Maxxie Degrer

"Oh yeah I can make you howl!"

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a character in “This Is Wrong”, as played by Echo_Rose


Name: Maxine "Maxxie" Rowan Degrer
Age: 16
Species/Gender: Wolf Girl
Sexuality: In the closet lesbian
Personality: Maxxie is what you would call good girl gone bad, up until she was 15 she was good, did things she was suppose to and listened to the adults. But she got fed up with it and wanted to let loose, she is a wild girl and likes to have fun. She can get angered easily and doesnt have control over her emotions most of the time.
She is reckless and doesnt like to listen to anyone and does what she wants when she wants. Her parents have been trying to get her under control but she just wont listen.
She loves music and likes to dance and sing, she likes to spend time at the clubs and she loves to flirt (but mostly just with girls but she wouldnt tell you that). She doesnt want to be in control so she lets her wolf take control sometimes and sometimes things dont end to well for her. She loves her friwnds and has become protective over them even though she is one of the younger ones no one would question her strength.
Secret: Shh! shes a lesbian

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Maxxie Degrer's Story