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James Earle

"Eyes off my wife you piece of shit. Only I get to look at Lizzie that way."

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a character in “This Dirty Old Town.”, as played by MadMax




Eldest of the Earle siblings and husband to Elizabeth, Jimmy is a force to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

LABEL: The Heir

AGE: 31

BIRTH DATE: April 3rd

OCCUPATION: Boxer/Businessman


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

ImageHOBBIES: Gambling, dancing, theatre, drinking, smoking.

Loyal to his family


PERSONALITY SUMMARY: Possessing a powerful and intense aura, Jimmy is often feared by many. His unyielding rage has given him a bad reputation, but he has his good points as well, such as his never ending devotion to his family, particularly his child and wife. He is fiercely protective of them, but his protectiveness can turn into possessiveness. Elizabeth, his wife, is his and his alone, and he makes sure that everyone knows this. Knowing he can be a difficult person, he often surprises his wife with gifts and romantic gestures. In this way, he is extremely thoughtful. Aside from his family, his family business is his top priority. Like his father, Jimmy yearns to expand it, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to do so.

Piss off.

PARENTS: Richard and {The Matriarch}

SIBLINGS: Leon, Nancy, Henry


ISSUE: His daughter Charlotte and his unborn child.

ANY WANTED CONNECTIONS?: Friends or business associates maybe.

DID THEY SERVE DURING THE WAR?: Jimmy served in the war with his father and both of his brothers. The war was a gruesome time for the whole family. Always a fighter, he survived through it and is happy to be back with his family.

SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS IN THEIR LIFE:  Marriage, becoming a father, the war.

THE PAST: Growing up the eldest of four children, a lot of responsibility was put on his shoulders. He was expected to follow in his father's footsteps and he did just that. His relationship with his brothers is more complicated. Leon has always been jealous of Jimmy and that has put a strain on their relationship. The earliest part of his life was spent focusing on boxing and helping his father in any way he could. At least, until he met Elizabeth Hampton. She captivated him and it wasn't long before he snatched her up. A few years prior to the war she became Elizabeth Earle and eventually bore him a daughter. Currently, she is pregnant with their second child.

POSSIBLE PLOT POINTS: Struggling to manage his work and family life at the same time. Tense situation between his brothers and himself.

You mess with me, fine. You mess with my family, I'll rip your fucking throat out.

So begins...

James Earle's Story

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#, as written by MadMax
Dialogue: #780000

James turned his neck from side to side as he drove to Bowden's to meet Elizabeth and Charlotte for lunch. After a frustrating morning at work, he was looking forward to some downtime with his two favorite girls.

The knuckles of his right hand were already bruising slightly. They had a little misunderstanding with one of their delivery men, and naturally, Jimmy had to rough him up a bit. In the Earle family business, there was no room for mistakes. So they had to make sure that they kept their men in line. He would be lying if he said that he didn't enjoy the physical aspect of his job. He was a boxer, after all. However, that didn't mean that dealing with these situations was easy for him, they often left him tense and stressed out. That was why he was happy to have the much needed break.

Parking his car and entering the restaurant James began to wonder if Elizabeth was still mad at him. Before he went to work this morning, they had gotten into an argument. The exact same argument they have been having since they found out that she was pregnant again. She wanted to do more with the business, and he wasn't having it.

James had never held her back from doing what she wanted. She was a strong and highly capable woman, but the family business was dangerous. Honestly, he didn't want her to have any part in it before her pregnancy and now that she was carrying his unborn child, he was putting his foot down. The safety of his family was his number one priority, and he wouldn't put his wife in harms way.

The problem is that Elizabeth was just as stubborn as he was and she would not let it go. He loved the woman more than life itself, but damn did she know how to push his buttons. Despite his slight irritation with her, Jimmy had picked up a bouquet of flowers for her before coming to meet her as well as a box of Charlotte's favorite chocolates. His anger never lasted long where Lizzie was concerned and admittedly, she had him wrapped around her finger. Now he had to suck up to her and hope that she had forgotten about their spat this morning.

Upon spotting the two of them, he walked towards the table with a bright smile on his face, holding the gifts behind his back. "Will you be joining us then?" The nasty tone that his wife had greeted him with, stopped him dead in his tracks. She had not forgotten.

After handing the chocolates to a very delighted Charlotte, he looked to her mother. "C'mon Lizzie, don't tell me you're still cross with me. You know how I hate it when we fight." Getting down on one knee, he presented the flowers to her with a lopsided smile. "Forgive me?" To help his case, he pressed his lips to her cheek and traced a path of kisses to her ear. "Don't make me beg." He whispered huskily.

