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Arìlyth Norremitore

Moon Elf

0 · 328 views · located in Que'dar

a character in “This Land of Ours”, as played by HarleyQ



~ "The moon is in my blood; it flows through my veins and keeps me going." ~

{{ Name }}
Arìlyth Norremitore
(meaning: Silver Child, Sacred to the Moon)

{{ Gender }}

{{ Age }}
123 years old

{{ Sexuality }}

{{ Status }}

{{ Race }}
Moon Elf

{{ Weapon }}
Moon Daggers
(Crescent moon-shaped daggers)

{{ Ability }}
Moon Phases-Can only use one type of spell depending on the phase of the moon.
New Moon-Healing
Waxing Moon-Elemental Magic
Full Moon-Guidance
Waning Moon-Illumination
Dark Moon-Psychic Magic



{{ Appearance }}
Arìlyth has long, white hair and pale skin with a soft glow. She has a sharp but soft jawline and high, pronounced cheekbones. The tip of her nose turns up ever so slightly and comes to a gentle, rounded point. She has delicate but full lips and thin, light-coloured eyebrows; her eyes are a light, grey-tinted green-hazel colour.

When it comes to makeup, she generally wears thick black eyeliner and nothing else. She uses the eyeliner to not only hide her eyes but as a mark of her rebellious attitude. However, she doesn't always wear it, and when she doesn't, people seem to be somewhat more friendly toward her. Without makeup, her face is very soft and gentle looking, which is part of the reason she wears it because she doesn't want people to underestimate her.



{{ Personality }}
Arìlyth has a flagrant, rebellious attitude, ordinarily not particularly caring about what others think about her. She believes that you "shouldn't judge a book by its cover" even though she sort of makes it her gimmick for people to do just that about her. Arìlyth prefers seclusion, usually pushing people away and never letting anyone get too close to her. She's also not big on showing her weaknesses, so she gravitates toward regularly displaying an air of strength and aloofness.

She's very opinionated and hot-headed as well, easily irritated at just about any little thing that goes wrong. Furthermore, she has extreme trust issues and is quick to anger and snaps at anyone and everyone.

{{ Likes }}
Being alone
Long walks
Honeysuckle nectar tea

{{ Dislikes }}



{{ History }}
Arìlyth was born to Lafmus and Ama’ianna Norremitore, a simple Moon Elf couple who live in one of the cities that lies in the outskirts of Azatra, the Life Tree of Que’dar. As a young child, Arìlyth had a bad habit of getting herself into trouble and making mistakes and was scolded by her parents again and again. When she was 13 years old, Arìlyth was going about her business, getting into trouble around the city as usual, when she came across a young Wood Elf. He was stuck in a barrel, buttocks first, his arms crossed in frustration. She helped him out reluctantly, learning that his name was Saeus in the process. They instantly became close friends, causing ruckuses wherever they went and laughing all the while about it.

When Arìlyth’s parents were informed of their daughter’s misbehaviour and troublemaking, they decided that it was best to not let her out of their sight until she was old enough to live on her own. Feeling trapped and weighed down by her parents’ relentless restrictions, Arìlyth grew to resent them.

Against their wishes, Arìlyth would occasionally sneak out of the house whenever her parents were busy or sleeping so that she could visit Saeus. Saeus had become Arìlyth's one protector and the only person she grew to trust and to love. As a Wood Elf, he was naturally stronger than she was, and whenever they got into mischief, he made sure to keep her out of harm's way.

For years, they continued their secret getaways. When Arìlyth was 24 years old, and Saeus was 26, they decided to venture into Nimeplith, the Deep Forest, together to see what sort of mischievous predicaments they could get themselves into. During their giddy exploration, they came across a small group of Wood Elves, who seemed to have also been looking for trouble. Little did the friends know that they hadn't come across ordinary Wood Elves. These elves were Lythari, originally Forest or Wood Elves that have the ability to change into wolves at will and unlike true werewolves they keep their sanity and mind when they change and they do not change into unthinking killers. However, that didn't mean they didn't have the desire to kill.

One of the Wood Elves growled, the sound sending chills down Arìlyth's spine. Saeus gently pushed Arìlyth behind him, making sure she would be able to run if she needed to. The Lythari transformed and three large wolves were before them. Arìlyth was too stunned to move or to yell for help. Saeus drew a small dagger from his waist belt and unsheathed it, throwing the sheath to the ground, not caring where it happened to land. That's when the first Lythari lunged at Saeus. The force that it hit Saeus with knocked Arìlyth back into the dirt. Her vision blurred and all she could see were large masses leaping toward her only friend. She yelled out, only no sound came from her throat and tears were now streaming down her face. She looked into the sky and saw a blurry thin outline of a circle, a Dark Moon.

She focused what little energy she had and pleaded silently to whatever god might exist. She needed help and she needed to save her one friend. When she opened her eyes, they were no longer blurry, and she could see a purple aura emanating around her and also surrounding the Lythari. She could see Saeus on the ground a few feet in front of her, seemingly limp and inert, his eyes shut and his light brown hair matted. She turned her gaze angrily toward the Lythari and stood up slowly, her stare never shifting from the creatures. She balled her hands into fists and noticed that as she did so, the Lythari let out pained howls. She clenched them tighter until she saw each of them fall lifeless to the forest floor below them. She fell to her knees at Saeus's side, putting his head in her lap. He was somehow still breathing, but she couldn't help but weep. He had been hurt, and she hadn't been able to stop it.


A few months later, Saeus came out of his coma; however, his life and Arìlyth's life had been forever changed by that night in the forest, as Saeus was now left a quadriplegic. Not even the finest healers in Que'dar could heal his affliction, and he would live unable to move or care for himself in any way for the rest of his life.

Left in a state of pure hatred and anger, Saeus renounced his friendship with Arìlyth, bitter that she had come out of such an ordeal with no repercussions, as per the usual in her case. His aversion toward Arìlyth left her utterly heartbroken and unable to trust in those she once believed she could.


Over the years, Arìlyth grew increasingly distant from everyone around her. At the age of 37, she chose to move out and live on her own. She worked as a seamstress in order to pay for her own hut in the city she grew up in. She did this for many, many years, and in her spare time, she had found a trainer to teach her how to effectively fight and protect herself so that she would never have to rely on someone else to protect her.

{{ Additional Notes }}
Text colour: Medium Sea Green | #3CB371

So begins...

Arìlyth Norremitore's Story