked over to the two attackers. The two men froze when the cold, metal nozzle of his Smith and Wesson 38 special met their temples. An evil grin crossed Stephen's face. Having the power to control someone's life was sweeter than any candy. Glancing at the youngest Earle, Stephen saw the boy has the beginning of a black eye, split lip, and several bruises. The boss would be upset with him for not acting sooner. Not like it was his fault, he should've taught the kid how to defend himself. Another thing that made Stephen better than that family: he actually spent time with his kid. Though he only has one, Stephen wouldn't show favoritism like the old man.

"It's not worth it. Let them go." The kid's response only pissed Stephen off more.

"They hurt you and you want to let them go? Stupid child."

Normally, Stephen would've blown their brains out and have hidden the bodies by now. It was what he would prefer to do. However, his parents were strict about keeping their youngest away from any unnecessary violence. Stephen still has to follow orders while their in charge. Not for long with his plan.

"Get out of my sight or my bullets will be the least of your worries."

The two men high tailed it out of the alley, leaving Stephen with the kid. He pulled out a cigarette and light it. Looking down at the kid, a irksome grin crossed his face. 'Oh no... more trouble.'

"That grin better be of gratitude. Your ass will be in more pain if you say anything smart."