Moving his head back to look at her directly, he tried to gauge her reaction. With Lizzie, it was impossible to know what she was thinking.

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Elizabeth watched her husband with a cool air of indifference, at least, such was the emotion her stern countenance portrayed. Despite the warmth that swelled her heart, watching father and daughter Elizabeth would not allow her poker face to show even the glimmer of a fracture; she was too proud or stubborn (dependant on ones view point) to allow such sentiments from getting in the way of what she wanted - more responsibility, and not even the beautiful bouquet of her favourite posies could sway her. One thing that did come close, however, was that stupid lopsided simper of his and the flurry of kisses pressed along her sculptured jaw.

"C'mon Lizzie, don't tell me you're still cross with me. You know how I hate it when we fight." Frankly, she hated it too and yet their similar temperaments often laid the groundworks for a spectacular argument - it was partly one of the reasons why their relationship held such intensity."Forgive me? ...Don't make me beg." Her brow piqued at that and her crimson nails, ceased their repetitive pattern upon the table as she turned slightly in her seat and gazed down at him. "Perhaps I shall make you beg." She paused, her gaze searching his own before the ghost of a smirk tugged upon her lips. Leaning down, Lizzie placed a lingering kiss upon his cheek before whispering,"...later, on your knees." As the brunette pulled away, her countenance had brightened tenfold, an easy smile now steadfast upon her features. Half the fun of fighting with Jimmy was making up with him, whether that be in the privacy of their bedroom or the car...even a closet from time to time. She shifted along, making room for him in the booth and although she highly doubted for one moment that this was the final nail within the coffin of the argument, she was willing to let is settle in favour of luncheon with her favourite people.

Her hand slipped into his and with a gentle squeeze, her other brought the bouquet upwards so that she could savour the aroma."Thank you for my flowers, darling, they're beautiful." A kiss was placed to his freshly shaven cheek as she leant into his embrace, before her gaze slipped towards their daughter."What do you say to your father, Lottie?" The young girl looked up from the box, beaming brightly as she slipped from her seat and clambered up onto her father's lap; small arms flung around his neck tightly. "Thank you daddy, they're my favourite. Although, you didn't have too, I wasn't mad at you, only mummy was."

Elizabeth smoothed down Charlottes curls with gentle strokes and gave a gentle chuckle,"That's because you're daddy's special girl, my love." She spoke fondly whilst reaching for her cup and saucer."How was your morning, love?"


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#, as written by MadMax
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDialogue: #780000
"Perhaps I shall make you beg." Jimmy's brows raised as hers had. His eyes going heavy lidded from the lingering kiss she laid upon his cheek. "...later, on your knees." He let out a low growl at Elizabeth's whispered words, wanting to ravish her on the table right now. If it wasn't for Charlotte and all the people around them, he would have.

His smile matched hers as she moved to let him join her in the booth. He was glad to see Lizzie in brighter spirits as it was impossible for him to be happy when she didn't feel similarly. As soon as James seated himself beside his wife, his arm automatically wrapped around her, drawing her close. Elizabeth had slid her hand into his, giving it a squeeze, and James did the same. He watched her adoringly as she raised the bouquet of flowers to her nose. "Thank you for my flowers, darling, they're beautiful." she said giving him a kiss on the cheek in thanks.

"Anything for you, love." He responded, kissing the top of her head. He listened as she questioned Charlotte. "What do you say to your father, Lottie?" His beautiful girl got out of her seat to crawl onto his lap and throw her arms around his neck. With the arm that wasn't around his wife, he hugged his daughter to him. "Thank you daddy, they're my favorite. Although, you didn't have too, I wasn't mad at you, only mummy was." Both James and Elizabeth laughed at that. He thought it was funny that she knew why he had gotten her mom flowers. Lizzie smoothly replied with, "That's because you're daddy's special girl, my love."

Nodding in response to his wife's words, he released Charlotte from his hold to look at her. "You're my little Lottie, remember?" he said. When she nodded and smiled up at him he lightly tickled her side causing her to go into a fit of giggles. Once he stopped, she moved from his lap to sit by his side instead. His attention moved from his daughter to his wife when she asked him how his morning was.

"It was fine. There was a problem with one of our delivery boys that I had to handle, but other than that, work was uneventful." Jimmy moved the arm that he had wrapped around her to where he could rest his hand on the outside of her thigh, his thumb gently moving back and forth in a soothing pattern. "I didn't have to deal with Leon though, so that was nice."

James leaned his forehead against Elizabeth's head as he breathed her in. "God Lizzie, I wish we could have the rest of the day to ourselves, just the two of us." He knew that wasn't going to happen, but he wished it would. "We never seem to get much time alone anymore."