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Blake "BB" Bates

"It's a shame how everything turned out"

0 · 153 views · located in Post-Apocolyptic North America

a character in “This Is The House That Doubt Built”, originally authored by ShadowAngel789, as played by Stray Dog


Name: Blake "BB" Bates

Age: 25

Position: 2nd in command

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Looks: Image

Personality: He is a friendly guy but that doesn't mean he trusts you. He only trusts those who are close to him, though he does somewhat trust his comrades. He is normally quiet but will express his opinion if he feels the need to. He is very loyal to his society so he won't dare try to back stab anyone there, especially the leader.

Background: Since he was raised in Brooklyn, he's seen some pretty brutal stuff. Throughout his childhood he was always in his house because his parents were petrified what would happen to him. But when he finally hit his teenager years they decided he could go outside every once in a while. One day he was just minding his own business when a gang cornered him and tried forcing him to give them his stuff. He didn't comply so they started attacking them. He began fighting back when someone stabbed him in the stomach. Someone nearby saw this and called the police. The gang quickly ran off before the cops came. The cops barely made it in time because of the amount of blood loss, but luck was on his side. After that event (and healing up of course) he vowed that the next time something like that happened he would be ready for it, so he began taking boxing lessons. He trained throughout his middle school years and when he started highschool he threw in a little bit of Karate classes too. He decided he would become a police officer, so as soon as he graduated highschool he applied to a university. He got accepted and began working on his studies. Then all this mess happened..

Other: A scar trailing across from the bottom of his left rib cage to his left hip.

So begins...

Blake "BB" Bates's Story

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He sighed loudly as he began walking the perimeter, keeping guard. Blake wished he was the one who went to go with Kira for scavenging; anything to keep him busy. But since Sarah left with Kira that left only him to keep watch, which was keeping him preoccupied but he longed for a bit of action, you know, to get the adrenaline pumping, but now it's too late obviously.

He gazed over to the beautiful red sunrise and thought back to how it was.. before all this mess happened. Flashes of people panicking began filling his mind. Back then when he found out about the whole Nuclear problem, he knew he had to start preparing for it. He remembered every time he walked to a supermarket to stock up, there would always be violence. People arguing on who should get what. Sometimes it would only be arguments, but other times it would resort to someone dying. He always tried his best not to get caught up in all this but sometimes he just couldn't hold in his anger and let go. Bodies basically covering the streets and the police obviously weren't doing anything, they were doing the same as the rest: doing whatever it takes to survive. He even recalls seeing a police cop shoot a woman in the face in front of her kid, then shot a bullet at the kid next. He didn't get to find out why the guy did it, maybe it was that they were taking his stuff? He pondered at the question but shook his head. He would never find out, so why bother wondering.

Black decided to exit his 'memory lane' and enter the real world, the 'now'. He squinted his eyes off in the distance and checked to make sure the coast was clear. Everything was all good there so he pulled out a water bottle and took a swig.